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Cakewalk Rapture Reviews

4.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
  • Anthony Lowery
    from manteca, ca January 22, 2014Music Background:
    home recorder, musician

    TIPS for awesome synth

    Cakewalk Rapture is one of the excelent synths I own. For hip-hop that sorta sexy smooth hard sound ow ow I like it alot. For that trance grit hard lead it is excels as well. I imagine this beast of a synth can do very well at pasa with its 6 oscilators with is its own LFO, Detune, cutoff, basically all the parameters, even arps, which I havent got the hang of on this synth yet but is drawable and easy in THAT respect.

    Its ADSR is drawable and DOES have release. BUt in order to activate release you need to left click above the ADSR near level" and choose activate sustain node". Another tip is to Correctly install Rapture. First install the first version, then you MUST THEN LATER also on top of it add the update. It will not ask to reauthorize, hence the first is already installed and needed (by the way).

    In stand alone mode the frquency is show when twisting the dials. BUt perhaps the reason it is not on the new 1.22 is that I do not have quicktime installed for my ABleton Live DAW.

    ALL in all this is a great synth especially with my added waveforms pack. The synth is mildly hard sounding and very analog. WOuld be good for rock as well. THICK.

  • Daniel
    from Largo, FL February 2, 2013Music Background:
    Sound Designer / Musician

    Sound Designer's Delight

    I was quite surprised by how great this synth sounds. 6 Voices, each with its own user-defined waveform, and 7 Modulation Envelopes per voice. It has a 24x24 Mod Matrix with 130+ Sources and 150 + Destinations, which when combined with the X/Y pad and additional MIDI control unleashes this Beast to its fullest potential. The FX are very nice (The 3 channel delay is Silky Smooth). Rapture is a true workhorse. I think many musicians and sound-designers will find this to be a "Goto" Synth, especially for pads and soundscapes, which it is absolutely incredible at producing (thanks in part to the 42 modulation envelopes). So get yourself a copy already and start tweaking!!!

  • Rolly Abarca
    from Los Angeles, CA USA December 25, 2012Music Background:
    Voice Talent, Audio, Music and Radio Professional

    Sound Design

    Nice Stand Alone instrument, and great Synth Pad

  • SJ
    from NYC July 30, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Musician, Recording Producer, Instructor

    Great sounds crippled by NO 64bit, NO 10.8.x compatibility!

    I bought this back when OSX 10.6.8 and 32 bit were more prevalent. At some point, I upgraded my 2010 Mac Pro to OSX 10.8.x, added RAM and started using my DAW in 64bit mode. This synth still worked. Rapture became my goto synth for a lot of sound design - even if I had to use it in 32bit bridge mode.

    HOWEVER - I had a HDD crash recently and this time installed 10.8 fresh. Rapture no longer even installs anymore on 64bit Mac OSX 10.8 so I called Cakewalk's "service" line. I told them the issue and the rep told me it was MY fault for upgrading my operating system!! Fuming, I asked to speak to a manager and they apologized, told me that this software isn't meant to run on newer Mac OSX (without Rosetta) and basically I was S.O.L. I went back to Sweetwater's site and nowadays, there is a disclaimer that it's not supported above 10.6.8. I mean come on - 64bit architecture has been around for a decade and by their own admission over the phone, they knew about Mac dropping Rosetta a few years in advance!

    So with this treatment, I see that Cakewalk is not concerned with maintaining their software, keeping it up to date with industry standards or at least "sunsetting" dead software they don't want to put the resources.

    Shame on Cakewalk and shame on the resellers still trying to sell a dead product that - while sounds great if you're content with using old, non-supported operating systems and slow 32 bit architecture - leaves musicians flapping in the wind.

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