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Rock N Roller R2RT Micro Multi-Cart Reviews

4.5 stars based on 38 customer reviews
Questions about the Rock N Roller R2RT Micro Multi-Cart?

Questions about the Rock N Roller R2RT Micro Multi-Cart?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from May 24, 2017

    Awesome cart!

    I absolutely love this cart. What would take me a dozen trips loading/unloading equipment now takes two. Very light and sturdy. My only wish would be to have some sort of strap or clamp to hold down the two sides when collapsed, but I'm not knocking it for that. Best purchase I've made in years.

  • from South Florida April 4, 2017Music Background:

    Great cart

    I love this cart. It hold a lot without being too heavy. I can easily carry the cart and load my gear on it.

  • from Michigan March 23, 2017Music Background:
    Performing songwriter

    Rock N Roller R2RT Micro Multi-Cart

    This cart is a great compromise between load capacity and collapsed size. Perfect for a solo act or a single side persons gear. Probably too small for a full drum kit in a single load, but there's a size for that too.

  • from January 24, 2017Music Background:
    Sound engineer

    Great little cart.

    I bought this cart for an upcoming move and I love it. The handles are a tad hard to unfold but it's all good.

  • from January 13, 2017

    So Nice I Bought it Twice

    I bought one for myself 3 years ago and it's still going strong. So for Christmas I bought one for my bandmate. Very useful, very solid. Great cart for the gigging musician.

  • from Florida October 30, 2016Music Background:

    Why did I wait so long?

    So many years using a small pull cart doing two and three trips for my equipment. All that suffering. That is a thing of the past. Now I laugh and smile all the way to my gig.

  • from July 26, 2016

    My Hero

    Easy to put together. It absolutely saved my back on a recent move. Super durable. Folds down to a very small size when you don't need it.

  • from June 21, 2016

    They are a great tool

    Love the easy assembly compact design, own 3

  • from June 13, 2016Music Background:
    full time professional musician

    This cart rocks!

    I cannot believe that this little lightweight cart can stretch out and carry ALL my equipment in one load!! I am in heaven!! I used to have the huge rock n roller cart because I thought I needed that size but the cart itself was so huge and heavy that I could barely fit it into my SUV with all the rest of my equipment. This is so much smaller and still carries all the same stuff!! It turns corners easily, the wheels are firm, the structure is strong. My other rock n roller cart had tires that would go flat and I would have to take it to the gas station to have them fix it like it was a car tire! Ridiculous! I just love this new cart. It does it all and I can carry it in one hand.

  • from IL May 16, 2016

    Rock N Roller R2RT Micro Multi Cart

    I have been debating purchasing one of these for about 5 years. What the heck have I waited so long for? This is definitely the best investment I've ever made. It's lightweight, sturdy, versatile and super easy to use. AND, best part is it barely takes up any room in my vehicle. I LOVE THIS CART!!! So, don't be lame like me and wait. BUY it NOW!

  • from Huntsville, Alabama September 25, 2015Music Background:
    Former musician

    Rock N Roller Cart

    Dave Brow has given me excellent service on every order I have placed (6 or 7). Every item ordered has arrived promptly, undamaged, and has performed without a problem. And, Dave has always given me a great price on each order..WONDERFUL SERVICE.

  • from Salem, OR March 20, 2015Music Background:
    Playing drums for over 40 years

    Rock N Roller cart

    What took me so long to buy one of these. Two trips to the car to get my kit instead of 5. Comes in handy when you played for 4 hours.

  • from Buena Vista, CO July 14, 2014Music Background:
    Aging Hobbyist

    Made it in One Trip!

    Seems very sturdy, but very compact and light for travel. I got my whole PA +++ up in one trip in the elevator.

  • from Virginia May 10, 2014

    Tough and light weight!

    Built plenty heavy to roll your equipment around but still light enough to lift in and out of your vehicle. Wheels seem adequate for the job. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

  • from Gainesville, Florida May 9, 2014Music Background:
    Spouse of Aging Hipster Musician

    Rock N Roller Cart

    I bought this cart as a gift for my husband who's been a musician for 35+ years. He's still gigging and really needed somthing to transport his gear. He loves it and it's made load-in and load-out a lot more enjoyable. Really great piece of equipment!

  • from Illinois March 14, 2014Music Background:
    Teacher, Musician

    Awesome little cart!

    I bought the lowest priced cart to see how it would perform. I am very pleased! What used to take me 3 trips to the car, now takes only one. The quality is great, and it is lightweight too! Great product. The rest of the guys in the band want on e now too!

  • from Washington DC. February 25, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound, Recording, Musician...53 yrs.


    Perfect cart. I am using this to haul stage monitors and PA tops. They roll and load in and out of the truck smoothly. Made the crews job a lot easier.

  • from United States February 12, 2014Music Background:
    Pastor, worship leader, a lot of years of mediocre guitar playing and singing

    For the traveling musician, this is a MUST!

    I do music ministry at my church and at three different nursing homes. Needless to say, I'm dragging stuff around quite a bit. I needed something to make transporting equipment to and from the church to my truck, and then to and from my truck to the nursing home easier. NO MORE MULTIPLE TRIPS IN AND OUT! Enter the Rock N Roller Micro cart. I needed to be able to carry one Taylor 6 string acoustic guitar, Bose L1 Compact, a padded stool, guitar stand, music stand, song book, and multi-item SKB MIL-STD #14 case (see my review on SKB box) in one trip. It saves a multitude of time and effort. I strap all of this stuff down with 4 Gruv Bungees (see my review). At church, I'm able to also pile on a Taylor 12 string acoustic and Gibson Les Paul Studio, along with my laptop computer, Bible and sermon notes...AND ALL OF THE OTHER ITEMS PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED...strapped down with the Gruv Bungees, and make ONE TRIP TO AND FROM MY OFFICE TO THE SANCTUARY. Since we are a multi-congregational church, I have to do this every Sunday. So...this cart is a time saver and a back saver. Give Andy Miller a call at (800) 222-4700 ext. 1336, he can help you decide which cart model you will need to handle your gear.

  • from Philadelphia June 8, 2016Music Background:
    Touring drummer

    Rock n Roller micro Cart

    Love it convienence lightweight durable and. Dependable

  • from Charlotte, NC July 8, 2013Music Background:
    Gigging/church guitarist 3-5 gigs & services/month

    Great utility cart

    One of my bandmates has this cart, and after seeing his in action, i needed one myself. Now I'm asking myself: Why has it taken me this long to purchase this??? The cart has been worth every penny. It easily carries my gear, both my full setup and smaller setup. Once my gear has been loaded, then I use it to move the PA system and speakers in both the cart and dolly configurations. The cart folds up easily in my SUV, and would fit easily in a regular car trunk and/or backseat. The tires are sturdy and the cart has rolled easily on concrete, asphalt, grass and brick surfaces.

    I've also used it around the house to move some items, so turning out to be a great purchase. Sweetwater took my order on a Monday afternoon, and I had the cart on Wednesday... I couldn't have made it to the local store to buy it in that timeframe!!

    My only reason for 4.5 stars is that the cable that releases the arms to fold down can be tricky to operate with my feet. I have had to use my hands a couple of times, and I think the design is intended to use your foot. The space between the cable and the frame doesn't allow my foot to slide in, and I have small feet! It might be one of those tricks I will get better with over time.

    Regardless, I would buy this again in a heartbeat... And several of my other bandmates are planning to get one, too! It is a great piece of equipment to own if you move your gear around for gigs.

  • from MA June 25, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician, & Teacher

    Love the Rock N Roller!

    This is just the thing to move gear into a venue, as well as moving air conditioners from the cellar, etc. It was easy to assemble, easy to use, and is light and compact.

  • from new york April 8, 2013Music Background:
    wedding band leader

    what a piece of magic

    great piece of equipment. I own a pa system and am completely awe struck on how great this cart is.

  • from Little Rock, Ar. USA January 8, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, performer.

    Great little cart

    This cart is small enough to put into your SUV but hold two speakers or a crate. It sure saves your back carrying all that gear back and forth. It's not long enough for a keyboard however.

  • from Southern Minnesota August 9, 2012Music Background:
    Country, old rock, honky tonk stuff

    Great tool!

    Great for the one night gig. Get all your own equipment in in one trip. Save your energy for the show. Solid construction, easy rolling. Even goes up curbs. This is the second one I've had. The first got left at a job. Went right to the computer and bought another one just like the first one.

  • from Austin TX May 3, 2012Music Background:
    bass player, live and studio engineer

    Perfect for my needs but....

    This is a great micro sized cart perfect for my needs- bass cab, amp various hardware. The construction is solid, wheels seem up to the task and it moves equipment around very easily. It rolls everywhere with the expected effort, carpet not a problem, grass, gravel and a step or three no problem. The photo is a bit deceptive in that the cart is not quite as tall I'd expected so using it as a hand truck is impossible for me (6' tall) and stairs would be very difficult. If my drummer goes single bass 5 piece kit is all fits except the hardware bag, but both bass drums do not fit on this size.
    So one caveat-If you have a big load, are tall, a drummer, DJ or keyboard player you should consider a larger size.

  • from Rochester, New York April 19, 2012Music Background:
    Part time musician

    Should have bought one a long time ago.

    The R2RT cart has worked out real well for me. I play keyboard and can get in and out of a gig with one trip. The car is light and easy to open and close. A great purchase!

  • from September 19, 2011


    Great experience!

  • from September 9, 2016

    Useful and good quality for the price

    Very sturdy. Good flexible configurations. Well constructed. I have only two issues: the "step on a cable" in order to unlock the two end pieces can be bit difficult at times. The mechanism seems harder to move than it needs to be. When in the "hand cart" position (on two wheels with the load balanced by tilting) there is no really good place to grip the handle. It is too low and narrow for comfortable pulling.

  • from NYC August 29, 2016Music Background:
    Guitarist, vocalist, songwriter.

    Great product!

    Just what I was looking for and needed. Handles my Tech 21 Audio Engine 1x12, Two space road case with my Eleven Rack and two guitars. Does the job well. Highly recommended.

  • from November 23, 2015

    Micro Multi-Cart gets it done

    Smart, multi-function design works as advertised--this is a smart piece of gear. It's small but well built and looks as though it will be serviceable for some time to come. Only minor complaint was that the friction tape wasn't well secured, but it was nothing that some adhesive couldn't fix.

  • from August 18, 2015

    Multi Cart Rolls!

    I recently purchased a Rock N Roller R2RT Micro Multi-Cart. I have been having back problems so wanted to get a cart that was light. This one does fit the bill as it only weighs 17 lbs. It does handle and roll very well. You can put a lot of equipment on this thing! I also put a bunch of chairs on it to move. It has lots of Configurations but I believe I will only end up using 2. It seems rather pricey but my biggest complaint is you have to step on a coated wire to get the handles up. I've had lots of trouble with this and it was frustrating. However, I am getting the hang of it (you have to jiggle the handle and step at the same time) and I believe over time I won't even think about it and think it's easy.

  • from June 6, 2015

    Handier than a pocket on a shirt

    Simple and to the point. Well made for its intended application, especially with the no-flat wheels. Much better than the standard carts you will find at the bog box hardware stores.

    Feature request... Make this cart with fold-flat wheels, and you'll have a home run.

  • from South Florida July 8, 2014Music Background:
    Acoustic & Electric Bassist

    Micro Multi Cart

    This is my 2nd Micro cart...I wore the 1st one out.
    The new version is sturdier with better wheels. I am able to make one trip with all my gear & basses. No worrying about leaving equipment unattended in my car. When folded, the cart takes up very little room.
    Sweetwater handled my order quickly & efficiently!! Thanks!

  • from Germantown, MD USA November 18, 2012Music Background:
    Weekend warrior performer

    Some kinks, but once ironed out it works fine

    I routinely perform on solo sax with backing tracks. Recently, I scaled up from a single powered loudspeaker for my backing tracks to a pair of QSC-K12's (which rock), and even some nice mics and a small mixing board for when I'm convening a jazz trio or quartet. I realized that I needed a cart instead of my collapsable dolly. I heard good things about rock-n-roller, so after doing some measuring, I went with this smallest and lightest model.

    It arrived with the box intact, but with some minor quality control issues. First, on the large rear wheel axles, there are to be a pair of holes drilled opposite each other thru which one inserts a pin then you splay out the tips with pliers so it stays in place, and keeps the wheel on the axle. One of the holes was not drilled opposite the other across the axle, so Malaysian wage-slave decided to drill a second hole adjacent to the first, creating a figure eight super-hole. Not a big deal, since I could splay out the pin tabs one to each hole. After applying light grease to the axles as suggested, I found that one wheel will spin freely on the axle, but the other one has some resistance and will only do a single 360. Again, annoying but a mere trivial drag on operation of the cart relative to the heft of the cart fully loaded and gravity. Finally, one of the thick metal 90-degree tabs on the frame, that forms the notch to keep the smaller U-shaped handle in place in the upright locked position, was formed too narrow for the shaft of the U-handle to snap and rest all the way inside it. So, I had to apply tape to the tab to protect the finish, and use a large wrench and brute strength to bend it out slightly. Now, the U-handle will slap all the way in place into the notch when upright. I could get it done, but girly-girl shopper might need to enlist a strong set of hands to do this.

    My first gig with this had me schlepping my stuff an unexpected half-block away at an outdoor mall gig, and the cart did the job fine. Now that its all good to go, I'm basically happy with it, and like others here, it strikes me as solidy-built, but hoping it will hold up over time- especially the wheels.

  • from san diego, ca June 28, 2012

    roll on!

    don't know how i've gotten by so long without this. i use it for hauling my equiptment around, loading up the car for camping, and anything else i can think of. eliminates multiple trips and saves wear & tear on your back (think beast of burden), and is easy to store. if you don't have one, do yourself a favor and get one. even my wife admits it's pretty cool!

  • from Chicago, IL September 27, 2011Music Background:

    A welcome relief for drummers.

    I love this cart. As a drummer who lives in a condo, I am tired of hoping that no inconsiderate jerk has monopolized the luggage carts in my building so I can get my drums and hardware to and from my car. This cart makes it in two easy trips and then folds flat so I can also use it when I get to the gigs.
    I have had a few people ask me about it and they hear the same thing from me - Get one and you will wonder how you ever did without it.

  • from Illinois August 2, 2014Music Background:
    Piano/Keys player


    It works as described and makes my life easier in terms of lugging around my gear. But I'm a little disappointed by the poor quality of some of the metal connectors- after I put the cart together they started shredding a bit- there are a couple of jagged metal edges that I avoid touching with my fingers.

  • from Grand Isle, VT December 15, 2014Music Background:

    Too Lightweight

    After three months of use, here's my review: great as a dessert cart on flat carpet - inadequate for real street conditions moving anything over 40 lbs. up, down and around normal club gig terrain. I almost broke my arm on this contrapation as it veered out of control with a 60-lb. PA speaker on it - there are very poor and un-ergonomic handles (no handles at all, really) when using cart as a standard hand truck. If you are moving man-sized equipment, get a real hand truck with pneumatic tires.

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