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sE Electronics Reflexion Filter PRO Portable Vocal Booth Reviews

4.5 stars based on 67 customer reviews
Questions about the sE Electronics Reflexion Filter PRO Portable Vocal Booth?

Questions about the sE Electronics Reflexion Filter PRO Portable Vocal Booth?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Mike Conyers

    This is the perfect solution for anyone who wants clean and crisp vocal takes in a less-than-perfect room, and in a treated room it brings your vocals even closer to the listener and places them more evenly in the mix. I love that I can easily take it with me if I want to do some recording outside my studio, and everyone who has sung with my Reflexion Filter ends up wanting one for themselves!

  • Josh Lively

    I bought an sE Reflexion Filter Pro for my first studio. There was an immediate improvement to my vocal tracks. It's perfect to capture a tight track that's being recorded in a poorly treated room. And it's also a great tool to have on the road - it really is like taking a vocal booth with me!

  • from Chicago May 10, 2017

    Se Electronic saved my 3rd album

    I was working on my 3rd album, it was time sensitive, the room we was recording in was full of echo, high ceilings, was a complete mess, We was recording with a Neumann 102, and Avalon, and Imac. We never thought to think that not having a treated room would make a huge difference, IT DID, we were falling apart, arguing, it sounded terrible. My friend said he had a Se Electronic RF pro for the mic, make a long story short, it fixed everything, the mood, the vocals, everything was on point, my friend let me keep it after the session, I still own it, the difference in the the vocals was a game changer! Was the best solution to a terrible problem!

  • from May 4, 2017

    Best one there is hands down

    As my vocal booth has a window the refextion filter pro is a must have as it eliminates the audio bouncing back to the mic. It works very well, is very sturdy and of great quality.

  • from May 3, 2017

    se reflection filter on vocal recording

    I give this product @ 5 star rating on quality, design, soundqualty, in recording vocals for me oy eliminated the need to acoustics treat my lab I am very happy with the production sound quality of this product it's well built and does what it's supposed to bigger than its newer model and weighs more
    negative side
    u must have a good sturdy mix stand to set this on to prevent leaning and undesired position I structions on building are crap as well but I do recommend this product on 5 stars if u are considering a filter n you're lab production

  • from May 2, 2017Music Background:
    Composer and producer


    This thing works awesome!! Its literally like you are recording vocals in a vocal booth. Having a basement studio, I don't have room for a booth, so this was the best option for me. Whenever I want to record vocals I pop this guy on a stand and go to work. Works like a charm.

  • from Sunnyvale, CA May 2, 2017Music Background:
    Working music industry professional

    This is the one that you want!

    I sing and do voice-over work as well as produce. The sE Electronics Reflexion Filter PRO has become an essential tool in my arsenal.

    Yes, there are software tools that can go a long way toward cleaning up a less than perfect track and correcting anomalies... How much better to record a clean vocal so that there is less to 'correct'?

    Buy one of these and find out.

  • from London May 2, 2017Music Background:
    Professional Engineer

    Every studio should have one

    The SE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro is a must have for any VO recording or Vocal recording sessions.

    I've used it on countless occasions, either in professional vocal boothes / live rooms / or in less than ideal rooms for example recording at home etc.

    It's great if you really want to get that intimate close sound and eliminate as much of the room reflections as possible. The Reflexion Filter positioned behind the mic reduces the voice sound source from entering the room, and rejects any incoming reflections from the room into the mic. With the actual body / head of the person the other side of the mic having the same affect that side, you're effectively isolating the mic in the ideal location to get optimum performance.

    The other advantage is it expands your choice of mic. Especially when using a highly detailed and sensitive large diaphragm condenser mic, the Reflexion Filter allows the mic to focus in on those details of the actual sound source, increasing your acoustical signal to noise ratio and allowing you to use such a mic where you may not have been able to without.

    You can also use it recording anything instrumental to increase isolation if you're recording more than one thing in a room at once. For example, if you're tracking guitars and drums in the same room maybe you could use the Reflexion Filter on the cab mic to reduce cymbal spill... the possibilities are endless. The SE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro is just a great tool to have to hand, with a high build quality to last the test of time.

  • from November 21, 2016

    sE Reflexion Folter Pro

    Its awesome, the quality of my music is crisp now. My entire home studio is from sweetwater! love it!

  • from October 10, 2016

    It Works!

    I’m a voice over actor. I moved to a new place where the acoustic foam I was using previously wasn’t an option. I looked at the available choices for $5-148k specialty booths that required special handling, installation, etc., yuk. Then I stumbled across an ad for the Reflexion Filter. I read the reviews and took the plunge. The booth was easy to assemble and is simple to adjust both vertically and horizontally. I use it in a carpeted 8x10 room that has no acoustic treatments. The first thing I saw was that the ambient noise level in the room decreased dramatically...impressive! It has really helped me to complete more auditions with better quality in less time, as I no longer have the burden of cycling through multiple processing and scripts to produce acceptable sound quality. I like it!

  • from November 11, 2015

    Great Tool

    Makes as big a difference as the reviews said. Using in a small home studio.

  • from Washington, DC November 3, 2015Music Background:
    Voice talent

    Goodbye soundproofing!

    No more egg-crate foam or hanging blankets! This portable booth makes it sound pristine. Glad I got the Pro version. And did I mention it's portable? Worth the investment.

  • from West Virginia July 8, 2015Music Background:
    Home studio, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer etc.


    It's real simple, folks...this thing is nearly as good as a custom, full-size vocal booth costing thousands of dollars. Don't even waste your money on any lesser brand. Buy it, and call your vocal booth FINISHED! WOO-HOO!

  • from Dallas, Texas May 11, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician, engineer, and director.

    Amazing Microphone Isolation

    I haven't used it for long, but I'm already blown away by this "Reflexion Filter Pro." I'd bet that the first thing everyone does after setting it up is to move up and sing a few notes into it. The moment you do, you hear what it does. It sounds like you're in an isolation booth with no acoustical problems. This is what your mic hears, too. All that ringing and flanging that goes on around you in an untreated room becomes irrelevant. This brings the booth to you wherever you are.

    Don't hesitate because of the cost. This is about $50,000 worth of treatment in a little box.

    It's a little heavier than I expected, but that's ok. I have a very heavy-duty stand with weighted base, locking urethane wheels, and counterweighted wide-reaching boom. You don't need that much stand, but you do need more than the average, cheap little stands offer. Be sure you have enough stand to hold this. Ask a sales rep for advice if you're not sure. That's very important; you don't want the whole affair tipping over or inverting and slapping your recording artist if accidentally bumped. But if you have the stand to hold it, you'll absolutely LOVE this.

    I was told that the new "SPACE" version of this is even better. I don't doubt that, but it's also very expensive. I don't think you'll find it necessary to spend the extra money. This one does its job. I've heard some top-notch recordings done with this.

  • from WV March 17, 2015Music Background:
    Multi-Instrumentalist, Songwriter, Producer, Home Studio, Gear Fanatic.


    Perhaps you're thinking that $250 for a reflection filter is a bit pricey? Maybe you're thinking that you could just (get away with one) for half the cost? At the end of the day, no other reflection filter (I've tried a bunch of them) hold a candle to this one. This truly IS a "vocal booth in a box" as another reviewer put it. Astonishing isolation while hearing ONLY what you're recording. Saving a few dollars on a lesser model will only cost you a great deal more in recording quality. I couldn't be happier with this product.

  • from Jacksonville, FL September 12, 2014Music Background:

    Good stuff!!

    My vocals are sooo much cleaner!

  • from Chicago, IL May 4, 2014Music Background:
    Professional musician, producer, live and studio

    Hey! Another thing!

    Last May, I wrote a positive review of this (scroll downward and attend)...

    But in the year since, I have found another reason or two to acquire this.

    The cheap punk thing, is that if you're careful with placement, you can use this to provide decent isolation for mics hung on guitar amps. This is something that will tax both your physical (because of the mounting system) and audio legerdemain... But once set up thus, it works great.

    But here's my favorite discovery: using this, I can now open my mics up more toward an Omni polar pattern - assuming your room is treated. Doing so also opens up the to silty of the mic, n the most- wonderful way. Old mics that I had always constrained to cardioid or super/ hyper cardioid, now ave new and wonderful new roles!

  • from United States April 17, 2014Music Background:

    Hearing is beliving

    My room has some serious offending frequency build up in the low end and in the area around 400 to 500 hrz.To help my vocal to sit in the mix better I had to do a whole lot of cutting and boosting of different frequencies only to end up with some barely okay vocals,You know what the they " it's better to get it as good as possible during the recording session instead of struggling to fix it in the mix". I have some good quality bass traps along with wall panels and clouds, the helped a bit but they din't completely solve my problem. After reading all the great reviews about the Se Reflexion Filter I decided to give it a shot. To make a long story short I tried it and voila my vocals sound as good as lil Waye's.In case you wanna know, I'm using a Manley cad ref mic Through an API 512c along with RME ADi2 converter as far as clarity is concern, the filter made the biggest difference.

  • from Pittsburgh, PA USA August 20, 2013Music Background:
    Singer and Voiceover Artist

    It's a Must!!!

    I was recording with my condenser microphone before I got this. And when it was shipped to my home, I set it up. I was blown away by how good the quality was. I have a very good condenser microphone and preamp to record. They are the most quietest when it comes to recording. They both are quality products. But in my opinion, you can't control some outside noises. And that's why everybody should get this product if you're thinking about recording anything. Because it's going to take you to the next level of professional and quality recordings. And let's face it, it will give you the competitive vocals you need.

  • from Denver November 12, 2012Music Background:
    Home Studio Recording

    don't record without!

    best option on the market other than an actual vocal booth/room

  • from Nashville, TN March 12, 2012Music Background:

    As important as the right mic & preamp

    It's not just a noise screen. I experimented with adding cardboard above and below to block noise even more, and I lost all the smoothness and clarity this screen gives. With the right mic for your voice and the right Class A preamp, you're only 2/3 of the way there. This filter takes you the rest of the way to having a professional sounding vocal in a bedroom studio.

  • from LA, CA December 2, 2011Music Background:
    Engineer, Producer

    You don't hear it, and thats why it works!

    After using this, I instantly realized how many problems I had in my booth, because all of a sudden they weren't there anymore. The big thing is I can actually hear the hi-end content without eq-ing. Everything just sounds "right". And when you run across a product that does that, you need to get one ASAP before more of your recordings slip through without it. The only thing I don't like is the mechanism to attach it to a stand and mic. I don't use it. I got a nice little Ultimate Support stand that uses the European threading (most of them do, you just take off the adapter with an allen wrench) and just attached it directly to the stand. Much less mess. Quicker setup. And it of course helps decouple things more.

    Long story short: If you want to have competitive vocals, you need to get one of these.

  • from Orlando, FL July 26, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Reflexion Filter

    As a new "home engineer" I was having troubling results trying to capture my trumpet without always getting too much bottom end and room ambiance. I tried preparing the room with acoustic treatment but it started getting too expensive. After almost giving up preparing my room I bought the sE Reflexion Filter upon a friend's suggestion and it did two things. #1 made capturing my instrument's true sound much easier and #2 saved me lots of money. I recommend this filter for and wind instrumentalist looking to dry and clean up their room sound.

  • from Aguadilla, PR July 22, 2011Music Background:
    Pro musician, mix engineer, producer


    Let me start by saying!!!
    Dios mio esto esta del mas all!!!
    that meaning, Oh my God this thing is from another planet!!!
    I mean, it just makes your voice Soung BETTER!
    and by better I mean, ridiculously better, and its so much easier to mix vocals trough this thing. I also tested it on acoustics, blown away!
    Its a thing you just have to have!
    God bless!

  • from Conroe, TX January 6, 2011Music Background:
    Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer.

    Not What I expected!

    I had a very hard time buying this product because I wasn't looking for a "home studio" sound or a quick fix. My fear was that this would create a "boxy" effect sound over the vocals an wouldn't quite live up to professional standards.
    After taking the $299 plunge, we tested this out with to see what improvements it would make on the room noise. My jaw hit the floor when we heard the vocals back in solo. We even turned it up loud to try and hear the room, but it sounded just like our pro vocal booth. When we compared the frequency curves, it was a dramatic difference. When we put our own acoustic panel wall behind the singer, that made it sound as good or better than a treated booth!!! The product does what it says and nothing (all the other brands) do it so well. If you are serious about making a difference in your recordings that even average listener will notice, pick one of these up for yourself!!!

  • from MERCED, CA October 21, 2010Music Background:



  • from Central Illinois July 24, 2010Music Background:
    B.A. Music, Former Pro Trombonist and Home Studio Junkie.

    Excellent piece of recording equipment

    I purchased a Reflexion Filter (RF) soon after they were released. My home studio room was not very acoustically correct and the RF was the perfect addition for this situation. My room is much more acoustically correct now and the RF works even better. I use mine primarily on vocals but have used it on acoustic guitar to reduce room ambience. RE: comment about being able to move "mics in or out": As I understand it, there is a "Sweet Spot" area within the RF that was purposefully designed in which to locate microphones. Mics too far back within the RF will add anomalies to the sound. Mics too far out will lose the benefit of the sound reflection and absorbtion.

  • from Michigan April 28, 2010Music Background:
    Producer, Songwriter, Singer

    Sweet, just sweet.

    This filter is great, really puts your vocals where they need to be. No more bathroom sound. At first, I was not sure because of the price, but now after using it on ( 1 ) verse, its WELL worth the money. Vocals have more clearity and hold a more solid sound. I recommend this product to ANYONE with a home studio setup without treatment. Trust me; GET THIS!!!

  • from Lake Charles, LA November 15, 2008Music Background:
    College music student, home recording hobbyist, jazz musician

    Makes a BIG difference.

    I was pretty skeptical when I bought this, but I finally gave in after listening closely to recordings I've made in my living room. I would now say that this is a must have for any project studio with an untreated room. Easy to set up and made with sturdy quality materials. One note on this-make sure you have a tripod mic stand and not a normal stand. The center of gravity is outward on this and is not very stable with a normal mic stand.

  • from Columbia, TN August 24, 2008Music Background:
    Recording dude


    This is great! I used this in a treated room and it made the vocals sound better and more up front. I also used it in an untreated room where the mic by itself sounded horrible and you could just hear how horrible the room was in the recording. But when I used this in that same room it made the recording sound great like I was in a great room. You can aslo adjust the mic and make your vocals or whatever more or less dead. Awsome!

  • from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil May 5, 2017Music Background:
    Guitar Player, Music Producer, Composer

    sE Reflexion Filter

    The sE Reflexion Filter is a life saver! It completely smooths every reflection in the room and keeps the voice warm.
    I also use it for recording guitars (both acustic and electric) and it works great.
    I only took half star from my analysys because I think the rack mount mechanism can use a little improvement, but besides that it’s awesome and I don’t know how to work without it nowadays!
    A must have for sure!

  • from April 21, 2016

    Very Satisfied

    Works great in my home studio.

  • from December 21, 2015

    Works exactly as it should

    This device really does what it says. Blocks out external sound and instantly improves vocal recording. It is a reasonable price for what it does. A little bit tricky to set up and the installation instructions are not great. But once you figure it out you will be loving it.

  • from Frederick, MD February 12, 2015Music Background:
    Voice Actor

    Great sound absorber!

    Really works well in my home studio. Only concern is for the method of attachment to the stand and the durability of the rubber pads that are at the pressure points of the clamp. Otherwise, it looks great and performs very well with my mic setup.

  • from Murrieta, California January 16, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician, vocalist, producer/engineer/songwriter/studio owner

    Vocal Booth in a Box

    I have a fully pro studio, and also do on-site recording from time to time. Thus, I purchased the SE PRO (don't get the cheap ones - just like mics, pre's and a host of other recording gear, if you skimp you will not get pro results) for an on-site session. Like other buyers, I was skeptical about the performance relative to my real vocal booth, as the Reflexion is so small. But I guarantee it is a big performer. The on-site vocals came out extremely well - yes, as good as my vocal booth. Kills reflections and provides extremely tight vocals as well as percussion o-dubs (guidos, chimes, you name it, it works for everything).
    After the mobile session, I now use the SE in my vocal booth and it even improves on the sound that I was already happy with. Just like you wouldn't record pro vocals without a pro mic and pre, once you record with this you won't want to do it any other way. Had a little trouble with the mounting hardware, but with a small metal file, I was able to repair the locking pins on the positioning mechanism (be careful with this - if you seat them improperly, and then tighten the swivel down, you can easily compress one of the pins (flatten it out) and then you have a problem). But that aside, the rest of the hardware is great and it looks fabulous in any environment. I use a Twin-Finity tube/FET mic pre and a Sterling ST69 tube condenser mic (not because it is less than a Neuman, but because I like it). With this combo and a good DAW you have everything you need to produce high quality recordings. Get one, you won't regret it. Many thanks to Clint Branstetter at Sweetwater for the excellent service and delivery. Time and again, Sweetwater saves the day.

  • from October 15, 2013Music Background:
    Home Studio

    May have to consider other accesories to make the most out of your Relexion Filter

    Back on June 30th, 2012 I wrote that the Reflection Filter PRO Portable booth was too small for a horizontally mounted mic ( i.e. Beyerdynamic M 160 mic). A year later, It prove me wrong because I found and ordered from Sweetwater a Microphone Cable with Angled XLRF that helped me place the mic in the right position. With this special cable I was able to make the most out of the reflexion filter. I realized that sweetwater offers the best audio solutions. I am very happy with the audio gear that I have purchased from you guys, thanks Sweetwater.

  • from Sacramento, CA May 15, 2013Music Background:
    Music production company

    sE Electronics Reflexion Filter

    again... for an affordable filter... it has surpassed our expectations. Serves it's purpose and is worth the price for quality!

  • from LA February 3, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist ecording Engineer


    i bought a se electronics project Reflexion Filter back in 2010 and i like it for the price it did the job i moved and the room was bad recording roject Reflexion Filter need a lot of help so upgrade to pro wow did my vocal come to life best buy next to my isa one

  • from United States December 10, 2012Music Background:
    Producer, Songwriter

    You need this even if you don't think you do

    I had been getting what I considered solid vocal recordings in my home studio. However, I still couldn't quite get my recordings to sound as big and fat as some commercial recordings. I doubted my mixing ability, my preamp, my mic, my monitors, my converters . . . everything. Well, it turns out it was really just the lack of a reflexion filter. My unprofessionally treated room really isn't bad, I promise =), but the reflexion filter cleaned up the bits and pieces of comb filtering and noise that remained. The result is bigger, fatter vocals that sit just right in the mix. If you own a home studio and you have a nice pre and a nice mic (I had both), don't record any vocals until you also get this. Otherwise, you won't really know what your equipment is capable of. I went from using lots of EQ to using almost none. I went from using both OTB and ITB compression to just using some light OTB comp with maybe a little vocal riding in mixing. I went from struggling to find the right deessing frequency that would cut out the harsh highs while preserving the presence of the vocals to only using de-essing for little smoothing here and there.

    Bottom line: I didn't know how good my equipment could sound until I got this little fellow. It's a little expensive, but totally worth it.

  • from Cedar Park, TX USA June 30, 2012Music Background:
    Voice Talent, Musician

    Great Product

    I'm really pleased with my purchase. It's an excellent product and does a great job at deadening room noise - especially if you're not in a sound proof room. My only complaint is that my mic doesn't work really well with it. It's meant for a mic the sits vertically. I have Shure Beta 87a and it sits horizontally. In an effort to keep the front of the mic in line with the walls and in the center of the shield I have to angle the mic to about 45 degrees. It works, just isn't ideal. Mostly my fault as it's my mic but knowing it was better for vertical mics going in would have been nice. Still a great product, though!

  • from United States March 11, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer, Artist


    This filter does its job exceptionally well!!!! If your recording in an untreated environment or a really huge treated room and dont want the sonic characteristics of the room, this filter is a MUST HAVE. The build is solid and lets face it, everyone likes shinny things and this filter SHINES! Install seems a lil confusing given the instructions but easy to figure out and installs in minutes. Be careful not to crank down on the locking keys because they will break (been there done that) but a great addition to any studio!!!

  • from Goshen, IN October 15, 2011Music Background:
    producer, recording engineer, touring drummer

    It's expensive and it works.

    A little pricey, but like the headline said.. it works. It's made my vocal takes sound fantastic when I'm not in a great room. It effectively controls ambiance without greatly affecting frequency response of the mic. I'm willing to pay the money to get a well-engineered piece of gear the does the job well.

  • from South MS September 26, 2011Music Background:
    live sound recording engineer

    Just what the doc ordered

    I have purchased this to help with my recordings of quite a few artists that both sing and play acoustic at the same time, along with recording full bands in the same room at the same time.

    It's done exactly what I needed, which was limit the ambience and other sound sources besides the vocals, allowing me to fine tune my vocal track and not have issues with the bleed affecting other instruments.

    I'm wanting to also try this out with mics on sources like kick drum, guitar, and bass cabs. I'm thinking that it will also excell at these seeing as how wonderful it did for my vocals.

  • from LA, CA December 24, 2010Music Background:

    Surprising Results

    This can almost be considered a quick fix for recording, but using it in conjunction with a treated room yields pristine and accurate tracking. Awesome product!

  • from Knoxville, TN USA May 5, 2008Music Background:
    Student Engineer, Drummer

    Not a gimmick!

    I splurged on one of these before it was in the catalog and before anyone had much to say about it. I’ve been testing it out in a variety of applications. My favorite test was with vocals. I brought some gear to my brother’s apartment along with the filter, which I left in the car. I tried a take with a bare SM57 without the filter first as a reference; it was “boomy? with lots of room noise. Disappointed with the results my brother took a break, wile I slipped away to the car for my “Secret Weapon?. I was mounting the same SM57 to the filter when he came back to a metal contraption attached to the mic stand. Everyone is blown away when they see it for the first time. The next take was really different from the first one. We didn’t hear anything else in the room not even the computer. I also think the novelty can bring out a better performance from the vocalist. I don’t know how much it would help in a professional environment, but it’s a valued asset to my project studio. Although, if you do decide on one of these, make sure you have a sturdy stand; you can’t mount this to just any mic stand. I’ve had best success using the filter with tripod stands like (ItemID: StuBoom) and (ItemID: MicStdLt). Other than that, this is a great product; it really does a great job keeping unwanted noise from hitting the mic!

  • from Maryland May 3, 2017Music Background:
    professional engineer

    Mostly good

    The sound difference is wonderful, but the design of these has changed since all the videos and early reviews have been made. The version I received has a different, more complicated clamp without the rubber scratch guards, and it attaches to the stand from the side, rather than the front. Also, the rod that the mic shock mount is attached to is a different design: more like the slotted one on the cheaper model. Those are minor, I guess; but there is one really flimsy Achilles heel: the tightening screw that is supposed to hold the filter in place once inserted into the clamp mechanism, will never tighten enough to hold the filter rigidly. It rocks back and forth and sags to the front even when tightened all the way, and there's nothing to do about it. It's just not a good fit, or a good design. So I'd recommend the product, but be prepared to deal with clunky hardware in exchange for great sound.

  • from October 26, 2016Music Background:
    Three decades of home recording obsessiveness, journalist who has written on home recording for Guitar World, Vintage Guitar, Computer Music, Blogcritics, PJ Media.com, and Instapundit.com

    Works Well, But Needs Help

    The Reflexion filter definitely works, and allows sensitive condenser mics to be used in non-optimal rooms, but it needs help. It will sound so much better if you hang a couple of thick duvets behind the singer as well. Do that, and you've got a very good portable vocal booth. Make sure you have a mic stand with a heavy base as a counterweight. I even used a couple of small 25 pound video industry sandbags that I have for temporarily placing video lights draped over the base of the mic stand for extra protection.

  • from Austin, IN January 13, 2016Music Background:
    Music Producer/Audio Engineer

    A great addition to any studio

    I love this product, it does what it states it does and more. It makes the quality of anything going into a mic go from a 6 to a 10 in seconds. Yes, it is that huge of a difference. However, the only thing i dislike is the weight of the Reflection Filter. You need a good stand with a counterweight to support (if you plan on using a big tube condenser mic as well). I don't like that the mount looks like a piece of machinery, the looks could be improved vastly. Overall a great product for a quick room treatment.

  • from October 31, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, home recorder, aspiring engineer

    Awesome Job, Poor Construction

    First of all, this thing does an amazing job; 5 stars... but the construction is pretty cheap, one of the knob on mine broke off in 6 months and you need a VERY good quality microphone stand cause this thing is so heavy... I used a cymbal stand for a drum set cause its so heavy but this thing does a great job but for the money id rather have just bought some foam for my room and some bass traps with the cost of the stand

  • from Pittsburgh, USA October 28, 2014

    Cheap Recording Studio!

    Cheap as in "Low Price" not "Low Quality"!

    My voice over recording studio is in a little used room. No other acoustic treatment besides one of these baffles. Terrific sound rejection of ambient noise and it eliminates room echo. Could not be simpler: good quality microphone shielded with this and direct input to a digital recorder.

    Think of this as a "recording studio in a box"!

  • from United States October 22, 2014Music Background:

    Works Great

    It works just as I expected. It was very easy to set up also

  • from Washington, D.C. Metro area May 26, 2013Music Background:
    Professional, multi- instrumentalist

    It Works!

    Read all of the other positive reviews, and I'll spare you some time.

    I have a pretty good room in my home studio, with a lot of "real" acoustic treatment - panels, baffles, etc... Not egg crates and cheap shite. But there is a window near my work area, and because I rent, I couldn't do much about the reflections coming off the glass (not to mention a busy arterial street 200 feet away!). My alternatives were to hang heavy drapes and baffles, or to create a separate vocal booth somewhere in the house.

    So, My SE, Delvin Wolf, suggested I try this one versus the cheaper alternatives. I must say, I'm very impressed with it.

    What it does: it kills the midrange reflections coming off the glass. It helps my vocals sit better in mixes, with less EQ (keep in mind it's only one part of a bigger equation- the mic, preamp, etc...). It helps isolate the mic from the larger acoustics of the room. It helps me deliver performances with more "authority", because with a big fat Lauten LT-381 hanging in my face, and the filter in the background, I can't help but feel I'm in the Big League!

    What it doesn't do (and remember that SE Electonics and Delvin never claimed it would!!): it won't tame the traffic noise coming through the window. If you have a noisy computer, it won't solve that. I have a Sweetwater Creation Station, which is silent! It won't change your voice, double your vox, tune your pitch, or make your performances any better- that's up to you.

    If your room is Bad, it will help, but only to a certain degree. If your room is just bad (lower-case b), it'll help a lot.

    I don't like the price... But after using this for a few months, I have noticed that I'm spending a LOT less time fussing over eq during mix down...and if time is money, the cost of this filter is justified.

    I'm not crazy about the mounting, and that's why only a 4-star rating. The mount works, yeah, but I would have engineered it with more flexibility. The angle-bracket is tricky, and beware the Jesus pins - named because you'll shriek "oh, Jesus!" when these microscopic buggers drop out of your brand-new $300 purchase and disappear into the bowels of your workspace. Delvin also very-presciently warned me about my mic stand- you'll need a good, heavy one (especially with a mic as big and fat as the Lauten!).

    A buddy recently loaned me one of the lower-cost knock-offs... And in comparison to mine, the knock-offs were akin to using cardboard covered with carpet- very uneven frequency absorption. If you're gonna spend 200 bucks on another model, invest another hundred and get the Real Deal.

    So, overall, I'm pleased with it. I can't rave, because... Well, it doesn't change your sound or anything- just makes it better. But even if it were only half as good as it actually is, I'd get one again, because it really helps me feel (and thus sing) like a Pro!

  • from Long Beach, CA September 20, 2012Music Background:
    Home Recording Engineer, Music Student

    Gets 90% of the job done.

    This is a fantastic piece of equipment. I am in a home recording setting, but that doesn't mean i don't care about the quality of my sound. When i hear the unwanted echo and natural reverb of a crummy bedroom, it gets on my nerves. I threw this up behind my primary vocal mic, and it took a huge majority of the room noise out of the equation. It didn't remove all of it, but a huge noticeable amount. put up some panels, foam, or blanket opposite the Reflexion filter, and it sounds even better.

    Also, it's a little heavy, but managable.

  • from August 22, 2012

    Fantastic and beautiful!

    Works exceptionally well even in a cavernous room. Only complaint is the mounting bracket not being ideal for moving around or perfectly straightening on a stand. Small point of contention. This thing dramatically improved my sound.

  • from Chicago, Illinois USA July 31, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Worh it!

    Does what it is supposed do. Did a vocal with it and it greatly reduced the room ambience giving the best possible clear and clean sound for that room. The vocal had more life. I would say the extras put into this version pay off. Don't buy the cheaoer ones if can afford it. Go to the web site and read up on how this is different from the others. The theory is sound.

  • from Anchorage, Alaska July 30, 2012Music Background:
    Production Sound Mixer

    Well made & works

    SE Electronics Reflexion Filter

    It works well for the intended work
    Well made

  • from New Jersey March 19, 2012Music Background:
    Voice overs

    A good product that almost fits my needs

    The sE Electronics Reflexion Filter does exactly what it says it does, absorbs the energy of a voice in an untreated space. I use it at my house as an alternative to doing voiceovers at my studio. The only problem I have is that it's a difficult to read scripts from a computer. I'm forced to talk off center which diminishes the effectiveness of the filter. Over all, though, it does a great job and I'm happy with it.

  • from Ohio March 5, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Producer, Educator

    Expensive but functional

    I've used this with acoustic guitar, electric guitar, kick drum, and vocals, all with good results. Put this in your project studio and watch your singers' confidence build as they walk up to this. Just as effective as a psychological tool as well as an acoustical one. The price is a bit on the high side, that's the only real drawback...and you have to buy a mic stand for it.

  • from NY, NY August 12, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Singer/Songwriter

    Does what it claims but....

    Really sounds great for vocals, eliminating pesky reflections. Only problem is in design: the weight center falls to the right of where it clamps to mic stand and the filter tends to lean to the right (especially with a heavy mic). Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I don't think so. But I just jam a pencil in the gap between filter and mic stand and it cuts out most of the leaning.

  • from Lima, OH July 23, 2011Music Background:
    Musician, Home Studio Enthusiast

    Ideal solution to non-ideal recording space

    It does what it says it will do nicely. There is no substitute for a room with great acoustics, but I can't remodel my house for that (yet). In the meantime, I'm pretty happy with the Reflexion filter to control problem reflections and frequencies. It's a little pricey, but it's built very solid and will last. So solid, that I would recommend a double-braced cymbal stand in lieu of a basic stage mic stand. This thing weighs a ton! It's currently being used on all my recordings!

  • from Southern California June 12, 2011Music Background:

    Surprisingly Good

    Does exactly what it claims to. I threw this up not really expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. I recorded two vocals for a song, one with the reflexion filter in place and one without and it makes quite a difference. so much so that everyone I played the two different vocals (level matched as far as possible) said they prefered the sound of the vocal where the filter was in place

    In an activity full of "snake oil" products it's nice to find something that works exactly as advertised

    Well done sE

  • from Bloomington, IL USA October 10, 2008Music Background:
    Former Orchestral Trombonist, Live Sound Guy and Home Studio Guy

    Great Piece of Equipment

    I have had mine since they first came out and this piece of equipment does exactly what sE Electronics/Sonic-Distribution says it will do. I have a small one room home studio and it has helped me get some nice vocals recorded by others in my room as well as acoustic guitar. It works even better with with a big down comforter or noise suppressing material behind the vocalist/instrument.

  • from May 2, 2017Music Background:
    Audio Engineer, Recording Artist, Producer

    1st Reflexion Filter

    I really enjoyed having this as part of my set up, definitely shines if coupled with a semi-treated room. I used it mostly on vocals and really heard an improvement vs using it without it. The weight of the entire piece can topple over your mic stand, but I think they might have fixed that with the new hardware, but any tripod stand should do just fine. Doesn't affect your sound too much, so it keeps it nice and natural. Thumbs all the way up!

  • from United States March 19, 2012Music Background:

    Effective Solution

    This filter works very well, and made a positive improvement in my vocal recordings. My complaint with it is the clamp set up that is provided with it. Mine came with a broken part, but that is not my complaint, and the company replaced it very quickly with no questions asked at all. My complaint is with the engineering. It is cumbersome to say the least and there are a couple of what I would consider design flaws. The biggest problem I have is that you cannot hang a microphone upside down with this clamp. There were other issues, but I won't enumerate them all. You can work around them, and I would recommend this and am glad I bought it.

  • from Orem, UT October 24, 2016Music Background:
    Gigging musician

    Good for college students

    The sE reflection filter works well enough. It doesn't make a world of difference but it makes enough of a difference to buy it. Most people probably wont be able to tell the difference unless your room is terrible. Also the stand at least when I bought it was awful and I ended up using 2 mic stands instead.

  • from Queretaro, Mexico June 30, 2012Music Background:
    Home studio

    Reflection Filter too small for mic horizontally mounted

    I use the SE Reflection Filter with a Beyerdynamic M 160 mic. This is a small Hypercardioid Ribbon Microphone that requires to be mounted "horizontally" on the stand. Unfortunately the length of the mic plus the cable connector extend too much horizontally and keep the tip of the mic sticking out approx. 2 in from the edge. I wish the filter was a little bit larger to allow the tip of the mic be placed inside or at least at the edge of the shield as recommended by SE Electronics.

  • from Philly,PA February 11, 2012Music Background:


    I first got the SE Reflexion filter as a gift back when they first came out. It provided some decent results but I had a lot of issue with it toppling over which wasn't fun to see a $500 microphone hit the floor. After a while I stopped using it because of that and sold it. I later on I had a to do some recording where I needed something like a reflexion filter but didn't want to drop so much on one. I brought a Soundkitz AE-F instead and I've been having a good time with that. It doesn't have the issues I had with the SE and it wasn't as much. So like I say it's a decent tool but more than it should be.

  • from August 28, 2013

    Save yourself some money

    Save yourself a couple hundred bucks and get a cheap one......I don't know why this is so expensive, it really didn't work for me.

  • from Florida October 1, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Clumsy, Useless

    This did nothing for recording that a few well placed room sound absorbers wouldn't do (even pillows and quilts) It's very heavy, and the metal is of poor quality. The metal threads are cheap. It requires a very substantial mic stand due to its weight.

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