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Keeley Red Dirt Overdrive Pedal Reviews

5.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the Keeley Red Dirt Overdrive Pedal?

Questions about the Keeley Red Dirt Overdrive Pedal?

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  • from August 22, 2016

    Amazing Overdrive

    Red dirt is an amazing overdrive , I prefer use on clean chanel of Mesa Mark Five withou use the EQ. Of the Mesa . The result is a velvet sound cool for licks and riffs . On chanel 3 of Mesa I prefer the TS 9


  • from July 20, 2015

    Surprised Me.

    I have about 50 Dirt pedals. My current favorites are Klon KTR and Cusack Screamer Fuzz V1. Close favorites include an early 80's TS9 and an original TS808. So there is my base line. I have Keeley Modded pedals and their Analogman counter parts. The modded pedals always sound better. To me better is a smoother and wider OD range less of the harsh rattiness. The difference in Analogman and Keeley mods is the Keeleys always sound way more compressed and have more gain. On a Boss SD 1 for example the Analogman Mod sounds better to me and on a Boss Blues Driver the Keeley sounds better. Ok about the Red Dirt I picked this up and thought I would check it out and add it to the collection. That was 2 months ago and it's still on the board. It has a nice thickness that is not too compressed. The range of drive to clean is huge and it is super sensitive to touch from sutble to digging in. Not all pedals work with my Maz 38 and this pedal is on of the best ever. I can blind test this pedal and know which pedal is engaged it has a uniqueness to it. If you are looking for a nice alternative to the Ibanez sound, this may be your pedal.

  • from Palisades Park, NJ January 15, 2015

    Hundreds of OD's and none come close

    Forget the mods and the endless search for a OD that actually drives your natural tone and just buy it. In 40 years of playing I finally think I have found the ultimate OD! Truly could not be happier.

  • from Four Oaks, NC January 12, 2015Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician

    Satisfying and Versatile

    I am embarrassed to say how much money and time I've spent trying out various OD pedals ... but finally, this Keeley Red Dirt comes along ... sure, it covers that expected classic tube OD sound but the bonus value of this pedal is its versatility ... it can go from light OD all the way to distortion while retaining smoothness and articulation ... the Lo/Hi switch is also a nice feature which adds even more possibilities for tone and OD character ... finally I have found a single OD pedal that can cover all the territory I need for my style of playing ... although I will certainly keep some other dirt pedals on the board, in reality, I could easily get everything I need and more from the Red Dirt ... this is the most satisfying effects pedal I have purchased in a long, long time ... sounds great through my Fender DRRI with single coils or humbuckers ... worth the price considering how much this pedal delivers ... recommended ...

  • from Poughkeepsie, N.Y. March 1, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Love the Red Dirt!

    I have a a closet full of effects, many of them overdrives and distortion pedals. They all do certain things really well but this is as close to an all in one gain pedal that I've tried. I can get a light, slightly overdriven breakup all the way to a heavy gain. It's impossible to get a bad sound out of this pedal! As loud and overdriven as it gets, it never gets noisy either.

  • from Los Angeles December 13, 2013Music Background:
    35+ years playing guitar

    What a TubeScreamer should sound like.....

    I'm a "TubeScreamer" guy, but an original TS-9,TS-808,TS-7,TS-10,SD-1,etc always lacked a bit of versatility. This is what I've been looking for all these years.

  • from October 9, 2013



    I highly recommend this overdrive. It is smooth as glass. Not for metal but great for blues, jazz, and basic rock like zep..
    I have it paired with the keeley 4 know compressor and I am on the fence if I like it better by itself or compressed.
    You certainly have to drop the attack rate down to 0 or it thumps. I have the compressor last and have not tried it the other way.
    It is not a noisy pedal either even at nearly full drive.

  • from WV August 30, 2013Music Background:
    Recording, Mixing, Producing, Multi-Instrumentalist.


    I think I've played every O.D. pedal on Earth at this point; and this one is the hands-down winner for a few reasons. 1. It has MANY flavors and ALL of them sound incredible, making it very versatile. 2. It sounds completely PURE & NATURAL...a rarity in O.D. pedals. 3. It has THE TONE I've searched for, for so many years.

    I'm addicted to that crushing Albert Collins tone that you can usually only get with an amp cranked up to obscene volumes, and no other pedal could emulate that...until this Keeley. I am running a Gibson Blues Hawk into a vintage Supro amp, and this thing sounds literally EPIC with that guitar/amp combo. But it sounds just as awesome with a Tele through an Egnater, a Les Paul through a Marshall, and the list goes on.

    I've read a few comments here and there from people complaining about it's price. Once you play though this pedal, what you paid for it will be the LAST thing on your mind. Yes, it's that good. This one is on the pedal board for life.

  • from August 15, 2013

    Among the Best Overdrive Pedal I've ever used!

    Most overdrive pedals don't come close to emulating power tube distortion. This pedal comes so close that you can hear the swirling effect you get from over-driven power tubes. Well done Mr. Keeley.

  • from Saint Joseph, MO. January 17, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar instructor,gigging musician, session guitarist

    Very impressed

    I have used several effects pedals in the last 40 years of guitar playing but this is my first experience with a keeley pedal. The first thing I noticed is how quiet this pedal is even on the full gain setting, very minimal hiss or noise. The simplicity of three knobs makes it a breeze to adjust your tone for different guitars from my ES -137 to my G&L telecasters. I was amazed how this pedal complimented the tone of my other effects pedals as well. I bought this pedal to use for my rhythm pedal and kick in my boss powerstack for lead, but after playing with the Red Dirt I may use it for both. The Red Dirt really let my guitar tone shine thru without the colorization of tone I got with other overdrive or distortion pedals. I have only had this pedal about a month, but so far very satisfied with it. The price of this pedal is about twice what I normally spend , but no regrets here it's a small price to pay for the quality of tone you get with this pedal. I only gave 4 stars instead of 5 due to the switch being a little stiff and louder than I expected on a pedal of this quality, but maybe that will improve with use. Thank You Sweetwater for allowing me to review this product and thanks Danielle for your great service!

Questions about the Keeley Red Dirt Overdrive Pedal?

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