Radial R15DC-US Radial and Tonebone 15V Power Supply

15V DC Power Supply for Radial and Tonebone Products
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Radial R15DC-US Radial and Tonebone 15V Power Supply image 1
Radial R15DC-US Radial and Tonebone 15V Power Supply image 1
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Radial R15DC-US Radial and Tonebone 15V Power Supply
In Stock!

Perfect Power for Your Radial/Tonebone Gear!

This R15DC-US Radial and Tonebone 15V Power Supply is the perfect external DC power supply for most of your Radial or Tonebone music gear. Whether you're ditching those expensive 9V batteries or replacing an old power supply that's kicked the bucket, this R15DC-US will do the trick. It's designed to take US-standard wall current (120VAC, 60Hz) and convert it to the 15VDC, 400mA current your Radial or Tonebone equipment needs. The configuration is center pole positive, so please be sure this power supply is compatible with your music gear before you plug it in. If you have any questions about the R15DC-US Radial and Tonebone 15V Power Supply, give you Sales Engineer a call.

Radial and Tonebone R15DC-US 15VDC Power Supply Features:
  • A fresh 15VDC power supply for your Radial or Tonebone music gear
  • Made for use with standard US wall current (120VAC, 60Hz)
  • Outputs 15VDC, 400mA current configured as center pole positive
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Tech Specs

Input Voltage Range 120VAC, 60Hz
Output Amps 400mA
Output Voltage 15V
Sleeve/Tip Configuration Sleeve: Negative, Center: Positive
Manufacturer Part Number R800 9407 00

Customer Reviews

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Noticeable Visible Improvement

OK. So this is a follow up review to one I posted a few days ago on the recent replacement power supplies I had to order AGAIN! A few days ago, I blistered Radial for such fragile components on the originals and past replacements. I just got my two new ones and I must say the wire and strain relief portions have really been beefed up. I had hoped it would have just been a matter of time before Radial heard the complaints and stepped up their game. Time will tell if these hold up much better. Now, what to do with the two broken ones I still have....
Music background: Active Gigging Guitarist

Fragile Achilles' heel for a robust unit.

In the past 2 years, I've had 2 of these fail on me. I don't do a tremendous amount of touring (50-100 shows a year, fewer last year), so they haven't been abused. I always wrap the cable properly using the over-under method and staying with the original grooves, tie them with a velcro strap so they don't tangle, and store it in a padded case with the PZ-Pre. They've broken the same way: right where the thin wire meets the sheilding near the power source. Radial has been less than helpful or interested in trying to come-up with a better solution than to get me to just buy another one. After the first one broke, I decided to reinforce the wiring with electrical tape. Same problem happened where the cable ripped right out. I'm very happy with the Tonebone itself, but for a $300-400 unit, skimping on a good power supply is really upsetting for the gigging musician.
Music background: Solo Artist

Mine broke like everybody elses...

I have used my PZ Pre maybe 15 times in the last year or so. I keep the pedal and power cable in a small plastic storage box when not in use. I try not to wind it too tightly, but still, the wire broke right where the strain relief thing is. JUST LIKE all the other reviewers here. I did notice though that the image on some of the other sites shows a new design. A more robust cable and different style of strain relief. I ordered one so let's hope it hold up better. Radial should replace all these older crappy units for free. Buy a pedal and get to use it 15 times before needing a new PS? Booo.

Power Adapter sucks

My cord broke in the same place as the others... right where it meets the adapter itself. This is an extremely poor power supply and I say this with a great deal of experience in purchasing power supplies for an electronics company. For those who are interested, the Manufacturer price for one of these is in the neighbourhood of $3 - $4.50 for a good quality one (Ten Pao is a reputable company for instance located near Shenzhen).for all the good stuff Radial produces, it's too bad that they are getting a poor reputation based purely on a power supply. Of course, it doesn't help that the most likely time that these will break is as you are setting up for a gig!

Shame on Radial-Tone Bone Power Supply

Shame on Radial. Great solid gear; Pay $300.00 each for solid Tonebone PZ Pre, (I own 3 for various gig set ups) but this is what they give you to power the thing. I take VERY good care of winding and packing my cords and power supplies (my bandmates will tell you I am OCD when it comes to that) and I have burned through 2 of these extremely fragile units already in little over a year....the wire breaks right at the strain relief tab; to add insult to injury, it's 15 volts 400 mA and will not even work with a standard power supply nor a higher end Powertrain 1250 which has selectable 15v, however only a 150mA rating. For this reason, it is not convenient to add to a pedal board setup and you MUST disconnect every time and carefully store it some other way, again, eventually leading to it's failure as it does not stand up to the even a little wear and tear. I must keep spares on hand for piece of mind on all 3 set ups. I would gladly pay a bit more for something more robust. Radial really should address this.
Music background: Active Gigging Guitarist
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