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Drum Trigger Kit with 1 Kick, 1 Snare, and 3 Tom Triggers
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Roland RT-Kit 1 image 1

Sorry, the Roland RT-Kit 1 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Roland RT-Kit 1
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Turn Your Acoustic Kit Into a Sound Factory!

If you own an acoustic drum set but want to play electronic sounds, there is a simple solution: Roland's RT-Series Acoustic Drum Triggers. These drum triggers can be installed non permanently on an acoustic set. Once in place, they send a trigger signal to compatible sound modules, giving acoustic drummers access to entirely new sound palettes. Put the RT-Series to work in your music! Roland RT-Series Acoustic Drum Triggers at a Glance:

  • RT-5S snare trigger with dual sensors and V-Pad technology
  • RT-7K kick trigger fits virtually any kick drum
  • RT-3T tom trigger is compact and sensitive
  • Works with any Roland percussion module or other sources

RT-5S snare trigger The Roland RT-5S snare trigger fits on your snare drum easily and doesn't get in your way. This dual-sensor trigger captures both head and rim signals so you can trigger multiple sounds with one hit! The RT-5S uses sensor technology from the acclaimed Roland V-Pads to ensure even, reliable response. RT-7K kick trigger The RT-7K kick trigger is specially designed to fit wooden or composite kick drum hoops, so it works with virtually any kick! The spring-loaded RT-7K sensor can handle loose or tight tunings to ensure sensitivity and response no matter what your style. RT-3T tom trigger Pop the RT-3T tom trigger on your toms to generate new sound sensations! This single-sensor trigger is compact and easy to install and remove. Plus, the RT-3T offers sensitivity to capture the nuances of your playing - perfect for triggering velocity-switched multisamples! Works with any Roland percussion module or other sources The RT-Series Acoustic Drum Triggers can plug directly into any Roland percussion module, including the TD-20, TD-10, TD-8, SPD Series and the HPD-15 HandSonic. Or use the TMC-6 trigger-to-MIDI converter to play other MIDI modules or even record your acoustic playing into a sequencer. These versatile triggers can turn your acoustic kit into a sound laboratory! Roland RT-Series Acoustic Drum Triggers Features:

  • Kit consists of: (1) RT-7K, (1) RT-5S and (3) RT-3T
  • High quality acoustic drum triggers consisting of RT-7K Kick Trigger, RT-5S Snare Trigger and RT-3T Tom Trigger
  • Can be easily installed or removed without damage to acoustic drums
  • Superior sensor construction maintains natural acoustic sound
  • Rock-solid construction built to withstand aggressive playing
  • RT-5S and RT-7K use sensor technology from Roland's V-Pads to capture the most delicate nuances
  • RT-5S supports separate head/rim triggering and both acoustic and mesh heads
  • Ideal for use with Roland TMC-6 Trigger MIDI Converter
  • Works directly with Roland V-Drum modules and SPD-Series pads

Turn your drum kit into a sound factory with the Roland RT-Series Drum Triggers!

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