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Propellerhead Reason 7 - Upgrade from Reason/Balance/Record Reviews

4.5 stars based on 14 customer reviews
  • from Soth Florida February 28, 2014Music Background:
    Performer, writer, producer

    Sweetwater Support made the difference

    What Propellerhead offers as a product (which is fantastic), they lack in support. Sweetwater made it possible to actually integrate it with Pro Tools and got me producing music. Thanks Sweetwater. I am your biggest fan.
    Dr T

  • from Chicago, IL January 9, 2014Music Background:
    Audio Production student

    Best DAW

    I have been a Reason user for a few years. Reason 7 blew me away with all of the new additions (bus routing in the mixer, graphic EQ, MIDI output, etc. definitely a must-have for any reason user.

    As always, Sweetwater processing, delivery and customer service has gone above and beyond.

  • from Los Angeles, CA November 20, 2013Music Background:

    Reason 7 is all you need...really.

    Long story short...I WANT to use MOTU DP7 w/NI Komplete 8 rather than just Reason. I should be waay awesomer if I do, right? WRONG! Been using MOTU and NI stuff forever and they're just waiting for me to fire them up...but when I do I spend most of my time fighting with the work flow acrobatics, CPU issues, plug-in shuffling, Kontakt crashing DP, etc. I've had Reason since 2.5 and didn't take it seriously 'till ver 4. Now Reason out of the box is simply killer and if you start adding rack extensions and some libraries...well, the title says it all. FYI, Reason has NEVER crashed on me and sometimes I leave it running for days/weeks.

  • from Los Angeles, Ca October 11, 2013Music Background:
    Producer/Musician/Songwriter and Recording and Mix engineer

    Reason 7

    After having a tough time working through some installation and compatibility issues, I am happy ti say the new reason 7 is awesome. Thanks to the excellent assistance of the sweetwater tech team, those problems were resolve and I must say that the workflow of the new Reason 7 is much better than the older versions. The processing possibilities are incredible. The sound is great and more than competitive with with other DAWs currently on the market.

  • from Memphis, Tn August 23, 2013Music Background:
    I've been a musician all my life, I'm a retired Air Force Bandsman, for over 20 yrs. I' m a teaching artist here in Memphis, Writer, Composer, and Arranger, Vocals are my strong suit. Sound engineer, worked as Production Manager for the Memphis Symphony

    The best is yet to comee

    I have been extraordinarily pleased with with all of the additions reason has added. It's nothing short of amazing!!!!!!!!. They just always keep us on the edge of our seats.

  • from St Petersburg, FL July 8, 2013Music Background:
    sound explorer

    Propellerhead Reason 7 Upgrade

    Reason has been on my computer for a number of years now. When the beanie boys at Propellerhead integrated it with record it became unbeatable and at last there were third party plug-ins available! Well Reason 7 has refined what was already the easiest most intuitive recording program available. Much like the famed Porsche 911, Reason has evolved through the years and maintains it's classic lines but continues to hone the muscular engine underneath. The current incarnation is indeed a step up. The Audiomatic Retro Transformer is a very cool addition and can really add a whole new flavor to recordings. The spectrum analyzer is a great new feature that allows instant feedback over some serious sonic sculpting capabilities. While I haven't been able to fully utilize the MIDI device function...yet. I suspect my Korg Kontrol 49 will soon be joined by my Kaoss Pad, Kaossillator, Pad Kontrol and GR33 Synth will ALL be able to join in the fun now. It just seems that every new version of this astounding software ups the ante of what you can do while still maintaining an ease of use that allows the program to be up and running in no time. I continue to be in absolute AWE of how this program is able to take even outboard recordings and make them 'better'. The vast panorama of devices and abilities packed into Reason, the absolute stellar sound it creates and the ease of use make it the best recording/production system extant. THIS is the best iteration of Reason, yet.

  • from Anchorage, Alaska July 2, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Engineer. Music Producer. Songwriter

    A Reason to Change

    Reason gave me a reason to leave Pro Tools after all these years (since PT 3). With all of the ILok issues and PT 11 problems, Reason let me continue to work without error in 6.5.

    After I had the opportunity to Beta test 7, I was hooked. Reason is now my weapon of choice for production music. It does the job flawlessly.

    Being able to just capture ideas without stopping to engage record is flawless with Reason

  • from LaCrosse, WI June 13, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great upgrade!

    The additions they made to Reason 7 really add a lot of tools that are necessary for the professional recording environment.

  • from San Diego, CA USA June 6, 2013Music Background:

    A better Reason

    Reason continues to be an easy workflow that encourages creativity. A great song starter as always but with version 7 I am finding that you can really finish tracks in Reason. The mixer is great, Audiomatic and Pulverizer are fun new additions, and the effects have most of what you'll ever need. Quantize audio, MIDI out, and especially the new EQ button on every audio track all enhance reasons functionality. To really get the most out of Reason 7 be prepared to spend a little money on rack extensions and adding to the sound library. Once you customize Reason to fit your style/workflow you have a DAW that is as good or better than all others. Worth upgrading.

  • from Germantown, Maryland May 29, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Composer, Producer and Performer for over 30 years.

    A Reason to upgrade Reason!

    I had stayed pretty steady using Reason 4 and was happy doing so, but when I saw the opportunity to upgrade from version 4 to 7, I had to jump in for that. I had heard that Reason's built in Mixer was Studio grade, but before this offer, I didn't think it was needed as a separate add-on for another $200.00.
    Finally with Reason 7, Propellerhead, included everything together software and Mixer, plus they finally made Reason midi compatible to open up the software for your "Entire" Studio, not just your "Reason" Studio. This is BIG news and a reason alone to upgrade!
    That's not what "blew my mind", however, when I installed the upgrade. I loafed a "Demo" song not made by Reason, but instead a Rap Artist. To be honest, I write "Soundtracks", so I appreciate Rap, but I don't love it. I figured this would be a good test of this new Reason. Wow, the demo used external vocals and other instruments besides the one's contained in Reason 7. The funny part is that the song was on a loop and as I was trying to figure out the new mixer and the rack instruments, I must have heard this Rap song 12 times. I started liking the song and by the time I finished, I loved the song.
    So here is what I hear in Reason7. Spectacular audio quality. You would think you are listening to a $100,000 mixer.
    The regular line up is all here, but with a lot of added presets for each "sound machine" and effect processors. The midi is easy to transfer both in and out without having to Evan think about it. There are some added instruments and effects, but I stayed with the instruments used on my previous version because, just because the mixer itself is a mammoth new product, all by itself.
    The "reason" why I gave Reason a 4 & 1/2 rating is simple. This "Ignition key" they want you to use is pompous,and a bad way to do business. I am so tired of these License Key Locks, each using a treasured USB slot, it is not helping us! Let's say you use Cubase, Arturia and Reason on an IMac Desktop with 4 USB slots. These should be used for your main Hardware gear. Every good piece of Hardware, come's with an Editor, which requires your Master Keyboard, N.I. Machine, your USB Audio/midi interface NEED'S a USB slot. You only have one of each of these, but you may have dozens of Software installed on your computer. There is no room or"Reason" (I love how many times I've used this word matching the name of the software I am reviewing). Anyway, yes, Reason will let you use ONE computer without the USB key, but come on, Software is not Gold being held at Fort Knox, and the manufacturers treat their software as if it is.
    To end this, Sweetwater delivered my order in 2 days. They sent an e-mail asking if everything was ok. They offered deferred payments, but I didn't use it, but you can! I read some other review on Sweetwater, where the writer said, "Sweetwater doesn't know how to make a mistake". Wow, that's saying something in today's world, but after 6 orders, they haven't done otherwise.Thank you Ryan W my sale's Rep who was suffering from being sick,and my first words to him before I placed my order was, "Ryan, why are you at work?, You sound terrible!" He told me he would probably work a shorten day. You know I was really more interested in Ryan being sick, than placing my order. I sent him an e-mail several days later asking if he was feeling better. In 40 years of purchasing music equipment, I have never sent or called my Sales Rep to ask how he is feeling! Ryan W. is so good that my only fear is calling Sweetwater and not hearing his attentive, caring, voice! Best rep I've ever had and I've had many!

  • from Pearland, Texas (just south of Houston, Texas) November 5, 2013Music Background:
    Independent Artist

    Reason 7 - Upgrade

    I have been a Reason user for a number of years now. I have completed 3/4 albums using Reasons as the software to create my instrumentals.

    Good News...
    1) Product - It's Reason. Now, that I can do everything in Reason.... Well... Turned out almost everything.... lol.... The question is really why would anyone need another software. lol.... I am very happy with the software. The funny thing is that I bought the upgrade, but the upgrade 7.0 was already outdated as Propellerhead had already released 7.01 update. I just downloaded the update and the rest was history.

    Bad News....
    1) Well..... Reason has a new midi channel instrument interface that I was looking forward to trying out.... Well.... Right now, it is not very intuitive/user-friendly as I was hoping for, but I will chalk that up to user error.
    2) Here is a little something that I ran across that I was surprised to learn. I did not need the feature in the past, but I was hoping make Reason 100% my DAW of choice.... Well.... That one little feature is that I can not import .mp3 files into Reason. I can import .wav files all day long, but nope for mp3s. Soooo for now, I use ProTools for all of my mp3 work and use Reason when I creating a project from scratch from instrumental through laying vocals.

    I am excited about using my Reason to create a new album.... Happy music making fellow indie artists....

  • from Springfield ma May 31, 2013Music Background:

    great like always

    sounds good, need more to add on , but great

  • from San Marcos Ca. May 31, 2013Music Background:
    Producer, Drummer etc.

    Second to none

    Have been using Reason since version 1 was released in 2000 and it just keeps getting better. And the only place I buy my gear is from Sweetwater. I like it from the friendly service Matt provides right down to the Cinnamon Hot Ball candies he throws in with my order. They're not helping my diet!

    Thanks guys!

  • from MN, USA June 23, 2013Music Background:
    Reason freak

    Reason is well caught up!

    I am a long time Reason user and a big fan of Propellerhead. Reason 7 adds some cool features that make it nearly complete, and I am satisfied with where the software's capabilities are at. However, I feel that Propellerhead was too soon to upgrade to 7. There are some great features like the EQ visualizer, faders on rack channels, and the free download of Audiomatic. However, I feel that an upgrade requires a few new stock plugins as well. Maybe Reason 8 will show us a wider variety of compressors and colorful EQ's, without requiring expensive rack extensions! We'll see, regardless. Anyways, Reason 7 is an awesome workstation that I would never go without. The upgrade, however, is only necessary for the dedicated Reason user.

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