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Ibanez RG Series RG8 - White Reviews

5.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
Questions about the Ibanez RG Series RG8 - White?

Questions about the Ibanez RG Series RG8 - White?

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  • from March 8, 2014

    This totaly rocks!!

    My brother loves his 8 strings. Just can't let it down!!

  • from April 18, 2015

    Very Nice for the Price!

    I've had my RG8 for about a week now, so here's a quasi-informed review: Makes a good first impression, overall build quality is good and tight, finish is all good, hardware ditto. Slightly mystified by the tuning- Ibanez and Sweetwater both advertise a factory-standard drop tuning, but mine arrived with the top 6 strings tuned like a standard gitty, and the bottom two tuned to C and G. Well, OK, I'd planned to concoct a deviant tuning of my own anyway. The action was set about as low as possible- frankly, a little too low for a numble-fingered klutz like me. Again, OK, I always plan to set-up a new guitar to my liking. So I mess with a few tuning variations for awhile, and settle on one I like. Then I raise the action, about ~1/64 or so. Then I go to set the intonation for my tuning- which is where the gremlins appear: turns out that in order to get enough compensation (added string length for accurate intonation, ie, moving the bridge saddle back), I have to halve the springs for the two lowest strings, and either shorten the bolt or add a spacer behind the bridge body on the lowest string's saddle. I suspect that if I wanted to tune that string down to the "factory" F, I'd be unable to move that saddle back far enough! And oh yes, another factor on the bottom string's saddle is those little grooves they put for the saddles screws on the highest and lowest strings- to move the saddle any further back, I'd have to get out of the groove, and that ain't groovy.
    Now maybe most folks in this instrument's target demographic will just play it the way they get it, and thus be spared dealing with these little oddities. But if you're inclined to dither with your tunings or action (and string gauges, even), be forewarned.
    That half-star's worth of vexation aside, this is an excellent instrument for the benjamins- the more I play it, the more I like. You probably won't be headlining Ozzfest or whatever with this thing, but for the rest of us it's fine. Dial in some gain and distortion, and you can make like a faux-Jack Bruce on the low strings while you get all Sonic Youth on the rest of 'em. Fun, fun, fun! And playing through a clean amp can get you some great, low-down sounds, as well as the chord-voicing possibilities of two extra strings. I got this thing to break out of the usual ingrained 6-string ruts, and believe me, it works!
    Thanks to Ryan Murphy and the rest of the SWTR gang. This one's a keeper!

Questions about the Ibanez RG Series RG8 - White?

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