Little Labs Redeye 3D Phantom

Direct Box/Re-amper with Through-chain Monitoring, Two UTC Transformers, and Phantom-powered Buffered and Passive Inputs
Little Labs Redeye 3D Phantom image 1
Little Labs Redeye 3D Phantom image 1

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Little Labs Redeye 3D Phantom
In Stock!

Quite Possibly the Ultimate DI/Re-amper

At Sweetwater, we're gratified to be seeing serious products that make guitar re-amping an easy, high-fidelity endeavor. At the core of the re-amping process is the direct box, and Little Labs' Redeye 3D Phantom sports a high-quality one with phantom-powered hi-fi buffered and passive inputs. The Redeye 3D Phantom features two UTC transformers - similar to those found in many classic pro audio units - for simultaneous direct box and re-amping use. Comparing your direct and re-amped signal is a piece of cake - one button gives you instant "wyhiwyg" (what you hear is what you get) monitoring. The Redeye 3D Phantom also lets you effortlessly interface your professional +4 gear with instrument-level equipment.

Take the hassle and guesswork out of re-amping

The Redeye 3D packs a number of smart features that make re-amping a pleasure. It lets you listen through your whole recording chain, from direct box to mic pre to DAW (or tape machine), to Redeye 3D Re-amp, and finally to your guitar amp. In DI mode the front-panel instrument/re-amp out works as a thru signal so you can simultaneously feed your guitar amp while supplying a signal from the rear XLR to your mic pre and DAW or tape machine. In re-amp mode, the instrument/re-amp out signal comes from the line-level output of your DAW or tape machine (converted to hi-Z guitar-level signal), to feed your guitar amp. This streamlined method of monitoring through your chain (re-amp mode) and being able to bypass the mic pre and DAW or tape machine in the chain (DI mode) makes level adjustments a cinch. It also ensures a re-amped guitar sound that will be exactly what you heard when laying down the track.

Little Labs Redeye 3D Phantom Features at a Glance:
  • Simultaneous vintage transformer direct box and re-amping tool
  • Effortless re-amping operation
  • Phantom-powered hi-fi buffered and passive direct box inputs
  • Compare direct and re-amped signal with one button
  • Easily interfaces pro gear with guitar gear and vice versa
  • Expandable for daisy chaining redeyes to feed multiple amps or pedals
  • Rackmountable with the optional Little Labs rakl; up to four Little Labs devices fit in a 1U space
Re-amping made easy, with the Little Labs Redeye 3D!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number RED3D

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What I Needed

I got this because I wanted to be able to focus on playing when I'm recording and making stuff in my little home studio, then focus on dialing in the gear, setting up mics, and capturing the sound afterwards. I was first looking at the Little Labs Pepper, since it's probably the best reamp/DI on the market, but the price was kinda ridiculous for me, plus I wasn't going to be using half the features in it, like the blend for instance. When I found out Little Labs made the Redeye, which is nearly the same thing but without the stuff I didn't need for roughly the same price as a Radial DI and a Radial Reamp box, I couldn't not grab it. The only small thing I don't like is the plastic covering on the top and sides, and I'd be more inclined to use it as a DI on gigs if it were entirely the aluminum casing that's on the faces and bottom of it, but since I exclusively use it at home right now, it's not like it'll get beaten up anyway. The switches and connectors seem pretty high quality.
Music background: Producer, Engineer, Guitarist, Bassist


this devices is pretty dope ! I mean just look at the name . When I first got the redeye in the mail i thought that the way it was packaged was nice and neat. I tried the active Di first using passive pickups and the sound seemed cleaner then if I were to plug strieght into my mixer . I noticed I had more head room before clipping ! Which is awesome . After trying out the active di I whent ahead and tried using the passive di with active pickups and was simply blown away at how my guitars tone was so clear and open. After recording a segment of some heavy shredding I decided to send the dry signal out and back into the redeye for some more fun . I was able to get a noice and clean non sterile heavy guitar rhytem in stereo using the same source / signal / mic , but different speakers and amps . Way awesome !
Music background: Artist

Three for the price of one!

Excellent little box! I was looking for a high quality active DI when I stumbled upon this box. Although I already have a re-amp box, I decided to give this one a try. Instantly blown away! I didn't realize that this box allows you to listen to your recorded direct take through your existing amp with just a button push away! Pass through to your amp and playback from your DAW through your amp with a button press. Genius! The transformers are awesome sounding as well (and yes there are two transformers: one for the active DI and the other for the reamp). The reason this box is a 3 in 1 is because it has a passive input on the back as well (for guitars or basses with active pickups). I'm proud to be the first one to review this box and I hope that others will venture into this unit because it is incredibly functional. Considering that a good ramp box costs around $200 and a good DI around the same price as well, this is a bargain.
Music background: Recording engineer, producer, composer and educator
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