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Roland RD-64 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Roland RD-64?

Questions about the Roland RD-64?

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  • Dennis
    from United States November 23, 2014Music Background:

    Sounds and feels great. Fits in my trunk.

    This little ax has converted me from a Yamaha keyboard fan. Sounds great; feels great; and it's not a chore to lift it into my car trunk, where it fits nicely.

  • Prakash Wright
    from Sewanee, TN USA October 22, 2014Music Background:
    College Professor, Jazz Pianist, Church Musician, Composer,

    Perfect for the Road

    The very first keyboard I owned was a Roland RD 100. It was a graduation gift, but I can remember not being truly satisfied with the sounds on that keyboard so I quickly upgraded to a Kurzweil PC88 when i got the chance and have had that board for the past 14yrs.

    I've recently been able to upgrade my gigging set up and I wanted to go as portable as possible. I saw this board and let me say that I am 200% glad that I made this purchase. It is perfect for the road. Fits in the trunk or back seat of a small car easily and it only has the sounds you need to cover most gigs (I personally could do without the clav, but that's just me). If you truly wanted more sounds you can hook up your laptop to it and use it as a controller. The feel of the keys is pretty good, they do feel like piano keys. The action is similar to an upright piano in my opinion. I don't think that there are many keyboards that come close to imitating the action of a grand piano. Sorry I'm a purist when it comes to that, but for a gig, this is truly a very good option.

    I do think that it would have been cool if Roland could have put the controls above the keys instead of at the left of the board, but I'm sure they have their reasons for not doing it. That's about the only thing that I've had to really adjust to. I was also hoping that it would be a little lighter than 28lbs. I've got a Casio CDP 100 that's 88keys and it's 4lbs lighter than this, and the keys and action are about the same. I'm not complaining, the RD64 is still much lighter that the RD100 or Kurzweil PC88.

    Sweetwater is awesome!! I ordered this board and got it in time to play a gig with it, so I was able to put it through it's paces in a live setting, and I wasn't disappointed. Thank you Sweetwater!!!

    If you are looking for a portable, lightweight board for the road then this is an option worth considering. At this price point, it is also hard to pass on it.

  • Harris Bruch
    from Herndon,va December 9, 2014Music Background:
    Student, Composer, Producer

    Great keyboard

    I love the actin on this keyboard. I reminds me of my VPiano. Sounds good too.

  • Matt Hagerty
    from Rhode Island July 2, 2013Music Background:

    Unique sound, convenient size

    I received my RD-64 a few weeks ago, and I'm generally happy with it. All of the sounds are excellent, but the piano sound is worthy of discussion. This is appreciably different from that of a high-quality sample. The Roland is richer, fatter and punchier, but there is a SLIGHTLY noticeable digital quality (perhaps 0.1% of the total sound). In other words, it's better for colorful styles and instrument combinations than for 100% natural-sounding solo work. The 64-key size is perfect, because 88-key pianos are hard to squeeze into a car and even harder to fit on stage. The RD-64 has a serious omission, though; there is no MIDI in for using the instrument as a sound source in the studio. You can always play the part in via audio, of course, but this makes it impossible to correct mistakes. It is a maddening deficiency in an otherwise highly useful product.

  • Rob Dunn
    from Houston, TX May 10, 2013Music Background:
    Frequent Gigger

    Roland RD-64

    Great concept for a compact hammer action piano. Action feels good and on board sounds are usable. There are a couple of major issues when using as a controller. In piano mode you can use as a controller along with the internal voices, however, FC1 and FC2 cannot be changed from the default soft and sostenuto settings. In controller mode you are able to change these settings but lose the on board sounds. Hope this can be changed with an update.

  • Bob
    from Minneapolis October 9, 2015

    Right for me

    Compact is important to me as is the keyboard layout. In this size package other keyboards have E as their lowest pitch and that doesn't work for what I do. I prefer this layout, though I'd move the controls and add more keys if anyone asked. Tones are good but yes/no on the reverb is too limiting. I like the piano voices (all I use) and the touch is excellent. Love the feel of the textured keys. Is it the be all and end all? Not by a long shot, but it's the best compromise for my specific needs.

  • Street Pianist
    from Greece September 8, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    On the pianissimo and fast parts this piano is an absolute sucker.

    I have this piano for about 2-3 months now and have been making money with it every day as a street musician. I needed a compact piano with weighted action and a decent onboard piano sound, so when this came out I grabbed it right away. I use it in combination with a Roland KC-110 amplifier.
    It seems like a reliable sturdy piano so far. Being shorter than an 88keys piano is an advantage for transporting it through the subway every day. A longer piano would oscillate more and that would have a negative consequence on the keybed on the long term. On the other hand it is not as short as it could be for a 64keys piano and it is rather heavy for a piano that doesnít have its own speakers. It is heavier than many 88key pianos with onboard speakers.
    The action is really hard to get used to. I have been playing on a Kawai ES-4 with an ďadvanced hammer action 4Ē before I buy the Roland and it seems that this keybed canít compete with the Kawai on the fast parts. I keep struggling to include all the notes that I included with the Kawai on my performances, but it seems really hard to do that with the Roland. Trying not to drop the detail of the articulation I had with the Kawai, I struggle and struggle with the Roland and loose the smooth mellow feeling that came easy with the Kawai. On the pianissimo and fast parts this piano is an absolute sucker.
    Also the left and right output for the amplifier and the headphone output are really low volume. The volume of the headphone is really low and cannot function in parallel with the audio left and right outputs, so you canít monitor what you are playing with headphones as you play together with other musicians.
    The piano sound has some problems too. At many times the high pitched notes sound twice. Once when I hit the key, and once again a fraction of a second later. In addition when you turn the resonance effect on (second button default effect) the bass becomes muddy and the amplifier distorts even at low volume.
    The keyboard and the sound of the Roland do not seem connected at all, compared to Kawai digital instruments. Of course it doesnít feel like an acoustic piano at all. Then again, Roland doesnít make acoustic pianos.
    Despite all the negative things about the Roland RD-64, this piano did what it was bought to do. It helped me share my music on the street and I have already raised the money I spent for the piano, the amplifier, the battery, the microphones, the inverter, the stands, the compressor, the carrying cases and the hand truck. So know, Iím looking forward for my brand new Kawai ES-7 that will be staying always at home where I can develop my fast and expressive finger technique, something that couldnít be done with the Roland RD-64.

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