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Roland RMP-5 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 2 customer reviews
Questions about the Roland RMP-5?

Questions about the Roland RMP-5?

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  • Kent Sallaz

    I used the Roland Rhythm Coach to learn how to play drums and really get my rhythms down. With the easy-to-use programs and progressive difficulty levels, it pushed me to learn at my own pace. The 1/8" input let me plug in my iPod to play along, which kept me involved and having fun. I recommend it to anyone who would like to work on rhythms and learn to play percussion!

  • Andrew Malloy

    The Roland RMP 5 is a great practice tool for any drummer looking to break the monotony of the traditional practice pad. This pad makes you want to practice.

  • from KC MO August 13, 2012Music Background:

    Great piece of gear!

    This unit has everything you could want for practicing your snare drum technique. Plenty of different sounds, note subdivisions, stroke dynamics, time check, and so much more. Highly recommended!

  • from January 13, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar player

    Cool Unit

    This is my first piece of drum equipment. Just started playing. The RMP-5 does everything . As a beginner there is a lot here that I don't know yet but looks great for something to bring me to the highest level. You can add kick drum and has headphones "important at my house" I also bought the stand which is optional.


  • Kent Sallaz

    When I first received the Roland Rhythm Coach, I believed I had a fairly decent sense of rhythm and could keep a beat. However, after using it, I've realized how much I need this machine. As a practice pad and trainer, it offers a variety of tools to make drumming and practicing both enjoyable and worth your time.

    I am by no means a drummer nor claim to be. I would however, like to strengthen my skills so I began using the Roland Rhythm Coach. After opening it, I ran through the manual to find a wide range of programs to work on ranging from keeping time and dynamic changes, to stroke consistency and hitting on the beat. The internal grading system as well as a tap meter help you improve your hits, showing whether you are consistently ahead or behind the beat. Each program has varying difficulty levels to move up to. The controls are very easy to use as well. Whether I want to tap a tempo, change it manually, or change a program, it's all only one click away. I was also able to choose from 40 different hit sounds ranging from snare to cowbell to keep things interesting.

    The 1/8" input allowed me some benefits in practice as well. I plugged my mp3 player in and was able to play along to some of my favorite songs. If a student had a play along CD he wanted to use, he or she could easily plug it in and play along using headphones. Overall it's a great tool to learn how to keep tempo and play drums!

  • Paul Salveson

    First of all, I am a recording engineer, not a drummer. So I picked the RMP-5 knowing I had no internal groove. Ideal customer for this, right? Turns out, yes. As I unpacked the trainer I noticed there was no power supply, but a battery. Hmmm, is this good? Well, as I got going I realized I didn't have to be plugged in to anything, which was great. With just the trainer and my headphones, I was mobile.

    I got to the sounds and started scrolling through snares. The selection of drum sounds is great for a trainer. You can also change the metronome sounds too. This is helpful, because some are easier to hear than others when you are trying to stay with the beat. The triangle is good for me. It is piercing my brain telling me to get with the beat.

    The coach button is COOL! Okay, the boring demo has just turned into a fun game of "Can I get better?" This one button makes every penny worth it! It gives you various training routines to run through to practice your chops. The first is, straight up, stay with the click. As you hit the pad, it tells you if you are on, behind, or ahead. Sounds easy, huh? The challenge could keep you going for hours! Another routine starts you playing with the click and then it drops out for a bit. When it comes back in it checks to see if you stayed in tempo without the click. Very cool practice routine!

    All in all, because this thing makes practicing a game, you could end up practicing more than you ever dreamed. I may get one if I ever decide to become a conga player!

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