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Peavey ReValver MKIII.V Reviews

4.5 stars based on 12 customer reviews
  • from Dakota November 26, 2012Music Background:
    Strummer & Electronics Tech/Tutor to real players.

    ReValver Works Great

    Lots of great classic Peavey amps I never had access to before. Still using it with the Xport USB interface = have not tried it as VST yet. Running the USB out to laptop external speakers or another amp's line in works good & shows very distinct tonal changes between amps. Next I still need to jumper it over to my Peavey Renown as the output.

  • from Boston June 18, 2012Music Background:
    Playing and recording for 25 years

    better than valvoline

    I'm not gonna say this is the same as having a real amp to record with. But I demod a lot of software emulations and I liked this the best. One thing I like about it is you can use 3rd party IR's w/ it. I found combining this w/ Redwirez stuff to be amazing. I think Peavey amps are underrated and I like having the combo of the Peaveys plus the emulations of mores standard fare, eg vox, fender, marshall. Note that this is NOT a bass option, except for the Fender Bassman sim, which has gtr/bass switch. It's really fluid and easy to add and subtract components. So easy that I forgot I was using a piece of software and just played and played for hours the first time I demoed it. It sounds fantastic. Don't let the low price make you think this isn't as good as competitor's stuff that costs up to twice as much: it's better.

  • from Salisbury, NY July 29, 2011Music Background:
    Mostly studio recording

    So happy I can hardly count!!

    The world class tone of this plug-in is now well documented, but it also gave me something else, demos of some amps I really wanted to play live. I have a couple of the amps in Revalver and know that they are dead nuts on perfect. I've always wanted to play the hand wired Peavey amps, but no one ever has them in stock. Same thing with Budda and Diezel. Thanks to Revalver, I can play through those amps in the virtual world and I know what they sound like now. Kind of sucks, though, because now I have to go buy a Budda V series! Oh, well, it's only money. :)

  • from Highland, Il January 12, 2009Music Background:
    Hobbyist , Recording Engineer

    If you want tube tone on your computer.........This is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I never write reviews..ever....but I felt it necessary to leave on on this software. After getting this software, I installed it ( extremely easy). Then I opened Logic Pro and pulled up the Revalver Plugin. I simply strummed the guitar one time, and new I had just purchased something amazing. Before I new it 3hrs had gone buy. I still couldn't believe that there wasn't a tube amp directly in front of me. I have had guitar rig, and Line 6's Gearbox amp simulator software. They look like toys compared to this.
    I figured...OK... this has to be to good to be true.
    So I decided to see how it sounded recorded with other instruments.So I pulled up my toontrack Ezdrummer plugin and put down a quick little drum beat. Then I added a Peavy 6505, and the Flathill dual rectifier on 2 separate track. Did a little chuggin riffs on the one amp and a little lead riffs on the other. Bounced the tracks to my ipod and left for work. A few days later, I was driving in my car and listening to my ipod on shuffle. All the sudden my track started playing. I thought to myself...damn that is a nice guitar tone. I quickly checked the ipod to see who the artist was. It was me? Wow! I couldn't still couldn't believe that it was a software amp.
    Now there will be those out there that say there is no substitute for a real tube amp and miced cab. Maybe. But lets face it, not to many of us can afford the studio time, or noise complaints from the neighbors.
    So to sum it all up. If you want a bunch of tube amps and the convenience of getting professional sounding guitar tone on your home computer. Buy this software as soon as possible. At $249 you get way more than you pay for. Enjoy!

  • from Boston, MA November 1, 2008Music Background:
    Guitarist, Audio Engineer


    Revalver MKIII is in a class all by it's lonesome, I have been playing guitar for 20+ years and if I close my eyes and played through it, I would never believe it was software. Simply incredible that this sound and sonic feel can be created in a software. I have used every other guitar sim out there and they all pale in comparison. I can't stress enough how incredible this software is and the fact that it is cheaper than almost all the others is just ridiculous. I can finally make real guitar tracks without a real guitar amp. PEAVY, Alien Connections "take me to your leader" This is the fastest I have ever purchased a software because I was literally afraid they would run out :o) Honestly download the demo and prepare to be amazed. Sweet, ringing, warmth of tube amps in a piece of software WOW!!!!!!!

  • from Paducah, Ky October 27, 2008Music Background:


    Revalver III is a grandslam!!! I'm writing this review while at work and I can't hardly wait to get back home, to use my new software some more.

    The amp models are spot on, perfect. I,m using my pedal board with revalver stand alone and the sound is excellant. I've had no latency at all. For the price, Revalver can't be beat.

    If you are a tone freak like myself, then you will love Revalver.

    Call and talk to Ben Price at Sweetwater and he will answer all your questions and hook you up with everything you need. Installation and set up was a snap. Then just plug and play.

  • from Indianapolis, IN July 28, 2008Music Background:
    Pro Musician for 20 years


    I've used literally ALL of the software packages out there and have loved them until now. ReValver may not look as cool as some of them, but it's just as easy or easier to use. That said, the reason we all want software is the sound and NOTHING sounds as good as this. I read on Peavey's site that they used schematics to create the sounds and I believe it. I really don't get into the 'tweaking' thing all that much, but being able to change the power supply in a Marshall or Classic 30 to a undermathed and sagging supply really has a cool '70's vibe. You will not be dissapointed with this software, no matter if you want to 'tweak' it or not.

  • from NE Ohio, USA May 26, 2008Music Background:
    video game composer/producer

    The Holy Grail of amp modeling.

    I have used pretty much every amp modeler, since the original Line 6 and Johnson gear that came out at the turn of the century, and none of it has compared to this. It's phenomenally good. It sounds unbelievable live, but the sonic quality can even be increased further upon mixdown (this takes 4-5 times as much CPU horsepower, so it is not suitable for today's computers). I'm just awestruck.

    It has massive geek appeal. Every element that contributes to the sonic character of an amp can be tweaked. You can exchange all the tubes in an amp, mess with their electrical properties, design your own amp cabinets in a similar fashion, and you can even import your own impulse responses into the speaker and convolution reverb modules. However, you don't need to worry about messing with any of that if you don't want to, and the presets will likely blow you away.

    All the competitors' products sounds much worse, and cost a lot more. This one is a no-brainer. I'll always be checking out every amp modeler I can, but I don't expect this product to be eclipsed any time soon.

  • from Iowa City, IA, USA April 15, 2009Music Background:
    musician, producer, composer

    Superb amp head modelling, uneven in other guitar chain components

    I've been reevaluating a demo of Revalver off and on for several months now-just finished my latest round of running it through it's paces and I think I've finally figured out what I love about it and what leaves me kind of cold. First, the part I love: I'm convinced now that the amp head and other tube-based modeled components in Revalver actually do rival Amplitube for the best on the market, Further, they offer additionaluseful, musical alternatives that I can't get out of Amplitube, despite the huge variety of options available in the range of Amplitube products. Peavey's approach to separately modeling each amp component, and then allowing great tweaking of these components is outstanding. I'm not an electrical engineer (but I work with some) and I think you could actually use this thing for serious virtual prototyping of real amp designs.

    There is another great, unadvertised use of their tube models. Under the "utilities" menu, their is an option to insert a single tube of your own choosing into the effects chain. You can customize this virtual tube almost infinitely. Many useful presets, such as "warm", bright', neutral, "bass boost" etc. are included with each basic tube type,so you don't have to be an electronics whiz to tinker usefully with them. However, if you are such a whiz, then you can modify the tubes using parameters described by detailed electronic terminology. Here's the point of all of this: If you use such a tube alone, what you really have is a virtual tube preamp--not the kind that's the first gain stage in a guitar amp, but the kind that one might use as the first stage of a mixer input for any kind of signal. These can sound great and impart all kinds of tube "vibes" to anything that you are running into your mix. There are many products on the market that cost a lot more and are designed to do only this. I haven't worked with many of them, but I really doubt that they have the flexibility or significantly better sound quality than what you can get from using just this one "utility" feature of Revalver.

    OK, Now what I think is not so stellar about the product. First, the effects. They're not bad, but they are pretty pedestrian. Usable, but if you have any sort of plug-in collection, you are likely to be reaching for alternatives to most of the modulation and dynamics options. This is especially easy as Revalver allows you to plug other vst effects in as a part of the chain. (Warning, as of 4 09, Waves plug ins do NOT work for this, due to the special VST wrappers that Waves uses.) As for the overdrive/distortion units, I actually experienced crashes using a couple of them. They sound OK, but the overdrive and distortion that you can get from working with the tube controls in the amp head components is much better.

    I've finally figured out that the thing that I don't really care for in this product is the general sound of the speaker emulations (convulsion impulses actually). This is highly subjective, many other reviewers love these. However, I think they tend to sound muddy and dull. There are separate bass and treble controls for the speakers, and you can also essentially design your own speakers from scratch. However, when I try to boost the treble features I get more harshness than musical brightening. As I say, this is a subjective area, and I should reveal the biases in my tastes. I'm generally not a big fan of the enclosed 4x12 guitar speaker sound. When such cabinets sound good, they are often described as "thick", "creamy", etc. When they sound bad, adjectives such as "muddy", "dull", and "muffled" come to mind. I like brighter speakers and my tastes tend towards "jangly" or otherwise bright guitar sounds (for everything but traditional jazz.) Having made that disclaimer, I still think that even Revalver's non-4x12 emulations tend towards the more pejorative aspects of a bad enclosed 4x12 sound. I also think that 4x12 emulations by many other manufacturers sound better than those in Revalver.

    What finally made me realize how great the amp head simulations were was experimentation where I turned Revalver's speakers off and routed the amp head output to speaker emulations from other products. Presto! a whole new world of VERY pleasing electric guitar sounds opened up to me. Just what combination of products I'm using, I'm going to keep a bit of a trade secret for now, but I'd encourage everyone to experiment who has alternative sources of speaker emulations.

    Anyway, for me, discovering this trick was the deal clincher. I now plan on buying Revalver in the near future and integrating it into my regular recording line-up alongside Amplitube. Of course, you may decide that you love the built-in speaker emulations. (Some of the other reviewers here seem to.) Get the demo and decide for yourself. The product is very reasonably priced and most people should be able to find some excellent uses for it in their studio.

  • from PA December 5, 2008Music Background:

    Killer Amp Simulations

    As far as amp sims go, this is the best I've heard. The simulations sound very authentic and very tube like. At times I would think I was actually playing through an amp if I didn't see the computer. The main interface is lacking a bit compared to some, but is still easy to use. The effects are a little weak compared to others as well. The ability to insert any VST effect into the rack makes up for that a bit though.

    If authentic amps sounds are what you are after, then look no further. If creating wild effect laden sounds is your bag, then you might want to look at some of the others.

    Great job!

  • from Genoa, Italy July 29, 2008Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Almost the best

    I've tried all and more than that to get the sound I wanted into my HD recordings. I still own all the existing amp-sim softwares I've tried so far ... some are good for something others for something else. No one of them can cover all. Playing through an amp is one thing while going to HD recording the
    same sound doesn't work as expected so amp-sims have
    to be evaluated properly, case by case.
    When it comes to typical tube sound used for heavy stuff etc., I have also tried a tube pre-amp or a tube-distortion on top of the chain but still not getting close unfortuntaley. Now I had the chance to try this Peavey MKIII and I was quite surprised about
    the sounds I could get on my HD - the effects coming along are quite crap (delays for example) so that I'd
    still to try a workaround by inserting Amplitube 2 effects at the end of the chain (no amps, no cabinets) and it's already much better. This is why
    I give this four stars and not five. That said I reckon this highly recommendable.

  • from Dallas, Tx. June 21, 2013Music Background:
    37 yrs of various guitar styles and amateur recording

    Works great.

    Needed something that had more contemporary overdriven sounds than what Logic Amp Designer provided and this fit the bill. The ability to change circuit values is really neat too. Effects and speaker sim are ok but not mind blowing.

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