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Allen & Heath Qu-SB Portable Digital Mixer Reviews

5.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
Questions about the Allen & Heath Qu-SB Portable Digital Mixer?

Questions about the Allen & Heath Qu-SB Portable Digital Mixer?

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  • from Hillsborough, NC April 26, 2017

    Love it! Excellent size.

    I had the QU-16 and AB168, and both work great. I was on a mission to downsize as much as possible as the places we play barely have room for amps and drums, let alone a full workstation like the QU-16.

    When Matt, my Sweetwater rep told be about the QU-SB I was sold. AND, I could continue to use my AB168 to extend to 32 channels.

    I do have 2 Airport Express routers and 2 iPads just in case something craps out.

  • from AR February 13, 2017

    Above Par

    This mixer is light years above the other offerings, I've been learning its capabilities over the last 3 weeks. The sound quality is equal to the QU-16C which I also own, at a fraction of the cost. FX ,Compression, Gates, Limiters ect.. all from the other great units already in service. The Ipad program is a joy to use, how I ever got along without a remote control is beyond me. I love being able to walk out into the audience and adjust a singers settings. Forgot to tell you, I'm a Professional KJ (karaoke DJ). I can adjust setting and save them, name them and recall them. I can quickly record a singer to the QU-DRIVE and post the recordings on my business page so people can download it.

  • from October 26, 2016Music Background:
    Performing Musician

    Finally found my compact digital mixer

    Starting from the bottom line - After two years I tried three different brands that have a compact digital mixer, I finally found the one I'm gonna stay with. It is not perfect, and not as compact as the other two, but summing up all pros and cons - this is the one. Here's why:


    1. Above all - sound. Out of all three I tried - I liked it the most. After working with analog mixer for 15 years, I was happy to find something that gives both the accuracy and the warmth I was looking for. The preamps are great, the effects are great, and the summing is great.

    2. Build quality - a massive small monster that I carry to all my gigs with zero worries. Solid and strong.

    3. Inputs - Unlike the other ones, all 16 channels have both XLR and TRS inputs. As I play mostly in small venues, just putting the mixer on the back of the stage and connect instruments such *** acoustic guitar, keyboards, and such - directly - no need of a DI box. For me is a big difference.

    4. Expendability - The option to expand the mixer with another 16 channel was a big plus when I chose to buy it. Knowing that is can easily serve my on my small gigs, but once in a while, when I have a full band gig I can also enjoy it.

    5. Price - well - getting a 16 channel mixer from a well known brand for just 1k? Super easy decision.


    1. Lack of built in WiFi router. I guess the target market of the portable mixers are people like me - independent musicians that make small gigs. In that case the portability and ease of use can be sometimes a deal breaker.

    2. Size - As said above. I know nothing about building mixers, but I wish this one would give a better fight to his much smaller opponents.

    3. The iPad application reacts slower when connected to the mixer then on demo mode... It is still the fastest of three (or at least the same), but on realtime I some time hope it would be more reactive.

    4. I wish they had a full app for iPhone/Android (or at least something a bit bigger than the Qu-You).

    All in all - after buying two others and replacing them, I am happy I found my mixer!

Questions about the Allen & Heath Qu-SB Portable Digital Mixer?

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