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EastWest Ministry of Rock 2 (DVD) Reviews

4.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
  • Doug Reid
    from Roseville, CA June 13, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Toured, Producer, Sound Design, Singer

    Knock Down the Doors

    With the Addition of the sample library I am able to do as my title says. with full authenticity, grit and power. Power chords, blistering solos, nuanced guitar chop, all possible. Yes, East West software is a challenge to get going on your system but that is why you buy from Sweetwater...for excellent support, which is exceptional. All the East West libraries have brought me absolute satisfaction..

  • Badboy Studios, Inc.
    from OC January 8, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician, Studio Owner

    Amazing in each and every way!

    As an owner of a nationally prominent studio, I am always on the lookout for the best of everything. As I feel, every artist that I record deserves the it. Whether Im writing a song or adding little nuances for someone else's, the sounds always have to be top notch so that the end listener cannot distinguish if something is a sample or the actual instrument.

    Ministry Of Rock 2 bridges that gap. So much so, that I have artists now opting to use this sounds contained in it over the real instruments, especially with drums. Which sound out of this world.

    Each instrument is given the same amount of attention and treatment. Guitars are recorded with the most prominent phrases an artist would use, along with single notes, both long and short. Covering both rhythm and lead.

    Bass is gut pounding and detailed, as it should be. Covering both classic and modern instruments, in both finger and picked. With their own common phrases and single notes.

    Drum samples are unlike any Ive ever heard. So real sounding that Ive fooled every drummer who's walked in the door. I don't even use the samples inside of our Roland TD 30 anymore... Because they can't come close to matching the brilliance of these samples. I simply marvel at every one of the drum samples within this software bundle. They are that good.

    Overall, this is must have for any serious studio or writer who wants that realistic, live rock sound. Bridging the gap to allow those with great ideas to fully realize them without hiring session musicians.

    I will never be able to say enough good things about this pack. It makes me want to buy every one of East Wests sound sets, to have my mind blown all over again. The Pianos Platinum is next on my list.

  • GalaxiesMerge
    from Alexandria, VA March 22, 2012Music Background:
    composer, sound-designer, engineer, producer

    Ministry of Rock 2 Gets You that Progressive Rock Sound!

    The instrument takes time to learn because you need the left hand to learn the articulation switches and the right hand to play them. This takes some practice. However, once you learn it, the sound defies even the best guitar engineers --- they think it's real!!!

    I got mine from Sweetwater about a month ago and when it arrived in the mail shortly after I had ordered it, I started playing with it: as a composer's idea tool, this is awesome. Would I trade it for a real guitarist: No. Can it and does it sound real: Yes.

    This makes it super easy to cut a demo, end to end, with rock drums, bass and guitars and what more can I say? The sound is spectacular.

    You can't go wrong with this library.

  • Tom
    from Orlando, FL January 8, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician and project studio owner.

    Great sounds.... terrible installation

    MOR 2 ships with a buggy installer, which doesn't work correctly. The answer from support is to do the multi-disk install manually. What a pain.

    However, once done, the sounds are very useable.

  • Shane
    from December 18, 2016

    Could be amazing, but...

    Mixed feelings! As of now a little more frustrated and disappointed! This library could be awesome, but it needs some major upgrading with some of their samples. Why? Every time I find a guitar sound I like (such as Gibson or Schecter offered in this instrument) their respective ranges are very limited in how many 'power chord' notes and samples are available. And Power Chords are the main reason I use guitar libraries. For instance, F# is the highest that Schecter goes. All my other libraries that are not MoR 2 hit G4 and then some. And often I need these. In fact I've yet to have song I didn't have to make special considerations for when it comes to the MoR 2 libraries!

    All other libraries move up and down within the spectrum I need the power chords to trigger on. But these MoR 2 Libraries are very limited, and it's exceptionally annoying to deal with every time I'm writing a song! I love the sounds these libraries emulate. And these two guitars (Gibson and Schecter) were a key find and even 'critical' in my choice of 'layering' with other libraries to create a very wide and realistic rock sound. But I always have to find a different path of notes for the powerchords these two guitars take simply because their range is so limited.

    And so for example, if all my other libraries are taking a path of notes where they go high (like G4 or above) the MoR 2 libraries have to be taken down an octave on those particular power chord samples. Likewise if all others go low, those particular samples have to be raised an octave in their midi dictation, to which either option sounds noticeable and odd in the mix. Of course it's better than the even more apparent odd sound of guitars within the overall mix suddenly going silent and 'dropping out' when they can't hit what the other libraries around them are hitting. I can't tell you how frustrating this is to deal with!

    I understand these aren't all '7 Strings'. But something should be figured out to get lower samples available, or they just won't keep up. Likewise there's no excuse for power chords not going high either. Tempted to find a new libraries to work with, but once I do I probably won't come back to this product as I don't like having to reshape sounds once I have gone through the trouble of finding something that makes me happy.

    This instrument and it's libraries could be amazing. But it needs some definite work here guys! Expand the ranges of notes in either direction (up or down accordingly) so that power chords can hit so they can keep up with libraries like Shreddage, Dracus, Pettinhouse, KMG 7 etc, or you're going to lose business. I'm discouraged that for the time I have to find something else after all the trouble I've gone through to make these guitars sit well in some of my other mixes.

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