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Boss RE-20 Space Echo Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 14 customer reviews
Questions about the Boss RE-20 Space Echo Pedal?

Questions about the Boss RE-20 Space Echo Pedal?

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  • Carson McClain

    This is a great tool for the reggae, dub, dance hall, hip-hop or electronic producer. The RE-20 emulates the original RE-201 space echo which was one of the most popular echoes throughout the history of electronic music. Add this to a drum machine, an analog or digital synth, and of course, a Strat to get that classic sound your music has been lacking. Use your ears to dial in the perfect sound, just like you did with the original. Check out the reviews, you will not be disappointed.

  • from Pico Rivera April 22, 2017Music Background:
    Experimental / Drone

    Best effects yet!

    YES! This is what I was looking for. The time it takes to believe in your sound is what makes this a precious addition to anyone's arsenal. Very much worth every penny!

  • from December 19, 2016

    Vintage Sound, Modern Package

    This pedal makes a very vintage, dark sounding delay. I've never heard a real re-201 in person, but I am the proud owner of a 1971 ep-3 echoplex. Does this delay sound as good as an echoplex? Probably not when your echoplex is in tip-top shape. But if your tape machine is lacking somewhere, like most are now a days, needing new tape, felt tensioners, or pinch rollers, this thing will sound better than your tape delay by a long shot. Its a very versatile delay if you're only used to the old tape delays like I am. The tap tempo is great for matching up with your drummer, and it does a great job going into self oscillation with the feedback knob. This pedal does a good enough job that my old echoplex has a new home in the studio and this thing is on my pedal board for live shows. No more worry about my tape delay being lost or stolen and I have something that sounds just as good and that I could replace tomorrow if something happened to it.

  • from Madison, AL September 2, 2016Music Background:
    20 years guitars and keys


    So the RE20 and I have been together since 2007. The unit does not feel,respond,or sound like a simulation of the Original RE-201 ect... It has all of the original character of the vintage unit...like someone canned the presence of the old Echo and blessed it with the form factor and reliability that BOSS stomp boxes are known for. The pedal is not a gimmick, it is a tool for someone looking to dial in a signature sound. The pedal has not left my pedal board since 2007...it has been used and abused and shows no sign of degradation in its tone or build quality. The only feature that I can think of that more modern pedals have may the simulation of a worn tape unit..where you get a warble in your wow and flutter. It dirties up the signal a bit and this is intentional as it simulates a warmer analog throughout. If you so wish you can use an EQ to color the tone how you see fit. I would recommend keeping the unit on its own dedicated power supply....its touchy when you use it in a power chain like in a pedal power unit... My RE20 would get noisy and the tone was lean...putting it back on its dedicated power supply resolved the issue. I love it and I will never leave it.

  • from United States April 10, 2015Music Background:
    church band, writing recording

    great product

    My product specialist Ben was very knowledgeable about the Roland space eco glad that I made the purchase, very spacious and great sounding delay pedal, so many options. Very inspiring! Great with other pedals.

  • from Indianapolis, Indiana June 23, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Composer

    Must Have Pedal!

    Wow! This is a great pedal. Very good emulation if the Roland RE-201 Space Echo. Probably about as close as they could get in a pedal form. This thing looks awesome too!

  • from July 2, 2012

    My Favorite Pedal

    This is my all time favorite pedal. Intuitive. Sounds great. Built tough. Really gets the creative juices flowing on just about any instrument.

  • from nova scotia canada September 13, 2010Music Background:

    buy one today !

    twiddle those knobs and get lost in space, " and some " you don't get better quality than this.......period.

  • from MN USA December 28, 2007Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    HOLY FREAKING CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Keyboard player review)

    I can't believe I lived without it!!! I'm manic, been up all night playing. This pedal will INSPIRE you. Just LET it happen. I'm not easy to impress either!

    Lets forget the Tape Delay for a moment: I use a Nord Electro and just the Electro's organ with RE-20's Spring reverb will give you shivers... IT'S. SO. REAL. (Through my KP-200s AMP) I can get an exact organ sound from Medeski to Manzarek! The reverb itself is worth the 250 asking price.

    Now for the primary function: TAPE. I've used tape, I still can't believe this thing sounds exactly like tape, responds exactly like tape, down to the tiniest sonic details. It's like they shrunk down the RE-201 and put it in the RE-20. I mean, really. Honestly, to say this is the "best thing I've ever owned" is a GROSS understatement. I. AM. IN. LOVE.

    Thank you, Roland Engineers. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!! PS Thanks for the Edirol FA-66 too! Love you guys!!!

  • from Atlantic HLDS, NJ January 15, 2016

    Not removed from my pedal board for two years

    I have the knobs gaff taped in place and dial set at #3 position.
    Love that it has a trails mode when turning off.
    Tap tempo on the fly for long and short delays.
    I also use a Boss DM-2 set for slap back, combined with the space echo set for long delays....cool combination when both are engaged.

  • from Brooklyn April 3, 2012Music Background:
    pro musician / engineer

    you already know

    If youre contemplating getting this, don't hesitate. Its sturdy, intuitive and sounds amazing. I use this for bass mostly and it does right by my tone. Treat it right by using the correct boss adapter and get the expression pedal if you really wanna get trippy mane.

  • from Merry Hill, NC February 24, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician.

    A really great pedal; the Boss RE-20.

    This effect is awesome. I play a lot of country rock and the sound just captures you. With this pedal all I have to do is turn on the amp and have total control from the pedal...You cannot really appreciate the sound uintil you've heard it. I reccommend this pedal to anyone who is into delay and echo.

  • from Houston, Tx August 19, 2011Music Background:
    guitarist, engineer, producer

    You'll Never Have to Demagnitize This, or Change the Felt Tape Tensioner-Thingy

    I have owned three of the 'real' RE-201's and an SRE-555 (the rack mount version of the 201 with a chorus effect built in as well).

    When I first saw this pedal, my heart sank because I knew it could never live up to my expectations.

    However, the thing sounded pretty darn good! The reverb is actually a bit better than the original (which always sounded 'tanky' to me), and the tone controls seemed more robust than the original as well. The Modes sound just like I remember them, and the delay characteristics sound close enough to fool all but the most exacting gear head.

    Turning up the repeat rate yields the classic 'runaway tape feedback' that is clocked to sound just like the original tape artifact. It's a bonus that the tap pedal allows you to get that effect by simply holding it down for a moment. Watch out when you release it, as the volume of the effect 'blooms'--gets louder--as the effect dies away. This is like the original, but a bit more over modulated for my taste.

    The only other thing that I don't like is the 'tape motion light' on the pedal. I assume it is to give a visual cue to the 'speed' of the delay, but I found it annoying.

    This is one of the finest delay pedals I've owned. If you like the MoogerFooger, or Line 6 Delay, you will find a lot of different sounds with the RE-20, but with similar quality of sound and build.

  • from East Islip ,NY May 29, 2015Music Background:
    Playing for 50 years


    I am having 60's flashbacks.This pedal is a lot of fun .I could not afford the RE-201 when it came out ,so this is an affordable alternative. So many off the wall sounds.I am loving it.

  • from palm coast florida January 11, 2008Music Background:
    50 years playing --25 as a teacher of guitar--presently heading up the School House Blues Band--music with messages for students of all ages. I consider myself a true guru of obscure blues

    boss re20 space echo

    I guess I'm the only one who bought this for voice and not my guitar. As a blues player I'm a purist using nothing but a touch of reverb on my Fender Blues Deluxe overdriving it for lead.
    I had been searching for a just a touch of delay and reverb to use with my vocals.(Fender Passport 250) MOst PA's come with a reverb(fair sounding) but no echo. Well this thing works perfectly as I use it via the effects loop and can even dial a little delay on my guitar channel BUT my voice --WOW!! --the re 20 makes me sound like Michael Buble instead of Willie Nelson.
    I realize I'm only using about 10% of what this is capable of but it filled the bill. The reverb needs to be backed down a bit for voice --thanks Paul Allen for your guidance

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