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Peavey QW 4F 5600W Dual 15" Passive Speaker Reviews

5.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Peavey QW 4F 5600W Dual 15" Passive Speaker?

Questions about the Peavey QW 4F 5600W Dual 15" Passive Speaker?

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  • from Winter Springs, FL November 22, 2013Music Background:
    DJ, Sound Engineer, Concert Sound Specialist

    A Speaker Leading the Way In Performance, Value and Quality

    I have been a JBL guy most of my life. As a DJ I require night after night of earthshaking lows, deafening highs and all under some of the strangest circumstances. I maybe outside, inside, in a corner of a garage, or on a boat and yes even on someones driveway...My experience with JBL's older products has been stellar...But I believe they live on their reputation. They think if they just put their logo on it someone will buy it...and for three times the money of everyone else's product...I have fallen for it recently...Have recouped my losses after seeing the cheap insides of a JBL cabinet after driver failure, and decided to look else where...Let me start by saying that these are "REAL" speakers...Peavey manufactured these to the highest quality standard. The boxes are built like a Brick %$#@ house and the grills are heavy thick gauge steel...The crossovers are premium giving you the flexibility to Bi-amp at the flip of a switch and best of all they are rated "ACCURATELY". I use old school real power not digitized power and they take every watt of it, and say thank you sir may have another... The best part is that the speaker is designed correctly, the lows have unrivaled punch the highs will make you deaf at certain levels and most importantly they sound awesome !!! I'm through with all these audiophiles explaining DB this and high frequency panning and phasing...JBL is over priced *&%# ! Period... The old stuff rocks but real time they live on the logo these are far superior to what I have worked with from JBL and their new "China" made stuff...Peavey is made in USA and hang tags everywhere off their products to show it !!! Peavey is the new leader hands down... I have DJ'd 28 years and this speaker is the champ !!!

  • from India September 10, 2012Music Background:
    DJ & Sound engineer

    Amazing Speaker for Value

    We have been using Peavey QW 4F and QW 218 since a year now they are just doing wonders... any time they can beat other speakers in same range when it come to crisp, clarity of sound... And these speakers have enormous power more than you can imagine ... you might need to change old amps to a new ones, i mean more power full ones..

  • from ND February 25, 2012Music Background:
    LIve Sound Engineer/Musician

    One of the best speakers for the money

    We run 2 of the qw 4f's per side over 2 qw218's. I liked them passive but once we bi-amped the 4f's they were unbelievably good. Passive I think the JBL SRX sounds better. But Bi-amped it is a toss up. Clean and Loud. We have used them for some major acts that complained about the Peavey name till they heard them. Only down side is they are HEAVY.

  • from April 4, 2007Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer,Recording Engineer

    Best speaker ever

    My Church owns 100 of these,and they are the best thing that we have ever heard.They will get loud and not distort,and we have 50 of the QW218 and they go perfect together, and it is all powered be about 100 crown I-T8000,and they get the job done!

  • from Silver City, New Mexico August 30, 2007Music Background:

    review of qw4's

    I have a pair of the peavey qw4's.
    These speakers sound very "smoothe."
    They can handle plenty of power and yet articulate so well. I am hearing things from my cd's played through them that I hadn't heard before. Very nice. I now want to get the bottoms for them. Nice job Peavey.

  • from Dickinson, ND USA January 13, 2006

    Peavey QW is awesome! A+++++

    Our company owns 2-pairs of QW-4's and 1-pair of QW-218's. We absolutely love them. They are so loud but very clean. It's hard to describe on how good these speakers sound. If your looking for great speakers for the price... these are a great choice. If you think that QW's would sound worse than such as... JBL, I think it would be a very wrong opinion. We used these many times so far and we're impressed everytime. Durability is also high on the charts. Our company has used SP series for years and they outlived every speaker such as EV, JBL, and Yamaha. You can't go wrong. Don't worry about these speakers... they will take care of business.

Questions about the Peavey QW 4F 5600W Dual 15" Passive Speaker?

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