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Mesa/Boogie Rectifier 2x12" 120-watt Horizontal Extension Cabinet - Black Reviews

5.0 stars based on 29 customer reviews
Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Rectifier 2x12" 120-watt Horizontal Extension Cabinet - Black?

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Rectifier 2x12" 120-watt Horizontal Extension Cabinet - Black?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Charlie Davis

    This is an incredibly versatile cabinet that can find a place in almost any guitar setup. As a recording engineer, I've seen this used with all types of guitar heads ranging from old Fenders to modern high gain amplifiers. If you need a cabinet that will adapt to different styles and gear, this is a great solution.

  • Chris McCown

    I had one of these and I parted with it. I have regretted it ever since. There are many guitar cabinets to choose from, and even with the selection available, I chose this one again for it' tight and ample low end that remains focused and doesn't get flabby. This is the missing link between a 2 X 12 and a 4 X 12. All Mesa cabinets are hand built with premium materials. Loaded with Celestion Vintage 30s, you can't go wrong! I matched mine up with a Mesa/Boogie Roadster head. I absolutely LOVE the sound of this cabinet! It rocks!

  • Zach Neels

    Using a mid-90's Ampeg VL-1002, the Mesa/Boogie 2x12 Horizontal Rectifier cab is punchy, open, and extrememly tight. I've never been in so happy with a cab, I'm planning on picking up another for stereo!

  • from Webbers Falls, OK March 24, 2017


    ok...first I used nothing but solid-state amp rigs....so my tech/brother Ryan Clapper...is AMAZEING!!!...he never fails...he said if you really want some tone start using tube amps!...I thought well...ok ill give em a try...so I did...I bought a Marshall DSL15,,,yeah I live in a small small studio...but bought it from sweetwater...anyways LOVE IT!!!...I already had a little mesa wide body 112 cab...love it to...BUT!!!...got the Customized Mesa 212H and OMG!!!!!...I know now why it takes 2-3 month's to get it in!!!..IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!...and the sound quality!!!...all I can say is GET YOU ONE!!!...you haven't heard tone in beauty until you give Mesa's 212 a try...its perfect...it can handle from your big wattage heads to your little lunch box low wattage heads...and like I said...the sounds the woods put out are SWEETWATER SWEET!!!!!...thank you to sweetwater and my tech/brother...Ryan Clapper....oh and HAILZ MESA!!!!

  • from Portland, TX January 22, 2017Music Background:
    Gigging guitarist (10+ years)

    Great cab

    I knew I wanted to upgrade my rig to a Mesa cab but kept going back and forth trying to decide between a 4x12 or a 2x12 and I also contemplated Orange, ultimately I decided on this horizontal 2x12 to save my back some of the pain from lugging around my 4x12 this replaced and have no regrets. My band mates were worried I'd be sacrificing volume and quickly stopped that thinking the first time I brought it to practice, this thing is powerful and will take anything you throw at it and just sounds amazing. I want to thank my sales rep Mike Winebrenner for being available to answer every little question I had while making my decision and for the follow up phone call after I'd had it for awhile to make sure I was happy with it. The crew at Sweetwater really go above and beyond and you will not be disappointed with this cab.

  • from North Carolina January 21, 2017

    Just as great as the Vertical 212

    I bought this cab after getting the Recto Vertical 212 cab. Why you may ask, I have other Mesa amps that will not fit on top of the Vertical 212 (Roadster, RA100). I am trying to downsize my collection and moving away from the 412 cabs (still going to keep them as they are great to have).

    Sound quality: superb. Performance is just as great as the Vertical 212 cab. Excellent with the Mesa Roadster or the RA100 head. What I love about the 212 cabinets (vertical or horizontal) is better balance of tone. This cabinet sounds huge, actually I think I like it better than the OS Recto 412 cab (have two of those). I have used this cabinet with the Roadster, RA100, JP-2C and Mark V combo (V30 and MC90 sound incredible together).

    Cons....it is heavy, weighs about the same as the Vertical 212 but more difficult to carry due to single handle on top of cab. Note that heads like the Mark V or JP-2C that have the reverb tank poking thought the bottom of the shell can interfere with the handle. A recessed handle would be a better option, actually two would make it easier to manage when moving the cab up or down stairs. The casters are a must and I generally leave them on. If I had a preference which cab I would want to carry, it would be the vertical 212 (has side handles). Sound quality, construction and performance of the cab definitely negates any cons. I do not mind the weight and would prefer it as is since it will stay firmly planted with a heavy head sitting on top of it. If cab it too light it will become top heavy.

    Overall, I am very happy with this cabinet. It is well built, very rugged, vinyl covering is excellent quality and will hold up for many years. I have owned Mesa products since 1989 and never had any issues keeping the amp or cabinet looking like new. Cabinets tend to take more abuse and almost as much as combo amps due to size and weight. I no longer gig any more so moving the cab from one room to another is easy. I have tired other cabs and amps that I have found in local stores, and first impression on quality is sub par. In my opinion, Mesa products are the top of the list for performance, endurance, quality and life span. I would definitely recommend this cabinet for use with large sized heads, even combos since the horizontal has a lower profile than the Vertical 212. For smaller sized heads (JP-2C and other Mark Series amps, as well as Triple Crown) either the Vertical or Horizontal 212 cab will be the optimal choice for speaker cabinet.

  • from Louisville, Ky. January 14, 2017Music Background:
    35 years pro/hobyist

    Great Cab

    What a great sounding cabinet for my Mark Five 35 Boogie head. I believe this cabinet would sound great with any head/amp you use to push a bunch of sound through. I have used cabinets made by Music Man, Laney, and Fender that don't hold a prayer to this box. A little pricey but, worth every penny.

  • from New Jersey October 17, 2016Music Background:
    Musician / Hobbyist

    Best Cabinet Ever

    I reviewed the JP 2c+, now for the cabinet my amp sits upon. This cabinet is amazing. It is heavy, but that is because it build solid for the long haul. Just from a visual standpoint it is beautiful, but hook the amp head up to it and this is where it shines. Some companies make 4x12 cabinets that look great but are muddy or do not have the punch you would expect to get from a 4x12. This is a 2x12 and blows away any cabinet I have heard. I have not even pushed my John Petrucci amp head passed a volume of 3 nor gone past the 60 watt function to 100 watts and this thing is tight and gorgeous sounding with chime I have not heard out of any other speakers. Plus both the amp head and cabinet come with their own protective covers to keep dust and dirt away from the amp and cabinet when not in use.
    Mesa Boogie support is excellent and so is Sweetwater. I cannot say enough good comments about my rep Dave Walent. He takes the time you need to understand what you are buying and explains the product well. I will probably never purchase an amp in the future unless it is a Mesa Boogie nor will I probably buy music gear unless it is from Sweetwater. Any from the quality of the John Petrucci head and cabinet I just bought, I will not need to make an amp purchase for a long time, but when I do or anything else gear related, I will be calling Dave Walent and the Sweetwater team...Thanks! P.S. get the Mesa Boogie JP 2c+ and 2x12 horizontal rectifier cabinet. You get more than what you pay for and will not want anything else after that.

  • from Cameron Park, Cailf April 10, 2016

    Sweetwater is good for Mesa Boogie

    Very satisfied with the Mesa Boogie cab that I bought along with all of the other products I have that were made by them.
    I'm glad you carry their products!
    Thanks! Sweetwater

  • from February 7, 2016Music Background:
    9 years of guitar playing


    This cabinet is absolutely incredible! It has quite a bit of low end as well and having a real tight sound. It handles every genre I throw at it. I highly recommend this cabinet to any guitar player

  • from Cortland, NY October 21, 2015Music Background:


    I love this cabinet! It blows away my Marshall 4x12 with Vintage 30's. It's a much tighter and more powerful sound and somehow louder. This thing is built like a tank and as smooth looking as a fine Cadillac. Sweetwater was awesome to deal with. This thing shipped for free and arrived in two days. Sweetwater also sent me tracking and delivery notices. I could not be happier with this purchase and customer service. 5 Stars all around!

  • from Springfield, MA July 1, 2015Music Background:

    Alpha & Omega

    I felt like I wasn't getting the sound that I wanted out of my EVH 5150iii 212ST cab when paired with my EVH 5150iii 50w amp head, and so I decided to try this Boogie cab out. The EVH and this Boogie have different speakers, 12" Celestion G12H and V30 speakers respectively. When compared to the EVH, the Boogie is just tighter and overall better sounding for the type of music I play - Thrash Metal, especially with my amp head and my 2008 ESP Ecipse II with EMG 60 & 81 pickups.

    Another thing that really stood out to me is the quality of the construction on the handle of the Boogie compared to the EVH. The EVH handle feels like it could tear or break if enough force was applied when moving from gig to gig, but the Boogie handle has the feeling that even Superman couldn't tear this thing off if Batman had it hooked up to the Batmobile and was driving in the opposite direction.

    Some will complain about the 61 pounds that this thing weighs, but not only did my EVH 2x12 weigh the same, you simply won't find a 2x12 closed-back cab worth using that is lighter. At one time I had an Orange PPC212 closed-back speaker, and not only does this Boogie sound better to my ears, it is MUCH lighter and $100 less.

    At one time I also owned an oversized Mesa Rectifier 4x12 cab, but at over 100 pounds...it was simply a nightmare to deal with. Not only is this thing 40 pounds lighter, and the dimensions are more compact, I feel like there is little to no loss of sound or 'tone' between the 4x12 and this 2x12.

    The bottom line is, you simply won't find a better closed-back 2x12 cab, PERIOD. Believe the hype, it has earned it.

  • from Bellingham, Wa March 5, 2015Music Background:
    Semi Pro Musician

    Great clean sounding cabinet

    This is a very clean powerful cabinet and will compliment the Roadster Head very well. It is light enough for one individual to maneuver into place in most any environment and sounds fantastically clean. I am positive I made the right choice purchasing this cabinet for my applications.

  • from Olympia, WA September 15, 2014

    Mesa 2x12 Cabinet - Best Ever?

    I purchased this cabinet to compliment my Mesa Road King 2 Series 2 combo and man, I am blown away. This cabinet is chunkier and more articulate than my Marshall 4x12 cabinet and is built like a tank. I couldn't have believed the tones this cabinet was capable of from reading reviews, I had to hear it for myself. Very happy with this purchase and with Sweetwater's fine service. Do yourself a favor and add this cabinet to your rig!

  • from Lafayette, IN September 12, 2014Music Background:
    hobbyist, collecter, gear junkie, enthusiast

    Monster tones to be had

    Build quality is excellent, but the real killer was the sound! I ran an Orange OR15, a Marshall JVM410H, and Rhodes/KSR Artemis through this after having been using a genz-benz gflex, and an avatar 2x12. I noticed that the sound was more focused and tighter with the response, while the cabinet is more low profile and compact. It made the small Orange sound GIGANTIC! I was a skeptic that such sounds could come from something this size, but I'm a believer now. It's made the old 4x12 route go extinct in my world, and my back is singing it's praises as well as my ears. I can't imagine needing more than this. HELL OF A CABINET. Don't overthink it, just get it... you'll be pleased.

  • from South Jordan, Utah July 27, 2014Music Background:

    Outstanding cabinet!

    Just received my Recto 2x12 from Sweetwater (thanks Matt McKibble!) and I'm so impressed. I bought it to run my ENGL FIreball 100 through and the combination is brutal! I sold one of my Marshall 4x12s with V30's to get this cab and it has every bit as much bass and low end, and the mids just jump out of the cab. The speakers sound awesome, though they need to break in a bit to warm up. The build quality is superb. The track-lock wheels are great, and it even came with a very solid logo cover. Overall VERY happy with this purchase.

  • from Dallas, TX July 11, 2014Music Background:

    Sounds too good.

    The idea was that I'd purchase this for small clubs and home use, and leave my (marshall) 4x12 cabinet at the rehearsal space. That way I wouldn't be lugging around a bulky cab back and forth from practice. But the sound from this cab is so dramatically superior that I've ended up taking it everywhere with me regardless. Luckily the large casters make transport easy. It glides over most terrain like it's on a sheet of Ice. The sound is amazing, clear, and powerful. The lows hit you right in the gut. I'll be using this at all times from now on.

  • from Boulder Creek California USA April 4, 2014Music Background:
    Lead Guitar for

    The Mesa/Boogie 2x12 Rectifier Cabinet-2x12 Horizontal

    I used to play through marshall cabinets and got tired of moving them.
    Now I play through two of these and can move and stack them like a half stack but with out the back ache. I play through a Mesa Roadster head and man I get sound pushing out like you wouldn't believe! People always compliment me on my playing since I can get down and dirty or clean and pristine with this Set-up! It's not cheap but It's worth every dime I paid to get "my" sound! Mesa Boogie Fan for Life!

  • from Forkd River, NJ April 1, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar/music teacher, professional musician 30+ years

    When I first heard it, I giggled I was so happy

    By far, may favorite cab. I've got too many cabs to mention but when I got this and plugged in...I literally laughed because it sounded so good. When's the last time you liked your sound so much that you giggled? It has a nice fat bottom end and it's one of those cabs you can can feel when you play. I love that. Play a chord and feel it hit you in the chest. I will eventually buy another one of these to stack them up. I will get rid of my custom made cab. The folks at Mesa are serious tone freaks and I thank you all!!

  • from FL April 12, 2012Music Background:

    Mesa/Boogie 2x12 Rectifier Standard Horizontal Cabinet (2x12" Horizontal)

    Great deal!!! Thank you Robert Williams at sweetwater.

  • from São Paulo - Brazil May 27, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Guitarist and Drummer

    Great Cab.

    Lots of low end, great size and construction.
    Top of the line gear.
    I used to have a marshall 4x12 1960 slant cab, and I do not regret that I sold it to buy this cab. Really high-end quality!!

  • from Chicago, IL May 25, 2011Music Background:

    Mesa 2x12 Cab...AWESOME!!!

    Got this bad boy running off a Mesa Triple Rectifier. Sounds amazing. This cab can really handle some power and is great for playing at home and not blowing your windows out. I would recommend this cab to everyone.

  • from Indiana February 28, 2011Music Background:
    I've played guitar for almost half my life.

    great cab just a little heavy

    I've had this since 2004 ish. I've A/B'd this cab with mesa's 4x12. The 2x12 is thicker sounding, not as loud so you can push your amp harder, and lighter than a 4x12. Though it still weights like 75 bls, ugh!

  • from Oceanside, CA USA July 23, 2009Music Background:
    Semi- Pro guitarist, vocalist

    All you need!

    I've had the privilege of owning this cab for going on five years now, and it's all I've ever needed. The slight oversizing of the cab along with the closed back, top notch wood and speaker selection(Celestion V30s) make this the hands down best 2x12 cab out there. I use this cab in conjunction with the Mesa Single Rectifier Solo 50 watt head and it just rocks every garage, club and hall I have ever played it at. The only downfall is that it is very heavy. weighing in at about 60 pounds, makes it difficult to carry with one arm, so always make sure a buddy is around! The heavy weight could also attribute to its outstanding tone. With this cab I have always gotten the sound and volume I've wanted without the girth of a 4x12. Sound quality and overall quallity it beat every 4x12 in its price range. And come to think of it I believe you can add casters if the weight is an issue. Trust me on this one, you will not regret buying this cab. Mesa puts out extremely great and quality products. Plus they are such a Home type company any problems you might have you can call and get a hold of a amp engineer. One time I called with a tube question and the manager of artist relations answered me. WOW! Blown away

  • from Denver January 17, 2016Music Background:
    Local Denver guitarist


    It's exactly what you expect from Mesa boogie,
    I bought this cabinet to expand my Mesa boogie mark five combo.
    I absolutely love it!

  • from Chandler, AZ August 14, 2014Music Background:
    Amature musician/sound engineer.

    A Solid Cabinet For A Solid Performance

    I bought one of these about a year or so back and paired it up with a Marshall DSL 100 and eventually use it with other heads as opportunities arise. I love what this cabinet does to the sound of that amp and am very pleased with my choice.

    This thing is good and solid, exactly what you want if the cabinet is to help your tone instead of hinder it. Sure, the extra weight of that thick birch plywood (real plywood, not cheaper simulants) makes it harder to move around but that's exactly the point. People who complain about the weight of their cabinets do not understand that lighter cabinets when driven at lower volumes do nothing to add to your tone and when driven at higher volumes only add undesirable sounds as they themselves vibrate both internally and against whatever surface they're on. The material the shell is made from along with the overall mass and the relative density are key factors in how the cabinet sounds.

    One drawback of a closed back cabinet is that they project their sound in a really narrow beam so the best sound is with your ears DIRECTLY in front of the cabinet. For practice purposes, either elevate it (as I do, setting it up on a work bench) or tip it back and give a bit of distance so your ears are inline with it. It would have been a nice feature if Mesa would have designed this cabinet with a removable back to give a little extra choice in the variance of tone and directivity. I also second the opinion I saw elsewhere of the strap handle vs a molded handle set into the cabinet.

    The other thing I'm not totally thrilled with is the casters. I mean, they're great and all and being able to pull them off is nice but when it's time to move, it's time to MOVE. Having a lock on two of them would be very handy for setup/teardown.

  • from PA August 5, 2013Music Background:

    mesa 2x12 recto cab

    This cabinet is great. The V30's and quality of the build are top notch. I give it 4.5 because of the weight. I bought this instead of the 4x12 for mobility reasons, and though it is easier to move than the 4x12 it is still pretty heavy. Also I tried a Marshall 2x12 1936 and chose the mesa for both sound quality and build material(same price). Using w/ dual rec. and play mainly metal. This thing thumps!

  • from Los Angeles, CA May 16, 2013Music Background:
    Guitarist, Hobbyist

    Great Sounding/ High Quality Cab

    I am very impressed with the tones this cab pumps out. I paired this 2x12 with a Peavey Triple X head and couldn't be happier with the sound. I also own a Marshall 4x12 cab that, which sounds good, sounds too shrill with that particular head. This cab seems to emphasize the low end, while eliminating the shrill tones I was getting with the Marshall. If you're concerned about volume, don't be! This 2x12 sounds just as loud and full-bodied as my Marshall. The craftsmanship is also top-notch, however this does mean that the cab is also very heavy to move around. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase, and would definitely order from Sweetwater again.

  • from Hawthorne, Nevada September 7, 2012Music Background:

    One Sweet Cab!

    This cabinet is fantastic! I bought it for home use, but I took it to my studio to see how it stood up to the 4x12 version. It has the same tone, just a little less beefy, as you can imagine, having two less speakers. It is the ultimate 2x12 cabinet!

  • from February 24, 2012Music Background:
    guitar student

    Great sound, plenty of low end

    Beautifully made, excellent craftmanship, heavy. When horizontal on the floor, I had difficulty hearing much high end sound. I turned the cab vertical, and it really rounded out the sound, with much more treble. The cab is so solid, that when vertical, was not tipsy. Really liked the easily removable casters.

  • from NJ July 6, 2016Music Background:
    15+ years

    Good cab

    This is the Mesa cab that is very touchy. It can sound really good with the right amp or just...eh. Build quality is superb. Very clear and bright sounding with a hefty amount of low end. If you have the right amp pairing, it will have you grinning. If not, look elsewhere (Orange)

  • from Ewa Beach, HI August 30, 2013Music Background:
    Former pro, now hobbiest.

    If you can overlook some minor issues...

    This is a truly magical sounding cab; I paired it with my Mesa/Boogie Mark V head and, well, it almost made me J in my P.

    The minor issues:
    1) It's heavy - and instead of convenient side mounted handles or indwelling beefy side handles, it has one top-mounted rubber handle; not sure how this is going to hold up over the years, given its weight.
    2) It's aimed at your feet. So; unless you're far enough away from it that you can let the sound bloom or unless you put it on a table, you're gonna be missing some freqs, and likely over-compensating in those same freqs, so that when it sounds good to you, it might be really shrill to those farther away from you.

    Perhaps I'll come to love this cab because of it's low placement; maybe that was intentional? I'd like to hear more about why they built a cab like this - It would be nice if they made a sister cab that was slated that sat on top of this so in effect you'd have a 4x12 slant cab. That would make sense. Unfortunately, they only 2x12 slant Recto cab is 70-some pounds and is like a mini 4x12, which defeats the purpose of the size & weight of a 2x12.

    Overall, a great sounding, well-built cab; a perfect match for the quality sound coming from your Mesa amp!

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Rectifier 2x12" 120-watt Horizontal Extension Cabinet - Black?

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