Fulltone Custom Shop RTO Robin Trower Signature Overdrive Pedal

Signature Overdrive Pedal
Fulltone Custom Shop RTO Robin Trower Signature Overdrive Pedal image 1
Fulltone Custom Shop RTO Robin Trower Signature Overdrive Pedal image 1
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Fulltone Custom Shop RTO Robin Trower Signature Overdrive Pedal
In Stock!

Another instant classic from Fulltone!

Fulltone's "RTO" Robin Trower Overdrive offers an big, thick overdrive fit for a player of Trower's status. RTO is touch responsive, allowing every nuance of your playing to shine through, Chords sound huge and you've got plenty of sustain. Looking to clean up your tone a bit? Simply roll back the volume, giving you great dynamics in real time. RTO is built for Fenders and Marshalls, but responds well to all types of guitars and amps. Add excellent touch responsive, dynamic tones to your rig, it's the RTO Robin Trower Overdrive.

Fulltone "RTO" Robin Trower Overdrive at a Glance:
  • Long-lasting pots
  • Who uses Fulltone?

Long-lasting pots
Fulltone's custom-made brass-shaft pots are among the strongest and smoothest feeling pots available. These amazing pots are mounted to the interior PCB board via a proprietary "thru-PCB" method rather than having the pot be secured by the pot terminals, drastically reducing pot-related failure. This method keeps Fulltone pedals up and running for the duration of your playing days. Plus, this eliminates the need for a bunch of jumper wires, keeping your tone as pure as humanly possible.

Who uses Fulltone?
The list of Fulltone fans reads like a who's who of guitar heroes. Both Ron Wood and Keith Richards have Fulltone gear in their touring rigs, as does Nigel Tufnel from the legendary British metal band Spinal Tap, and Boston bad-boys Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton. Punk/rockabilly mainstay Reverend Horton Heat is a Fulltone convert. Other notable Fulltone users include Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard, Jack Bruce of Cream, perennial alt rocker Lou Reed, and Tom Petty along with Heartbreaker Mike Campbell.

Fulltone "RTO" Robin Trower Overdrive Features:
  • Great overdrive tones
  • Dynamic - roll back guitar volume for different tones
  • Volume, Tone, and Drive controls

Why buy Fulltone?
Fulltone was founded in 1991 by session guitarist, composer, performer, and electronic tinkerer Michael Fuller. His pedals were born out of love for music and tone, as well as the frustration at the inconsistencies and the often fragile nature of vintage pedals. Fulltone pedals are 100% handmade in Southern California using the finest components, including custom-made 22-gauge copper wire with no tin coating, Fulltone-designed 3PDT switches, and custom-made brass shaft pots, mounted using Fulltone's proprietary "thru-PCB" method. The end result: Fulltone pedals are built to last and sound amazing.

Additional Media

RTO User Manual

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Overdrive
Inputs 1 x Instrument
Outputs 1 x 1/4"
Batteries 1 x 9V
Height 2.1"
Width 2.5"
Depth 4.5"
Weight 1 lbs.
Power Supply Included No
Manufacturer Part Number CS-RTO

Customer Reviews

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The best and most unique feature of this Overdrive pedal is how it responds to the volume control on your guitar. If you turn your volume down low the pedal really cleans up nicely, I mean REALLY CLEAN, no fizz or buzzy stuff, clear bell like sound. Ready for some drive? Spin the guitar volume open and here comes the sustain and overdrive, as much as you want depending on how you set the controls. I own over a dozen different distortion pedals along with nine Boogie amps, a Marshall 100 watt and a Bugera 1960 150 watt head. I waited a long time before I finally bought the RTO, I'm so glad I finally got it. This is NOT ANOTHER TUBE SCREAMER. For comparison I have a vintage Maxon Tube Screamer as well as one of their newer 808 Overdrive pedals. None of the Tube Screamers I've ever used clean-up like the RTO when you turn the guitar down low. The tone controls on a Stratocaster become much more useable and important when using the RTO. You'll find yourself rolling off some highs and never missing them because the pedal has so much character. My favorite set up for using this pedal is the Bugera 1960 head into a Marshall 4x12, this combination yields up a very authentic Robin Trower tone. I run the Bugera with the master volume bypassed so it's a very loud amplifier, with the RTO and my American Standard Strat the sound is amazing. Now, throw in the Fulltone Vibe pedal and it's Robin Trower tone bliss. It's an expensive pedal and frankly, after living in LA for eight years, the whole "Made in California" thing means nothing to me. Inside the pedal looks to be well made, the mounting of the pots is the best feature. The case is surprisingly thick and heavy. The footswitch has a nice positive click feel to it. The LED is bright and easy to see but not too bright. It may be a bit expensive so skip all the other distortion and overdrive pedals you were thinking about buying, just go for this one and you'll be ready to rock some serious overdrive. Good music to all!
Music background: Professional Entertainer and Engineer

trower power

I was a huge Marshall fan untill I ran into the fender hot rod series, the clean is killer but with this change I found my amp wasn't quite as heavy as I wanted, that's where the RTO signature OD comes in with many different options for tone and sound, this pedal has 3 knobs Volume (how much effect u want to come through)/ Drive (from sweet piercingly crunch to a full on heavy drive)/ Tone (this knob controls your output and sustain, a warm laid back tone right to a in ur face punching tone, I have to say Thanks to the Sweet Water staff for getting this pedal to me at the low cut price and speedy arrival, couldn't be happier!

Fulltone RTO overdrive

Outstanding pedal! Guitarists it doesn't get any better than this pedal. Solidly built in the USA, in So Cal. I have owned too many pedals to mention, and have been playing for decades. You simply cannot go wrong with this pedal. It's class all the way. Give Mark Magdich a call, he will take good care of you : )
Music background: Semi Pro

Best Overdrive - EVER...

This overdrive effects pedal definitely has the "WOW factor". I've been using the Fulltone OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Drive) effects pedal as my main OD, and after spending a couple months on the fence trying to decide if another OD pedal from Fulltone was worth the high sticker price, albeit, a "Robin Trower" signature one, I finally broke down and got it, and what a huge difference! I sold the OCD and use the RTO for all of my blues-rock playing. The RTO makes my American Special Strat sound very much like RT's $3500 signature start from the Fender Custom Shop, and this is not an exaggeration. I noticed the difference in tone immediately. I've used a lot of pedals over the last 35 years, and this was the only one that ever caused my jaw to drop. After I ordered it, I was hoping I didn't waste a lot of money on another variation of the OCD, and I was very happy to learn that i didn't. The lows are very pronounced and there's great sound even when turning down the volume on the guitar; sometimes bright and other times a bit subterranean. The mids and highs are very clear and the tones are atmospheric, bright, and crisp. It's the clarity and voicing of the tones that I think really blow me away. I love using it with my wah-wah and vibe. Though I still believe this pedal is pricey, I have to say that it's probably worth it in the long run. I will NEVER need another overdrive, and because this Fulltone pedal is so ruggedly built (in America) with very responsive controls, I am confident this pedal will last a lifetime. If you need a great overdrive that will really make you love your tone - and at low volume with no loss in quality voicing - then I believe the RTO is the way you want to go.
Music background: Musician

Perfect with a Strat and small tube amp

I've had so many distortion / overdrive pedals in my years of playing that I can't remember them all. Got so disgusted with the sound of every one of them that I gave up using pedals for the last several years. On the advice of a few other Strat players who swear by Mike Fuller's products I once again looked into trying another overdrive pedal so I could play at lower volumes, which in turn made my neighbors happy. I looked at both the OCD, and the RTO, having been a huge Trower fan since first seeing him live at the Philadelphia Spectrum in 1976, I decided on the RTO. I'm totally blown away at the sound, the tone, the control, and overall vibe of this device. Once you find that sweet balance between amp volume and pedal settings, the rest is up to your guitar volume, and pick attack. I never thought I'd be able to play "Bridge of Sighs" through a Fender Blues Jr. and even come close to Robin's sound, and at bedroom levels. This pedal is a keeper, I don't ever see myself getting tired of this one and selling it on eBay at a loss. Even if you're not a Trower fan, this is an awesome dynamic overdrive pedal that suits well between single coils and tube power amps......
Music background: Hobbyist, garage band player
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