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DigiTech RP255 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Tyler Berggren

    The Digitech RP255 lives in my studio for practicing and quickly recording riffs. It always surprises me with its huge tones and overall flexibility - running my Les Paul through it is SEROUSLY fun! It's got a bunch of great presets, tons of flexible tones, and - most importantly - realistic amp and effect modeling. Add in the drum machine, looper, and USB interface and you've got a full-featured guitar rig that's super portable, sounds great, and is really affordable.

  • McComber
    from Languedoc May 17, 2012Music Background:
    Signer, writer, producer, guitarist wannabe


    I've been using this one for years, so much so that I bought another one when I got booked for shows in Europe (cheaper than postage). I use it daily in the studio, either miked or direct.

    One thing it could should have that is missing is the capacity to interface with virtual gear. It would be fantastic if it were possible to use the switches and expression pedal to drive the pedalboard in Logic, for example.

  • geochrim
    from NY, NY January 31, 2010Music Background:

    A Guitarist's Artistic Toolbox

    I don't have a thousand-dollar tube amp to A/B this to, but I don't have any regrets and have been impressed beyond measure by its functionality. If you are considering getting a pedalboard someday and aren't sure about which ones to start with, get this. You'll be able to try out good emulations of various phasers, flangers, distortion pedals, analog/digital delays, etc ... If you want to find *your* tone, get this--once you add up all the possible effects COMBINED WITH amp/cab simulators, you can't go wrong. Plus, you get all of them available in a handy footswitch. Don't forget the pedal, the looper, the tuner, the drums ... it goes on and on. We live in a fantastic time for guitarists and home musicians, and the RP255 is, to my mind, exhibit A.

  • Marcos Ficarelli
    from São Paulo, Brasil September 8, 2009Music Background:
    Music Composer and Artist

    Excellent Quality

    Had old RP-3 for long, and loved it. Wanted to check the enhanced DNA2, so bought this RP-255. My God! What a quality! 10 fold. I've missed to but RP-355 (not sure), but I know I have a powerful machine in my guitar sound. X-edit software made every difference, it is synched, complete and easy. Yes, Digitech RP and no other.

  • John Paul
    from February 18, 2012

    Works well

    Great sound quality and more flexibility than most people will ever need, though I don't like the foot switches. I've owned it for months now, gigging and recording, and am happy with my purchase. Only other complaint is that the drum machine isn't accessible simultaneously with the looper.

  • jdog
    from nyc June 14, 2009Music Background:
    guitarist by day, clown super hero by night duh!!!

    review of rp255, purchased from matt masek (best sale rep ext 1355)

    i got this for use with my crate v5 watt tube practice amp. i already have a pro pedal board with 20 pedals on it. but i needed something small to fit in my appartment. i have many of the real pedals/ amp this thing tries to emulate. no the ts808 nad the mesa dual rectifer wont be identical to my $2000 dollar setup. but it is fairly close. it also has the acoustic emulator which i love. this thing has about 15$ grand in gear in such a small box. the exression pedal is great so dont even consider the rp155. i had the old rp300 this unit is so much more powerfull and accurate. all the distortions are spot on. i really enoy the looper function as well. its like this, you can get an amp with fx built in like the peavy vipir but that has no looper, and its not as portable you can take this unit anywhere studio, a gig or justy you your friends house and have very good quility gear in one box. it really is an all in one solution. you could use the xedit program which rocks, if you never tried it. you can make all your patches in a very user friendly way. i never used the boss me50, or the vox tonelab le. or anything but i am very happy with the digitech stuff in general. lastly you get the digitech wahmmy!! thal alone plays for itself. only complaint it has not octaver on it, just the bass emulator which is cool too. but defiently buy this gear it is so worth it no regrets here.

  • Eddie
    from United States February 17, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar player

    back workout

    There are many different way s to manipulate this processor and the presets are jammin. You will be bending over quite a bit while you are getting acclimated to this device. I think the manufacturer was trying to kill two birds with one stone here in the sense that it has foot pedals but also needs some hands on interaction to make adjustments. If you are happy with one particular sound then once you get it set up, you'll have no problem, but then you paid way too much for this device. Hind sight says I should have waited and pulled the trigger on a line 6 modeling amp. the features are not at all hard to use and understand and the user interface is laid out to be easily accessed. Some of the tones are very loud from start up but I am sure they can be customized and leveled out in user presets.

  • Bob
    from Wilkes Barre, PA July 15, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist now playing 40 plus years

    Close but no cigar

    Haven't had much time to spend with this unit yet, so this review is subject to change - probably for the better. First off, it sounds great, no problems there. Would have liked an on/off switch and a USB cable included would have been nice. Presets are mostly some sort of distortion - a little more variety please. Out of the box the drum patterns wouldn't work and I had to reset everything including the pedal which is way too sensitive. Drums work fine now but I have to tinker with the foot pedal (some sort of calibration thing which the instructions are sort of vague on.) Haven't created any user presets yet but that shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Creating a preset doesn't seem to be as intuitive as they'd like you to believe -definetly need the instructions but again I just haven't had the time to spend with the unit. All in all I'm not disappointed. After I spend some time with it I'll probably love it so I hope this doesn't discourage anyone from purchasing it.

  • Customer
    from Ohio January 20, 2011Music Background:

    definitely has pros and cons

    I've had this for about a year now. It definitely has pros and cons. I like the rugged case. However the cloppy pedals are WAY too hollow, flimsy and noisy - almost to the point of keeping it home. The looper is only 20 seconds and you can't run the drums/metronome with it on. This means its real tricky to cut the loop in a tight tempo. When the looper is on you only have one pedal to scroll up or down. The Cubase that comes with it takes some doing to go through the whole registration process. I've never been a big fan of amp modeling but you do have a broad pallet to choose from so there's a lot to remember. Setting up custom patches is pretty straight forward. If you play primarily on stage set up a nice patch for yourself and leave it there. If you need a good looper invest in a pro-grade box.

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