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Pro Co Limited Edition Reissue '85 Whiteface RAT Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Mike Harris

    One of my customers (a touring pro) recently bought one of these for his smaller pedalboard to try to replicate the sound of his very expesive and modified boutique overdrive on his larger board. He called me a week later to buy a second RAT to replace his boutique pedal!

  • from Ladera Ranch, Ca July 28, 2012

    Dust of your spandex

    This really is a great pedal that for me was wonderful in bringing back that classic 80s sound with a great deal of authenticity. Beyond that though I think this pedal is very good at providing a great distortion and fuzz boost that isn't overly harsh or abrasive. Just right for me

  • from Chicagoland May 24, 2010Music Background:
    Working Pro, Bandleader and Music Teacher.

    I Have The Real Deal!

    I have the real deal from 85'. If this one is build't the same way. Buy it!
    The newer Rats just don't sound the same as the one I go 25 years ago. And no I would'nt give it up for 200$. I put a lot of wear and dirt on it. Maybe thats why it still sounds so Goooood! These box's last forever.

  • from Brooklyn NY April 26, 2010Music Background:
    GUITARIST- rock - classic rock - funk .....and everythink inbetween

    Proco Rat did the smartest move by creating this pedal

    I owned the rat 2 ....oh how down i was when i couldn't get a normal sound out of that fuzzy (so called distortion) BOX.....
    How excited i was when i ordered this one and i wasn't shocked this is exactly the sound u need to sound like vai / satriani / petrucci.....just go for it .....HIT THE MUSIC

    just 1 concern is that it dosn't have a LED on/off light.....BUT real proffesionals only look at the inside not the outside lol

  • from McAllen, Tx. USA March 4, 2010Music Background:
    Hybrid, Pro sometimes, hobbyist other time's


    I don't do review's but I HAD to do this. I have several pedal's that I was sure were as good as you can get and they are nice but this pedal is in a class by itself. I won't go any further than this but I swear to you that your going to miss something special. For once I hope this influence's somebody to try this 'cause you are going to thank yourself. TONE

  • from Birmingham, AL March 8, 2014Music Background:
    Student, Worship Musician

    The One

    I bought this pedal about a year ago from Sweetwater because I really enjoyed my 90's big box reissue, but I wanted the same sound from a smaller enclosure. I got exactly that. This Rat sounds killer! It's the EXACT same model as the beloved distortion from the good old days. Since I bought mine, three of my friends have all bought one as well. They're just that good. I wish they had kept this model around. It's a fantastic sounding piece of gear! If you can find one, I suggest buying it.

  • from Four Oaks, NC April 19, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar player for many years

    Worthy Addition

    I have up to this point been only moderately pleased with distortion pedals I've tried over the years. The Pro Co Limited Edition Whiteface RAT has exceeded my initial expectations ... you can get anything from mild overddrive to full distortion with this unit ... the controls are just right for getting the sustain and tone you need .... it stacks well with other pedals for even more possibilities. It has found a permanent spot on my pedal board. Recommended.

  • from los angeles November 30, 2011Music Background:
    young musician

    Up there with the best...

    I dont own this exact pedal, but i DO OWN the original, and if this reissue is anything like it, i am positive you wont have any complaints. first off, lets say that this is'nt your "average" distortion or overdrive pedal, it gives you a very raw, and extremely saturated sound that i personaly love. also, the range of tones that an be achieved makes this an extremely dynamic guitar pedal. everything from a slight boost for solos, to all out blazing distortion. the middle knob is also very useful to further shape your sound.
    i play mine with a mexican strat, hot -rodded with a seymore duncan JB jr. in the bridge and vintage alnico's in the midlde and neck, along with upgraded tone and volume pots, and a better quality capacitor and pickup selector, and even with very high distortion, the single coils still retain all of that classic chime and jangle. and the JB jr. just screams with this pedal. I'm talking effortless pinch harmonics, and blistering leads. also, i should add that for you metal players out there, this pedal works great on a low gain setting to add alittle extra "crunch" to your distortion tone. overall, i love this pedal, had it passed down from my dad, ( a seasoned gigging musician/recording tech. ) and i don't see myself using or needing another distortion pedal anytime soon.

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