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Egnater Rebel112X 80-watt 1x12" Extension Cabinet Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Egnater Rebel112X 80-watt 1x12" Extension Cabinet?

Questions about the Egnater Rebel112X 80-watt 1x12" Extension Cabinet?

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  • from United States Chesterfield, MI August 11, 2014Music Background:
    Vocalist, Rhythm Guitar and Harmonicist.

    Punchy L'il Cabinet!

    I purchased an Egnater Rebel 20 Head from my Lead Player in my Band. He was using a different Cabinet than the matching one. I found the Egnater Rebel 112x Cabinet to be a vast improvement over the other. It is very punchy at all levels of volume and wattage. It delivers great high end without being screachy and really thumps with the Mids and Lows. I especially like the lightness of the Cabinet as well as the Head. Being 50+ a light amp for gigs is very important. The small footprint is helpful to with playing in a 6 piece band.

  • from Moncks Corner, SC January 4, 2015Music Background:

    Great Cab!

    Simply, this is a great cab. The construction, the speaker, the front-ported design, itís an amazing value. I have it paired with a Hotone British Invasion and a Hotone Purple Wind and Iím very impressed. If youíre looking for a 1x12 cab with surprising low end and a quality speaker this is it. I'm not giving it a 5 because I've only had it a short time and nothing's perfect. :)
    A big shout out to my rep Jake Wilson for all of his time, heís the best!

  • from jax September 11, 2014Music Background:
    pro musician

    a quality product

    I wanted an extension cab for my rebel 30 combo. This matches my current setup perfectly!

  • from Southeastern US August 13, 2012Music Background:
    Avid learner

    Well worth the price

    I bought the Egnater Rebel 20 head first, and used it with an Ibanez cab that I already had. The combo sounded good but I still felt that the amp should be giving me more, so I splurged and bought the matching cab. The Ibanez had a 70-80, and this Egnater has an Elite-80, so I thought the upgrade would probably sound only a little better. I was wrong, however; the was a HUGE improvement in sound. Normally, I would say 'tone' but adding the matching cab let me push the head to a whole new level of performance. This cab has much cleaner highs, crisper mids and tighter lows. I'm still going to buy a V30 cab to go with it, because there isn't a perfect 1X12 out there. This one comes pretty close, though, and it will definitely not be traded off towards something better (like the last one was).
    Oh, I forgot to mention that is looks super-sharp and was built to last.

  • from Niles, Ohio June 24, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Awesome speaker cabinets

    I bought two of these to go with the Egnater 30 head. Very good sounding speaker with clean highs and nice punchy lows. Nice and lightweight. The amp sounds good with only one of these, but two is perfect to move the right amount of air. I purchased the covers to go with them because they are too beautiful to beat up.

  • from Kentucky June 23, 2012Music Background:
    Been playing guitar for 13 years now. Ive played all over the placeand with some relatively well known musicians.

    Great sounding cab with awesome bass response!

    Well for starters its obviously easy on the eyes, I love the way this thing looks! On top of that its one of the if not the best sounding cab ive ever heard! The bass response is unlike any other cab u have ever heard and the elite 80 speaker sounds amazing! Nice chimey highs and fat lows with creamy mids. Try one out and then u will want to purchase one for sure!

  • from danville March 3, 2012Music Background:
    former pro now weekend warrior


    I love the rich low end response I get from this lttle cabinet ! It really fills a room and I think it is a very pleasant cabinet for the listener who is sitting right in front of you ! I have been told that by our regular listeners.I love the look of the cabinet too. very easy to tote around.I only wish they made covers for them. I have seen the all black cabinets too and they are sharp but I prefer the original.


  • Mitch Gallagher

    The paradigm for guitar amps has shifted radically in the past several years. Today, players are looking for amp solutions that provide tonal flexibility with good tone at manageable volume levels. For playing at home without annoying the family, for rehearsals, for worship band use, for club gigs, for school events... these days, an electric guitar player is expected to be able to match their volume level to the situation.

    Fortunately, manufacturers have responded with lower-powered amps, and among the best of these is the Egnater Rebel series. Egnater sent me a Rebel-30 head and two matching Rebel 112X cabs for this review. Once I plugged in, it was clear that this was an amp that could provide almost any tone. It had loads of convenient features and could operate at any volume level, from bedroom to club stage.

    The Rebel-30 is a 30-watt tube amp with a twist. It has dual power-tube sections, both 6V6 and EL84. What's more, you can use the Tube Mix control to "pan" between the tube types, from pure 6V6 to EL84, or any blend in between. This allows you to dial in the exact power-amp tonality you want, from chiming and punchy to smooth and sparkling.

    For its front end, the Rebel-30 offers two channels: clean (with volume, bass, treble, tight, and bright controls) and dirty (with volume, gain, bass, middle, treble, tight, and bright controls). Each channel has its own reverb send control for the onboard digital reverb, as well as its own wattage control, which can adjust the output from 1 watt to 30 watts.

    There are also an effects loop and a record/line output jack that is speaker compensated. You can route this straight into your PA system or DAW without having to mic up a speaker. In fact, you can hit the Silent Record button, and you won't even need to plug in a speaker at all. Yet you'll still get a full-bodied tone that sounds like a "real" amplifier with a mic on it.

    The matching 112X speakers are 1 x 12" cabinets with Celestion drivers. They're compact and lightweight, making them ideal for on-the-go use or discreet placement at home.

    I was very impressed with the Rebel-30. With all the preamp and power-amp control it offers, I could easily dial up exactly what I wanted. This is one very flexible and powerful -- yet controllable -- amplifier.

Questions about the Egnater Rebel112X 80-watt 1x12" Extension Cabinet?

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