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Blue Microphones Reactor Reviews

4.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • Don Helverson
    from North Hollywood, CA December 6, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician thirty-five years ago, now a teacher.

    Reactor Mike

    I've used this mike in studio, and it usually worked as well as AKG 414's for imaging guitars, vocals, and various stringed instruments. I know Skipper Wise socially. He was a touring musician before helping create Blue Microphones, and he staffed that company with talented folks— smart, picky, and fussy—keeping a high bar on product control while pricing most lines for earth people and civilians. Obviously, when you get into their bottle line, competing with the top mikes in the industry (and holding their own) you aren't talking about competing with other consumer lines anymore. This mike is affordable, particularly since it compares with a mike twice its price. Any Kiwi, Reactor or blueberry recordings prove great things can come in small-priced packages. The discoveries and innovations Blue Microphones made in a few decades include very cool product designs alongside high technical standards. Blue's Reactor is a good deal--like getting a 414 at half price. I once got just that deal on a pair of AKG's, but I sold them during a downturn years ago (to Brian Ray who plays for McCartney now). Getting a pair of these mikes is almost like getting those AKG's back, though I think they had five settings versus the Reactor's four. I love the recordings, the headroom I can get with these. This mike is a really good value and doesn't disappoint.

  • Chris Kokesh
    from San Diego, CA USA March 6, 2013Music Background:
    Independent Producer/Musician

    A condenser that does it all!

    I needed a studio utility mic that does it all. I have been blown away by this mic! It really is great on everything, especially with the different polar patterns. This mic honestly stands up to condensers costing much, much more! I love it! If there was any complaint at all it would be the shock mount, I wish the connecting arm joint was a little more workable. Sometimes on a boom stand it can be a little tricky, but when it comes to sound, it's five stars for sure!

  • Joshua
    from Detroit,Michigan May 15, 2011Music Background:
    Student/Recording Engineer/Producer

    Unbelievably GREAT !!!!

    This mics capsule is sad to be based on the B6 Capsule that is in Blue's Kiwi....I suppose that where are the HIGH END QUALITY comes from.This is the best mic ive ever used on a acoustic/vocals session !!!!!
    The LED Polar Pattern Switch is Modernized & yet Futuristic....The Swiveling mic head is also SUPER HANDY for tight sitiuations....OVERALL !!!!....THIS MIC IS A STUDIO WORKHORSE !!!!......I cant go a day with out using it on EVERYTHING !!!!!

  • Brandon
    from February 6, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Independent Artist, Singer/Songwriter

    Top End Blue Sound In Affordable Package

    This microphone is an addition to blue's multi-pattern condenser series (Flagship= Blue Kiwi), and what an addition! The microphone is based largely off of the blue kiwi featuring the re-engineered b6 capsule and I am blown away! The microphone is very transparent, natural, and clean sounding. Vocals sound superb, and acoustic guitars and pianos sound like a dream. For a $500 microphone i say look out Neumann TLM 102 this one took the crown. Not only is this more versatile than the baby Neumann due to the selectable polar patterns. As far as i can tell, there has been no compromise in sound quality or build quality, UNTIL you see the shock mount. This is a heavy microphone, and I'll just say that the futuristic, modern (and cool looking) reactor based shock mount just doesn't cut it. Sorry blue, but that has to go. Other than that, this is an excellent microphone for anyone with a studio, no matter what setting or environment.

  • Rodger
    from Grand Rapids, MI September 10, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer/Producer

    Great Sound & Look - Unusable mounting!

    I enjoyed the sound of this pair of mics. Although I had to return the first mic since it had a short in the swivel (dropout/scratchy) When it was replaced, I could use the pair for standard XY & blumlein configurations, and with one set with a cardioid pattern and the other one as bi-hemispherical, a sweet MS stereo was available.
    The shock mount is a nightmare! Very Atomic Age looking, but to set up for those mentioned configurations requires a pair of channel-locks! By the way, the screw that "holds" the mic in place is white steel and snapped off within a couple of days while I was just trying to get the mic to stand up.
    Until they fix the mounting configuration - Don't buy it!
    When they do, get it.

  • Marlon
    from Chicago October 12, 2011Music Background:

    Great Mic. Unstable shock mount.

    So far I have not been able to fully enjoy this mic due to the quality of the shock mount. The microphone is extremely heavy and needs a shock mount redesign. I spoke with someone from BLUE and they told me a new shock mount was being worked on.

    The mic does sound very good and feels extremely solid in your hands.

    Looking forward to a new shock mount and a better recording experience with this one.

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