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DigiTech RP360XP Multi-FX with Expression Pedal and USB Reviews

4.5 stars based on 21 customer reviews
Questions about the DigiTech RP360XP Multi-FX with Expression Pedal and USB?

Questions about the DigiTech RP360XP Multi-FX with Expression Pedal and USB?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Greensburg PA June 8, 2017

    Great Patches Appearing Everywhere

    I looked on You Tube and found a great demo showing this multistomp RP360. The search isRP360 Ambient Song. In the video demo it shows a non speaking demo with only music and the on-screen playing in real-time of a proficient player lying down tracks. It is killer. The sounds used wee actually factory patches which I feel are just ok. I guess I was too critical as you can see all the patches used in the song are Faciry. Went to the Digitch site and got some really good ones. Also found a free musician supporting website called guitar patches an found one fantastic patches

  • from Pittsburgh PA June 8, 2017

    Packed with amps and FX

    Could not believe how good this pedal sounded after tweaking it myself. There were no factory presets I felt were any good IMO. But when I decided regardless, it had so many pedal Sims and amps and fx that it was a must and I needed it for my other guitarist who is not too good on tweaking patches. The trick to this pedal is that you have to run a high gain signal through the chain and it hits the engine hard like a tube amp that over powers the power tubes. It then comes alive. I learned this by watching a YouTube by FrugalGuitarist. His patches are quite good. Then I knew that it had life. I believe the hardest patch to make is a solo lead hi gain crunchy patch that is powerful and articulate. I picked the 5150 amp SIM and changed the cab to 4x12 METAL. Left the amp flat eq, cranked up gain. Then I tailored the 3 band parametric eq to get great tone.. I modeled after the famous Hi Gain Insane LD Line 6 patch. Got it pretty close maybe as good, maybe better. Added a stereo Lexicon stereo delay tad of short stereo reverb. This Eq was the key, because I started changing amps and the Eq set the same made every amp sound great. Only minor tweaking. Now this pedal came alive. With headphones and the output setting set to LINE, it was doing some of the best amp Sims I have heard. Switching output to amp was a great full sound. This is the most accurate headphone setting once you have a great master Eq that is expanded with the Eq, to be full bass and treble. No other headphone mix ever sounded good right out of the box for me, this one does. These amps really snap with presence, even the twin is great, a hard one to get. Trust the headphone sound, I use Behringer inexpensive 3000 model. It is great sound, accurate and loud. I have struggled the least amount with this unit even when I first thougt it would be impossible to get this kind of sound out of the factory presets I heard. Compressors are great.This is the best looking free software editor out there no doubt

  • from IN June 5, 2017Music Background:
    43 Years Performing and Recording

    Nice Upgrade

    I got this as a "Second Rig" for my stage set ups. After using the older "RP355"s for years. This is a Nice Upgrade. The effects sound cleaner, and the "Nexus" program (That does work on windows 10) makes it easy to set up any way you want it quickly. Well made and rugged construction for road use.Definitely worth the money.

  • from Greensburg PA June 3, 2017

    Great Amps and Stomps

    Loved this after tweaking Factor Presets. You would never believe the amount of gain and versatility of this pedal until you get in and tweak it. The Hi Gain amps are about the best out there. The factory presets are useable but like all other multistomp, and I have many, the factory presets do it no justice whatsoever. It has great overdrives and all the essential delays choruses and flangers, but many are stereo, many more transit pedal multistomp. Some multistomps are not even stereo at all. This one is. The software Nexus which is a free download by digitech is a nice looking graphic librarian. Easy to use and really helpful to stay off the buttons and see the whole picture if you like working with a computer like I prefer. Digitech has a free Tone library where I got some great free patches and there is another free sight called Guitar Patches where I got fantastic patches. Marky Mark patches are beyond compare and I got a Hi Gain Gilmoore Satriani style patch that us the best I ever heard on any model multistomp. This got me going on my own to create some great patches.

  • from South Carolina January 1, 2016

    DigiTech RP360XP Multi-Effects Pedal

    Before I bought this pedal, my experience with pedals was very limited, as I only owned one. After hooking up the 360XP, I quickly found out I needed some time to learn the process of editing the settings! You can save yourself some time and read the user guide to get started. After going thru all 99 presets, I found only about a dozen that I liked. After choosing a preset to adjust, it took me some time to get the sound I liked, again, my experience with pedals are limited. With all the options of stomp boxes, amps, speakers, revervbs, you will be able to get most any sound you are looking for. Also with the tuner, looper, and USB audio, there is plenty to like about this pedal. The box is well built with heavy gauge metal. I didn't mention more of the features, as I have not delved into them yet. IMHO you won't go wrong with purchasing the 360!

  • from United States April 18, 2014Music Background:
    Working musician,student @ Musicians Institute

    A highly versatile,computer friendly machine

    This DigiTech RP360XP is a fantastic addition to my working gig repertoire..With the ease of use and computer accessibility, I can program my whole set list with ease, The RP360XP gives a lot of bang for the buck..I am very happy with this purchase

  • from March 25, 2014Music Background:

    Very Good

    Excelent so far, this console has great tone, very versatil and good solid compact design. I have the RP 90 that is also very good, but it was fragile and I was concerned about that. So I decide to upgrade and move to the RP 355 but ended buying the new 360X it has some extra features and looks stronger and well crafted.
    (excuse my poor english) ;)

  • from June 5, 2017

    DigiTech RP360XP

    I used (still do) a RP500 for recording and playing and took a chance on the RP360XP because of its smaller size and because it too offers 198 presets which the user can tweak to their own needs. I took off a half point because the Big Blu/Blues Driver/Smoothy and some other settings on the RP500 were not present, but the RP360XP is tweakable so you can adjust some of the presets yourself to match what you want. A reference to what the factory presets are supposed to be emulating would be helpful as well. Some are obvious; others not so much. The pricing is great. I have a separate pedalboard and all I really needed was a single boost/overdrive. The RP360XP offers that and much more for about the same price (i.e., an assortment of OD, dirt, wahs, expression pedal, tuner, drums, looper, etc.) It's a bargain. The Nexus software works flawlessly and having the option of going through and amp or directly into a sound system or PC for recording is a huge plus. I compared and took a chance with this unit because of past experience with the RP500 and other DigiTech products I also own. I think I made the right choice. The additional presets are nice extras for my purposes and provide a very useful start if the need should ever arise to modify. Being 9V and (I think) 300mA, it also runs off of my existing pedalboard power supply.

  • from Twin Cities, MN January 27, 2016Music Background:

    Great Amp Modeler/Multi-FX/Recording Interface/Headphone Amp!

    As a new dad, there aren't many opportunities for me to crank my amps up late at night. So a guitar modeling multi-FX processor like the RP360XP that can act as a headphone amp and even a USB recording interface has become increasingly valuable. I had the $50 Zoom G1on, but thought the RP360XP could offer better sounds and functionality. Initially, I was disappointed by the factory presets, and found the on-device interface to be a bit convoluted.

    It was only after exploring the online "Nexus" software editor and creating some stripped down patches that allowed the amp modeling to shine through that I became more impressed. First, it should be said that DigiTech offers a TON of content with this device. Many amp modelers offer units from Fender, Vox, Marshall, and an assortment of high gain options. So does the RP360XP, but it also offers multiple variants of those brands, plus a few rarities (Gibson GA-40? Sunn 100S anyone?). Add in a few more of DigiTech's proprietary amp models, and you several dozen options to choose from.

    But the effects are where the RP360XP really shines. Again, you'll find classics from BOSS, Ibanez, etc., but there are several variations of each of those. Even better, they actually sound and behave like the real-life analog versions of them - no annoying clipping issues or inexplicable loss of low end when combining digital pedals and amp models. The "Stomp Mode" is brilliant - you set up your patches with as many effects as you are allowed, and then can designate three of those to the three footswitches, so it's like having a mini-pedal board to turn off/on chorus, distortion, delay, etc.

    I love the RP360XP as a no-hassle recording interface. It's class compliant, so you can even use it as an audio input for an iPad (via Camera Connection USB Kit)! It's a solidly built unit with hard metal casing and durable soft footswitches, so it's pretty amazing to have this whole suite of amps and effects for recording purposes.

    Some drawbacks? The looper and drum machines are just okay, and cannot be used together, as they can on the Zoom units. Probably the biggest annoyance for me is that you cannot use multiple instances of a single effect. So if you enjoy running two Tubescreamers into one another (or even two dirt pedals of ANY kind, if I am not mistaken), you can't do that. A bit disappointing, since this is one of the few affordable multi-FX where I could imagine actually (wanting) to do that. Finally, while the build quality is very solid, the 3.5mm headphone jack feels a little loose. No problems so far, but I worry about that being a future failure point. Also, the expression pedal can be depressed too easily to turn the wah on/off, though that may be user error on my part.

    This is an excellent unit for which I could imagine many different uses. It'd be a great all-in-one solution for novice players or dorm rooms, but the effects and recording interface are features that would appeal even to more experienced players who have other gear. Slight deduction for the annoyances noted above, but an extremely versatile unit with almost endless possibilities.

  • from New York State November 15, 2015Music Background:
    Gigging musician

    Tweaking effort is rewarded with the rp360xp

    The rp360xp is a user friendly and affordable processor for musicians looking for tone on the go in a lightweight small footprint format. The pros of this processor are many: high versatility to handle any style, easy to use user interface, and many options for creativity. The largest con I have with this unit is the absence of a power button. The following are a few tips I can share from my few months of ownership. 1: find a preset that best represents the sound and tone you are looking for then tweak it from there. 2: spend time getting to know the eq. It is extremely helpful. 3: unless you are going directly from the rp to a recording interface turn the cab modeling to direct. Running the cab modeler into an actual cabinet creates a weird out of phase honky sound.

  • from April 26, 2014Music Background:
    Guitars, keyboards, intermediate level

    You can't go wrong!

    Okay, so I've had this for about a month now. I agree with the other comments on tone. You would be very hard pressed to find better guitar tones out there. DigiTech has really nailed it this time. The presets were great out of the box, but after equalizing my guitar, it sounds awesome. There is a good mix between clean and dirty tones (probably more dirty tones on this thing), but beautiful clean tones too. You have all your brand name amps like Marshall, Fender, Peavy, Gibson, Orange etc... but DigiTech was very clever with Their naming... for example Orange is renamed to Citrus. Some of the preset names are DC/AC to mimic some of the classic vintage guitar tones.

    Okay, enough on sound but that's probably why your buying this machine. I will say this machine is very portable and compact. Just to give you an idea, I carry it around in a laptop bag (it's about the size of a piece of paper). It's made of metal, but still manages to be pretty light. The editing software is really easy to use, but there is no iPad app (bummer). You can set 3 stomp boxes to whatever you want (not just delay or distortion). The drum machine is also nice as it will help you nail down your timing. And it has a 40 second looper, so you can lay down all the tracks you want. I have not hooked this up to Garageband yet, but I guess is supports DAW for professional recording. Sweet!

  • from Tyler, TX March 14, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist (pretty good at faking)

    Very pleased with the Digitech RP360XP

    Just started playing with the Digitech RP360XP and pleased I made the purchase. It's basic features are easy enough to start jamming with present rhythms and effects right out of the box. It has a great deal of versatility that I haven't even begun to explore, yet. I wish the display was a little bigger and easier to see while standing. So far, I am very happy with it and look forward to more practice. I'm not a performer, so can't rate how convenient it is on stage.

  • from Titusville, FL February 22, 2014Music Background:
    Experienced hobbyist

    RP360 XP

    As a long time user of the RP355, I was eager to get my hands on this RP360 XP. My biggest question didn't revolve around all the gadgetry that comes along with this unit but rather will it sound any better than the 355, which I thought sounded great. In the short time I've had the 360XP, I will say yes, it does sound better. Maybe the folks at DigiTech didn't change a thing and it's my imagination, but to me the sounds, especially the cleans and modulations, are more "organic" and lifelike. All subjective, I know, but for $200, the RP360 XP with all its gadgetry upgrades is a great bargain and a definite step up from the 355 (considering the 355 is still the same $$). The Nexus software is just tooooo cool! If you're on the fence re: an affordable floor modeler, give this a shot. It might be just what you're looking for. Thanks guys and gals at SW, quick shipping and my boss and I enjoyed the Bit O' Honey!

  • from August 2, 2016

    Small But Mighty

    I was looking for a digital floor effects unit that had a lot to offer in a small space for low $$ and the RP360XP delivered for me. It sounds great to me and has enough effects to choose from to really explore what effects chains can do. As was expected from the price there are limits to tweaking options within the unit, as compared multieffects boxes that cost 3 times as much or more, but what is included provides quite a bit of adjustment - pretty much all that would be available in a pedal setup plus some. The drum beats are a nice extra. Solid material construction.

    Some minor things - the display screen is small but useable, the looper record does not seem to start when I start playing - have to hit switch to start, No on/off switch - plug it in and it is on.

    Not the ultimate but a solid stepping stone that I think will serve well in practice and small scale sessions.

  • from February 18, 2016

    digitech rp360xp

    I previously had the RP355 and wanted to upgrade. I think the 360 sounds better even if they both have the same chip technology. The unit is solidly built and easy to use. The only issue I have is with the Nexus software that crashes on Windows 10 after a few minutes of use. I contacted Digitech and they are working on the issue.

  • from Albuquerque August 18, 2015

    RP360XP Effects

    very simple operation, only thing missing is operators manual, but it is accessible from the interweb!

  • from Texas October 13, 2014Music Background:

    Rp 360xp

    Love this pedal.. I do wish it has an off and on switch.
    Love the software options that helps customizing effects. Though first time i plugged the device, it ask for a firmware update. Halfway on the update it froze up. I thought im in trouble. However if you retry again, it should attempt over again. Just dont unplug usb

  • from April 8, 2014

    So far so good...

    I have heard much better sounds coming from individual stompboxes, but I think everybody knows that. It is what it is - a whole bunch of stuff in one box - which is exactly what I wanted. For what it is, the sounds are pretty good. The software works great for modifying the presets. I found it very easy to use and intuitive. I think this unit is easier to use than the Boss multi-effects units. This one can pretty much be operated out of the box without reading the manual. The sound check feature is the main selling point for me with this unit. I am using it with an electric violin and it's really hard to play a violin and turn knobs to tweak sounds at the same time. I only have 2 hands and that would require 3. With the sound check feature, I can record a phrase and then play it back and adjust the sound. Most loopers don't allow this.

  • from PA February 20, 2014Music Background:
    Serious guitarist/ recording hobbyist

    Digi Tech RP 360xp

    I got mine yesterday, downloaded the free computer usb from the Digitech site and was up/running/and tweaking tones and effects pedals in no time. Didn't need a manual. It is just like you would think stomp boxes with on and off and knobs would be in the real world. Pick a patch (they come pre-loaded with lots of great common guitar styles), then start making the changes from amp to cabinet to effects. It sounds really good too. Here are the limitations. 1.It does not allow you to run the number of effects that the POD HD I have (and still think is neater and sounds better), or the BOSS GT 1000. I like it better than GT 100 because the sounds and effects to my ear just are more updated and sound better. However I like the POD HD better for the ability to have more effects in a chain and dual amps and the ability to change the mic model on the amps. The POD HD models the real amps a bit better. This RP360 however actually has some more and interesting amp models. For example I like the Orange in this unit. Again, connecting it to the computer is a must because then it is all laid out there in front. of you. It is similar to the line 6 and looks really cool on the screen. The price for a multi-effect unit is great and as usual Jon Ptak and Sweatwater are the best.

  • from Connecticut, USA February 27, 2014Music Background:
    pro musician and sound designer

    Great sounds, software sucks

    I’ve had my Digitech RP360XP, the latest in their RP line, for about a day now, and two things are clear: the box sounds great, and the software for patch configuration and management, to put it bluntly, is plain not good enough. If not for the software, my rating for this box would be in the 4-4.5 range.

    The RP360XP sounds very much like an RP500, in a package just about one-half the size and weight (and cost) of the 500. I’m also delighted to see that the RP360XP power supply will work with either US (120 volt) or Euro (240 volt) power. This is truly cool stuff for people who gig internationally.

    On the second point, Digitech has inexplicably chosen to make the Nexus software that supports patch editing and management in the RP360XP LESS functional than the barely-good-enough Xedit application that it replaces. Nexus is Not Good Enough. Not nearly. Not if we’re talking about solid support for a working professional who needs to reconfigure the device quickly for specific performance situations.

    Xedit had its problems. It was kind of clunky to look at, and you couldn’t even start the application unless an RP was plugged into the computer via USB. But Xedit did allow for quick reconfiguration of the order of patches in the device via drag-and-drop. If you wanted to move a patch from one place to another, all you had to do was left-click on the one you wanted to move, drag it to the desired location, and release the mouse button; Xedit would then drop the selected patch into its new slot and helpfully move everything else up or down in the stack as needed to make room for it.

    Pretty good stuff, right? Guess what? No more of that, pal. Nexus won’t do drag-and-drop. If you want to move a patch without overwriting some other patch, which you very well might want to do in order to construct a sequence of patches for a song, you have to export EVERY patch that you need in the sequence, then re-import those patches, one by one, into their new locations. If your new sequence of patches starts in user location #1, that means moving 99 patches, one by one.

    The absence of drag-and-drop patch movement on an application of this type in 2014 is incomprehensible to the point of ridiculousness. It is even more incomprehensible given that this feature was available on Xedit, which application Digitech has been supporting since the mid-2000s. And of course, the much-vaunted Nexus app is now revealed to be a less-functional version of Zoom’s Edit&Share software–all the pretty pictures, without the one feature that really matters most. (Did I forget to mention that Nexus forces you to move the mouse in order to change numeric values for parameters, meaning that you can’t just click and type a number in? Now that’s a feature designed to reduce productivity to the bare minimum, and it certainly succeeds on that score.)

    I sincerely hope that someone at Digitech realizes quickly how much value the absence of drag-and-drop patch movement removes from the RP360XP, and fixes it. It wouldn’t hurt if they also made it possible to type in numeric parameters instead of forcing the user to try to get an accurate value by moving a mouse. And in general, it’s about time that Digitech figured out that they’re really in the business of wrapping hardware around software, which means the software better be pretty good. Which–in case I haven’t said it clearly enough yet–it’s not.

  • from SA, TX December 31, 2015Music Background:

    Beginners Model


Questions about the DigiTech RP360XP Multi-FX with Expression Pedal and USB?

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