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Boss RC-50 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews
  • from langhorne pa December 13, 2010Music Background:
    semi pro acoustic musician ,

    great peice of kit! a must have for solo artists

    i gotta say that i did a LOT of researching and reading reviews before pulling the trigger on this machine. i read the good,the bad ,and the ugly reviews about it. i will admit that some of the bad reviews about almost dicouraged me from buying it ...ALMOST . i figured that if i didn't like it i'd send it back ..sweetwater is cool like that! well after spending a week or two w/ it i will say that i'd never send it back ! it has totally enhanced my practice time and w/ a little more practice it will totally change my live show. this thing seriously rocks! i play in an acoustic duo guitar and bass ,now i can add another dimension to our sound w/out having to add another personality into the mix. two thumbs way way up for the RC50 loopstation! best purchase i've made in years . if your a solo /duo musician you should get one of these right away you'll be amazed and so will your fans.

  • from ft.hood, tx August 6, 2010

    glad i purchased this

    if you have ever used a kaossilator you know how easy it is to create little beats and jam with little to no musical experience, well this pedal works the same way, ive had friends who have never use it plug in there guitar and who cant play keyboard make jams on this its a great little device, and for the experience musicians you can create full range of sound with this, also adding wav files for drum beats is really simple.

  • from Cincinnati Ohio February 3, 2009Music Background:
    Hobbyist, church guitar player

    Awesome pedal

    This pedal does exactly what I wanted it to do. Great sound quality, rhythem guide does what I want it to do. Some people complain about not being able to midi sync it, but the trick is to make the RC-50 the midi clock MASTER, not receiving but issuing clock information, not a slave. It makes absolute since to me that if it receives clock information it will start trying to stretch the phrase, which OF COURSE will warble it.

    If I cannot get it to sync to external devices then it would still be worth it's cost.

  • from Missouri October 11, 2008Music Background:

    This is FREEK'N KOOL!

    Great play back fidelity. As for silent space at beginning of play back, you just need to keep playing phrase till machine starts to overdub. Reverse will get you some cool J.H. sounds! The panning feature is great.

  • from Chicago IL January 2, 2008Music Background:

    i cannot live without it

    when you recieve the RC-50 - read the manual!
    this is an amazing decive, you will not regret it!!!!!
    i am using it for my rock/pop band.
    i have prerecorded synth parts and guitar parts loaded onto the RC-50 in phrases.
    i punch them in right on time with my foot and it completes my 3 piece band.

  • from CA,USA January 20, 2007Music Background:
    Composer, Electronic Music

    Think before you Sync

    Most of the problems people have with the RC-50 is because they are not setting-up the unit properly to sync with external clock, not tapping in the tempo before recording or they are ignoring the tempo guide beat. There may be other issues caused if someone connects the RC-50's midi in and out to a clock source. The tempo features are very advanced and have to be studied carefully. I have been doing electronic groove music for years and this unit will sync and playback just fine if you read the manual and set everything up properly!

  • from Shreveport Louisiana July 15, 2006Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician The Unknown Star , Musictologist

    Leave the band at the house! You are a one man band with this RC-50

    First of all being a guitar player for over 25 years. Technology has come full circle with the RC-50 Loopstation! I can just imagine what Frank Zappa,Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia,Chet Atkins and so many other guitar greats or instumentalist could do with such an awesome device.
    I plug in with my Roland VG-8 Guitar Modeler and there I go, Bass, Mandolin, Guitar, Lead, Rhythm, or layer vocals in a matter of minutes not hours. You can have a limitless artist scratch pad or performance machine that you can even save your work right to your own computer. I recently made a demo of a 45 minute lead solo for the guys at work. First of all I still don't think that they actually believe it was me playing live! But after I explained I had a little help from the RC-50 LoopStation, they began to understand that I cheated big time! Well if sounding that good is cheating , then I am a cheater! You can't beat the quality of sound and the features for the price on the RC-50 Loopstation and its loads of features. I sold my RC-20 XL to get my RC-50 ! If you can't go RC-50 the next best thing is the RC-20 XL, it is still a great live perfomance tool. If you are like me , you are going to want the big gun RC-50 Loopstation. I played with my new toy for so long , my hands got numb! I really did, it was so amazing , I was like a kid in a candy store and had a bunch of empty pockets to fill up! As for the lead solo, WOW|! Thanks for the help RC-50 the RC stands for Really Cool, Realtime Control, or just RC I don't really know and I don't really care! Because I got one and am turning peoples heads with it everytime I use it! Thanks Boss your still the Boss!

  • from San Francisco, CA, USA July 5, 2006Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician, Street Poet, All around nice guy.

    Ummm. Wow. And I mean Wow.

    I started doing looping as a self-endulgent/jam-in-my-room type of thing. I borrowed my friend's RC-20 Loopstation for a few weeks. After getting turned onto fellas like KidBeyond and Keller Williams, I realized it could be so much more. I did some research and bought the Digitech Jamman (it had more bang for the buck compare to the Loopstation).

    I played a handful of shows (guitar, vocals, beatbox, and some other instruments) with this new toy and was left wanting more out of a looper.

    Then I found out about the then not-yet-released RC-50. I eagarly awaited its shipdate... as the good folks at Sweetwater can atest to :)

    I've spend the past two weeks cracking the usage of the RC-50 and I could not be happier. Between the design and the indepth manual, the learning curve was fairly brief. I been able to turn the jams I created on the other loopers into more complex and dynamic arrangements.

    With the addition of the optional expression pedals and footswitches this thing is unstoppable.

    The only thing more powerful is going the Laptop route with Abelton Live & a Midi switch board.

  • from Austin TX April 19, 2011Music Background:
    renaissance man

    Very cool, not perfect

    This unit is great. Looping is fun even with a single pedal, but this unit has several tricks up its sleeves that make it the ultimate looper.

    For instance, having 3 separate phrases means you can not just build up a loop (which you can with any looping pedal) but deconstruct and reconstruct it by switching out parts. A popular trick is to mute one of the phrases for a while and then bring it back in with great dramatic effect.

    Further features: using the the 3 phrases in single mode, where only one plays at a time. Store verse, chorus, bridge in three phrases of a patch, and just switch between them with the pedals. Option to have phrases fade in/out rather than immediately start/stop; great for ambient stuff. Multiple outputs: I have it set up so that the guide beat only goes to my headphones, but not to the (stereo!) out. You can even have the input not go to the output, so you can build up your loops without the audience hearing it.

    This unit has several advantages over the EH 8080 which also has multiple phrases. 1. Undo pedal. That's a life saver. You've played something on top of a dense loop, and you can just say "nah, not good enough" and that's it, rather than being commited to your error for the rest of your performance. 2. Phrases can be independent; on the 8080 the first phrases determines the length of the rest. Here you can play a one bar drum loop in phrases 1, loop it and play a two bar rhyhtm over it in the next phrases, et cetera.

    But much as I like this unit, there is room for improvement.

    1. The phrases always have 100% feedback. A gradual degeneration of the earliest layers would be so cool.
    2. I could really use an effect send/return, preferably per phrase. Right now there is no way to use effects other than setting them on the input or on the master output.
    3. Removable storage. True, loops are repeated so the 50 minutes recording time corresponds to much more performing time, also you can dump/load the memory over USB, but still....
    4. Further small niggles: loops can be quantized, but only to measures. I with they could quantize to beats, for really irregular polyrhythm stuff.

  • from USA June 1, 2007Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Producer, MC

    Almost perfect!

    Why? because it lacks media storage capabilities (limited to onboard 49min; mono memory). No doubt, this is plenty, but the possibility becomes complete if the RC-50 had compact flash, SD, etc. for recalling the past live sets.

  • from Harrisburg PA USA June 17, 2007Music Background:
    30 year Vet live and Studio work

    Dont Listen to the NaySayers!

    After reading a TON of reviews and owners comments on the net about the major Looping players, I picked up the RC-50 and brought it home for a shakedown in my studio. This next statement is important....First, to all the NAASAYERS... READ the manual cover to cover, and that alone will explain the majority of complaints I read about on the net. I found case after case where I solved the complaitants problems by simply ....READING THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL BEFORE BUST'N ON THE RC-50!!!! After only about 5 hours with this unit, I have concluded that it indeed is a POWERFUL AND ROCKING unit. PERIOD. Sure,,,,,it doesent do EVERYTHING....and you wont take over the Music World with it alone, or Conquer the Stage with it alone either. It may, or may not be the secret missing link that will solve all your live and studio needs... Like every single instrument or bit of computer software, YOU have to learn its limitations, and exploit its power. And believe me, the RC-50 has PLENTY of power for the price. I would tell you that I feel most people with a lick of sense could use this thing to ROCK STEADY, but one "Complainee" stated in his review that he, being a "Degreed Music Graduate/Teacher" Felt the RC-50 was only good as a door stop and was useless and ill conceived, rushed into production, yaada yaada yadda.... All I can say is he had a defective unit or TWO or he is an educated IDIOT, or Simply does not know how to R_O_C_k !! 'cause mine CRANKED right outta the box with Patch #1. I dont have a music degree, but I found that with a little practice and patience, this RC-50 has supprised me with both its Sonic Accuracy and many TRICK funtions. The USB jack also passes Audio through my computer and monitoring system which I can record in real time on my 32 Track Roland Multitrack Recorder, which is an added bonus, and something I didnt read in any of the reviews or specs. Of course, I could have a malfunctioning computer or RC-50, RIGHT?? Anyway, I am very Happily KEEPING this little looping Marvel, and Boss....if you're listing..... Thanks for yet ANOTHER GREAT PRODUCT. Hope this helps dispell some of the untruths and inaccuracies reported about this little gem of Boss technology. Best Regards. A True Fan

  • from Austin March 23, 2010Music Background:
    Electro, Indie, Rock, Alt, Folk, Avant, Experimental

    Great Misses A Few Things

    I've been looping for awhile and tried just about everything out there, with the exception of the looperlative. This one is right on track but misses the point in a couple of areas. 1. Audio quality (Come on Boss seriously). 2. You are limited by the length of your first loop. Electro 2880 is very similar but the tracks are a little more difficult to get hold of and they have the same first track length limitation. I've started to setup my ableton gear as a multi-track looper. LISTEN UP MUSIC GEAR COMPANIES!!!! WHAT I WANT is a Multi-track looper (with proper audio quality), that isn't determinded by the first loop's length, and more than three tracks would be nice too. Something maybe similar to looperlative or electrix repeater. Throw me a bone, this can't be that difficult.

  • from San Francisco, CA September 22, 2006Music Background:
    Recording Engineer/Producer, Semi-Pro Musician

    Midi sync causes odd time-stretching distortion

    I've been waited years for someone to manufacture a box with these specs. I have been an electronic producer/live P.A. for years and I wanted to be able to add some spontaneous instrumentation and vocal loops to my sets. Ostensibly, the RC-50 has that capability. However, I find that when I slave the RC-50's clock to an external source my loops playback with a weird studdering. It sounds like the RC-50 is trying to time correct my loop, which is odd because the original loop is recorded at the same tempo as the play back tempo. Bottom line, if you don't plan on syncing from an external midi clock the RC-50 is an impressive piece of gear. Think twice about dropping the dough if you're going to be slaving to an external midi clock.

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