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Mesa/Boogie Recto-Verb 25 - 25-watt 1x12" Tube Combo - Black with Cream & Black Grille Reviews

4.5 stars based on 23 customer reviews
Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Recto-Verb 25 - 25-watt 1x12" Tube Combo - Black with Cream & Black Grille?

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Recto-Verb 25 - 25-watt 1x12" Tube Combo - Black with Cream & Black Grille?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Kentucky January 27, 2017

    Mesa Recto-Verb 25

    Bought this amp from Sweetwater a little over a year ago and am still loving it more every time I play through it! Over the years I've had Marshalls, Fenders, an older Mesa half stack, even a couple of Peaveys. All were good amps, but with signature tones they were particularly good at. This small, quite portable, amp has all those tones plus many more at the touch of a knob. Personally, I don't care for the inorganic feel of a computerized modeling amp. Maybe I'm just showing my age. The cleans are beyond all but hand wired Fenders. The high gain settings will melt your face (not really my thing but there if you want). My personal favorite tone is a very strong overdive grind that doesn't have distortion that blurs the definition of the single notes that produce a power chord that sounds like an alcohol fueled drag car at redline. Some analogy, huh? Anyway, I am now considering buying a second one as I cannot bear the thought of being without it now should something happen to the one I have. Buy it! You won't regret it!

  • from Lahaina, HI October 20, 2016

    Wow! Better than expected

    I have a small place, but a need for big sound on the weekends etc. This little guy delivers and is really the finest amp I've ever owned. From sweet to overdriven cleans. From mellow vintage OD to bone crunching crunch. A lot in between and excellent acoustics in a really small package. It runs quiet and reverb on back sounds amazing. they pack it all in. I've owned other brands, I think I found the amp for me! Sure, it's expensive, but you get what you pay for and then some. Love the down-home, small business packaging and instructions. Best instruction manual I've ever received for ANY piece of gear. Show that the company cares, that is a plus considering the reputations of other major big-box music brands.. Support the USA and buy this hand made beauty!

  • from Lindstrom Mn October 20, 2016Music Background:
    lFormal music education, Performed with area bands

    Best sounding Mesa yet

    This is my fourth Mesa amp, and so far my favorite. Out of a Strat, Tele, Les Paul, and SG, the Telecaster sounds the best with this amp, clean or dirty. Normally Im disappointed with reverbs, but this one sounds "believable". Power? I normally just use the 10 watt mode, but I have cranked the 25 setting and it wails>
    Fit and finish is just what Id expect from Mesa....perfect.

    Kudos to Bob Furlong from Sweetwater, great to work with, GREAT customer service. Starting out with a minor glitch, the great service proved to be outstanding. I sometimes see lower prices on other sites, but after my experience with a problem, I have 100% confidence, and will continue to be a Sweetwater customer.

  • from Oregon September 11, 2016


    I've been playing for over 40 years and knew this amp was going to be great...instead I'm completely blown away by this little beauty! From paint peeling to sweet and mellow this little girl has all my other amps jealous and pouting in the corner.

    Plus the Sweetwater team is fantastic to work with! Thanks Dave, you'll be hearing from me again soon!

  • from Phoenixville March 4, 2016Music Background:

    Monster Amp

    Ordered this from Geoff a few days ago. I told him I was looking for a Tool'esque sound and he suggested some pedals (based on the budget I gave) for my JVM. After trying a Mesa Throttle Box EQ, I wanted more of this type of sound. Knowing the sound I was after now and willing to pay more for it, I returned the Throttle Box and asked about the Mesa Rectoverb 25 and Mesa Roadster. Surprisingly, he talked me out of a Mesa/Boogie Roadster as he felt the Rectoverb 25 was more appropriate for my intended use (I do not play out).

    The amp was personally inspected by Geoff and arrived in immaculate condition. It plays as good as it looks and has the bite of a pit full of vipers. (I should probably wait to do a proper review, but I'm so blown away by this I can't resist). Such an aggressive amp with sparkling clean tones as well....and loud as hell.

    Effects loop and reverb are just as impressive as the 10 / 25 watt selectors for each channel. Cabinetry is rich with leather corner protectors and can't stop sniffing it.

    Words don't do this versatile amp justice. Get one if you are considering a new amp purchase.

  • from February 21, 2016

    Rectoverb 25

    I went back and for the between the Rectoverb 25, and Express 5:25. I wanted something easy to carry, that would still sound fantastic. I chose the Rectoverb over the Express mainly because of the distoriton channel. I've owned the Rectoverb 25 about three months now. The Rectoverb amp seriously sings. The cleans are incredible, and pushed channel is fantastic. Channel 2 roars, especially the modern mode. I love how this amp has beautiful cleans, to rocking high gain tones, as well as everything in between. This amp is very versatile. I often get compliments of the tone. This amp is extremely loud. I've had it cranked up to fill a small gymnasium, it did so no problem. I have a hard time believing a sound this good comes from a 41 pound box. The reverb sounds wonderful too!!!

    I prefer playing on 25 watts most of the time, although the 10 watt setting sounds great especially on the pushed channel. The amp opens up more on 25 watts, especially the modern channel. I personally love the sound of the Fillmore 75 speaker. The controls on the amp really have a huge effect on the sound. I have yet to seriously dive in and figure everything out. The Rectoverb sounds great just with everything around 12 'o'clock. There's a ton of tweaking that can be done to really find "the sound" as well. I have a guitar instructor who has accomplished a HUGE amount in his professional career. He sat down and really dug into the Rectoverb because I wanted his impression of the amp. He really really liked the amp, and wants to get one himself!

    This is a very good amp. I highly highly recommend it! The Rectoverb 25 is currently my favorite amp on the market right now. Between the versatile tones, and the ease of carry, you can't go wrong this this little guy! This is my first Mesa Boogie purchase, and I am extremely happy with it! I'm hoping this little guy will last me forever!

  • from Colorado February 1, 2016Music Background:

    Finally found an amp my Telecaster loves

    I have a three pickup Telecaster that I immediately found to have so many different voices available using the Mesa Boogie Rectoverb 25 Combo.
    The Fillmore speaker sounds like a well broken in Vintage 30 to me. Clean is shimmering beauty, the push setting gives wonderful tube saturation. Push up the gain, it bites and has great pinch harmonics.
    Vintage setting is really nnice, from a little gain with tube saturated rhythms to nice leads and blues solos, this has it nailed. On the modern setting, you just get more of everything. Pretty impressive volume for a 25 watt amp. In fact the Modern setting on 10 watts with 50% or more gain is a monster.
    At 40 lobs it is a nice blues jam and club gig amp for my needs. We had it in the studio this weekend and every guitar we plugged into this wonderful little amp sounded killer good.

  • from Vandalia, Illinois October 25, 2015Music Background:
    pretty good part timer

    tip top

    I'm 63 years young and have played guitar since I was 16, and have owned Vox, Fender, Peavey, Crate, Randall, Rivera, Badcat amps and loved them all. My Rivera Doce Clubster went on the fritz so I got this Mesa. Tried it at a store and wasn't overly impressed until I brought it home, dialed in my sound and used my prs guitar. Best sounding amp I've ever played! Nice clean channel comparable to the Rivera, and great tube overdrive! Perfect gigging tone monster with my prs and schecter guitars. Love Mesa's 12 inch Fillmore speaker, as well as the 1 button footswitch you can use with any guitar cord! This is my 1st review although I've read so many I'm squinting now! I love this amp so much I have to sing it's praises. This is the tone in my head, the best I've ever heard! I am a huge Doobie Brothers fan as well as Skynyrd and the Eagles. I play most genres of music except metal and I hear that too because my son Jay plays it! Peace, and keep on rockin in the free world! It's good for ya!

  • from Tulsa, Oklahoma June 26, 2015Music Background:
    35 years playing guitar

    Mesa Boogie Rectoverb 25 1x12 25/10 watt combo

    I just got my Mesa Rectoverb 25 and it has far and away exceeded my expectations.I cannot believe an amp this small has such a huge sound. The rectoverb 25 fills up an entire room like no other amp I have ever played. It didn't matter if I was standing in front of it or moved to the side; the sound was equal everywhere in the room with no loss of that killer Mesa tone. My favorite speaker has always been Celestion V-30's, but now I am a Fillmore 75 fan. I thought I would need to use my mesa boogie 2x12 rectifier cabinet to "fill out" the sound. After paying through this amazing amp, that will not needed. I will have no trouble finding room on stage with this mini powerhouse. It takes up hardly any space at all.
    Where do I begin on this incredible amplifier? The reverb is just beautiful. The clean channel is an absolute pleasure to play through. It does not sound thin at all. The pushed channel is equally amazing as well. Then we have the vintage/modern channel. WOW! Such power and clarity; Not muddy at all. Leads, power chords, and riffs all sound fantastic; And yes, you can get any kind of tone you want and it will do all styles of music. I call this amp my mini monster. This is my gigging amp forever.

  • from Friday Harbor WA. March 6, 2015Music Background:

    Recto-Verb 25 Review

    I've owned several amps ranging from little practice amps to 4X12 half stacks. This is my first Mesa Boogie and I love it. I was a little nervous purchasing the combo. I was looking to get the head and cab. The Rect-Verb 25 combo does everything I wanted. The two power settings allows you to practice quietly, but still maintain amazing sound quality. If you want it loud just flip the switch to 25 watt. It's very loud and sounds incredible for a single 12" combo. The two channels with two settings gives a huge range of both clean and distorted sounds. It's also a very solid well built amplifier. The Sweetwater sales staff was great. I recieved my order a day earlier than expected. Sweetwater has contacted me couple times to ensure I'm happy with my purchase. Overall very pleased with both Mesa Boogie and Sweetwater. I gave it 5 stars because it really exceeded my expectations.

  • from Houston, TX January 16, 2015Music Background:
    active musician, hobbyist, 13 yrs

    tone heaven

    I was looking at getting the transatlantic ta-30 or a fender deluxe, until I plugged into this monster. I honestly had no intensions of even looking at it, my preacher suggested we give it a whirl to compare to the fender deluxe. WOW! This amp is amazing, you can dial in just about any tone you want. The clean channel can be super clean, add some reverb, or even push mode.. blues territory. It's not fender reverb, but I won't miss the fender reverb either! The overdrive channel is off the charts too. I was completely shocked at the volume and full sound a 25 watt amp produced, even on the 10 watt setting. Perfect amp, no matter how big or small your audience is. Stop reading reviews and buy this magical tone monster!!

  • from Greenwood, MO January 2, 2015Music Background:
    31 years playing, hobbyist, local band

    Beautiful Tones, Beautifully Made

    First of all I would like to say Thank you to the Sweetwater team and my sales associate Andrew Plassman for yet another flawless buying experience. Regardless of the amount of my purchases, the professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail I receive keeps me coming back.

    I have another low watt tube amp of legendary reputation. The tone of that amp after mods to the reverb tank and a matched set of power and pre-amp tubes improved so dramatically that I did not think any low watt amp could possibly be better in quality of sound. I was so wrong. From the first strum of my Strat on the Clean channel of this Boogie, (in the 10 watt setting), I was awestruck. Running through the gain channels just brought better and better tonal qualities to light and switching to the 25 watt setting only further enhanced the magic and versatility this amp offers. I have never heard single coils sound so rich, full, articulate and defined and this was true even at hi-gain.

    The build quality of this amp is amazing as well. It is beautiful to look at and every switch and knob feels weighty and solid like this thing will last forever. Made in the USA obviously means a lot to the folks a MESA.

    The Recto-Verb 25 is for real folks. Beautiful tones and beautifully made.

  • from Jacksonville, NC November 13, 2014Music Background:

    Tone Forever!

    I have been playing guitar for decades and the amp of choice was always a Marshall I have owned many and I decided to step out of the box and try for another brand like the Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 combo and I am glad I did this amp is nothing but a tone monster. The sound is clear, articulate without any muddy lows no matter what EQ or gain setting is applied and the 2 channel control layout is very user friendly. Also, you can tell and that quality control is Mesa Boogie’s number one priority because this amp is built like a tank along with all the other testing that the company has invested into their product before it leaves the plant. All I can say it made me a firm believer that Mesa Boogie is may amp of choice and always will be. If you’re thinking about buying the RV 25 just do it you will not be disappointed. I want to thank Sweetwater (Andy Miller) for the excellent service and personal care that he has provided me to make a final decision on the amp of choice. Andy is truly a professional in his profession Thank again Sweetwater for the fast delivery!

  • from Ct August 10, 2014Music Background:
    30 year active player


    Perfect gigging combo . Just has everything you need in a compact package with great tones.
    Add a bottom cab with a V30 and the combination of that and the Filmore in the combo is a match made in heaven.
    Well worth the extra cost girl a well made , great sounding amp.

  • from Shreveport, LA July 13, 2014Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior

    Exactly what I was after!

    Very pleased with the purchase. Owned for 24 hours. I was looking for a "pushed" blues sound and I found it on the clean channel (lol). It is very versatile.
    Volume-The volume of the amp is plenty loud. For it's size it's size, it moves a huge amount of air. I think it would be loud enough to overpower a drum set (maybe).
    Reverb- Even though I've read a few so-so reviews about the reverb, I love it. I can get a surf vibe from it when cranked.

  • from East Hampton NY June 24, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging musician


    Unbelievable sound in a grab and go package ... Built like a tank ... Works equally well with my dbz guitars with emg pickups as with my fender deluxe strat . I have not found a sound that this amp does not do well .. The reverb is insanely great and its plenty loud for gigs . Also Sweetwater has been great to deal with ... I couldn't be happier with a small combo .

  • from Easton, pa April 7, 2014Music Background:
    Pro player

    Smokin' Combo

    This amp is pure tube heaven! The clean channel is sweet and Fender-y, the lead channel is very rich, with all the gain you would ever need for any situation. I play all styles from Jeff Beck to George Benson, and this amp can handle all needed textures with ease... The reverb is beautiful and spacious. Best thing is it only weighs 40 pounds. This amp is loud!! Easily as loud as any fender deluxe amp, even at the 10 watt setting. There is plenty of clean headroom, especially at the 25 watt setting. I've played them all, and this amp is absolute stellar in all respects. It is a beautifully built piece of gear and the 5 year warranty is great to have as well. Kudos to Randall for this one... Light, powerful tube tone macheen!

  • from Northport, AL February 24, 2014Music Background:
    Pro guitarist, 50 yrs

    A great club amp

    This amp covers all of my needs, from clubs to small area jobs (<1000 people) and if necessary can be run through the P.A. With the choice of 10 & 25 watt operation, you can pretty much cover it all. It has a great "clean " channel with a toggle for "crunch", and ch 2 has a toggle switch for "vintage" or "modern" (high gain) . There are two separate controls for reverb on back (one for each ch) as well as 10/25 watt toggles for each channel. The foot-switch provides choice between ch 1 or ch 2. This is the perfect amp for a full or part time working guitarist ! Don't let the size fool you, the 12" speaker pushes a lot of air for a small cabinet !

  • from Northern California January 24, 2014Music Background:
    20+ years playing electric guitar

    Bad A** Little Combo

    The feature set is perfect for me. Everything I want and nothing I don't.

    It's a very expressive and musical amp - the four available voicings coupled with the two power settings can cover a lot of territory. The tube driven serial effects loop and spring reverb sound great.

    It's also a really cool looking amp (the pictures don't do it justice), and it's smaller than a standard mesa combo, so it sits nicely around the house (the wife doesn't mind it staying in the living room - big plus for me).

    In terms of the sound, it's hard to cover all that in text, but I really dig all four of the voicings. I can dial in good tones for jazz, blues, rock, metal, etc.

    It sounds sweet as a combo, and if you want to get your metal on plug it into a mesa 4x12 cab and bring on the sonic assault!!!

    It is 25/10 watts of mesa tube power and it can get really loud! Like any good tube amp it really shines when you open the throttle.

    Mesa is a great company with top quality products and the best service in the industry. Five year transferable warranty means no worries whatsoever.

    I'm very happy with this amp and would buy it again in a heartbeat.

  • from Paso Robles, Ca. October 27, 2014Music Background:

    Great multi watt combo amp!

    I was looking for a a great multi watt amp that would have great tone and dynamics for playing rock, pop, or country. This little guy doesn't disappoint! I can run at 25 mode for our outdoor band gigs or use the 10 watt mode when playing at smaller rooms like at church. The clean channel takes pedals well, and if you want to switch to the overdrive channel 2- it rocks! Plenty of tone shaping options depending on your settings. And can get quite loud if needed. Overall Mesa is great quality (reverb maybe not as lush as Fender is-but still very nice) and Alan at Sweetwater is very helpful.

  • from Miami, FL. January 30, 2014Music Background:

    Great amp in a small package!

    It's great sounding and very versatile. It has a good bass for such a small package, smooth highs and tamed mids. It does everything from jazz cleans to vintage bark to moder high gain. I highly recomended. And, it gets loud enough to play with the band.

  • from April 10, 2017

    Got a lemon

    After a lot of research I decided to buy one of these from Sweetwater. It sounded really good, and was versatile. However, on about the sixth time I used it, it had a failure where the sound level dropped to almost nothing. Then a minute later there was no sound and just a moderately loud hum. I tried different guitars, cables, settings (channel and mode), and power, but no joy. Of course I couldn't recreate the problem, so I returned for a refund - you can't gig with an amp you don't trust. I realize I could have done debugging and wait until the problem happened again (say during a gig) but I didn't buy a nice amp to be a Mesa tester. As an aside, there were two very small issues that (and I might be reading too much into them) worried me a little about their QC: 1) A presence knob was loose, and 2) two of the rubber feet on the bottom of the foot switch came off. Again, small, but for a company that prides itself on detail and quality - not impressed.

    Seems I got a lemon, but I'm not ready to buy another Mesa just yet. Too bad - the amp sounded great when it worked... :-/

  • from Wisconsin March 4, 2014Music Background:
    Wanna-be Rockstar

    Must of Got a Lemon

    This was my first Mesa purchase. I bought this amp (Not from Sweetwater but I hope they allow this review to be posted) because it seemed like a great amp for my needs and Mesa's reputation. I wanted to love this amp but it just didn't work out.

    My first go-around with the amp I experienced an annoying buzzing/rattling noise. I took it back to the store which has a certified Mesa technician. The tech found two loose screws and replaced a bad preamp tube. The second go-around I had massive feedback issues. This time it was two bad preamp tubes. I now had two loose screws and three bad preamp tubes in less than two weeks owning the amp! I gave up and got my money back.

    The serial number on my amp was in the 200's which is probably the first production run. I'll probably revisit this amp when Mesa has had more time to work out any kinks. Hopefully, mine was just a lemon and no one else has the same issues.


  • Don Carr

    The latest addition to Mesa/Boogie's famed Rectifier series of amplifiers, the Rect-O-Verb Twenty-Five, has the trademark Recto voice, along with many others, in a compact, straight-forward format. Ripe with features and options, the controls are surprisingly simple. Don't let the size deceive you; the Recto-Verb Twenty-Five is a flame-throwing monster!

    This amp has two discrete, distinctly different channels and each channel has two voices that completely alter the gain, tone, and feel of the amp. In Channel 1, Clean mode starts with big, airy, glassy clean sounds on the lower end of the gain knob's spectrum and nudges into light break-up with the gain control maxed. Pushed mode starts there and runs the gamut from chimey grit to stout overdrive — the various colors of rhythm guitar. Also an excellent blues lead voice, Pushed mode is both touch and volume-knob sensitive. With the master volume control between 10 and 12 o'clock, I had huge fun coaxing a wide, expressive, dynamic range from Pushed mode with picking dynamics and by riding the guitar's volume knob.

    Channel 2 makes this amp worthy of its Rectifier name; huge, high-gain distortion tones from two distinct voices. The Modern side is pure Recto with a tight, aggressive attack, massive low-end, and high-mid bump that stays percussive no matter how much gain you dial in. The Vintage side is spongier and looser, with nice sag on the attack that adds a liquid feel. Vintage mode begged me to play both long, singing lead lines and fast flurries.

    Boogie uses two EL84 power tubes and Multi-Watt Channel Assignable Power switches on each channel that allow for either 25-watt or 10-watt operation. More than just a wattage change, each power setting adds its own character to each of the four modes. 25-watt operation is wired in Class A/B pentode and has a bold attack, increased definition, clean headroom, and an open top-end. Switch to 10 watts and the Class A/B triode softens the attack for a sweeter, rounder sound. 10 watts breaks up quicker at lower volumes, which is more apparent on both of Channel 1's modes.

    The long-tank spring reverb and effects loop are both tube-driven, really adding to the rich sonic detail of the Recto-Verb Twenty-Five. The reverb has a clean, even, long tail that sounds great no matter where you set it. Even at higher settings it's never boingy and doesn't cloud your tone.

    I have used this amp in a variety of scenarios over the course of a few months and it shines no matter what the context. The compact size allowed me to use it in a duo setting, playing mellower pop and country songs to a smaller crowd. Having independent reverb controls for each channel was invaluable here; I could really get the Channel 1's Clean mode nice and wet and give a lower gain setting on Channel 2's Vintage mode a "golden halo."

    Conversely, I used the Recto-Verb Twenty-Five to drive a 2x12 cabinet and played a show with Altitudes and Attitudes, a hard-rock band featuring Frank Bello of Anthrax and Dave Ellefson of Megadeth. The tight, loud 25 watts came in really handy, as did the rich saturation and mammoth sustain.

    In the studio paired with my PRS 513, a plethora of tones from classic rock to chicken pickin' were easily dialed in. In the 1x12 combo configuration, Boogie's Fillmore 75 speaker is well matched to complement the Recto-Verb's large sonic vocabulary but it sounds great with other speakers as well. Speaking of, the Recto-Verb Twenty-Five is available in a head-only configuration as well. I love how this amp's versatility and size bring a new personality to the already stellar Mesa/Boogie Rectifier family.

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