Triple P Designs Pyramid Passive Reference Monitor Pair

Passive Studio Monitors (pair)
Triple P Designs Pyramid Passive Reference Monitor Pair image 1
Triple P Designs Pyramid Passive Reference Monitor Pair image 1
$299.00 (pair)
Special Order
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Triple P Designs Pyramid Passive Reference Monitor Pair
Special Order
$299.00 (pair)

Make Sure Your Mix Is Right!

Triple P Designs Pyramid studio monitors help prepare any studio for the outside world. While your mix may sound great on your monitors in your studio, it must also sound great outside your studio walls. Whether your mix ends up on a tiny television, car stereo, boombox, or any other non hi-fi system, the outside world has billions of systems that don't sound as great as yours.

As a mixer, you need to have the confidence that your mixes will translate well in the real world. The Pyramid monitors allow mixers to hear the effects of non hi-fidelity playback systems while they are mixing, and while they still have the opportunity to compensate. Any great mixer will tell you a great mix needs to sound great on any number of speakers.

What Does "Special Order" Mean?

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Tech Specs

LF Driver Size Height 2.92", Width 5.4"
Watts Per Channel 30W @8 ohms
Impedance 8 ohms
Frequency Range 80hz-18kHz
Input Types Binding Posts (Banana)
Height 7.12"
Width 7.87"
Depth 6.5"
Weight 2.8 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number Pyramids

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Finally a TRUE safety net for mixing!!

Warning: Once you hook these bad boys up, you'll probably want to go back & remix everything you ever mixed. They tell you that much about your music content. I use them with my ART SLA-1 power amplifier & the results are amazing. Be sure to use the best speaker cable available. After all, the purpose of these are for finer detail & the most honest real world reference. I can't imagine any other set of mini's in this category of speakers delivering the same sonic information as these. They're perfect size, not too small to make valuable frequencies disappear, but not too big to be a very accurate reference for iPod docks, small radios, computer speakers, etc. Just turn these on when listening to your final mix & make your necessary adjustments. It's that simple. These should really be the new standard for mini's in all pro studios. Cool factor: The speaker casing is see-thru (kind of a tinted plexi-glass). 'Nuff said! Hopefully this company will be around for a long time to supply these & for any replacement parts.
Music background: Recording Engineer

A Studio "Must Have"

I've been mixing on a pair of these for roughly three and a half years and I say these are the best "low fidelity" reference monitor you can buy. My Triple P's are my safety net and give me confidence my mixes sound right. They tell me immediately if I've got something out of balance, because they never mask a bad mix, like some high priced full range monitors out there. While I'd never do any critical EQ'ing while listening through the Triple P's, I know if my mix sounds good on them, it'll sound good anywhere. Every studio should have a pair of these!
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