Propellerhead Polar

Harmony/Pitch-shifter Rack Extension Effect with Buffer Looping, Audio Freeze, and Dedicated Modulation Sources for Reason 6.5 and Later - Mac/PC
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Propellerhead Polar image 1
Propellerhead Polar image 1
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Propellerhead Polar
Delivered In Minutes!

Harmonizing is Just the Beginning!

Add old-school harmonizing and pitch-shifting effects to your Reason rack with the Polar Reason Rack Extension from Propellorhead. One of the first things you'll notice about Polar is the way it instantly makes your sound bigger and wider. Start tweaking the knobs and hold on to your hat - the effects you can create are out of this world! The shifter knobs let you dial in added harmonics or smoothly bend the pitch up to two octaves above and two octaves below. There's also a filter onboard, and a dedicated LFO lets you add motion to your sound. And when you really want to go nuts, start playing around with Polar's buffer looping and audio freezing functions - they'll blow your mind!

Rack Extensions offer the flexibility of plug-ins, without the headaches

Those of us at Sweetwater who love Reason are thrilled with Rack Extensions because they give you the flexibility of plug-ins, without jeopardizing Reason's amazing stability or getting in the way of it's hardware-style workflow. You get great-sounding, cutting-edge instruments and effects that integrate perfectly into the rest of Reason's modules, as though they've always been a part of the program. What you don't get are quirky behaviors, instability, nasty crashes, version compatibility issues, and authorization aggravations. Enjoy a seamless Reason plug-in experience, with Propellerhead Rack Extensions for Reason.

Polar Harmonizer/Pitch Shifter Reason Rack Extension Features:
  • An old-school harmonizing and pitch-shifter effect for Reason with tons of modern capabilities
  • Capable of classic harmonizing, stereo widening, and real-time pitch shifting
  • Shifters let you add harmonics up to two octaves above the source sound
  • Buffer looping and audio freezing functions let you create crazy effects
  • Dedicated filter, LFO, and envelope let you add motion and complexity to your sound
  • Rack Extension format integrates directly into Reason 6.5 and later
Add killer pitch and harmony effects to your Reason rack with Propellorhead's Polar Reason Rack Extension!

Tech Specs

Software Type Pitch Shifter
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Expansion
Download/Boxed Download
Format Works within Reason
Hardware Requirements - Mac Intel Dual Core Processor, 4GB RAM
Hardware Requirements - PC Intel or AMD, 4GB RAM
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.7 or Later
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7 or Later
Manufacturer Part Number 10002

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