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Gibson Acoustic J-15 - Natural Reviews

5.0 stars based on 47 customer reviews
Questions about the Gibson Acoustic J-15 - Natural?

Questions about the Gibson Acoustic J-15 - Natural?

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  • from Kentucky April 13, 2017Music Background:
    50 Years by a campfire

    Unique Walnut Vibes

    Always a fan of the round shoulder ( J style) Gibsons you know what you're going to get size & feel wise. A big fan of Sweetwater and my Sales Engineer (Joseph Secu) you know what to expect service wise. WHAT, never ordered an instrument on line! You can expect the great service they describe in print.( And have been known to go even further when that unusual, unexpected problem arises ). As for the fit and finish, beautiful, setup - dead on (their specs),The WOW is that somewhere between mahogany & rosewood sound that the walnut makes. The simple electronics are a nice, unobtrusive touch. I have many, mostly high end, guitars and this one fits right in. If you use Sweetwater as a reference or dream book I highly recommend them for your next purchase. You have nothing to loose but a whole lot to gain!

  • from Fairfield County, CT February 17, 2017Music Background:
    Just playing for fun

    First acoustic - thrilled with it & Sweetwater service

    I recently decided to buy an acoustic guitar and wanted to get something that would last me a long time. From looking at other guitars, the value of this guitar is just incredible. When I first took it out of the case the other night I was blown away by the craftsmanship and how it sounded. It's a completely different animal than my electric and I'm going to enjoy progressing with it.

    I dealt with Jordan Clohessy in this process and I can't say enough about him and the overall Sweetwater experience. He was great in dealing with my indecisiveness and just wanted to make sure that I was happy and was making an informed decision every step of the way. He also recommended what looks to be a great guitar humidifier since I live in a dry northeast house. Lastly, I never really thought about the 55 point inspection's value until I opened the box and had an instrument that I know was properly set up and looked over. Good piece of mind.

    I would definitely recommend this amazing sounding guitar, and buying it from SW.

  • from January 1, 2017

    Great Guitar!

    I have owned this guitar for about four months now. I don't write reviews very often.. but I really like this guitar. The action was just a tad high for me initially.. I had it set up.. and I fell in Love! The neck is fast, I love the tone, and it is simple but attractive! Sounds great plugged in or not. The Walnut back/side sound and look great! The build is very nice! Great Quality! BuY it!

  • from Seattle November 30, 2016

    Gibson J15---definitely worth a play

    I found my J15 used after being impressed with one I played in one of the big music stores; they term it Gibson's 'entry level acoustic'----what does that mean, really? It's like a J45(which costs more because of the sunburst finish and rosewood fretboard); the tone is slightly brighter but still well balanced with the mids and lows. This is a great guitar for recording, too. I had mine setup by my luthier and it plays great. A solid-wood Gibson at an affordable price(especially on sale and even better used). The woods are not perfectly bookmatched on the top of mine, but the walnut back is simply stunning in it's patterns. I really like the backstripe up the maple neck---nice design choice. I did not like the strings at all on it(Gibson Masterbuilt) and put on Martin Retro Monels, which to me bring out more of the true tone of the wood. And this secret: if you put old strings on, it sounds like a vintage Gibson from the 50's or 60's! All said, this is a great guitar…the LR Baggs system works well, too with a PA. I would say it is one of Gibson's best-kept underrated secrets…but not for long.

  • from Cherry Hill, NJ November 5, 2016Music Background:
    No one confuses me for Jason Maraz LOL


    My sales rep Scott Bennett is amazing. This is my third or fourth order with him and the one thing I learned is that Scott will listen, help and never push me into a sale. Truth be told, I have him saved in my phone and before I buy equipment, I call him.

    The J15 is an amazing guitar. I wanted a made in America guitar. I wanted a guitar made from actual wood (no laminate, no plastic). I checked out the usual suspects and was sorely disappointed at what is available. From Martin, in this price range there is almost nothing. They do have made in Mexico guitars made from plastic (with an all wood top). A few grand for a plastic guitar?! No thanks. Another thing, Martin is using Certified Richlite on their necks and bridges. If you didn't already know, this is paper and glue put under extreme pressure. So, you are paying all of that money for paper and glue (and plastic in some cases). They have sure changed from the Martin that I bought 15 years ago.

    Next, came Taylor: nice guitars, I thought I would love the 314, but when I played it, it wasnt for me. The finish on the 114, 214 and 314 just left me looking for something else. The idea of a bolt on neck is nice, but how often are you really going to get a neck re-set done? Also, the only place to have a taylor certified neck reset in my neighborhood is at the local Sam Ash. Based on my last experience with their guitar tech, its safe to say that I am never going to trust him again.

    In the humador at the local guitar shop I picked up a J15. I had no intention of getting this guitar.. but why not try it, right?

    Its AWESOME! The neck is a morph between a gibson les paul (shape) and a fender telecaster (it has a stripe). The feel is amazing. The build quality is fantastic (better in my opinion than the D15 I had). Scott called me back as I was playing this guitar and we put together a sale on the phone. He reccomended an appropriate humidifier and a few hours later, I got a note from FedEx that my guitar was on its way.

    I realize that there are some unconventional woods being used in this guitar. I love the sound that this guitar can make. Its a very bright sound.

    The guitar arrived on Friday and I let it sit and acclimate for about 30 hours. I opened the box tonight and started playing. The setup is pretty decent, the playability is the best I have ever experienced in a acoustic. One final note, if you look at the picures, you will see an abalone ring around the sound hole. Its beautiful! I believe its also a wink to Martin and Taylor that this CAN this be done for the price point and oh yeah, we can make it look extra special too.

    Im bothered that there are so few options, but I am really excited that I got a great guitar that had all of the things that I was looking for.

  • from Aiken, SC October 14, 2016Music Background:
    Old Time Picker

    Sweet J15

    Well Its the Old Time Picker again, Back at Sweetwater, If you don't have a J15 you need to get one, This is the nicest Guitar I own, It sounds and looks great, I have a Martin HD35 and D18, Now this Gibson J15 doesn't sound like them at all which I didn't want it to, But for it self it sounds Great, The Fit and finish and playability is great, My Little Puppy Mr. Snickers Loves the sound and loves to Sings Tip Toe Through The Tulips while I play on the Prettiest guitar I own My Wife Bunny says. My sales agent Chris Nunley found this J15 for me out of all they had in stock and at a Great price, Buy a Martin if you want that low boomer sound, But if you want a Very nice sparkley sound in the Mid range this is Just right, Well its time to get back to Pickin and Grinin, Untill next time, Keep on Pickin,,,,,The Old Time Picker.

  • from Arkansas August 5, 2016

    Blown Away!

    Never thought I would buy a Gibson guitar. I thought I was a Martin guy till the end. I now have the J-15 in my hot little hands and don't believe I'm going to say this but it is my go to guitar now. I'm a big country music fan and Gibson has mastered the Country music sound! Absolutely Love it!

    My sales engineer Jason Thiele was outstanding as usual!!! He always treats me like I'm his most important client!

  • from Rhode Island July 30, 2016

    Amazing instrament

    I am a novice who was looking for a guitar that would be easy to play and sound good. I tried a Martin MMV and Martin GPC4 and Guild d 240 `all played played OK and I settled on the Guild D-240 until I picked up and played the Gibson J-15 this guitar just blew me away with the sound and how easy it was to play it fit like a glove. I could not put it down so I bought it and still can't put it down WOW !!

  • from Utah July 13, 2016Music Background:
    Songwriter/hobbyist/former lead guitarist/singer in a band

    100% Gibson Quality

    Like any acoustic enthusiast, I wanted a Gibson J-45. But because I'm a normal person and didn't just have over $2000 in my bank account to put towards a guitar, I felt discouraged.

    Then I saw an online review that compared the J-15 to the J-45. It was unbelieveable. When played side by side, they both had such good, unique qualities that I couldn't conclude which was better! Then I looked into the construction. Both have the dovetail neck joint aND my favorite scalloped, standard X-bracing. The only difference was the woods. J-15 is walnut body/fretboard/bridge with a maple neck and J-45 is mahogany body/neck with a rosewood fretboard and bridge.

    But I wanted to play them myself to know for sure. Since I travel once a month for work, I go to music stores all the time. I even made it to Sweetwater when in Indiana. Amazing place. Anyhoo, I played the J-45 and J-15 side by side more times than I remember and the J-15 always ended up sounds ding better or the same level of quality as the J-45. Bottom line: if you want the articulate, short scale Gibson slope shoulder sound, the J-15 should be a no brainer. I'm in no way down-selling the beautiful J-45; I just think that the J-15 is a revelation that will b3 a classic one day. I love my J-15. And it loves me.

  • from June 14, 2016

    Fantastic Guitar

    This is a wonderful guitar for the money. The solid tone woods of this guitar are warm and bright. It played like a dream right out of the box. It is handmade in the U.S.A., which is a plus. Don't be fooled by the price, this guitar holds it's own compared to high-end guitars. I am truly blown away and it looks fantastic too! I have to give super kudos to my Sales Engineer Evan Mulvihill for his commitment to excellence in customer support. I'd like to thank everyone at Sweetwater for making every purchase a pleasure. You guys are the BEST!!!

  • from Key Largo May 23, 2016Music Background:
    Played professionally years ago, now for fun

    Excellent Guitar!

    They call this 'entry level Gibson' and I guess it is, for the price, but this is one heck of a great guitar. I can't put it down. I have a Taylor Grand Orchestra, a little brighter sound, and I wanted something else, a bit different. This Gibson has that full, rich, Country sound and is so easy to play. It was set up beautifully, right out of the box. I was nervous buying a guitar, for that money, that I didn't get to try, but my sales engineer, Ryan Clapper, was great. He said the sound and set up on this was fantastic. I would not be disappointed. Again, he was right. I play this through the Bose L1 Model 1s, also from Sweetwater, and the sound is so rich I can't believe it. Sweetwater, and Ryan, will NOT disappoint! Gibson American guitar, made in Bozeman Montana - 'nuff said.

  • from Virginia April 6, 2016Music Background:
    Worship band, county gospel, classic rock

    Best guitar value I've found

    Finally in a position to buy myself a good acoustic guitar, I did months of research but couldn't find anything in my price range that impressed me. Until I learned of the Gibson J15. I read tons of reviews by both players and professional reviewers. I decided that if I found the right deal I would take the plunge. Enter Sweetwater - Nick was my sales engineer and he was excellent. Patient, knowledgeable, and responsive - he answered every question. The clincher for me for Sweetwater was the 55 point inspection. I ordered the guitar, received it in 4 days, and I can't put it down. The walnut body is beautiful in both the way it looks and, more importantly to me, the tonal characteristics. Together with the spruce top, the guitar has great balance throughout the spectrum in my opinion with a good shading towards bass, and it suits my ear perfectly. Gibson has hit a homerun with this guitar and Sweetwater made it even better. You will not be disappointed with this guitar.

  • from USA March 15, 2016

    Great deal

    Great guitar ...even better service. Guitar was shipped to my house in two days. Adam (sales representative from sweetwater) was wonderful and very helpful. Guitar came setup and actually in tune. I could not believe it haha. The service of sweetwater makes buying instruments from them worth it. Way better than guitar center or musicians friend in my opinion.
    Gibson j15 is amazing instrument. To me its sounds as good if not better than j45. Walnut is awesome. Sitka spruce top gives great sound. Amazing guitar and even better service from sweetwater.

  • from Arizona January 10, 2016Music Background:
    40 Years Playing Guitar

    Excellent guitar, great value.

    The J-15 is a real sleeper. It's Gibson's entry level all wood American made acoustic guitar that blows the doors off many more expensive acoustics. Build quality grades A, with a beautiful all gloss finish. There is beauty in simplicity, with the gorgeous walnut back and sides and a superb gloss maple neck. My 2016 model has several small improvements including 2016 engraved on the headstock truss rod cover, which is kind of cool. The action on mine is high with a tall saddle, so I'm going for a professional setup. Otherwise, wow, you can spend a lot more on an acoustic guitar, but you may not get a better guitar than this one.

  • from Beattyville, KY January 8, 2016

    LOVE IT!!!!!

    My wife bought me a J-15 recently, and I am in LOVE! The walnut back and sides give it a deep beautiful tone that is unlike any guitar I have ever played. This is my new favorite, and I look forward to many years with it. Stop thinking about it and just BUY IT!!! You will be glad that you did.

  • from MA December 28, 2015Music Background:

    Incredible Instrument from Gibson

    I have always had a 'thing' for Gibson electrics, but never really explored the acoustics beyond the Hummingbird Pros that are hanging on the walls of every GC. Those never grabbed me...
    So, I was in the market for an acoustic last year and ended up buying a Martin... but along the way I'd played a J15 and was quite impressed. So impressed that it haunted me for a year. Over that time I played about 5 of them, all different... but all great sounding and playing. I finally decided to sell my 'gigging' guitar and upgrade to the J15.

    I was very reluctant to purchase a guitar w/o playing it 1st, but after speaking with a rep at SW I decided to take the plunge. What sold me was the idea that these are direct from the mfg., kept in a controlled environment, inspected and held to high quality standard (i.e. visual defects). The guitars in the chain stores have a million paw prints and are usually dinged up. This one would be untouched... and free of defects etc..
    The guitar arrived in 2 days. Flawless. Gorgeous. Sweet scent of nitrocellulose.... wow. I have been playing it for about 3 weeks straight and cannot put it down. The action was a bit high out of the box, so I took care of that and now it is playing like butter.

    I've A/B'd it against my Martin and it can hang. Both sounds very different, great compliment. The J15 is just an extremely well built, no frills guitar with outstanding projection and clarity. The walnut has a really unique voice with lends itself really well to strumming, as well as finger picking. Gibson Montana is putting out some really excellent instruments. The J15 is probably the best value on the market right now. Expect the price to go up.

    My experience with Sweetwater has been outstanding. Jason Koons and his team have been very responsive and an overall pleasure to work with. Thumbs up and highly recommend!

  • from Michigan November 28, 2015

    Amazing Value

    I have been playing guitar for over 40 years. This guitar is something Gibson finally got right. I own two American made Les Pauls (one standard and one custom) and love them both. Tried to talk myself into a Martin and glad I didn't. This is the best value on the market for $1500 hands down.This guitar blows me away and now I have my eyes on a J29 too.

  • from Utah September 24, 2015Music Background:
    Guitarist 50+ years. Avid collector/hobbyist.

    Gibson J-15

    Without getting all gushy here, the J-15 is a fine guitar for the bucks. Sounds good, plays well, nice wood, tasteful appointments. Sounds much like my Gibson oldtimers unplugged, maybe better; darn good amp'd. Walnut is the wood of the future! A few devils in the finish/setup details (typical Gibson) but a solid player overall. Liked it so much I bought two of them. They sound identical.

    Tommy Winter at Sweetwater is a stand-up guy and a great help! Thanks, TW!

  • from September 7, 2015

    Gibson j 15

    my ears and my fingers are in love with this guitar ...

  • from Island pond September 2, 2015Music Background:
    school music

    Steve Sorr

    I really like this guitar. thinner necked make Easy to play. it's has great harmonic balance and respond great. love rl baggs pickup too.I recommend this guitar to all the song writes Out there always wanted spruce and walnut woods love the maple neck JUST ONE THING THE TUNERS ARE GIVING ME A PROBLEM I'VE HAD WORK DONE AND IT IS NOT PERFECT LIKE I'D LIKE

  • from Virginia July 19, 2015Music Background:
    Been playing about a year plus a little.

    Amazing Guitar

    I have been rolling through a lot of different guitars in a year I tried Fender 140SCE, Washburn 314K, and a few others. This is the absolute best guitar I have come across the Walnut back, sides, bridge, and fretboard gives it a very even tone all the way across. Making this a perfect guitar for some old style country (a little Hank Williams Sr.) or some Blues it just sings to me there isn't an offensive on the whole neck. Thanks to Aaron Swaidner and the rest of the folks at Sweetwater I got it fast and it was ready to go no set up needed.

  • from May 8, 2015

    Excellent value. So impressed

    This is my second Gibson acoustic, after my Southern Jumbo, and I couldn't be more impressed. The Walnut back/sides give it a unique sound, yet undeniably pure Gibson too. Fit and finish are A+, plays like a dream, and a great, punchy tone. I would highly recommend this guitar to anyone looking for a great American made guitar without breaking the bank. Jim Watson set me up with a real beauty here, and I can't say enough about this Gibby.

  • from Maryland April 24, 2015

    Gibson Bargain

    One usually does not associate the word "Gibson" with "bargain" but the J15 truly is. There is nothing in this price range that can beat it. It has super balanced tone, not to boomy not to bright, and great projection. Build quality is also top notch. There's not a single flaw on mine and it plays amazingly. Plugged in, it sounds great. I like that the electronics are completely unobtrusive and hidden very well. This is the first new Gibson I have bought online and I could not be happier. Get one and you will not be disappointed.

  • from Perrysburg OH April 16, 2015

    Great Guitar

    After trying a LOT of guitars, I couldn't believe how great this guitar sounds given its price. Not to mention it is absolutely gorgeous. I hesitated to even try it since you really don't see many walnut guitars, but the sound won me over. The guitar arrived in one day perfectly set up from Sweetwater, and I've been playing it every chance I get since then. Though it wasn't a major factor in my decision, I also really like that it's made with renewable woods from North America.

  • from Naperville, IL December 13, 2014Music Background:
    Former touring pro still diddling with this insane business.

    Super Fine "Soft Shoulder"

    After setting it up to my specs it is a true piece of finery. The maple neck and walnut back and sides work well with the sitka top to provide a well-rounded tone with just a touch of crispness.

    All I can say is, "Thanks Trevor Grant, you done me right".

  • from cohasset mn December 9, 2014Music Background:
    play on the3 week ends

    Best service in the World

    thanks marshall, , the new Gibson is awesome I have a20 yearold Gibson,the new one is way better,thanks sweetwater,my guitar was at my house in 2days

  • from St. Cloud, MN. November 24, 2014Music Background:
    I play and sing for the old folks at nursing homes and etc.

    What a great guitar!

    I have owned guitars for 70 years. I believe my J-15 is the best one yet. I have had Gibsons, Martins, Epiphones, even Silvertones. None can compare. The workmanship and finish are outstanding. The sound is second to none and it stays in tune. My Martin HD28V has a wonderful sound but does not compare with the J-15. I believe it is the walnut that makes it sound so good. The electronics are great. Not only that, the top, sides and back are matched. I would recommend this guitar 100%. I appreciate the great service we get from Sweetwater and also the thoughtful follow-ups. Thank you very much.

  • from Denver, CO October 7, 2014Music Background:

    Gibson J-15

    I don't buy new guitars to often, but I had been looking for an American made solid wood acoustic for a little while. This guitar really hit all the check boxes for me. Beautiful tone, solid wood, American mad, looks fantastic and a real wood finger board. Did not really need the electrics and have not tried them but they are so well hidden that I do not feel that it compromised the look of the guitar with dials and knobs.

    So far I could not be happier I look forward to keeping this guitar the rest of my life.

  • from OH August 27, 2014Music Background:
    Ex pro


    If your sitting on the fence wondering if you should buy this guitar, buy it! It's more or less a custom J-45 Walnut with a natural finish. And that killer flamed Maple neck! But, instead of it costing you more, Gibson is selling it for less. Go figure? Thank you Gibson!
    I've been playing guitar for over 40 years now, and have owned many Gibson's. Had 3 Gibson Songwriter Deluxe's, 5 older J-45s, and a Fuller's re-issue 1958 Country Western, just within the last 7 years. Still have a few of them, sold a few. This one is special. It will hold it's own with anything I've ever owned, and this is the one I'll never sell.

  • from Kingsport, Tenn July 21, 2014Music Background:

    Reminds me of my 1962 Gibson Country and Western

    Great sounding guitar, takes me back ~50 yrs. to my first Gibson's guitars. Workmanship is superb. Sweetwater was very helpful with my order.

  • from woonsocket, RI July 7, 2014Music Background:
    30 year hobbyist

    Great bang for the buck!

    The guitar is quite a responsive and tonally unique instrument. I went to a music store a month ago and tried several gibsons but did not buy. Honestly, i found this tone to be more my liking than 2200 dollar Taylors and Martin D18s. In fact, i liked it more than several of the more expensive Gibson acoustics. The walnut/maple combo adds such a sweet midrange and with a pair of martins this baby sings. Keep it humidified and you'll have an instrument of high quality for years to come. This guitar will probably increase in price soon, get it while you can as Gibson acoustics are rarely this cheap and Sweetwater was fantastic with their customer service. My only complaint is so minor not worth going below 5 stars just the plain truss rod cover but otherwise its an amazing, unique instrument.

  • from Loudon, TN May 26, 2014Music Background:
    Playing guitar since 1966. Play weekly at church and a local Open Mike Night.

    Gibson Quality

    I admit to being a Gibson fan. I love the shorter scale, just like my Les Paul and SG so its real easy to play. Nut and neck width also add to the playability. I also own a J-100 XTRA and J-185 EC Rosewood so love my Gibson guitars. Out of the box the tone was a little too bright for my tastes due to the TUSQ saddle. After I added a bone saddle and ebony bridge pins the rich articulate tome just jumped out at me. This is a great guitar for single note runs and Travis picking. Every note rings true, clear and loud. The looks and finish are first class. It is built to last a lifetime.

  • from Nashville, TN April 25, 2014Music Background:

    A real overachiever

    This guitar is an amazing overachiever. It will probably need a setup, but once setup it is a dream come true at the price point. Playability is amazing, and it is an articulate cannon. This is my first Gibson, I tend to swing more in the direction of Taylors but this guitar is well worth the price of admission. Stuart Niven was amazing as usual, and sweetwater makes purchasing guitars online pleasantly easy and stress free.

  • from Topeka KS April 22, 2014Music Background:
    Porch picker...

    Gibson J-15...unique voice...good looking guitar

    Walnut has the lows of mahogany and highs of rosewood. I grew up with a J-45 and the J-15 can hold its own. Paired it up with a Fender Acoustasonic 90 amp...channel 2 says please not the mic, but wouldn't mine having a Gibson Les Paul Studio plugged in to it...a nice family portrait...J-15 on one side for channel 1, LP Studio on the other amking channel 2 happy...

  • from Pennsylvania February 22, 2014Music Background:
    Part time bluegrass rhythm guitarist

    Beautiful Acoustic Love the Sound

    My main acoustic for years has been a D28 . The Gibson J 15 is a breath of fresh air with a different sound and feel. Being the lowest priced Gibson I was not really sure what I was going to get. However the J15 is a very we'll made acoustic the wood which is walnut is beautiful. My D28 has the dark rosewood sound. The J15 has amazing trebles and the bass response has opened up after a few days of humidity control to be everything my D28 is. The Gibson set up was good only made a small truss rod adjustment. I love the feel of the walnut fretboard. The neck set is good to with plenty of saddle for any future adjustments. The J15 is a great buy with quality of a higher priced Gibson.

  • from Canada August 12, 2016Music Background:

    Surprisingly great

    I was on the market for a J-45, but easily settled for this one. The sound, playability and looks (love the walnut back and sides, paired with maple,neck) convinced me all the way. You can get a Gibson acoustic for a decent price and without breaking the bank. Only thing i dislike about it are the mini tuners, which i intend to replace eventually.

  • from Lake Ann, Michigan February 26, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Teacher, Recording Engineer

    A "rare" gem...

    One often struggles to find a guitar that just fits them perfectly. That had been the case with me for sometime until recently when I purchased a Gibson J15. I have owned MANY acoustic guitars over the years, but this one is a rare gem. The action needed a "slight" touch up when it arrived, but the sound (plugged in and unplugged) is nothing short of stellar. The craftsmanship for a guitar with this price-point is MUCH better than guitars I have owned costing twice as much. The bracings are tight and clean, all appointments are spot-on, finish has no flaws whatsoever and the neck is beautiful in both cosmetics and playability. The strings it came with are so-so...replaced them with D;Addario PB light gauge and realized an even better sound. The hardshell case is ok, but will likely replace down the road for some better protection overall...again at this price-point I cannot complain. The service I received from Sweetwater was unbelievable...I doubt I will ever use anyone else again. Great product delivered by a fantastic company!

  • from Barberton OH March 31, 2014Music Background:

    Lovin' this guitar

    I've had this guitar a week now, and it is really opening up very nicely. Sustain is fine and overtones are beautiful. Neck and walnut fretboard are like butter, unbelievable playability. Tone is very clear and balanced, and projection is easily controlled with the right hand (unless you're a lefty). Baggs Element sounds fine, but it does pick up quite a bit of thump from the right hand. Unplugged it really sounds great - either fingerpicked or with a pick. Intonation is perfect and it takes a capo very well, just gotta get the low E right. Tremendous service from Sweetwater - I'd never purchased anything from them before but I was 100% impressed with their follow-ups. I'll no longer make the 30 mile round trip to the financially troubled big box store for strings and stuff - Sweetwater's service and prices are way better anyway. But back to the J15 - you cannot go wrong with this guitar.

  • from Lafayette, IN March 24, 2014Music Background:

    Gibson J15

    This is a sweet sounding guitar! Very well built. I love the articulation on the midrange. The treble notes are almost like bells. Just enough base without being overpowering. I play fingerstyle, so I wish it had a little more volume without a pick, which is why I rated it 4.5. It had quite a bit of relief in the neck so I had it set up. It straightened out and the intonation is almost perfect. I give my sales engineer 5 stars. [Bart Good]. Sweetwater is a great company and they take care of their customers.

  • from Akron, Ohio USA February 28, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Worship Leader , Guitar Instructor

    Only a Gibson!!

    I love this guitar!! Right away I was impressed with its" voice". Warm tone with mids, highs and a good bass response. The J-15 is an amazing value! A hand built instrument with a nitro finish that will age with the guitar. I have a 1964 Hummingbird, and this J-15 has a nice "ring" to it, just like the Hummingbird. Sustains really well. The Walnut figuring on the back and sides is beautiful. In the studio, it records very well. A great guitar for the singer song writer. The LR Baggs pickup, when paired with a nice PA, sounds incredible!! I have been playing Gibson Acoustics live on stage for 20 years. At this price point, no other guitar compares for what your money buys you here!! "Only a Gibson is good enough" The Engineers at Sweetwater are the very best at what they do. My first time buying a guitar online without playing it first. I will come back, again and again!! Thanks!!

  • from May 14, 2017


    Perfect! What I was looking for!

  • from March 11, 2016

    What a pleasant surprise

    The J15 is touted as Gibson's entry level acoustic. I was looking for a new gigging guitar as traveling with some of my more expensive Gibsons (1960 J45 and Hummingbird) was a little too risky. I had played a few J35's which is the direction I was headed until I picked up the Gibson J15. The clarity and tone and sustain were incredible. The Walnut gives this guitar a different voice that really spoke to me. Right out of the box the guitar I received from Sweetwater was better than I expected. The action and intonation were spot on. The only thing I changed were the Strings. Gibson strings are horrible. After replacing them with my go to Elixr Phosphor Bronze Nanoweb strings this guitar is incredible. After this one opens up I'm sure it will stand toe to toe with my other two Gibsons Besides sounding beautiful it looks beautiful.

  • from Minnesota May 29, 2015Music Background:

    Gibson j15 vs j15

    So I purchased a used j15 today only after doing some comparison with a Martin D28 and a different j15 both j15's are 2014 models. After doing the test for the two j15's found an amazing differences between the two so much that they sounded like two different style guitars. The one I purchased sounded even better then the Martin D28. So for those who are looking at the j15 I would do a comparison before buying as not all Gibson sound the same or any other guitar when you buy them new. They seem to need at least a year before you really hear the true sound of them. I found this true with my Martin GPCPA4 Rosewood. I purchased this brand new and the rosewood was very strong, as a year has pasted the order is not as strong and the guitar has better resonation. Love Martin's! but if you can find the right j15, you will do better then any Martin D28.. Good luck!

  • from Columbus, OH August 27, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist / Collector

    Good Guitar, Great Value, Gibson Gets It Right!

    Full disclosure: I love walnut guitars, and this one's a winner. Construction and materials are just about flawless; tone is rich, full, and dynamic -- especially for a new instrument. Articulation is clean across the spectrum and the intonation seems to be on target. Only one minor issue: when my J-15 arrived the action was somewhat high (summertime humidity and travels across state lines were no doubt factors there), but a trip to my local luthier for a set-up (and bone bridge pins) resulted in buttery playability and even better tone. This guitar's a winner, and its relatively modest price and solid wood throughout seals the deal. This J-15 will only get better with age and use. Thanks again to Ryan at Sweetwater for selecting an excellent instrument for my collection!

  • from colorado June 5, 2014Music Background:


    the choices I had for a rating were 5 stars- Blown away or 4 Stars- Great
    I'm not blown away with my Martin HD 28 but it is a great guitar
    this cool Gibson J-15 is no HD28 but it is a great guitar as well
    a D-45 or A J-200 might rate blown away
    they never blew me away except for all their bling and I got over that real quick
    I've never been blown away by a guitar. but i have been blown away by someone who can play one. it ain't what you hit, it's how you hit em. I play drums but like to play and have some cool guitars. many years and many bands and all i know is EAB and GCD . I dig my J-15
    great place to start if you want a Real Gibson Acoustic made in Bozeman MT USA Entry level all the way. Mine is gorgeous

  • from United States May 27, 2014Music Background:

    Nice to have around the crib

    I almost got a "Working Man" Gibson when they 1st came out in the early 90's. I missed that boat. I play the tubs usually. but always dug guitar.
    I had my hands on plenty of cool guitars over the years. I like keeping it simple and don't want anything I have to worry about getting broke or stolen. I got this thing to learn more stuff and break out for BBQ's while the ribs are smokin'. Sweetwater is great because you can actually see pics of the guitars they have for sale instead of some stock photo.
    mine arrived as perfect as anyone could expect. it ain't a J45 or a snob J200. but i like it. good enough for my Drum ***

  • from October 27, 2015

    Enrty Level Gibson Acoustic

    I like Gibson acoustics .. After ditching the original strings for my preferred strings, I found the walnut backs and sides give this guitar a bright sound and brings out the mid-tones well. I would give this guitar a much higher rating if it were not for the finish on the neck of this guitar. There are some rough spots in the neck close to the body.. It appears to be some "fisheye" problems in the finish on one side of the neck behind the 12th fret that you can feel when playing high up the neck. I also find that the nut wasn't finished well and has some sharp edges on the high strings that does bother my hand when playing chords around the nut area.. It's nothing that can't be taken care of, but I am surprised it made it out the Montana door as is.. I own a few other Gibson acoustic guitars and have never had any issue like this with my other guitars. I have compared my J-15 to another friends guitar and he didn't have any of these issues with his..

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