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Propellerhead Reason 6.5 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 15 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Mike Hammond

    Propellerhead Reason has been the center of my music creation and sound design since version 1.0. I've purchased every upgrade since. Reason 6.5 expands your musical freedom even more. Now with Rack Extensions opening the door for third-party contributors, there's a gazillion more ways to shape, mold, reconstruct, destroy, improve and control your sound and music - all in real-time. Every electronic musical artist should be informed on the power and capabilities Reason has to offer.

  • from United States December 14, 2012

    An amazing recording artist's toolbox

    This software is phenomenal. One of the coolest things about Propellerhead Reason 6.5 is the ability to create music at your own pace. You can sit down and be creating fun, quality music within just a few minutes; or you can take the time to delve into Reason's myriads of features and be blown away by just how much this software can do.
    As a vocalist and guitar player, I could not be more happy with the hassle-free recording, and the speed with which I can tweak and edit my audio clips afterwards is unreal.
    If you have a MIDI keyboard or Line 6 interface such as the POD series (I have both), Reason automatically integrates and opens up even more control over your music making.
    This all-in-one application's incredibly intuitive interface gives you the ability to make your music without switching out of your creative flow, and then fine-tune it to an insane degree. Beautiful.
    Finally, if you're looking around at different options, let me just say this: First of all, Reason's price and depth absolutely blow its competition out of the water. There are other programs out there that have many if not all of the same capabilities, but nothing that gets the job done in such a casual and user-friendly way. Second, Sweetwater is the only place to buy it, hands down. Everyone I've dealt with has bent over backwards to get me not only what I need, but what I want. They make the experience that much better.
    Now I've got some music to make.

  • from Cupertino, CA USA September 8, 2012Music Background:
    Musician and Recording Engineer

    More Reasons with Propellerhead Reason 6.5

    I have always like Reason software since 2.5 version. For Reason 6.5 version, Propellerhead has integrated with the Record and creative FX such as Pulveriser Demolition, Alligator Triple Filtered Gate, and The Echo, is elevated the already best musical creating software to the higher level. With Reason 6.5, it gives us the complete DAW software with everything as stand-alone tool for music production. I feel every possibility with Reason 6.5 every time I sit down to dig into this set of software. I definitely love to recommend friend and poeple who is interest in DAW software to explore the Reason 6.5. It provides you with every tools that you need for your music making. Great Job Propellerhead!

  • from Grand Rapids, MI June 27, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Songwriter, Sound Designer

    I'm hooked.

    I've been using Reason heavily for the past 5 years or so - it's a creative powerhouse. I also own Logic, which I thought I'd be leaning on for my more demanding projects, but the intuitive workflow, huge library of innovative and usable presets, and snappy response of Reason has brought me back around time and time again.

    With this version of Reason comes a free update to Reason 6.5, which gives users the ability to download "Rack Extensions", which are downloadable plugins made by third parties exclusively for the Reason environment. This new feature makes the software more powerful and more versatile. I'd like to see them further expand the recording and editing aspects of the software, but if I had to make a list of the things I'm missing, it would probably be a short one. I'm hooked.

  • from Appleton WI USA April 24, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Opened a new world of Music.

    I have been a professional musician for over twenty years. Most of my experience is in live shows. I am a guitar player and a singer. I also have some experinece in recording. I have been in some nice studios but mainly record in my home. I have played around with verious recording and software programs, including pro tools, cubase, Live ect. Reason is the best by far for inspiring new directions in my music. I love the product but also love the online community of users out there ready to help you get started. It has litterally changed the way I hear and think of music. Grab the demo version and start playing around. With a little work you will soon see what I am talking about.

  • from Rochester, NY April 10, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Hobbyist.

    fun mixed with efficiency

    If you're looking for a fun, inspiring way to create music, look no further. Reason is a blast. It doesn't use a lot of CPU, and it's a breeze using it with ReWire in Pro Tools.

  • from Massena, Ny March 8, 2012Music Background:
    Played music for 12 years, Recorded for 7, Hobbyist, DJ


    I've had Reason since 2.0. This is such an amazing upgrade and finally puts reason in the full DAW department. It also rewires into most major DAW's (ProTools, Sonar, Cubase, StudioOne) to ensure complete compatibility. You have all the reason classics and some awesome new effects that will blow you away (especially for the price). Don't hesitate to pick up this software. It brings the fun back to recording.

  • from U.S.A February 17, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Programming, Producer, Engineer


    Works great for studio, stage and even creating your own samples & loops.

  • from Appleton, Wi January 20, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer

    A new World of Buttons and Sliders

    I have a new obsession. I have played around with many different recording tools and I have had some minor success with some stand alone hardware type DAWs. But, this program has replaced all that gear. I now have racks of Syths and pitch correctors, patch bays and compressors collecting dust. I don't need them anymore. It is all here.
    I had no trouble setting things up. I just downloaded the demo and starting learning right away. There is a wealth of tutorials and demos out on the web to learn from. It wasn't long before I purchased the full version so I could recall and load my own songs.

  • from San Francisco, CA November 27, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist musician/engineer

    Always Reliable No Crashes No Worries

    I have been using Reason since Reason 5. The latest version is a fantastic upgrad integrating Record in to Reason for a singe product solution. I love the mixer which is like the ones I used in studios in the 90's when recording to tape. I have not used many rack extensions yet since most of what I do is guitar based music but I do use the built in drum modules all of the time and find them to be easy to program and simple so that I can get on with what I am doing. Fantastic piece of software.

  • from Milky Way November 7, 2012Music Background:

    I love Reason

    Such an awesome and powerful software addition!!!

  • from Boston, Ma, USA October 12, 2012Music Background:
    Production, Engineering, Saxophone, Lyrics

    A Songwriter's Secret Weapon

    Reason is a truly all in one tool for a musician and songwriter. Between the sampling ability of the NN-XT and the NN19, the power of the THOR and the MALSTROM, you can let your inner child out and grind out your own sounds, and create truly organic home-made MUSIC. Ultimately, Reason combines music synthesis, with a "virtual, physical like" interface that allows you to customize and visualize signal paths for almost EVERY knob, sound generator, and CV patch. Not to mention you can automate EVERYTHING!

    I have owned Reason 6.5 for almost a month now, and have recorded 15 songs for various publishers around my area. My workflow is off the charts, and It is so easy to automate, distort, chop, pan, and dissect every song to make it fresh. I compose mainly hip-hop-esque music, and with reason I have truly been able to fuse multiple genres and access world sounds with a stunningly huge library.

    Also. I have WAVES Mercury bundle. Haven't touched it since I got reason 6.5, thanks to Rack Extensions. I truly am a kid in a candy shop raving on Sweetwater about a product that is integral to my music creation process. And with Rack Extensions being such a new piece of Reason, It is a guarantee that this program will grow and continue to make leaps and bounds forward.

    why 4.5 stars, btw? NO MIDI OUT! but, a small price to pay for such a wonderful program!

    Bottom Line: Reason is a program that you decide everything about. You can dive in and customize everything from sounds, to signal routing, to automation, or you can just open it and press record and make great music. It truly is the Musician's DAW.

  • from Boston August 17, 2012Music Background:
    Degree in Recording Production, guitar/keyboard player

    Great versatile software all in one box

    I was completely sold on Reason this time because of the Line 6 amp modeling features. I would usually use other DAW software(never tried Record) just to record a few tracks of guitars/basses, but now Reason handles it all ! Along with the great synths and drum programming you expect from Reason, now add some guitars to transcend and mash up the genres. Software is easy to navigate even with the heavy detail given in the rack and mixer. Can't wait to put this to work and produce some amazing music.

  • from San Francisco Bay Area December 16, 2011Music Background:
    Media Producer, Musician

    Like riding a bike

    There was a time when I used Digital Performer, dozens of plugin instruments, and a rack full of gear every day to build soundtracks for the videos I produced. It wa a great system, but took me an hour just to get it all routed and running - not very spontaneous for capturing the muse. I tried Reason, version 1.0 and loved the concept, but the execution was immature and limiting. Reason 6 gives me a full featured midi-recording studio that's ready to go in a mouse click. I just built a track on my laptop for a video about the new Tesla coupe while flying from SFO to Austin!

  • from Doha, Qatar November 29, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Hobbyist

    Amazing and Rock Steady DAW

    I've never worked with Reason before, however when I started with this version 6, I was just amazed by the features, ease of use, professional and comprehensive music digital audio workstation software. What was really noticeable about Reason 6 is how rock steady the software is. It never crashes on a PC running Windows, not even once. As for Mac, actually rarely any software crashes anyways.

    The mixer in the software rivals anything I've used before, even Pro Tools 10. The Midi Sequencer is good but could be enhanced further, especially that it does not provide markers except for a start and end loop points. Also editing in the sequencer have some room for improvement.

    I would have given a rating of 5, except that Reason does not support VST plugins. It works very well with Re-Wire, however as a slave only and not a master (this is according to my knowledge and I might be wrong).

    One last thing I have to say here: If this DAW software had VST Plugin support, I can clearly see it to be considered as one of the best, if not the best DAW ever with no rivals. And I should know better as I've used almost all professional DAWs before, and this one is a real winner (if it just had VST support)...

  • from Chicago, IL January 4, 2012Music Background:
    Music Producer/Composer/Dj


    This is a really fun and creative piece of software for writing music. The rack format is intuitive and much more interesting to use than other programs. The sequencer is my favourite to use out of any other software. And the new sampling feature is just beyond ridiculous.
    Reason is also the most reliable software I have used and has never crashed on me before, ever.
    That being said, I have some issues with this program that are worth considering...
    No VST's is a big problem, because frankly, reason synths and effects are outmatched by other companies. Granted, Reason does have an extensive soundbank and decent sounding instruments/effects to keep you going for a LONG time. But if you are familiar with high end vst's, reason sounds a bit dinky. Thankfully, everything is pretty fun to program and sounds amazing for the value. There is no other software that includes this many capabilities for writing and programming.

    rewiring reason into other programs should technically be easy and convenient, I did not find it practical for my music. Lots of bugs and pops...and having two sequencers and mixers in separate softwares going at the same time caused problems.
    i genuinely recommend this product, but it is by no means the most flexible and expandable workstation. Sadly for me, I have the most fun writing music and composing in Reason and no other product can match the "playground" feeling that i get when I'm using it. Once you get past the learning curve it is fantastic.


  • Mitch Gallagher

    With Reason 6, the Propellerhead Software turned their super-popular music creation software into a full-featured DAW with integrated multitrack recording capabilities and a powerful built-in mixer that emulates a million-dollar big-studio mixing console. With all of its included synthesizers, samplers, audio processors, mixers, routing capabilities, and more, Reason is the soup-to-nuts music production program of choice for many musicians and composers.

    But even with all the major additions to the software, Reason still lacked one thing: it was closed to third-party plug-ins. The only way for new features to be added to the program was for the Prop-heads themselves to put them there. Now that's not necessarily a bad thing. With a closed program such as Reason, the company could maintain tight control, which resulted in a very robust, stable system.

    But now, with Reason 6.5, the Propellerheads have opened up Reason with Rack Extensions -- and they've done it without compromising stability! Similar in concept to plug-ins, Rack Extensions can be created by third-party developers and can be either instruments or audio processors. The advantage is that the Propellerheads tightly control the Rack Extension technology, which eliminates many of the inconsistencies and instabilities of traditional plug-ins. Plus, when you purchase and download a Rack Extension from the online Propellerhead store, it downloads and installs automatically, with no authorization, no registration, and no complex installation process required -- the authorization is placed on your Reason Ignition key, seamlessly. Nice!

    Rack Extensions are a huge addition to Reason. Not only is the program now a full DAW, but it also has its own "plug-in" format. Reason 6.5 is an amazing solution for just about any music production application.

    Up until recently, the Propellerheads have stayed firmly in the software camp. But it was inevitable, with their success there, that they would want to create hardware. And that's just what they've done with Balance, a new USB interface for Mac and Windows -- but, of course, it's the Prop-heads, so it's not just any interface. Balance lets you hook all your gear up and then switch what's feeding into the interface via front-panel switches. There are two XLR mic inputs, two guitar inputs, and two stereo line inputs. And two inputs can be used simultaneously. There are also two outputs that can be routed to your monitors as well as headphone outputs; the monitors and headphones each have their own volume control.

    The beautiful thing about Balance? You plug it in, and it just works! It may be the simplest interface I've ever had the pleasure to use -- and I mean that in a good way. Plus, by using Balance with Reason, you get an amazing extra: Clip Safe, which protects you from clipping tracks when you're recording. Clip Safe invisibly records a backup track at a lower level, along with the track that you're recording. It's a cool feature that you'll appreciate the first time you're able to save a once-in-a-lifetime take that otherwise would have been ruined by clipping.

    Balance isn't limited to use with Reason. It supports any Core Audio, WDM, or ASIO software. It comes bundled with Reason Essentials to get you started. Balance is flexible enough to be the hub for a studio rig, and it's portable enough to take on the go. It sounds great, and it's easy to use. And that's a winning combination.

  • Mitch Gallagher

    There's no software quite like Reason. For years, it's been a total synth/sample/loop workstation with sequencing, mixing, and effects processing -- all with amazingly flexible routing options using virtual patch cables. But it has always lacked one thing: the ability to record real audio tracks, DAW-style. You could (and still can) ReWire Reason into your DAW of choice (I did it for years with Logic and Pro Tools), but that's not quite the same.

    That has all changed with Reason 6. The new Reason incorporates the audio capabilities and modeled large-scale vintage mixing console from Record, Propellerhead's previous DAW software package. The blend of Record into Reason is seamless, and moves it to an entirely new level.

    I received a beta version of Reason 6 for this article. I've been a Reason user since version one (actually, I started with ReBirth before that) and also a Record user. So I can tell you this: if you're familiar with the Prop-head software, you'll have no trouble diving right into Reason 6. And if you're new to Reason, the software is so straightforward and well designed, you'll be able to get right to work making music.

    Of course, the recording/audio tracks aren't all that's new. Pulverizer (distortion/sound mangling), The Echo (advanced stereo echo), Alligator (3-band pattern-based gate), Neptune (vocal tuning and voice synth), and a greatly expanded factory sound bank are also included, along with many creativity-enhancing features. There's 64-bit support, comp editing, and so much more. Reason 6 is a huge update that builds on previous versions in so many ways. It is familiar, yet it's still a quantum leap ahead.

    You can probably tell that I'm very excited about Reason 6. Reason has been my "synth rack" for many projects. But now, with audio recording/mixing and all of the other new features, Reason 6 has jumped to a new level in my software pantheon. I expect I'll be doing projects in all sorts of musical styles right within this one platform.

    Powerful, fast, efficient, easy to use, flexible... with Reason 6, I predict many musicians and engineers are going to make the move to Propellerhead. Call your Sales Engineer or visit Sweetwater.com for more information!

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