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TC Electronic RS410 4x10" 600-Watt Bass Cabinet Reviews

4.5 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the TC Electronic RS410 4x10" 600-Watt Bass Cabinet?

Questions about the TC Electronic RS410 4x10" 600-Watt Bass Cabinet?

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  • from Minneapolis, MN January 28, 2017


    This cab sounds good it's stupid. First of all, I tried ordering from another company and kept being backordered for months, so I went with my favorite salesman Anthony Jenkins at Sweetwater. This helpful amazing man got the amp to my door in 2 days. I unwrap the packaging, plug in, and finally hear the sounds I picture in my head. It's the most beautiful tone my bass has ever produced. And man, this thing will get loud. I play a lot of R&B and Gospel and I've always struggled with a balanced slap tone and a cab that produces perfectly clear Low B's. Just imagine a loud, durable, clean amp that can truly do anything. Limitless.

  • from Erie, PA November 18, 2016

    Nice cabinet

    I purchased this cabinet along with the RH750 head. I was a little worried about buying TC Electronic because I had never used their gear in the past. I was pleasantly surprised right from the start.Together, they have the rich deep sound I was looking for. The 410 cabinet has plenty of punch and still maintains the deep rich lows that you would expect. If you are like me and have never tried TC Electronic gear, do yourself a favor and give them a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed.. The only draw back I see on this cabinet is the weight. It ways about 85 pounds which can be a real bear to drag around but the handles are sturdy and seem to be built well enough to take the weight. I use a hand truck to move the cabinet around but if you have a strong back, you can move it yourself or just ask a band member to give you a hand.

  • from Jackson, KY October 29, 2015Music Background:
    Praise and Worship

    TC Electronic RS410

    This Cab is built heavy duty and the tone and quality is second to none. It is heavy but for what I'm using it for and not transporting it will be perfect for my use. The sound you get out o these RS cabs are as good as anything I've used. I always appreciate my sales rep TJ Walstrom and him pointing me in the direction of this awesome Bass cab.

  • from Cincinnati, OH September 16, 2015Music Background:
    bass player, lead vocalist

    It'sa good cabinet but.....

    It doesn't blow me away. I wish it blew me away. I've always used quality gear, so I'm used to higher end stuff. I picked this up when I got the Blacksmith. I'm replacing a 20 plus year old custom built 410 cabinet. It doesn't sound any better. In fact, in a blind test, I couldn't tell a difference. The "Rhino Liner" style finish is not as durable as I would have liked. I'm down to bare wood in several areas & it's only a few months old. There are pre-drilled holes for 8 feet but it only comes with four feet & four screws. I don't like empty holes, so I picked up extra feet & screws (be careful not to get screws that are too long-the holes don't go all the way through the cabinet). It is a good cabinet. Maybe I've set the bar too high. TC Electronic has been a quality manufacturer for quite some time.

  • from Sonoma, CA February 23, 2015Music Background:
    Playing on and off for 35 yrs.

    Built Like A Tank!

    I have played them all. From SVT to Hartke to GK and this cabinet outshines them all. I use the TC RH 750 head with this cab. Excellent lows and highs and power. However....this cabinet is NOT as light or portable as they suggest. It weighs 80lbs and does not come with casters and is quite "dense".

    If you are moving this cab alone.....better have a good back.

  • from Milwaukee Wisconsin June 13, 2014Music Background:
    Pro.Musician/ pastor of a local church.

    Love my TC RS 4X10's

    The only problem I have with my cabs, is that they need to be 8oo watts to a 1000. per cab. the tone is so clear a clean, it's great to finally have a cab that's not making so much noise and cracking from bad speaker connections. and over worked. TC and Sweet water co. hats off to the both of you, for making my playing sound just the way I want to sound. Thank you.

  • from Plymouth, NH July 19, 2013Music Background:
    working musician

    Fantastic cab!

    Originally planned to purchase different cabs to go with TC RH450 head. Glad I decided to go with TC instead. Amazing tone and can handle the power of the amp with room to spare. Rugged construction - no tolex to rip. Inset handles not the cheap spring loaded type. input/outputs are Speakon only. Be sure to order one with your cab as TC no longer provides them with 2013 production. Go with 12 gauge wire - durability and sound quality are worth the extra $$$. If you can't find the gauge/length cable combination you want on Sweetwater site, just ask your sales engineer. Sweetwater has its own cable shop and will hook you up with whatever you need.

  • from America April 6, 2012Music Background:
    Working musician , studio musician...


    I bought the rs410 and the bc410....wish I'd bought 2 rs410's...
    The bc410 is a good cab but the rs410 gives me the punch I like and the ohm mismatch between the two limits me.. So now I've got my eye on the cab with two 12 inch speakers ...bottom line ... I'm happy ....

Questions about the TC Electronic RS410 4x10" 600-Watt Bass Cabinet?

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