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AEA RPQ Ribbon Pre Reviews

5.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Simon Picazo

    The RPQ is a great solution for people who are using a combination of ribbon and condenser mics in their studio but want to have a 2-channel, 1-unit interface to do both. The LF filter deals expertly with low-end proximity effect issues inherent with condensers and ribbons alike. The HF filter provides some nice "air" on the high end in a very musical way. In the RPQ you get a clean pre amp with plenty of gain that can accommodate ribbon and condenser mics and give you a very clean sound or a nice flavored sound at will.

  • from upstate N.Y. June 1, 2014Music Background:
    guitar teacher & producer / engineer

    Great Product

    My ribbon mics never sounded so good.....I run my Royer R-121 & AEA R-84 thru the AEA RPQ and get outstanding results with this preamp.
    Great controls & two channels allows you to run two mics & it's rack mountable. The only thing that I did not like ... the A/C cable was really to short....the RPQ mounted in one of our racks ...we had to hook up an extension cord to get it over to our power conditioners. Other then that it's a great product.

  • from "Upstate" NY September 17, 2013Music Background:
    Been building studios since I was 14 years old...

    RPQ + Vintage Dynamic Mic = THERE

    If you use vintage ribbon or moving coil microphones, you NEED this. Incredible. I have a Sennheiser MD-441 and a B&O BM5 and wouldn't use them with any other preamp. It's got controls to cancel proximity effect and to brighten up an older coil or ribbon. It's exactly what you need and it's got tons and tons of clean gain. Unfortunately I didn't buy from sweetwater because I got a once in a lifetime deal from an overstocked local seller, but that's a rare occasion indeed! Don't sell your vintage dynamic mics, buy this..

    PS: My Sweetwater CreationStation still outperforms most computers with only a few minor upgrades... almost 10 years later! Sweetwater is GREAT.


  • Brandon Smits

    In the field test I conducted with the RPQ, I used a Royer SF-24 ribbon microphone running through both of the RPQ's channels. I was blown away by the high-end fidelity and the pristine air that came through the RPQ's high frequency filter. The Grayhill 71 stepped gain switch allows for the perfect amount of gain, and the high- and low-frequency filters have a stunning effect on the sound. They allow gobs of tonal options, and a flexibility you just can't get from a lot of pres. Did I mention that this is one of the only pres that is made for ribbon mics? This is the perfect microphone preamp for any ribbon aficionado, a must-have to be sure.

    When I first hooked up the RPQ, I couldn't believe how effective the low frequency filter was. Right off the bat I had as much gain as I needed without any low-end woof getting in the way. What I thought would be a low-fidelity session turned into a dream session with much more sonic character than I thought was possible, especially since we were recording with a Zoom H4N. I was blown away at how close the RPQ translated the Royer SF-24 to EXACTLY what I was hearing in the room naturally.

    Within 20 seconds of hearing the RPQ, I fell head over heels in love with its sensible controls, stereo inputs, and gorgeous EQ section. The RPQ is so clean that when I buy one of my own (and trust me, I will!), I can't see myself doing sessions without it. Take the blankets off your ribbon mics, and enjoy the richness that this preamp delivers. Outstanding clarity at an affordable price in a stereo 48v phantom powered ribbon preamp? Sign me up!

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