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Electro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar Emulation Pedal Reviews

5.0 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Electro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar Emulation Pedal?

Questions about the Electro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar Emulation Pedal?

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  • Cody Kraus

    As a huge fan of psychedelic music, I employ this pedal regularly to add an exotic, sitar vibe to my tunes. The timbre controls let me dial in the right tone and increase the sympathetic vibrations, something you can't do with an actual sitar.

  • Robert Williams

    This is a really unique pedal capable of sounds difficult to obtain in such a small package. I find myself creating all sorts of usable tones, some "sitarish" and some not. All the options seem deep, but are easily naviagated after just a few minutes. My favorite use of the pedal uses the separate drone output only and feeds that to loopers, delays, etc. to create textural pads.

  • from Ohio September 29, 2016Music Background:
    Multi-Instrumentalist/Basement Studio Owner


    This pedal really impressed me with its versatility! You can get an array of realistic sitar tones just by adjusting the timbre knobs slightly. The drones are lush and fervent and the lead tones are psychedelic and visceral. The option to tune the sympathetic strings opens so many creative doors, granting you the ability to develop unique harmonic textures and build interesting musical concepts. If you think you could benefit from this type of sound, do not hesitate to buy the Ravish Sitar Emulation! Would HIGHLY recommend for musicians in the psychedelic and ambient scenes. Thanks for another great pedal, EHX, and thanks to Sweetwater for their consistently amazing customer service!

  • from April 27, 2015

    hard to believe it can really do this...

    In the first place, I actually do play the sitar and have a very nice Indian instrument. Unfortunately, we live where it gets very cold and dry in the winter. We have also been traveling a lot the past few years, and the time it has been unattended has been hard on it. I had reached the point where I just couldn't keep up with the work that needed to be done on it, but I just couldn't bring myself to part with it. Then I came across the Ravish Sitar. I really doubted the thing could actually do what it said it did, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. The Ravish Sitar is an amazing instrument! While it doesn't recreate the exact sound of a real sitar, it does pretty much recreate the experience of playing a real sitar. There are actually 3 sets of strings on the sitar, what the Ravish calls the 'lead' strings (on which you play the melody) and the sympathetic strings that aren't usually played but that vibrate along with the played strings; there are also drone strings tuned in 5ths that can be strummed along with the melody strings. I re-tuned my guitar to C-G-C-G-G(or F)-C, set the sympathetic tuning the C maj. played melody on the 2 highest strings (just like a sitar) - the lower tuning lets you bend strings in a much more sitar-like way, gently played the lower 4 strings as the drone, and tweaked the Ravish's settings. I have to say that the experience is pretty amazing! And, the sound is close enough (through a sound system, not a guitar amp) that when my wife came in and I was playing it, she thought I had fixed and was playing my real sitar! Now my sitar can go to a new home where it can get the attention it needs and deserves, and, while nothing can feel like holding and playing a real sitar, I'm completely happy playing the Ravish Sitar!

  • from West Columbia, SC April 6, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar and Bass approximately 40+years

    Great Pedal For The Money

    This pedal gives off some awesome vides. But, you have to work with it and find the sounds that you are looking for.
    This isn't meant to be stomped on hard-though, its an Electro-Harmonix. Anything from EHX is quality. And this is
    quality. Better than going out and buying a Sitar, or for that matter trying to find one.It gives a freaky vibe of the
    '60's/'70's, but again, it will grab a crowds attention, and keep it. Wanting to hear more from you. Don't hesitate and get
    this pedal.
    Daniel Glenn
    West Columbia, SC

  • from Fort Wayne IN June 15, 2013Music Background:

    Ravish Sitar: For Those Looking for the Eastern Side of Rock

    This pedal is really cool and has a ton of features.

    I originally previewed and purchased this pedal because I actually have and play a sitar and I had been frustrated not having an accompanying tambura effect. Nonetheless, when I got it home and read the manual, I realized it does an awful lot more than that (and there are numerous youtube videos which show some of the features). The pedal can seem a little intimidating with the 6 nobs, two switches, five plugs, etc. but the manual gives clear instructions on what each one does. I also was able to experiment with the different modes and there are a variety of really cool sounds that come out of this pedal.

  • from New York City, NY January 11, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Curry in a Hurry

    This is a magnificent pedal! This pedal not only turns your guitar into a sitar, it gives you the whole accompanyment too boot! In addition you can get so many varied sounds from this unit. It 's not just a "sitar" sound. I am a very skeptical guitarist when it comes to "new" pedals, this is the one new pedal you should not be without. HIGHLY REMOMMENED!!!

  • from December 29, 2011Music Background:
    For the fun of it

    One of a kind

    Wow is a word that comes to mind when I plug this in. I couldn't stop grinning and chuckling the first time I tried this thing out.
    -However; this technically, is not exactly a one-of-a-kind stomp box. A few other companies took a crack at the sitar effect pedal(ex. Danelectro "sitar-swami", analog.man "peppermint fuzz"), but well...how to put this nicely? They didn't really capture the "sitar" if I might say, and they just sound unpleasant to the hearing.
    Though I'm glad the gurus at EHX got it right.
    -It's doesn't exactly duplicate a sitar, but offers the second best. Or if you can't afford a good sitar; this may be a good introduction to anyone interested in adding a little Raga style to their sound.
    -My only problem with it, is just getting to know it... It's just a very mysterious, wonderful, little box (Don't worryThe instruction manual is accurate and human friendly, weary buyers).
    -Bottom line: I love it. It works, it's great. Maybe a little tough for the novice to get used to, but very fun with endless hours of entertainment.
    A novel pedal nonetheless.

    George Harrison would be proud of this pedal(I hope)

  • from New Hampshire December 18, 2011Music Background:

    Complex and Rich

    This is a very interesting and unique pedal. It's subtle and deep. You have to take a considerable amount of time to get familiar with it. It's outstanding for drones. I have mainly used it with an acoustic guitar, setting up tamboura like sounds. It has a steeper learning curves than most pedals. I have only begin to scratch the surface of its capabilities. It reward imagination and patience.

  • from Louisiana December 17, 2011

    Find a better box & I'll kiss my sister-in-law.

    These geniuses have done it again. It's pure fun. It's not going to fool Ravi Shankar; but I know I don't have enough brainpower to play a real sitar, so I got this. Glad I did.

    I'm using a Squire Bullet Strat and a Fender Mustang I amp. Awesome sounds abound from this combo. Then I put a Dean Markley acoustic pickup on a 6-string tanpura (from raincitymusic.com - another outfit you can't go wrong with - and really went into the Stratosphere (pun intended).

    Justin, at Sweetwater extension 1391, told me my last order might take 4-5 days. I got it 2 days later before noon. Can't recommend the guy or Sweetwater enough.

  • from Nashville, TN USA October 2, 2011Music Background:
    writer/producer/engineer/guitarist/songwriter/vocalist, etc.

    AMAZING and unique...

    OK...I'm a pedal geek. I love em. I buy em all and I use em all. I write whole songs around each one. They can be inspirational...

    But, lately, all the "all in one" and "modeling" and "me too" pedals have put me in a rut. I mean, how many more "Supervarmit (version deux!)" fuzz pedals do we need, no matter which company, or how big it is or how different the power supply is so we're forced to buy that ONE PS from ONLY the company that makes it in order to get a hyped up sound that just really is the same ol' same ol'?

    Well...those days have at least temporarily ended with this little beaut. Big, yes. Power supply included, yes, and it runs on STANDARD "Boss style" power, so it can be worked into a pedal board with ease.

    Sound? Stunning! This thing is an amazing sounding piece of gear right out of the box, and is intensely deep. While I'm sure it will not fool a "True" Sitarist, it does a GREAT job and can fool the "average" listener. Even so, it's just plain FUN! Write your own Bollywood soundtrack on the fly and amaze your bandmates with this thing.

    One of the few EHX pedals that actually needs a manual, it can be programmed to do so much to match the key, and there are expression inputs for even more control. Go to the ehx site and check out the demos there if you don't believe me!

    I ain't giving this one up, and I ain't had this much fun with a new pedal since I got Eventide's Delay pedal. Great stuff!

  • from July 14, 2016

    Awesome Trippy Pedal

    I'm an actual sitar player, I studied for years in Ravi Shankar's Indian Music Circle with some of the best players in the world. This pedal is not even close to an actual sitar, so forget about that. I know there are other reviewers who say it is, but they're not real players. If they were they'd say the same thing I'm saying. It would be an embarrassment to make that claim if the real players were reading this. HOWEVER, and a very big however, I absolutely LOVE this pedal for what it is. Trippy, weird, cool, especially when combining with other pedals like a Uni-vibe. So although its no replacement for a sitar or even a simulation really, it is extremely cool and though my Indian teachers and friends would have my left *** for saying this, a required pedal for any self respecting psychadelicite.

  • from Dayton, Ohio March 12, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Excellent drone

    I love the new Ravish pedal for one main reason, the drone (or sympathetic strings). Once you figure out the key you are playing in and kick on the drone!!! I found the sitar sounds (or lead tone knobs) a bit cheesy at times and have accepted that I won't use them much. Don't worry though, that is very much ok, use this pedal without the sitar sound and as a drone (dry + sympathetic knobs only) and you will fall in love. There's even a sympathetic out so you can send to your DAW for recording. I can't tell you how awesome this pedal is. Electro-Harmonix did well on this one, nice job!

  • from Fort Cosmos, BC, Canada November 22, 2011Music Background:
    session player, engineer, producer, famous rock star


    This is a very nice emulation of the sitar when a real one is just not an option. The options are very comprehensive, including tuning up to 17 sympathetic strings to your own scales if you find that necessary. It's easy to switch between patches, store patches, etc. There is a large variety of different sounds available. All in all, a very well thought out pedal, and a great addition to one's rig.

Questions about the Electro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar Emulation Pedal?

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