Coleman Audio RED48 Summing Console

Summing Console with 48 Balanced Analog Inputs, Alternate Speaker Outputs, Talkback, Slate, Dim, and Stereo Insert
Coleman Audio RED48 Summing Console image 1
Coleman Audio RED48 Summing Console image 1
Sweetwater Savings: $502.00 MSRP: $2,500.00
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Coleman Audio RED48 Summing Console
Special Order

Big Console Functionality in Two Spaces

Ever wish you could shoehorn the features of a large-format mixing console into two rack spaces? Sweetwater has a smart solution. Coleman Audio's RED48 summing console boasts a control room monitoring section, a communications section, and a mix bus which handles up to 48 balanced analog inputs that sum to stereo and exit on two XLRs so you can record your mix back to your DAW. The RED48 remote box sports a genuine Penny & Giles master fader for smooth, professional fades, plus remote switching for talkback, slate, and dim. You even get a stereo insert so you can strap your favorite hardware compressor or EQ across the mix bus. Working inside the box? Get big console functionality with the Coleman Audio RED48.

Coleman Audio RED48 Summing Console Features at a Glance:
  • Passive signal path for monitoring
  • Stepped attenuator accurately tracks to 0.05dB
  • Alternate speaker outputs
  • Talkback mic and remote switching available
  • Engineer's headphone output offers source or cue mixes
  • Sums 48 inputs to a stereo output
  • Stereo insert across mix bus
  • Remote with master fader and Talkback, Slate, and Dim switches
Get big console functionality in two rack spaces, with the Coleman Audio RED48!

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Manufacturer Part Number RED48

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Transparency, Dynamic, Clarity and Wide Image.

I am a producer, a composer, and a mixer engineer and I mostly work with acoustic, vocal and instrumental classical music. I've tried several summing mixers before: ssl, neve, tonelux, dangerous... Each one has interesting attitudes and coloration, depending on gain settings etc. The Red 48 does not color but slightly sweetens the transients.. in a pleasant and sophisticated way , respecting, body and full dynamic of whatever material you send through it. I am actually summing 16 channels only, with fantastic results in terms of clarity, image and musicality. Soon I ll be summing 40 channels. Many prestigious colleagues claim that the true benefits of summing start manifesting when working with (at least) 16 channels or above. The absence of faders and pan knobs might look like a limitation but actually makes the mix recall fast and accurate. The Stereo Bus insert allows a limiter to glue your mix, for example. The Remote Controller is great. i just wish there was a Mono Switch, and this is the only minus i can think of. 4 Stereo Inputs-Sources. Alternative Speakers, Cue Mix and talkback. I don't need a Speakers Manager so far. At this price, it s almost a miracle. Thank you Glenn.

Summing-TalkBack-Monitor Control All in one!

I'm surprised more people aren't using this box. For the price it comes in at it's perfect. Coming from ITB summing to this was night and day for me. I really notice the low end as being more defined and focused.The reverbs are more spacious. Using the built in talkback freed up a channel in my convertor. The remote is great also, it's right next to my keyboard with slate, dim, TB, and volume control. The only thing i don't really care for is the mini mic they use for the Talk Back, it would have been nice to have a built in mic in the remote but that's minor. Also i wish the remote could be plugged into the rear of the unit, again it's a minor detail that really doesn't play into the operation of the unit. Also when it comes to recalling a mix this end of it is taken care of.....nothing to dial in....:)
Music background: Studio Owner/Musician
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