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Egnater Rebel-30 30 Watt Tube Amp Head Reviews

5.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
  • from Grand Juntion, CO USA November 18, 2012Music Background:
    Radio, tv, musician.

    Egnater Rebel 30 Head is quiet!

    The perfect amp is here, the Egnater Rebel 30 Head is the best tube amp I have ever purchased. It is super quiet, the tone is fantastic, the amp is very well built, the knobs are top quality, for the price this amp is a best buy. I have tried so many tube amps and the noise sucks, the Rebel 30 is so clean and quiet, this is my best tube amp by far.

  • from March 17, 2012


    I have the Tweaker 15 and wanted a little bit bigger amp for use with the band and this delivered in spades. A great set of features and a really tremendous sound in a nice small portable package. I've owned lots of high end gear and this is one of my favorite amps ever. I would not hesitate to buy another.

  • from Washington State, USA February 7, 2012Music Background:

    A New Classic is Born

    I purchased the Rebel 30 head along with two Rebel 112x speaker cabinets to complete the mini stack. This is one of the best amps I have ever owned. The quality is outstanding and the sound phenomenal. Extremely versatile, with two channels that give you a range from clean sparkle tones to monster tube distorted rock and pretty much anything in between. Built in effects loop is a bonus.

    The ability to fine tune the sound is very useful. Tight, bright, wattage, equalizer, reverb, channel gain, and tube mix allow you to customize your sound as you like. The sound quality is exceptional. The retro look completes the package. The only thing missing is speaker cords to connect your cabinets to the head (not included) but I bought a couple of Monster speaker cords to connect up.

    Overall I recommend this amp to any serious guitarist. This is sure to be an instant classic.

  • from Niles, Ohio June 24, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician for over 40 years

    A very sweet sounding amp

    I bought this amp from Sweetwater without ever trying it. I read about it, listened to the clip online, talked to my sales rep. and decided to buy it. I've used it on several types of gigs with the five bands I play with, and it worked great for every situation ( from rock & roll to country to soul music to even a church concert). It has a very smooth and creamy sound and is not harsh. It can be very clean to growling with plenty of highs and lows in frequency. I own about 20 amplifiers and all the others were too big or too small. This one is perfect for what I need.

  • from Haverhill, MA April 23, 2012Music Background:
    recording engineer/musician

    Rebel 30 Rocks

    This thing is now my main amp for playing out. Not quite as versatile as the Renegade, but I am addicted to the tone, especially the 6V6 side. The wattage is perfect for the stage, and it's totally portable. This, a 2x12 cab, and my pedal board and guitar and i can play anywhere. Love, love, love this amp. Buy it.


  • Mitch Gallagher

    The paradigm for guitar amps has shifted radically in the past several years. Today, players are looking for amp solutions that provide tonal flexibility with good tone at manageable volume levels. For playing at home without annoying the family, for rehearsals, for worship band use, for club gigs, for school events... these days, an electric guitar player is expected to be able to match their volume level to the situation.

    Fortunately, manufacturers have responded with lower-powered amps, and among the best of these is the Egnater Rebel series. Egnater sent me a Rebel-30 head and two matching Rebel 112X cabs for this review. Once I plugged in, it was clear that this was an amp that could provide almost any tone. It had loads of convenient features and could operate at any volume level, from bedroom to club stage.

    The Rebel-30 is a 30-watt tube amp with a twist. It has dual power-tube sections, both 6V6 and EL84. What's more, you can use the Tube Mix control to "pan" between the tube types, from pure 6V6 to EL84, or any blend in between. This allows you to dial in the exact power-amp tonality you want, from chiming and punchy to smooth and sparkling.

    For its front end, the Rebel-30 offers two channels: clean (with volume, bass, treble, tight, and bright controls) and dirty (with volume, gain, bass, middle, treble, tight, and bright controls). Each channel has its own reverb send control for the onboard digital reverb, as well as its own wattage control, which can adjust the output from 1 watt to 30 watts.

    There are also an effects loop and a record/line output jack that is speaker compensated. You can route this straight into your PA system or DAW without having to mic up a speaker. In fact, you can hit the Silent Record button, and you won't even need to plug in a speaker at all. Yet you'll still get a full-bodied tone that sounds like a "real" amplifier with a mic on it.

    The matching 112X speakers are 1 x 12" cabinets with Celestion drivers. They're compact and lightweight, making them ideal for on-the-go use or discreet placement at home.

    I was very impressed with the Rebel-30. With all the preamp and power-amp control it offers, I could easily dial up exactly what I wanted. This is one very flexible and powerful -- yet controllable -- amplifier.

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