Rotosound RS885LD Tru Bass 88 Black Nylon Tapewound Long Scale 5-String Bass Strings

.065-.135 Five-string Black Nylon Tapewound Long Scale Bass Strings
Rotosound RS885LD Tru Bass 88 Black Nylon Tapewound Long Scale 5-String Bass Strings image 1
Rotosound RS885LD Tru Bass 88 Black Nylon Tapewound Long Scale 5-String Bass Strings image 1
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Rotosound RS885LD Tru Bass 88 Black Nylon Tapewound Long Scale 5-String Bass Strings
In Stock!

Upright Tones for Your Electric Bass!

Put Rotosound's Tru Bass 88 strings on your 5-string electric bass guitar and get the sound and feel of an upright! Particularly good on fretless bass (but also well-suited for jazz, dub, and reggae on fretted instruments), the Tru Bass 88 black nylon tapewound bass strings can be heard on such famous albums as the Beatles' Abbey Road and Lou Reed's Transformer. Tonally, the sound is similar to that of an acoustic upright bass, with a smooth feel and extremely low tension. Add a new dimension to you tonal palette, with Rotosound's Tru Bass 88s!

Rotosound Tru Bass 88 Black Nylon Tapewound Long-scale Bass Guitar Strings Features:
  • Standard gauge 5-string
  • Long Scale
  • .065, .075, .100, .115, .135
  • Black nylon tapewound
You get smooth bass tones with Rotosound's Tru Bass 88 bass strings!

Tech Specs

Guitar Type 5-string Long-scale Bass
Number of Sets 1
Coated Yes (Black Nylon)
Gauges .065, .075, .100, .115, .135
Winding Type Tapewound
Core Material Steel
Winding Material Coated Steel
Manufacturer Part Number RS885LD

Customer Reviews

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Awesome tone

I learned how to play the bass on an acoustic bass (upright). And I love the tone of acoustic bass, but they're just impractical to travel with. I found these strings for my Squier P-bass V. These strings turned a great sounding bass into a "Tone Monster"! I've used Rotosound strings for years (Swingbass 66) and have found them to be long lasting and reliable and these strings measure in every way as well. So, if you're looking for strings that will give you acoustic bass tone on an electric bass, these are your strings!
Music background: Semi-pro / weekend warrior

Mellow strings...

I am new to Bass. So, take it into consideration. However, I bought an RS885LD set eight(8) months ago, after having this Ibanez SR605 for about a month (from Sweetwater.) I wasn't very happy to find that Ibanez put Elixir strings (.045-130) on it at the factory, based on my previous experience with their 6-string Acoustic (regular) guitar sets (and I have two sets of Elixir that I can't -give- away. Nobody wants 'em.) Didn't like the 'high' tone of the 1st/.045, so I -never- used it. (Kind of a waste... with having a 5-string Bass.)-- A few weeks ago, I finally got together with a friend, who has built several guitars, to file the NUT a little so these 'fatter' strings would fit.1) My primary musical interest is older (real) Country music and mellow Pop tunes, so I got looking for something to emulate Upright Bass... and found these.2) When I bought these, the 'fatter' .065 1st-string immediately appealed to me. I was NOT disappointed!! It's tone is smooth and deeper than the wimpy Nickel-wound .045. I am -now- learning how to incorporate the 1st-string into songs I've been working on for over a year.3) Flat-wound strings (in general) provide a smoother feel and ease-of-play. I don't get the burrrrrr when sliding occasionally between frets.4) The nylon outer-wrap smooths/mellows the tone of these strings... AND makes these strings slightly larger, which also yields a slightly deeper Bass tone.With these strings, I am even more excited about learning to play Bass... and, hopefully, play it well.
Music background: 6-string Acoustic for several years. Bass since Jan '14. 5-string Bass since Nov '14. (still just a newbie to Bass.)

smooth as silk

Love the feel and the sound,easy on the fingers

Amazing Smooth Sound

I just put a set of these on my Gibson EB-5 and absolutely love them! No string noise, no fret pop... just great rich tone and still have that bottom end punch. I also use an analog to midi interface to drive the keyboard and these strings really cleaned up the clutter that can happen when changing notes. Only down side is that my Snark tuner doesn't want to work well with them... but I'll take that trade-off any day.
Music background: Pro Musican - Bass Player - Renegade Rail

Outstanding Bass Strings

Rotosound RS885LD Black Nylon Tapewound strings are a perfect match with my Ibanez BTB fretless bass. They have both the sustain and depth of round wound strings and capture something of the upright bass tone.
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