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Rotosound RS77LD Jazz 77 Monel Flatwound Long Scale Bass Strings Reviews

4.5 stars based on 29 customer reviews
Questions about the Rotosound RS77LD Jazz 77 Monel Flatwound Long Scale Bass Strings?

Questions about the Rotosound RS77LD Jazz 77 Monel Flatwound Long Scale Bass Strings?

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  • from Harmony NC March 28, 2017


    I love the smooth feel and sweet action of these strings. That have a great time and I'm a believer. I'll use no other strings on my USA Geddy Lee Jazz!

  • from Harmony NC March 28, 2017


    I love the smooth feel and sweet action of these strings. That have a great time and I'm a believer. I'll use no other strings on my USA Geddy Lee Jazz!

  • from Lakeland, FL March 17, 2017

    Opens-up a whole new sound

    Drop down menu say, 5.0, "WOW!, Blown Away". Yep, that's very true. Nice smooth tones, clean, and responds much better with the EQ. When a fellow bass player pointed them out to me, The thought of switching from the standard Rotosound roundwound to these was no dice, but here I am saying you have to try these. It didn't take 5 minutes for me to know that these were the best I've ever heard.

  • from Bassett, VA. January 12, 2017Music Background:
    Have Played Bass (Blues) for over 50 years

    RotoSound 77 Bass Strings

    Both long and short sets, as usual, these strings were just what I expected, Great !

  • from Indiana May 23, 2016Music Background:
    Veteran picker

    Flat wounds forever!

    Great tone and feel! I am playing with a pick more an more lately. Some flats sound thin using a pick, not these. They have a well balanced tone. You can't go wrong buying roto's.

  • from Houston Area May 2, 2016Music Background:
    Long time player

    Very soft to the touch strings

    This is my second set of these strings. I purchased a brand new J Bass and knew I wanted to use these strings. I have used them on a much lessor bass for a while & love the way they play and sound. These strings are soft and slinking and last and last. The monel is a soft metal with excellent corrosion properties. I have seen monel used in highly corrosion service with my 40 years of experience as a chemical plant worker. The tone is very warm but can be rough when played hard. Well worth the money! Sweetwater will get 'em to you quickly.

  • from Wisconsin May 1, 2016Music Background:

    That flatwound sound!

    Great product. They're not cheap, but they sound great. Build quality seems top notch!

    If you're looking to try something beyond the standard guitar shop finds, this set of strings is worth giving a whirl.

  • from Houston Area March 29, 2016

    Smooth feeling strings

    These strings are very smooth to the touch. They seem to stay in tune very well. The Monel should last for a very long time and is why these were selected.

  • from Las Vegas Nevada February 5, 2016Music Background:

    They Stand Behind the Brand Name

    I waited for four months before I made my opinion however these strings feel smooth on the hands and provide a tone which has made them a winner amongst those players in the know Bass Player Magazine even declared that these standard gauge flatwound strings are their favorites. That being said the only other two honorable mention are the La Bella Original 1954 Flatwound Bass Guitar Strings which is what you here on James Jamerson recordings from Motown probably most of the 60s and Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Bass Guitar Strings which are in a class of their own if you get a chance to purchase these strings you'll probably never use anything else unless your funds are low or your woman see you about to spend over a $100 dollars on something that's not for her you get the picture.

  • from NH December 7, 2015Music Background:
    Rock, Blues, whatever for 40yrs.

    Nice tone

    I used to play round wounds but not anymore. These strings sound great on my P bass, J bass and even my Allen Woody short scale. They are easy on the fingers and don`t get sticky feeling. These are much better sounding than Fender strings to me.

  • from Bonne Terre Mo. October 21, 2015Music Background:
    10 years playing bass, 30 years Guitar

    Best flatswounds

    Best Flats I've tried. They have a punch and growl that blew me away. No bull. even guys that use roundwound srings wound like these. also great service, Sean at Sweetwater had these to me in 2 days with free shipping, you cant beat that. Thanks Sean

  • from Torrance, Ca April 26, 2015Music Background:
    Bass Newbie

    Stop, Put These On, Play

    Great strings, easier to play, smooth on the fingers up and down the fretboard.

    These flat wounds have a growl to them with a quiet background. Nice

    Stop what you're doing. Order these, Wait a few days, put these on. You'll be glad you did.

  • from Proctorville, Ohio March 14, 2015

    A great flatwound string

    I like the sound of roundwounds strings, but at times only flatwounds will do! And these are it!. Thses strings made my Dimension modern player bass come to life!. The lows aren't muddy sounding,and the mids are pronounced and the highs are pleasant to the ear!. I was hesitant at first about them, since I have tried Rotosound strings in the past and found them to edgy and crisp. These strings work very well for me. and very happy with the purchase. Thank you Mark for your patients with me on my string choice.

  • from Burlington, NC January 23, 2015Music Background:

    Best Bass Strings I've Tried

    I used to play Fender Flats but I decided to try these after seeing my favorite bassist (Roger Waters) uses them. They get me a nice punchy sound that sustains for days. I highly recommend these strings.

  • from Wyoming December 30, 2014Music Background:
    Producer, Recording Engineer, Pro Musician


    These Rotosound Flatwounds sound amazing and live up to their legacy. Remarkably rare, every string was perfect in length... Thought I'd entered the Twilight Zone. No skin that peels off like the coated brands, and the silky "no zip" sound coupled with smooth playability make these Rotosounds my go-to bass strings!

  • from Milwaukee , wi November 6, 2014Music Background:
    Bass player

    New to RotoSound

    This is only my 2nd time using rotosound , but I think they are great , very well made and I really like the sound of the flatwound

  • from New Ipswich,NH October 28, 2014Music Background:
    Playing rock bands since 1970. Home recording, parties,clubs

    Great strings.......Quiet for recording

    These sound great on my Jazz bass. I haven`t tried many flatwound strings but I tried Fender`s first and they didn`t have the nice punch like the Roto Sound strings. I use 3 Fender basses and I think I`ll put a set of these on my P-Bass and stick with the Slinky roundwound on my Sting bass.

  • from Lodi Ca. August 27, 2014Music Background:
    Semi pro musician.


    Went out on a limb and decided to try flats on my P bass. WOW should have done so years ago. Rotosound is still the bomb.

  • from Haverhill, MA January 10, 2014Music Background:

    Why didn't I get these sooner?

    This is my first time using flat wound strings and I was totally blown away by them. My bass naturally has tons of Mojo, however these strings brought that to the next level! I'll never go back to rounds...ever!

  • from Stevensville, MD July 28, 2013Music Background:
    Part-Time musician

    Great Strings

    I put these on my Epiphone Jack Cassidy bass and they sound great live and also sound amazing for our most recent recording. They have a nice tone on the Highs and an amazing lower end. I have just put a set on my P-Bass and they sound great.

  • from Spencer, NY January 14, 2013Music Background:
    Hobby player 19+ years

    Solid Sound For Flats

    I picked up a Squier fretless j-bass just to get back into it, and a guitar-playing coworker told me to get RotoSounds. Grabbed this set and they are amazing. Not dead or muddy like most of the flats I've played in the past. Only downside: I want them for my MTD 5-string now, but they don't have this set in an extra-long scale. Going to try True Bass 88s for that, because I'm SOLD on RotoSounds now. I'd recommend these for every bass out there.

  • from milw or December 21, 2012Music Background:
    bass player


    love these strings , put them on all my basses

  • from Makanda, IL August 23, 2012Music Background:

    Well they are RotoSounds......

    My brother is the bass player with RS, in the family and played stand up in high school. So when I got my bass guitar there was no other string to even consider. The sound of these strings make any bass a classic. Chris Squire and I have something in common. These are the strings to have. A little pricey, but well worth it.

  • from July 20, 2012

    The for that deep sound

    Why buy anything that gives you less, quallity for purist.

  • from Tampa, Fl January 12, 2012Music Background:
    traveled for years in bands. Now primarily learning home recording!!

    flats for recording

    When I mentioned that I was thinking of going from Roto rounds to flats, Jeff sent me some Roto flats. I really can't compare these to other flats because I have no experience with others. What I will say is that if the goal is a punchy (Beatles fat) bass sound that sits well in the mix, you have got to rediscover flats!!!

  • from aurora ill. November 15, 2011Music Background:
    student bassist

    77 4 string jazz bass guitar strings

    excellent strings great service!

  • from Aurora, IL October 27, 2011Music Background:
    Electric Bass

    Very impressed

    Our order arrived so fast and the quality is perfect we were so impressed we took a road trip to your headquarters and were given a tour of the facility by our rep. Matt and am more impressed than ever.

    Keep up the good Work

  • from NW Ohio September 5, 2011Music Background:

    Not for my bass.

    I got these flats because I saw that they had pretty good reviews. I must say, I'm not impressed. I've got a Schecter Stiletto Custom 4 and they just don't seem to work with the EMG HZ pickups that well. I'm sure they would work better on another type of bass, but they just seem to lack character. They also brought a new deadspot into the light that I now need to fix.

    That said, they feel pretty great and the tension is just what I was looking for. They are stiffer than a lot of other strings, but I also play upright and I like stiff strings. I'll probably be switching to nickel lowriders or possibly chromes for my next string swap.

  • from Long Island, NY August 22, 2011Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Rotosound RS 77 Flatwounds .045-.105

    Rotosound's RS 77 Flatwound bass strings have a rich and full body sound. They help give my bass that deep sound which rounds out the mix quite nicely. They are also easy to play due to their smoothness. Try them, you won't be disappointed!

Questions about the Rotosound RS77LD Jazz 77 Monel Flatwound Long Scale Bass Strings?

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