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Propellerhead Reason 6.5 Upgrade - from Reason or Record Reviews

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  • Mike Hammond

    Reason has been the center of my music creation and sound design since version 1.0. I've purchased every upgrade since. Reason 6.5 expands your musical freedom even more. Now with Rack Extensions opening the door for third-party contributors, there's a gazillion more ways to shape, mold, reconstruct, destroy, improve and control your sound and music - all in real-time. Every electronic musical artist should be informed on the power and capabilities Reason has to offer.

  • E B
    from November 21, 2012

    Reason 6.5

    Great software.
    Awesome and easy to use formats.
    Tons of ways to create the sound you like and people will love.
    With Reason 6.5 you will be creating songs people can dance to.
    Just set the master fader at -4.02 and you will be able to turn all your instrument tracks up without clips or distortion and thus give your final mix and master a loud and clean professional sound.
    Drums, bass lines and percussive's in the middle with other instruments and sounds duplicated and panned hard left and right allows you to hear all your instruments clearly flowing together.
    Have fun with this.

    E B

  • Elwood Blues
    from Ocean County,N.J. November 18, 2011Music Background:
    Keyboardist and recording hobbyist

    More Reasons than ever to use Reason...

    Reason 4 was always my main creation station for adding synths & guitar sounds to my songs,but bouncing tracks from one PC to another constantly,just to complete my songs was decidedly inconvenient.

    I wasn't thrilled with the idea of Record,so I had never bothered with and I was growing really frustrated with having to begin a song in Reason first,to make it easier to sync up to the rest of my instrumental arsenal in my studio.

    Not only did Reason 6 streamline & simplify the way I create in my studio,it offer everything I would ever need to get the job done.

    The high-points of this version for me,are the flexible customization of all of the windows in Reason 6,the sub windows along the bottom of the audio/midi sequencer window and the Kong drum machine!
    The Kong module is probably the most incredible part of this package I think,in that not only is there a nice arsenal of new drum sounds,but the customization,flexibility & built in effects of Kong alone,are worth the price of this upgrade!
    Having yet another sample player which is the ID8,is a real joy,because sample-based sounds are such an integral part of my song making.
    With the ridiculous amount of effects resources that Reason now has-along with the additional modules added,one can spend the rest of his/her life creating new patches and never make the same sound twice!
    If this version had been released a couple of years ago,I would have never bothered with purchasing Presonus S1 or NI K-6.

    An equally amazing feature of this program and with this company as a whole,is how amazingly fast & simple it is to install & set up!
    I especially like that the license key is already installed on the USB flash drive,that is included in the package.

    The depth of this program as well as the low CPU-usage,makes this the best overall value in the industry.

  • Corey Chambers
    from Los Angeles, CA November 9, 2011Music Background:
    Aspiring Recording Artist

    Well worth the upgrade

    I've been using Reason since version 3. Also, I've been waiting since version 4.5 to upgrade. I can say that it was worth every penny to upgrade. Now that I've looked through the software, I'm left wondering what else they could add to this program.
    I'm also very happy that they've added audio recording. I've always liked the FX that were in the program and their ease of use. In the past I've had to record a "perfect take" in another software, then trigger it as a sample to access the FX. No more! :-)

  • Kevyn Wilson
    from Minneapolis, MN. October 1, 2011Music Background:
    Artist, Producer, Engineer... Student of all things music

    My Reason to finally ditch ProTools!

    I bought by Reason upgrade directly from Propellerheads with their "pay what you want offer" and it is one of the best upgrades yet!

    I've been a Reason user since version 3 and I have helped beta test every release since including this one. Blending Record and Reason together was the best thing they could have ever done and the new effects are killer!! The sound quality is great and the 64bit works like a dream on my PC running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

    I have yet to try the audio transpose but if it works half as good as the built in time stretching then I'm sure I will not be disappointed. Also, you have not mixed until you have used this mixing section! Modeled after the SSL9000k this thing is a beast and I have been going in and remixing all of my old ProTools sessions and bringing new life to them... I no longer have a need for ProTools everything I need to do in my studio can be done in Reason 6.

  • Steven Chubb II (Un4Given Sounds)
    from Bellevue, NE March 1, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician/Hobbyist (Producer)

    Improving the Standard

    I have been working with Reason since Reason 2. I used to work on the MPC-2000XL with the inserts and Fruity Loops Demo Version when I first begun. I have seen it grow from a standalone beat machine to a full function DAW and this enforces its stronghold on the industry. The Rack Extension is an awesome feature as 3P products can find its way into the system. The only reason why this did not get a perfect is that you cannot put programs like Omnisphere, Komplete or Vienna Instruments into the set like other DAWs. But for anything beatmaker regardless of what level, this program is a great foundation and cornerstone for your studio,

  • Andres
    from Dallas, Tx USA December 20, 2011Music Background:
    sound production and post

    Reason 6!

    Just as always, fun to use!

  • Customer
    from November 24, 2011

    Excellent upgrade

    I am very pleased with the Reason 6 upgrade. $170 seems like a fair price for the upgrade given the inclusion of Record. The program has been rock solid thus far and offers an impressive amount of sound design and audio recording capabilities. The new "block mode feature" is great for creating a quick arrangement. Also, I actually like the new "dongle or web" copy protection method. It's nice to have the option to install the software a laptop, desktop, etc. My only complaint is that the piano sounds are weak. I will probably purchase the piano expansion pack at some point.

    I use Logic and Pro Tools for a variety of projects but Reason is becoming my "go to" application for projects that involve synthetic textures--it's a blast to use!

  • Customer
    from July 30, 2012

    Well worth it!

    I was coming from Reason/Record, so the combination wasn't new to me. However, the new effects and the Rack Extensions are pretty darn cool. The echo and the "Alligator" add so many flavors, it's hard wrap your head around the new possibilities. The day Propellerhead adds a simple video viewer and starts getting some UA Rack Extensions, they'll force me to move Logic to the trash. Here's to hoping.

  • Customer
    from December 6, 2011

    I like it! Except no plugins

    Fun, great price

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