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Keith McMillen Instruments QuNexus Keyboard Controller Reviews

4.0 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Keith McMillen Instruments QuNexus Keyboard Controller?

Questions about the Keith McMillen Instruments QuNexus Keyboard Controller?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Jack
    from Minnesota February 20, 2017


    Nice and small controller, with great sensitivity and a variety of other on-board controls you can have on/off. The bending function is really interesting to use when you've got a long and varied arp going. Goes right into your DAW flawlessly - I literally plugged it and played. Long story short: this thing is great. Thank you Keith! And Connor and all the other folks at Sweetwater for hooking me up

  • Michael Bruns
    from St. Paul, MN April 3, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist, Semi-Pro musician, sound person, recordist

    Had no idea how much I was missing this

    I've had this thing plugged in for 10 minutes, so take this for what it's worth. I plugged this into my laptop with Ableton Live 9 and started playing some keyboard sounds. I could barely believe what I was hearing. I did also just get an Apogee One (iPad compatible version) which has been blowing me away as well. I have lots of nice studio gear including an RME UFX. What I could barely believe with this keyboard was the immediate level of expressiveness I felt. The touch sensitivity and responsiveness alone are worth the asking price. Instruments I'd never particularly bonded with felt like I could spend a day(s) with. The Rhodes sounds were amazing. It's the combination of the Apogee sound quality with the amazing sensitivity of this keyboard. I've owned Akai, M Audio and Korg miniature keyboards and they feel completely like toys compared to this. This feels like a real instrument.

    I excited to get into the deeper features of control and expressiveness, but if this thing did nothing more than play the sounds with the sensitivity of the keys, it would be well worth it. I had read people talking about how great the keyboard felt and I'm delighted to be affirming that perception.

    Now I've got to go play some more.

  • steve cartwright
    from fairbanks ,ak usa December 25, 2013Music Background:

    home studio plus qunexus equals quality time.

    This is the one piece i've been missing in my home computer studio. It allows you to be very expressive in one simple unit with only one hand.

  • Customer
    from United States August 9, 2013Music Background:
    Bobby McFerrin

    Nothing But Awesome.

    This controller is unbelievably small for a portable pad controller considering its incredible functionality. Most larger (mid or even full length) conventional keyboards don't even have good polyphonic aftertouch like this lil' beast does. Additionally, the keys output midi AND CV commands based on where the key/pad is being press. It's also incredibly easy to use and set up. I love everything about this controller.

    Oh, and even discounting the above features... how many superbly designed and reasonably priced CV controllers are really out there?

    If you:

    1. Work with CV gear (analog synths, etc.)

    2. Need a perfectly sized controller with keyboard layout.

    3. Would like to begin learning or become more proficient in playing standard keyboard-based instruments...

    then GET ONE!

  • Damian Justin Kandalec
    from Venice, Florida August 6, 2013Music Background:
    electronic, noise, experimental

    Great little controller

    The QuNexus is a pretty sweet controller. It is a nice size, durable, and plays nice. The materials are nice and the LEDs are nice too.

  • Tyler
    from Space Coast June 15, 2013Music Background:
    Sound designer

    Just superb!!!!

    I'm going to start off saying that the wait for this amazing controller was well worth it. The QuNexus feels extremely solid, if its anything like the Quneo then it's a little tank. The keys are a little harder then I thought they would be but they work very well. The ports are top notch. And I like that it has so many. The sensitivity of the keys is absolutely insane and when you start messing around with the editor it's gets very wild. Another plus is it has a Ableton live remote script which turns it into a fun little controller for Live. I cannot recommend a better controller, it is fun and simple to use but also very advanced for such a small footprint. This thing keeps blowing my head off ever time I use it. Don't wait get a hold of your Sweetwater advisor(Thanks Zach) and get one NOW!!!!!

  • David
    from October 11, 2015

    Best of class

    A very impressive portable miniature controller. Extremely durable, very playable and capable. Works flawlessly with my MacBook Pro by merely plugging it in. The only minor nit is that I haven't found the "finger lean" functionality to be very useful, but that might be just me and my particular needs and idiosyncrasies. I don't regret this purchase one bit … it does the job I ask of it, and better than any comparable product could.

  • Ryan Vince
    from Indianapolis, In USA May 15, 2014Music Background:

    Nice lil guy

    The QuNexus has been my go to controller for both ableton and ipad music production. It's a brick and easily the most rugged piece in my collection. Everything has lived up to expectations except for the pitch bend button. In my experience it's not sensitive enough. There are several ways around this problem that are easy enough though. Great buy for the travelling musician.

  • Robert Owens
    from Champaign, IL January 31, 2014Music Background:

    Great Little Tool!

    I purchased this to use as a midi-controller for Ableton Live and Animoog for my iPad. Speaking to the quality of this instrument this has a solid construction, nice feel, and is very portable (without feeling too small).

    Fair warning though, there is a learning curve for its programable features. That really isn't a bad thing, it just means that there are a wide variety of configurations available to fit your needs.

    The half-star deduction is simply because I wish Keith McMillen offered better learning resources for its use...

    Great little tool! I highly recommend this for hobbyists and Pros.

  • VirtualHybrid
    from Orlando August 2, 2015

    QuNexus near perfect!

    the QuNexus is a wonderfully expressive instrument, the tilt adds a new dimension and the 3-layered editor js intuitive and essential. However, there is a glaring problem with the pitchbend. My style of playing needs accuracy and precision bends. The bend button should be farther from the down octave button and it should be re-engineered for better control. also, velocity does not change the color of the lights (as advertised) , it changes the brightness of the lights. fix the pitchbend and get 5 stars from me.

  • Customer
    from Montreal May 31, 2017

    Be aware!

    I don't know what these guys were thinking but be aware before buying :

    -If you want to use it with CV connections, you'll have to buy a cable kit from them, which is laughable since its one of the main function of this controller....!

    -If you want to use it with MIDI, you'll have to buy an external worth of MIDI converter box from them! More cables and more useless things that are going to lay around your studio. I bought this unit so that it won't take a lot of space on my desk, not the opposite!

    Its really a shame since the controller itself has amazing pads and seems really durable and solid. Though, I think that making it mandatory for their customers to buy other products to use the controller the way they advertised it is false advertising. It has convinced me to stop buying Keith Mcmillen's controllers in the future...

  • J.T.
    from Central MA December 22, 2013


    I don't know if it's a common occurrence with these controllers, but the one I got doesn't always respond to tilt; and when it does, whatever parameter I have assigned to tilt jumps to whatever value the thing wants to send. Also, one of the pads (high B) always sends low velocity value regardless of sensitivity settings or how much force I exert on the key.

    I really liked the idea behind this controller. Very, very disappointed.


  • Daniel Fisher

    There are many reasons that make Sweetwater a great place to work. One fun reason is that you get to meet people who are as passionate and knowledgeable about gear and music as you are. And when you visit their basement, you get to play with lovingly maintained vintage equipment right alongside the latest technical innovations.

    For example, in one friend's basement, I got to experience how amazingly expressive the polyphonic aftertouch is on his late-'70s Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer. I could hold down a handful of keys and then open the filter on a single note just by pressing down on that key. Sadly, a used CS-80 goes for more than $10,000.

    Now, you can experience the artistic joy of polyphonic aftertouch with the QuNexus Smart Sensor keyboard controller. Along with velocity sensitivity, it can also send pitch bends from a dedicated pad, plus standard channel aftertouch, and so much more.

    If you've discovered the joy of analog synthesis, then you'll go crazy with the QuNexus's CV (control voltage) I/O and gate. The CV outputs can control pretty much any analog synth parameter that has a CV input, and the CV gate will trigger your envelopes. The CV outputs can often work on your guitar pedals that have an expression jack as well.

    The entire CV concept is so well thought out that you can even use the QuNexus as a MIDI-to-CV converter and a CV-to-MIDI converter! (Try to find either of those on eBay for less than this.)

    The unit is powered and lit by USB, making it a no-brainer to connect to your computer. The free QuNexus Editor software (Mac and PC) allows you to fine tune your performance in ways you probably haven't imagined. For example, imagine having a unique pitch bend for each note just by tilting each key forward and back. Or changing aftertouch to any continuous controller you want.

    You can even break free of the computer with the KMI MIDI Expander, which gives you a power supply as well as MIDI in/out jacks.

    Now don't get me wrong; I'm not saying that this is the perfect MIDI controller to play a Rachmaninoff piano concerto. It has 25 keys and octave -/+ buttons to cover all 128 notes of MIDI. What it is perfect for is giving you soul-satisfying expressive control over the notes you choose.

    There are so many more features found in the QuNexus that you'll have to call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer to learn more about this miraculous controller.

Questions about the Keith McMillen Instruments QuNexus Keyboard Controller?

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