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A Designs REDDI 1-channel Tube Direct Box Reviews

5.0 stars based on 19 customer reviews
Questions about the A Designs REDDI 1-channel Tube Direct Box?

Questions about the A Designs REDDI 1-channel Tube Direct Box?

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  • Andrew Teeple

    As a touring bassist and studio musician, I use my A Designs REDDI on every live gig and recording session. It has become so integral to my tone that I had a custom tour case made for it. Basses come and go, but the REDDI remains the King of direct boxes!

  • from November 14, 2016


    Best sound in house system ever. Sound man wondered what I changed. Was sending di from Eden WT-800, not a slouchy piece of gear.

  • from Tacoma, WA August 30, 2016Music Background:
    Classical violinist, bassist, home recordist,

    Tubey Goodness!

    Every review is 100% correct. This DI is a tone monster. It is so round, fat, full, bassy, and TUBEY. There are many ways to get full and fat bass tone, but the thing that sets this apart is that it DOES NOT sound DI'd. I use it with the warm WA76 and the results are ridiculous. I never record without it, and try to never play live without it.

    The REDDI has this subtle distortion in the upper mids that just sounds so good. It really does sound like an Ampeg.

    So, the level knob affects the output onlyóit does not affect how hard you're driving the tubes. I emailed A Designs to ask this question, and Pete Montessi himself answered the email promptly! Seems to be a top notch company.

    If you're a bass player, buy this. Off all the gear I have, this is the thing I'd sell last. When I play without it live, my bass just sounds dead and boring and nowhere near as beefy.

    (My live signal chain: Bass>REDDI>Golden Age Pre 73>WA76>FOH. Sounds GREAT.)

  • from West New York January 19, 2016Music Background:
    Studio and Live Bassist

    No amps needed when using the REDDI

    Ive been recording professionally since 2002 and at each session I pay attention to what the engineer uses on my bass. In some cases I get a great bass tone and in other cases not so great so I started doing my own research and played everything under the sun but my search stopped when I found the REDDI. The thing that the REDDI does so well is that its kinda like a completely analog amp simulator if you will. Since using the REDDI I have no need for miking an amp. Thats a good thing. Less setup time. Just plug in the REDDI add a small amount of compression and you are good to go. It sounds and feels like an amp playing thru your near fields. Not many DIs can do that. That is what I love about this unit. I have several other DIs including the Avalon U5 which also sounds great but its clean sounding and solid state but not as warm sounding. Anyway 5 star product in my opinion.

  • from September 11, 2015

    Double wow

    My bass tracks never stood Out, Iayed a few bass tracks down with light compression and now my bass playing stand out with hardly no eq....I'm blown away....

  • from Killeen, TX October 16, 2014Music Background:
    Recording and live sound Engineer, Musician


    I took the REDDI to my friend studio so he could redo his bass track. It was like night and day the way new track sounded. He said man, I have to get me one. lol

  • from Orange, CA July 31, 2014Music Background:
    Bass player

    Clean and Warm

    Amazing clean quality with a warm smooth tube sound. Can also bust signal a bit if needed. Really Nice!

  • from CA June 23, 2014Music Background:

    killer DI

    such a great DI. Sends a killer signal with the right amount of tube break. Very warm and round. Also built like a brick, love the design and sturdiness of this thing. Use it for live performance and Sunday worship.

  • from Austin TX, and NYC February 23, 2014Music Background:
    Pro touring bass player

    WOW, A DI that leaves nothimg to be desired!

    I am a touring / recording bass player. Iíve been blessed to gig and record with some pretty cool acts and that has allowed me to earn a few Platinum records over the years.
    I have played and owned a LARGE variety of Tube , non-tube active DIís , as well as many passive DIs over the decades.
    A few years ago, ( about 8 ) I was in the studio with my new purchases, a UA Solo610 and a A-Design REDDI that I just bought.. The session was with a Grammy winning Producer engineer. He had his Avalon sitting there but I brought my UA and REDDI to try too..
    We did a quick A/B/C.. Then we recorded some bits with each unit.
    Hands down he selected the REDDI. And then he told me to only bring that next time.. The next day I sold the UA610 , He called me a couple days and said he Bought a REDDI for his studio.
    Truth be told, that is what always happens. I bring my REDDI to the studio, and then they hear it they buy one too. Not only great for bass but also works wonders on Keyboards too.
    I recently bought another REDDI. One for the live gigs and one for my home studio.. Doesnít get any better.. And Live FOH guys salivate when they see what toys I brought for them.. They seem to turn me up louder in the house now. HA.. No low end woof.. The DEEP lows are there but as you go us the neck, notes donít disappear.. The whole bass instrument is more connected now. Thank you Peter Montessi and A-Design

  • from Columbus, Ohio September 30, 2013Music Background:
    Semi Professional Musician

    Awesome DI!

    I have been playing bass for more than 15 years and have tried every DI unit out there including the U5, Radial JDI, Radial J48, Sansamp Bass Driver DI, Sansamp VT Deluxe and the Ampeg SVT-DI (which is no longer made). This unit is by far my favorite of them all. The bass sounded so clean and crisp and full. I will also add that I use only this unit with in ear monitors and no stage amp when playing live. The sound guys love it! Can't wait to use it in the studio!

  • from Central Oregon January 1, 2013Music Background:
    Retired pro musician

    The last DI you'll ever need

    First off, I haven't had a chance to use the Reddi in a live setting yet. I have been using it in my home studio with my basses. Before the Reddi, I was using a line out of my amp and miking it on another channel. Now, I am pretty much using the Reddi exclusively. It has a very useable tone right out of the box. No need for excessive eq or compression. Sounds great in any mix. It reminds me of the sound I would get with my P-Bass plugged into a really great console in a high end studio.

    This box is what is should be: Flat and unaltered, but better. It still sounds like me.

  • from New Hope PA October 3, 2012Music Background:

    This is one simple solution

    Really solid build. Pretty much eliminates the need for re-amping.
    Great tone.

  • from Tampa Fl September 11, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, songwriter.

    The A Designs REDDI

    I struggled for 4 years trying to get a good recorded bass sound. I bought the REDDI and all my problems went away.
    Thick tone, undeniable in the mix. I have since learned how to get a good bass sound in other ways but this is one piece of gear that made a huge difference for me when I needed it. This box makes your bass sound "Warm" in a digital environment. Excellent product.

  • from Greensboro Bend VT October 22, 2011Music Background:
    Recording songwriter/producer/musiican with years of pro experience.

    REDDI kicks!

    I love the REDDI, only used it for direct bass so far and it sounds great. I am thinking it will work as a direct for other stringed instruments. It is built like the proverbial tank, I have two A designs products and will soon be getting a Pacifica. Looking forward to the combination of the REDDI with the Pacifica. As per usual the advice and support at Sweetwater is always helpful in making a product decision.

  • from Aubrun Ca September 12, 2011Music Background:
    Pro hobbyist

    Direct Box...or Mic preamp

    I like clear clean electric guitar recording.
    I prefer tubes in my signal path exclusively.
    The reddi recorded sound is exactly like my live sound with a little something extra. Try this thing... a pair is cheaper than a good tube mic preamp. Sound stage, depth of field, wide airy top end...it is all here.
    Sure the format is for the birds...rack mount the thing...
    my dog thinks it is a fire hydrant.

  • from Austin, Texas May 24, 2011Music Background:
    recording, playing guitar


    Very impressive piece of equipment. We are pumping bass through it into the mixer/PA as we record and practice and it is a pure and saturated fullness of the sound. As a bonus, I plugged my Martin acoustic through it the other night and the guitar has never sounded better.

  • from Lost Angeles August 22, 2008Music Background:
    Composer, Electronic Musician, Guitarist.


    I am not a bass player, and sometimes I have to lay down bass parts myself. I end up spending hours attempting to get the right sound, messing around with amps, mics, boards and processors. Then i got my hands on a Reddi. As soon as I switched on, there it was, that sweet and sparkly sound I needed. The Reddi sound was tube warm with rich harmonics. Then I thought, well if my crappy old P-Bass can sound this good through the Reddi, why not try everything else. In went my Strats, Teles, Les Paul, Jackson, ESPs, ES175, and even my mic'ed up Martin D-35. Then the synths, and tone modules, I even took the output of a Line6 Pod X3 and all were excellent. I wil never record again without my Reddi.

  • from Atlanta, GA February 3, 2017

    Game Changer

    Thanks, Sweetwater for a great piece of gear - the REDDI Direct Box/Tube Pre. Whether in a theater or on a small venue gig, the REDDI is a game changer. It dramatically warms and rounds the tone making the whole group sound better.

    As well, Sweetwater's exceptional customer service and prompt shipping makes doing business with them a pleasure.

  • from Dayton Ohio June 3, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    Punchy & Warm

    This is a really nice DI. It has gave our basses consistence through all notes, made them warm, fuller, and have more punch. Great buy.

  • from New Jersey February 12, 2014Music Background:
    Local musician

    A Designs Reddi DI box

    A very expensive Di box made exclusively for bass!! This device is a tube driven unit that has the ability to dial in gain into the FOH. This enables the bass musician to dictate what tone come out of the FOH!! Quite expensive but the best device on the market, bar none!! Built like a tank, quite large, and you can land an aircraft on a totally dark runway with the led on the front!!

Questions about the A Designs REDDI 1-channel Tube Direct Box?

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