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Time Compression and Expansion Plug-in for Apple's Logic and Soundtrack Pro - Mac/PC
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iZotope Radius image 1

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iZotope Radius
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iZotope Radius Delivers Extreme Time and Pitch Flexibly!

iZotope's Radius plug-in adds a new dimension to time compression and expansion to Apple's Logic and Soundtrack Pro. With Radius, you can grab the pitch of any sound source and shift it without changing its timing or acoustic space. It can even do extreme pitch shifts while preserving the natural timbre of the original audio. Radius can also change tempo without affecting pitch or tone. Even used for extreme stretches, Radius preserves the characteristics of instrument attacks and percussive hits. And by integrating directly into Soundtrack's "Process" menu and Logic's Time Machine, applying Radius is a snap.

iZotope Radius at a Glance:
  • Time compression and expansion with a light touch
  • A truly flexible TC/E algorithm
  • An upgrade for any video post production and sound design arsenal

Time compression and expansion with a light touch
One thing that sets Radius apart from other time compression and expansion tools is the way that it handles transients. Using an advanced hybrid method, iZotope Radius preserves transients sustained material at the same time. This function is vitally important when stretching the time of complete ensembles. For example, when stretching the timing of a piece containing percussion and swelling strings together, Radius will extend the string notes while maintaining the sharp attack of the drums; or when shifting the pitch of a brass section with staccato articulation, Radius elongates the sustain while retaining the punctuation of the leading edge of each note while.

A truly flexible TC/E algorithm
iZotope designed Radius to handle solo instruments and ensembles differently, because of their different basic characteristics. The two modes, called "Mix" and "Solo" mode capitalize on the best of time domain and frequency domain vocoder methods. Mix mode is intended for use with ensemble or polyphonic sources like mixes and drum loops, and it focuses on separating the transient information from the sustained background. Solo mode, as the name suggests, is ideal for a single harmonic sound source like a voice or stringed instrument.

An upgrade for any video post production and sound design arsenal
As mentioned above, there are some features of Radius that are particularly well suited for use in video post production and sound design. Its ability to smoothly compress or expand complex background music to fit into a specific time framework is invaluable. Sound designers will find it useful for its distortion-free time stretching and pitch shifting while creating sound effects. Radius also supports pull-up and pull-down functionality for converting film and video formals.

iZotope Radius Features:
  • Time stretch between 12.5% and 800%
  • Pitch shift from -36 to +36 semitones
  • Maintain original acoustic space and sound stage
  • Preserve transient attacks and timing accuracy
  • Apply formant correction with strength and shift control
  • Preserve Dolby matrix encoding
  • Maintain phase coherency and preserve stereo image
  • Supports sampling rates up to 192 kHz
  • Mac/PC
Take pitch shifting and time compression/expansion to the extreme with iZotope Radius!

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