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Primacoustic RX7 Monitor Isolation Pad 10.5" x 13", Angled Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Primacoustic RX7 Monitor Isolation Pad 10.5" x 13", Angled?

Questions about the Primacoustic RX7 Monitor Isolation Pad 10.5" x 13", Angled?

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  • from United States November 5, 2013Music Background:
    Freelance composer, sound developer.

    An essential purchase

    When I first moved into my new room I had very high bass ringing. Room treatment went a long way to solve this but I still had very bad bass response. If I moved slightly this way or that the sound changed as well, which meant I had other problems too. I experimented a good deal with placement and eventually got a much better response overall, but I was still having untold trouble with bass.

    One day I decided to experiment with horizontal speaker placements. I decided to sit them higher and angle them down a little. To do this I took out some rubber feet that came with my stands in order to prop up the back of my Focal CMS65's. To my astonishment the response of the speakers improved dramatically. Then I realized a mistake I had made along the way with my position experiments. I had removed all rubber feet from the speaker stands and the focals were sitting bare on the metal of the stands. This was what was causing a lot of the trouble. I suspected the bass was travelling down the stands and interacting with the wooden floor.

    I decided to see if there might be even more effective ways to decouple the speakers from the stands and the floor. After a good amount of research and a recommendation from a trusted friend I bought these. With every intention to return them if they did not noticeably improve my sound.

    I knew first hand from previous experience how poorly a speaker performs when you put it on a wooden desk surface compared to a good speaker stand, but I had heavy metal speaker stands from Sweetwater. Not the kind you can fill with sand but nonetheless I thought they would be heavy enough to be doing a good job and after all the recoils are not heavier than the stands themselves.. How much could they really do?

    Well, when I got them (very soon after ordering I should add) I mounted them and played my favourite and best known music (electronic dance music, very bass heavy) and I was absolutely stunned and elated at the sound I was finally getting from my Focals. I had blamed them all along for being weak, when really it was my own fault. These are incredible speakers, but only after I got them set up correctly could I really experience them. The bass response improved dramatically. That much I had hoped for, but what I did not expect was the great expansion of stereo width and the overall sweeter more involving sound I got. I was for the first time immersed in the sound, I felt I could hear into recordings I knew quite well. I could hear inside reverbs for the first time. A room reverb sounded like a room, it had depth and space. Previously reverb had been for the most part a 2D affair. It had been a long time since I enjoyed listening to music like this. After a while I didn't care about the evaluation, I just got totally lost in my music collection. I had a great time!

    The most important thing was how much the bass cleaned up. I felt punch, depth and clarity that I knew these speakers we capable of but I could never achieve before. This is essential for any kind of bass heavy music, but especially dance music and such which relies on kick and bass being in the right balance.

    These things have made a tremendous impact, especially in relation to their cost. They have allowed me to take my mixing up a notch as I simply could not mix what I could not clearly hear. For that reason I strongly recommend you give these a try, unless you already have extremely good anchoring for your speakers and likely if you are looking at these you don't.

    Before getting that new plug-in, converter or speaker upgrade, try these out. And if you haven't already, treat your room it will make your life so much easier.

  • from Bronx, NY November 24, 2012Music Background:


    Based on reviews from professionals and semi professionals alike, I have long since been wanting to add these to my studio arsenal. After putting these to use in my studio, my decision to switch has proven more than sound, it has me wondering why I didn't switch sooner.

    I'm formerly a MoPad user (which are not at all a bad product, especially for their price range) - but I am completely blown away by this product. The Recoil Stabilizers have enabled me to mix much more easily and effectively than I have prior to utilizing them. Frequency response from my monitors is now exceptionally tight and defined across the spectrum, imaging is MICRO-pinpoint in accuracy, transients are as sharp (or as dull) as I want them to be - in short, I'm able to really hone in on my mixes without having to THINK about honing in, the truth of my mixes are just THERE, enabling me to make good decisions without occasionally having to guess. I'd recommend this product highly to any engineer, regardless of environment or experience.

    I also want to take a moment and thank my sales rep, Chris Lewis, for always providing the best level of customer service I have ever had from any gear retailer - he's truly amazing, transparent as can be and is the main reason why Sweetwater is my choice for studio gear. Thanks, Chris!!

  • from Israel March 14, 2012

    Just wow!

    A great product! Immediately feel the difference, I use focal solo 6, and u feel the lows better than before!!

  • from Chicago September 21, 2008Music Background:


    After hearing these at a friend's studio, I had to go out and get them. These gave amazing clarity to the mixes, especially the lower end. No boom or rattle whatsoever, just tons of clarity. I found many mistakes in my older mixes as well that I was able to fix. These stabalizers seem to have a more dramtic effect on "lower end" monitors keep in mind. They made my MAudio's sound like my Genelecs, no kidding....

  • from Missoula, MT June 13, 2011Music Background:
    Engineer, Musician

    Jury is still out..

    I've only had these for about a month, and in A/B comparisons, I don't really notice much difference; although, I've only used them on one project. I've taken some mixes to alternate systems, and I can't really say emphatically that I hear much difference.

    As noted by others, they are heavy. Much more that one would expect. They are very stable, although my monitors appear to sit out of plumb a bit. If not for the price, I would rate these higher, but...........

Questions about the Primacoustic RX7 Monitor Isolation Pad 10.5" x 13", Angled?

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