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Roland R-MIX Reviews

3.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews

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  • Daniel Fisher

    It's official... We now live in "the future!" For years, I've told my college students that we just don't have the technology to isolate an individual instrument or event from a stereo mix. Sure, we've had "vocal cancel" or "center cancel" boxes for decades, but the end result was never very enjoyable to listen to. Roland's R-MIX is a whole new bag of magic. It can remove parts, it can boost parts (great for learning), and it can even change key or tempo independently. And it looks trippy cool while you're doing it. But the single most important feature is that I opened the box, installed the software, launched it, and isolated a sound effect I've wanted for years... on my first try! Those of you who are into sound design will find countless ways to mangle your audio. Even non-musicians will have a gas creating mashups with isolated parts of different songs.

  • Rob
    from April 30, 2015

    Great value!

    Hard to get rid of the reverb placed on voices , although it works quite well for eliminating the primary source of the singing. Just a little ghosting in behind, but without the individual tracks from the masters, just about the best solution I've found to mask vocals or other elements of a mixed piece of music, escpeciallay for the price!

  • Brian Burke Jr
    from Rochester, NY October 24, 2014Music Background:
    Keyboardist; Song writer; Singer; etc.

    Evening the score

    I meant to give this 3 stars in my first review unfortunately I gave it 2 stars by accident so I though I would post this to get the rating I meant. This software actually CAN work with some effort.

  • Brian Burkle Jr.
    from Rochester, NY October 20, 2014Music Background:
    Keyboardist, Song Writer, Mixer, Producer, used to get paid(Semi-Pro), now I do it mostly for a hobby

    Not at all magic, but with some work...

    I happened to see these terrible reviews and remembered that I happen to have this program in Sonar X2, I have X3 Producer as well but left X2 on as there are some differences such as this program. Well, I tried it on a track called Tempted by the Waterlillies. It is an electronic track with voice. The voice is a womans voice and they used quite a bit of processing, reverb, probably auto pan reverb or something like that so I thought it would be a good test track because the vocals are not just sitting there to be "plucked out". At first I could totally see what all the bad hype is about, but if you really want to remove vocals or some other part with this software it is possible. No you won't get 100% removal, that would only happen if you had the multi track tape or digital file. But after playing around with the size; shape; placement of the box and riding the removal % removal slider. If you really want to do a professional job, on many songs there are parts that have the same music as when the singing occurs, but has no voice. You could cut that out a lay it in behind the parts where the singing is cut and some of the music got cut inadvertently, but that would be a lot of time and would only work on some songs. I think the quality of the file with the vocal removed I came up with would be fine for Karaoke. I didn't spend anymore time with removing instruments or with isolating vocals or instruments or noise reduction. There is loads of good noise reduction software available for vinyl or tape or feedback/hum etc. I don't know about $200 being a good deal, but I did get it to work rather well on a "hard" track" for vocal removal in a relatively short amount of time. Any one with mixing, or especially remixing (from stereo tracks) experience shouldn't have too much trouble getting this software to work. It is a bit more than a Parametric Equalizer. Taking anything in the mid range out of a stereo track is a tall order, there is just a lot of information in that range and the vocal range is the human ears most sensitive range.

  • Tom Duggan
    from Fishkill, NY July 4, 2013Music Background:

    R-Mix - The Movie

    This isn't going to be a long or detailed review as I'm a complete newbie to any DAS apps, bass guitar, and stringed instruments in general. All at the ripe old age of 50 :P

    I purchased R-Mix so that I could isolate bass tracks to teach myself to "play by ear."

    So far, so good.....it really depends on how the source audio file was created/recorded but, for the most part, you can isolate what you need fairly easy and quick.

    Pitch control keeps things sounding right, especially when slowing things down to really get into a part.

    Only negative I would say is that it is a bit pricey just to be used as a practice tool, but I couldn't find anything that really fit what I was looking for.

  • ainsleymusic
    from New York, NY November 30, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Studio,


    Just bought the r-mix with hesitation considering some comments about it. The prospect of the possibilities though persuaded my purchase. Albeit I'm new to this software, my problem with this is what others have said. It really is a visual equalizer.
    Yes you can TRY to isolate tracks/vocals/instruments within a 2 track mix, BUT you also catch everything else that falls in that eq at any given time. The results are not clean. Perhaps it will work better with music that are not instrumentally intense, like with just a guitar and a lead vocal.

  • Jason
    from Toledo, OH June 10, 2012Music Background:


    They say there's a sucker born every minute. Well, I fell for this one. Been dreaming of the possibilities since I learned of this program. In fairness to me, I knew I was taking a gamble. Too good to be true? Many people were asking if this program would truly be able to isolate an individual sound for remixing? The word "stem" was used. Not sure what that means except that to remix a song, you would certainly need to isolate individual tracks. This program does not do that! Funny that they decided to call it "R-Mix". It would be even more funny had I not just spent $200 on it. If I could return this item I would, without hesitation. In fact, the only reason I'm leaving this review is because I can't. It's software and you can't return software.

    I bought this program for two reasons. I wanted to be able to remove a vocal from a song and, more importantly, I wanted to make my vinyl recordings shine. After loading the first wav file, it quickly became apparent that this is nothing more than a fancy bandwidth EQ type thing. Sorry, I'm not an audio expert here but I know what I hear. Tried using the Noise Cancel feature to remove some tape hiss. It removes the hiss but leaves unwanted anomalies.

    Don't know what else to say. This program is a major disappointment. Guess I'll forget about ever trying to remix anything. Focusing now on cleaning up those vinyl records. It's looking like Izotope's RX2 may be the best bet for this. Think I'll download the demo and try it out first this time.

    If anyone disagrees with this review and is having great success with this program, please let me know. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

    Oh, also should mention that the screen is not expandable to fit the whole of your monitors screen. This is a bit annoying because the window you're working with is not that big to begin with.

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