Eminence RF10C 10" Lead / Rhythm Guitar Speakers- British

10" Guitar Speaker, 50W, 8 Ohms, 80Hz-4.2kHz
Eminence RF10C 10
Eminence RF10C 10
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Eminence RF10C 10" Lead / Rhythm Guitar Speakers- British
In Stock!

Beefy British Tone

Note: Speakers are non-returnable.

The Eminence RF10C 10" guitar speaker is based on their highly acclaimed Red Fang 10 alnico speaker, but with a ceramic magnet for a bigger, bolder tone. Eminence describes it as "a round and beefy British tone with abundant harmonic detail, full lows, and nice grit and chime." Guitarists at Sweetwater see that as a solid recipe for modern blues and rock tones. If you're looking to add some tonal tenacity to your guitar combo amplifier or speaker cabinet, check out the Eminence RF10C.

Eminence RF10C 10" Guitar Speaker Features at a Glance:
  • Application: 10" open- or closed-back
  • Configuration: 1, 2, or 4 x 12"
  • Based on the popular Red Fang 10 speaker, but with a ceramic magnet for bolder tone
  • Full lows, abundant harmonic detail, nice grit and chime
  • 50W power rating, 8 ohms
Beef up your tone with the Eminence RF10C guitar speaker!

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Tech Specs

Application Guitar
Size 10"
Impedance 8 ohms
Power Handling 50W
Magnet Type Ferrite
Magnet Weight 38 oz.
Frequency Range 80Hz-4.2kHz
Unit Weight 7.3 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number RF10C

Customer Reviews

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Eminence RF10C

One of The best speakers for British crunch lovers. Great lush and fat cleans and some beefy crunch. Was a bit sceptical at first coz I've been using only 12" speakers that it may not have good low end but this thing changed my mind.

Eminence RF10c

They sound awesome right out of the box! I've been playing a Marshall DSL50 through a 2-12 cab with a Celestion Greenback and an Anniversary. These 10's sound so clear and powerful they make the 2-12 cab sound kinda fizzy. Just get them, you won't be sorry. And, they are LOUD.

Thumbs up for the RF10c

When I searched for an appropriate 10" speaker for my BF Princeton Reverb DIY point-to-point handwired amp project I found on the Eminence website a big very useful set of different guitar licks recordings, from blues, rock, funk over jazz, metal and so on. You can listen to the very same recordings played through all kind of Eminence speakers. This really allows you to compare them.Clear overall winner (among the 10") is, of course, the Alnico Red Fang 10. It has the most balanced sound over all styles, a nice chime, full bottom end without sounding spongy.But its ceramic version, RF10C, gets REALLY close regarding the balanced quality: from low end to highs, over all styles - at two and a half times lower cost! 2nd place in my ranking (3rd was the Ramrod), so I ordered it (not here at sweetwater, to be honest).It sounds perfect in my Princeton Reverb: strong but not muffy low end, punchy mids and clear and silky, not pincing highs. And it is loud! Gives a lot of clean headroom that I want for my style of music (Jazz). But it works very well with overdrive or distortion effects.If there is something negative at it: its weight. Quite heavy magnet, but this is obviously needed to provide the punch.I have only got praising feedback from other musicians who had listened to that amp with that speaker. It's the best bang for the buck! Thumbs up for the RF10C.
Music background: Jazz guitar

Definite Improvement

I have a 1965 vintage Supro 16T amp. Years ago, I foolishly replaced (and lost!) the original Jensen speaker. Later, I thought I would upgrade from the generic speaker that had been in it for years, so I bought an Eminence 1058 Legend. Great speaker; bad sonic match for the amp. Too dark sounding. I found out why (and this is why I'm writing this: to share some useful info): The 1058 has a large dust cap. THE LARGER THE DUST CAP, THE DARKER THE SPEAKER TONE. (Learned this from a tube audio tech who really, really knows his stuff.) So I bought the Red Fang--with a smaller dust cap--for the Supro, and it's a big improvement. I built a cabinet for the 1058 and bought an Orange Micro Terror to drive it: Dark Speaker + Bright Amp = Balanced sound. So now I have two good amps for recording. The Supro has a warm, classic overdrive tone; the Orange gives me more Santana-like sounds. :-) Dat's it.
Music background: Decades playing guitars, keys, bass, some percussion, composing, engineering.

Eminence RF10c a winner!

I have an early 60s Gibson Skylark (GA5T) that I wanted to replace the original wimpy alnico speaker. I tried a couple of other after market speakers from Jensen and Celestion before I found this speaker. This speaker, in this amp, tops the Cel G10N-40 and the Jen Falcon 10 I had tried before by a long shot. Even though the RF10c is a bright speaker, it does so with class and a tasty chime and has more bottom than the other speakers as well. But in reality there is only so much this amp is capable of in its stock form, it has hardly any bottom, its all midrange and treble and I think the next step is to install a beefier output tranny to replace the miniscule original OT.
Music background: many years....
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