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Mesa/Boogie Recto-Verb 25 - 25-watt Tube Head - Black with Cream & Black Grille Reviews

5.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Recto-Verb 25 - 25-watt Tube Head - Black with Cream & Black Grille?

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Recto-Verb 25 - 25-watt Tube Head - Black with Cream & Black Grille?

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  • from North Carolina February 21, 2017

    Such an amazing sounding, versatile amp. Perfect in every way.

    This is my first Mesa Boogie amp and I have to say that I am blown away. I didn't realize what I was actually missing but I've finally found an amp that captures every tone I love. From vintage to modern, this can do it all with ease. Don't be fooled with these EL84 tubes; there is more than enough bottom end to satisfy anyone. I did not use reverb much in the past, but I'm starting to incorporate it into my music because it sounds so good in this amp. Make sure to read the manual if you are not used to dialing in Mesas; they give you suggested ranges for each section of the EQ and they all sound amazing.
    The option to dial in virtually any tone coupled with the fact that it is light and extremely portable, makes it the perfect amp in my opinion. I'm still amazed at how good the clean tone is on this amp. Just buy this and never look back.

  • from Georgia, U.S December 26, 2016

    Great Amp

    Made in America...by hand. 5 Stars. Very satisfied with the quality and sound of this little amp. Here is a little history of my amp experience; 80's Gorilla 1X12, 90's Peavy 1x12 solid state, Marshall DSL40cst, Marshall JVM210h with 1960 cab, and now the Rectoverb 25 with a 1960 cab. Of course the Recto25 blows away everything in my experience but the JVM. The JVM210 is my dad's and to me paired with the 1960 cab is just the perfect combo. I'm sure there are plenty of other heads and cabinets that sound just as good if not better but from my experience, that combo satisfies my taste.

    So i wanted something that was a little quieter but sounded just as good. The JVM sounds its best cranked and that's something I don't need for practice and solo jamming.

    First of all, the clean channel on the Recto is simply perfect. Plenty of bass and clarity coming out of the 1960 cab. Probably one of the best cleans I've ever heard. I've had to tweak an tweak the overdrive channel to get almost to the sound I want. I probably just have picky ears. I guess I'm searching for the sound of the JVM's highest gain channel. I've gotten the Recto's overdrive channel to a suitable sound for now. I also use a MXR Super Badass Distortion and have gotten a really nice distortion comparable to the JVM.

    Overall I couldn't be happier with this amp. It takes pedals very nicely and the build quality is exceptional. I'm now forever a Mesa/Boogie user.

  • from Southern Illinois November 29, 2016Music Background:
    Part Timer

    Awesome Tone

    I had a Rivera Doce Clubster that I absolutely loved. It was my dream amp, with a clean channel to die for. But I was never sold on the drive channel and used a pedalboard for that. When it died on me I started looking at the Mesa Express but had to wait a while. I never even considered the Dual Rectifier, but wound up getting it instead, and boy am I glad! Everytime I play through it I feel like it's Christmas morning! It is the apple of my eye! I have a Badcat head, Acoustic head, Crate Vintage Club 30 combo, and a Peavey Bandit as well. I had to let the Rivera go to get the Mesa, and I have to say both channels sound great! I love the black with cream grille and one button footswitch you can use with any guitar cord. The reverb is very nice and the overdrive is truly the best I've heard! Long story short, I feel my Dual Rectifier is the best sounding amp I've ever had and it pleases me every day to have it in my arsenal!

  • from Missouri March 28, 2016


    Thid thing is a beast! Im completely blown
    away. A big thanks to Steven Chamoun and sweetwater they always deliver the best service. After having several different tube amps the last few years and never being satisfied. Steven recommended i give this one a try and it is a keeper. Now as far as the amp goes if you try to set it like you would a brittish flavored amp you probably wont be happy. Take your time and even check some of the example settings and you will get amazing tones especially on the cleans..i cant say enough about this amp or Sweetwater.. buy it!

  • from March 8, 2016


    This is an incredible amp! I've always wanted a Mesa since I was a kid and this sucker delivers! The cleans (clean/pushed) go from fairly sparkly to fat and thick to a bit of hair. The dirty (modern/vintage) will get you classic rock to all out barking metal. Take your time to dial it in, Mesa's don't work like other amps...read the manual. Oh yeah, the reverb is the best I've ever heard!

    Big thanks to Aaron for all his help and patience with me! Sweetwater customer service is INSANELY good...but with complete confidence.

  • from New Jersey November 19, 2015Music Background:

    The Tone I've Been Searching For!

    I want to start by saying Kudos to Sweetwater and my rep Will and his team. Awesome job folks, thank you! Now to the Mesa. Buy this!!! I don't know how much I've spent just in the last 10 years on lesser amps and pedals searching for "the tone"...clear harmonics, rich sustain with a good sonic range and timbre. I bought this with the 12" Mesa Thiele cabinet and I can't stop rolling my eye and grinning. This amp sings at any volume. Set one channel for rhythm with just a little gain and presence and set the other channel for leads and play away. I've been playing a long time (more than 40 years) and have owned many classic amps (when they were new) like a Vox Buckingham, an Acoustic 260, several Tremolux head and cabs and even Plush! The sound coming out of my new Mesa just blows me away constantly. Do what you have to do; sell what you have to sell but get yourself a Mesa,

  • from Crockett, CA October 8, 2014Music Background:

    Beautiful consummate Amp building and only 16 lbs. Just what I always wanted, a Boogie that didn't weigh a ton. This is my fifth mesa product and they never disappoint. The Recto 25 is versatile, light, and has a beautiful reverb with separate control for each channel. We just had an outside gig and the other guitarist in our band has a Marshall half stack. I had the Recto 25 and a Boogie 1x12 compact open back cab. No problem...and man were we playing loud. The Recto had two beautiful clean modes and two singin' overdrive modes, one drippin' with high cholesterol fatness.

  • from June 30, 2014

    This is the amp that I can't stop playing!!!

    Clean/Pushed/Vintage/Modern are all very musical and versatile. The 10W/25W switch is much more than a power switch…truly changes the nature of the amp. I would absolutely replace this amp if I lost it. It is key to my tone, live and recording.

  • from Cicero, NY February 27, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Hobbyist

    Mesa Rectoverb 25 = AWESOME!

    I recently purchased the Mesa Rectoverb 25 head, I wanted a smaller alternative to my Mark V as well as the whole new set of tones it delivers. As a loyal Mesa Boogie guy, I knew I was going to get a great product. Having said that, I was still blown away by this tone monster in a smaller box! The clean channel is just beautiful, notes are clear and pristine with all the headroom you will ever need for gigging. I don't use "Pushed" mode very often, but it does provide an amazing broken up, SRV-type tone if that's what you are after. If you crank the gain, you do get a very desirable mid-crunch, AC/DC like sound. For channel two, you have 2 off the hook voicings to choose from. Vintage is that iconic Recto sound we all have come to know and appreciate. Tons of gain here, but very liquid sounding and a bit more mids than the Modern voice. These are GOOD mids that are very useful and help you push into the mix. Modern mode....well, this is where the fire starts shooting out of the amp's front grille!! More of a swept sound with even more gain and punch! Again, this is all usable gain where all of the notes can be heard. This is not a fizzy, buzz-saw sounding gain like some of Mesa's competitors build. This amp oozes tone across the entire spectrum. Effects loop and reverb, both tube driven, are fantastic like every other Boogie product. I have a Mesa 1x12 Thiele cabinet that I use when I want a smaller, yet very powerful, option and it just rips. I also drive my EVH 4x12 with this head too, and it does it with ease. I can't think of one reason why you should not buy this amp, it is symbolic of it's manufacturer in every way. Amazing tone, amazing build quality, and the amazing Mesa 5-year warranty. Don't be a fool, press the Add to Cart button now and be on your way!


  • Don Carr

    The latest addition to Mesa/Boogie's famed Rectifier series of amplifiers, the Rect-O-Verb Twenty-Five, has the trademark Recto voice, along with many others, in a compact, straight-forward format. Ripe with features and options, the controls are surprisingly simple. Don't let the size deceive you; the Recto-Verb Twenty-Five is a flame-throwing monster!

    This amp has two discrete, distinctly different channels and each channel has two voices that completely alter the gain, tone, and feel of the amp. In Channel 1, Clean mode starts with big, airy, glassy clean sounds on the lower end of the gain knob's spectrum and nudges into light break-up with the gain control maxed. Pushed mode starts there and runs the gamut from chimey grit to stout overdrive — the various colors of rhythm guitar. Also an excellent blues lead voice, Pushed mode is both touch and volume-knob sensitive. With the master volume control between 10 and 12 o'clock, I had huge fun coaxing a wide, expressive, dynamic range from Pushed mode with picking dynamics and by riding the guitar's volume knob.

    Channel 2 makes this amp worthy of its Rectifier name; huge, high-gain distortion tones from two distinct voices. The Modern side is pure Recto with a tight, aggressive attack, massive low-end, and high-mid bump that stays percussive no matter how much gain you dial in. The Vintage side is spongier and looser, with nice sag on the attack that adds a liquid feel. Vintage mode begged me to play both long, singing lead lines and fast flurries.

    Boogie uses two EL84 power tubes and Multi-Watt Channel Assignable Power switches on each channel that allow for either 25-watt or 10-watt operation. More than just a wattage change, each power setting adds its own character to each of the four modes. 25-watt operation is wired in Class A/B pentode and has a bold attack, increased definition, clean headroom, and an open top-end. Switch to 10 watts and the Class A/B triode softens the attack for a sweeter, rounder sound. 10 watts breaks up quicker at lower volumes, which is more apparent on both of Channel 1's modes.

    The long-tank spring reverb and effects loop are both tube-driven, really adding to the rich sonic detail of the Recto-Verb Twenty-Five. The reverb has a clean, even, long tail that sounds great no matter where you set it. Even at higher settings it's never boingy and doesn't cloud your tone.

    I have used this amp in a variety of scenarios over the course of a few months and it shines no matter what the context. The compact size allowed me to use it in a duo setting, playing mellower pop and country songs to a smaller crowd. Having independent reverb controls for each channel was invaluable here; I could really get the Channel 1's Clean mode nice and wet and give a lower gain setting on Channel 2's Vintage mode a "golden halo."

    Conversely, I used the Recto-Verb Twenty-Five to drive a 2x12 cabinet and played a show with Altitudes and Attitudes, a hard-rock band featuring Frank Bello of Anthrax and Dave Ellefson of Megadeth. The tight, loud 25 watts came in really handy, as did the rich saturation and mammoth sustain.

    In the studio paired with my PRS 513, a plethora of tones from classic rock to chicken pickin' were easily dialed in. In the 1x12 combo configuration, Boogie's Fillmore 75 speaker is well matched to complement the Recto-Verb's large sonic vocabulary but it sounds great with other speakers as well. Speaking of, the Recto-Verb Twenty-Five is available in a head-only configuration as well. I love how this amp's versatility and size bring a new personality to the already stellar Mesa/Boogie Rectifier family.

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Recto-Verb 25 - 25-watt Tube Head - Black with Cream & Black Grille?

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