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Mesa/Boogie Rectifier 2x12" 120-watt 2x12" Vertical Extension Cabinet - Black Reviews

5.0 stars based on 24 customer reviews
Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Rectifier 2x12" 120-watt 2x12" Vertical Extension Cabinet - Black?

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Rectifier 2x12" 120-watt 2x12" Vertical Extension Cabinet - Black?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Rocky Mountains February 13, 2017Music Background:

    More than I will ever need

    This 2x12 is a beast. This cab is precise and screams when you need it to. I run it along side the 1x12 Lonestar open-back from my Mark V. It offers way more power than I will ever need but also sounds great at low levels. The vertical cabinet is essential if you want the sound to really get above your knees. Love it.

  • from Northern California December 24, 2016Music Background:
    Semi pro guitar, bass player weekend warrior playing in a church band

    Mesa Rectifier Cab

    I got this to use with a Vox Night Train 50 amp head. This cab sounds excellent whether playing clean or with overdrive/distortion. Very transparent sound and as everyone else has been saying great bass response. Top quality California made construction and Celestion Vintage 30 speakers with the nicest wheels I've ever seen on a cabinet. Push a button and the wheels slide easily on and off. If you need a cab for small to medium sized venues where a 4x12 would be too much this is ideal. Easy to load in and out for transport. Everything you need and nothing you don't. I like it.

  • from St louis December 1, 2016


    In my opinion this is the best cabinet out there. Although it is expensive it is definitely worth the money. I would highly also recommend going with this with over the 1x12 cabinet.
    The low-end on the vintage 30s is fantastic. Also somehow depending upon how hard you hit the strings you can absolutely make the highs cry. The harmonic spread when a note is bent is simply awesome.
    Actually, awesome is not a good enough word to describe it.
    I play hard rock blues and metal. This cabinet hooked up to the Mark five is simply mind blowing!!!!!!!
    My strata caster has Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 pro pick ups.
    My Ibanez from 1990 has the John Petrucci pick ups.

  • from North Carolina November 12, 2016Music Background:
    Played guitar for 30+ years, Drums and Bass for about 2.

    Best Cab I have experienced yet!

    I recently bought a new guitar amp (Mesa JP-2C) and had to pair it with something so I did not have to displace my other amps. For starters I have the OS Recto 412 cab that I use with a Mesa RA100. I was looking for something smaller and more portable than the large 412 cab. When I unboxed the Vert212, I could not believe how small this thing was. It is definitely dwarfed by the OS Recto 412 but only in its physical size. The other reviews are dead on the money. This little cab delivers an authoritative punch with tight bass response, well balanced midrange and treble. This has become my favorite to use with the JP-2C. I actually love it just as much as the OS Recto 412 cab. Perfect size for a medium sized head. Note that the large size heads like the RA100 or Roadster are too long to sit on top of the cabinet. The largest head you could probably go with would be a wide body Mark IV or the Mark V. The JP-2C is small enough so that is not an issue in terms of width. Due to the small footprint, I though that this cab would become top heavy with an amp sitting on top of it. Now that I have it, that is of no concern. I would definitely recommend this cab.

  • from Fairfax, VA March 19, 2016

    Awesome Cab

    Right size being upright with wheel casters make it easy to move around. This beast has huge low end and moves a ton of air and can handle tons of gain/grit with ease. Plus it does clean very well too. I play shoegaze/post rock to more metal types of music and this fits the bill perfect. Currently using an ENGL Iron Ball which pairs very nicely.

  • from Everett, WA December 1, 2015Music Background:
    audio engineer, musician

    The best!

    LOVE this cab! Sounds fantastic and is easier to haul around than a 4x12. Big, high-quality wheels and even came with a really nice cover with embroidered MESA logo. What's not to love?

  • from Los Angeles, CA October 19, 2015

    Best 2x12 Cab Around!

    I have been playing music (guitar) for over 40 years and during that time, I've owned and tried so many different guitar rigs (Fender, Marshall, Vox, Sunn, Orange, Blackstar, Carr, Hiwatt, etc.). I have finally found an amp that does it all for me (rhymes with "bengal"); however, I coudn't find a speaker cabinet that could really do the amp sonic justice (tried other Mesas, Marshalls, Engls, Carvins)-until I finally acquired the Mesa 2x12 Vertical Slant Cab! What an amazing, well designed, high-quality, awesome sounding piece of equipment! This Mesa cab has an incredible tone for clean, distorted, and heavily distorted settings, and is solidly built. It also comes standard with the best casters on the market. With its impressive bottom end and crisp high end response, it is by far, the best speaker cabinet I have ever owned!

  • from Eden Prairie, MN January 5, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist (vocals and guitars for 25+ years)

    As good as it gets!

    This is as good as it gets! Sounds huge! It can easily run with my Marshall 1960 AV 4x12! Built like a tank, takes up less room on stage and in transit. Couldn't be happier! I have it paired with a Mesa Mark V-25, which is the best all around head I've ever owned!

  • from January 3, 2015

    Excellent Cab

    I bought this cab to use with my Mark V because I was tired of using one cab with two amps. This thing is built like a tank and sounds great! I highly recommend you check one of these out if you are in the market for a new cab.

  • from Central FL November 15, 2014Music Background:
    Professional musician

    Best cab on the market. Period.

    I'm surprised more companies don't make a vertical 2x12. This is simply the best cabinet I've ever owned. A 4x12 is unnecessary. Most people don't really need one. This cab has all the great low end properties of a 4x12 by virtue of it's design, and points the top speaker right at your ear. It's perfect.

  • from georgia April 21, 2014Music Background:
    weekend stage warrior!

    A no brainer!

    I can't say how long i played around with buying this cab and that cab. I almost pulled the trigger on a marshall 1936. I wanted a 2x12 cause i have always loved the ease and with the right speakers they can really move some air. So I looked at the specs here and also read that 14+ inches in depth is a good standard to go by if you want a more fuller sound and just the right amount of base. So I looked at the specs. Same price as the marshall but....vertical....casters included....the right measurements and REAL birch! Not MDF like the marshall 1936. So how does it sound? Well kids it kicks #ss and sounds sweet at the same time. No flubby or ice pick highs. The good speakers help. After playing 2 hours on this cab with a Mesa 5:25 express plus I was almost ready to take a break when I decided to plug in my marshall JVM. Yes thats right .........Awesome and beyond expectations! American means something !

  • from Lawrenceville,PA October 14, 2013Music Background:

    Great Addition....

    I absolutely love this cabinet. Not too big, not too small but packs plenty of punch. You can tell its built real well and very easy to transport. I cant wait to match it up with the Mark v head. Thats coming next. Right now Im powering it with a Marshall DSL40C combo and really, this is all you need. My little Marshall sounds great through this cabinet, If you are considering this cabinet, buy it, you wont regret it. Norb at Sweetwater is TOP Notch. I also recomend asking for him as well.

  • from San Angelo, TX August 15, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, hobbyist

    Holy San Andreas Fault Batman!!

    "Thunderous low end" doesn't even cut it! My bass player was jealous of the bottom I got with this little beasie. The response from this cab is unbelievable. But don't let that scare you, there is a ton of high end and clarity even with the boom. Most Bada55 cabinet I've ever spent money on in my humble 25 years as a gigging musician. Light weight, great set of casters, awesome for gigging. Great response at all volume levels. BUT ONE OF THESE.

  • from Seattle, WA April 2, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician, gigging regularly and recording engineer

    Supremely excellent 2x12 cabinet

    This is a truly excellent cabinet. I have the Mesa 4x12 rectifier cab and needed something more portable for the smaller stages. I used to have the Mesa 2x12 horizontal cabinet, which is very nice, but I didn't like the fact that the sound projects at my calves, instead of the audience. So I sold it in favor of the vertical 2x12 and I couldn't be more happy. Sure, I could have turned the other one on it's side, but it still sits directly on the stage floor which is terrible if the stage is hollow wood (like many are) and the elevation of the casters of this is ideal. It's a pretty big cab and also heavy, but the location of the handles on the sides actually makes it easier to manage compared to the one handle on top of the horizontal cab. It sounds better to my ears than the horizontal cabinet, probably due to the trajectory and the larger size.

    The sound? Amazing! It is so tight, deep and rich sounding. Because the cab is bigger than most 2x12's, you get a deeper tone and the closed back design really projects forward. This is about as close to the same sound as my 4x12 as I can possibly get, in a much more portable package. I use this with a Mesa mini rectifier and it seems they are a perfect match. I did try the mini-rec 1x12 cab and thought it sounded boxy and small, but this 2x12 screams! My mini rectifier and vertical 2x12 cab is my main rig now. I like how I can get it running hotter than my Dual rectifier on the smaller stages and frankly, the Dual is often too much - and I play in a hard rock band! This setup easily competes with a loud drummer and bass player, and then some.

  • from FL USA February 25, 2013Music Background:

    Mesa 2x12 vertical cab

    This is the best cab when a 4x12 is too much. Matched with my Mark V it is the perfect match for small to medium venues. Sound is....well all Mesa. PERFECT!!!! Love it!!!

  • from Syracuse NY USA February 1, 2013Music Background:

    Perfect for transporting AND stage monitoring!

    I purchased this 2x12 cab as my band's practice space is rather shady and I refuse to leave my gear there, but the 2 flights of stairs made carrying the 1960B back and forth to rehearsal a pain (literally). This cab is perfect as I can crank my Mark V, (as the cab is rated for 120W), actually hear myself rather close to the amp (due to the angled speaker) and not kill myself going up and down stairs. Don't get me wrong, this cab isn't super light, but the thinner profile makes solo carrying much easier than a 4x12. In addition, the V30's in my opinion are a tonal match for my head and the cab width fits the Mark perfectly. Could not be happier.

  • from Ohio June 28, 2012

    Very nice cab...

    Bought this from Sweetwater on the recommendation of Greg Baum, my sales rep. Use it with a TA-15 head and also a Marshall 50 watt head. It does a great job with both, articulate and full sounding at any volume level. If I ever needed more for a larger gig, II would purchase another one. Quality all the way.

  • from Harrisburg NC December 12, 2011Music Background:

    Mesa 2x12 Rectifier Vertical Cab

    I just took delivery of this cab today. I plugged in a PRS into a Baron Snott Watt amp (5 watt) and to the cab. The cab sounded great with the little amp! The clean channel came through clear and open while the cab made the "modern" channel sound amazing! Plenty of chunk! I have a Mesa 2x12 horizontal cab as well. The horizontal cab placed on the floor gets lost while the vertical cab placed on the floor has great projection to the player and sounds great!

  • from Washington DC October 16, 2011

    Worth the Special Order Wait.

    The speakers sound great as you would expect. But the vertical orientation, while requiring a special order, is well worth the wait. Great high-quality product.

  • from Oklahoma March 20, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Musician

    Awsome cabinet!

    I wish I could have got this from Sweetwater, I had originally bought a Mesa Boogie 550 212 Express from a local music store and wanted to step up to a Mark V. I had called Sweetwater about a Mark V head but it was going to take awhile to get in because they were on back order. My local store had the a Mark V head on the floor and was going to allow me a good enough trade in price for the Express for the Mark V, so I went ahead and bought it. The Mark V is the best amp on the market in my opinion. I have bought a lot of gear from Sweetwater and I gotta say my salesperson Bob Furlong has been great to work with, all of the staff at Sweetwater are top notch in my book. All of that to say this, when I got my Mark V, they didn't have the 212 vertical cabinet but had the horizontal, so I had them order the vertical and they let me use the horizontal until it came in. I used the horizontal for several gigs and I gotta say, the vertical 212 destroys the horizontal cabinet. It's a bigger cabinet and actually covers a lot better for trying to match stage volume. I am 6'2 so it's hard when you've got the sound hitting you at the ankle level. Also the vertical fits perfectly with the Mark V. Highly recommend this cabinet and wish I could have bought this from Sweetwater, they are great to work with. Cheers, Ken

  • from Louisiana January 24, 2017Music Background:
    Actively gigging musician for 35 yrs

    Mesa 2x12 Slant Verticle

    Researched several cabinets, then made the choice to spend a little extra & purchase the Mesa. Absolutely satisfied. Great solid cabinet, Tone is as bright or as deep as desired. Currently utilizing this cabinet with the Mesa 5/50 express 5/25/50 watt head & Genz Benz El Diablo 30/60 watt head, cabinet responds perfectly to either. Very satisfied, small tight package, easy to move on/off stage.

  • from CT. USA November 22, 2012Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician

    Built like a tank

    Very solid cabinet built for the road just like all of Mesa's gear. Full bottom end, predominent mids and lush highs.

    I bought this to use at smaller gigs where my Recto 4X12 doesn't fit. It fits that bill perfectly.

    Overall a great 2X12 cabinet built on the time proven vertical slant design.

  • from South Carolina February 25, 2016Music Background:
    Melodic rock

    Killer tone \m/(-_-)\m/ killer weight :(

    Love the look most of all, tone is awesome, the weight could use a diet of neodymium speakers if you can find some that would compare to the V30s. Wanted it for years and finally was able to get one....the price could use a shave as well.

  • from Manistee, Michigan August 6, 2012Music Background:
    Seasoned amatuer guitarist

    Great Speaker Cab Excellent Quality

    This Cabinet has a very musical tone. Superior Clarity! Clean Crisp highs and tight punchy lows. Moves the air around just as much as it's big 412 brother! All bundled up in a nice convienent easy to move sturdy enclosure. Fits beautifully under my Mark V head. Highly recommend this American built "Mesa" quality cab!

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Rectifier 2x12" 120-watt 2x12" Vertical Extension Cabinet - Black?

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