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Ableton Push with Live 9 Intro Reviews

5.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Carson McClain

    Finally, a comprehensive controller that allows you to access more than just basic features of Ableton Live. Push not only maps the most useful features you would need (like drum sequencing and clip creation), it also give you the ability to maintain different key signatures, time signatures, automation control, plug in and sound selection, etc. It's also really well-built - more rugged than the most popular drum controller out there today, and better-feeling. Ableton Push allows you to use Ableton 9 even more like an instrument than ever before.

  • from Honolulu HI January 7, 2016Music Background:
    Military Musician, Bassist,Freelance Producer,


    In the time I started using Push, the first thing I saw was how easy it was to navigate Ableton parameters, instruments and effects.... but what really caught my attention was when I used my 3rd party VSTs & VSIs. In an crazed moment , using Omnisphere,, Arturia Modular V,, and NI's battery 3, I had one HELL of a demo in less than 3 min. When I played it for a friend of mine, he did NOT believe it was only 3 tracks! IK multimedia plugins for the most part were accessible to integrate into my projects.

    Now here's the rube... My 10-year old son Moses saw it a week after I bought Push, and he went CRAZY over it... Its like a big video game to him, and he's on it almost as much as I am. This works well due to 2 things.. ONE he knows he cant touch it until his homework and chores are done, and TWO, he's found a new way to express himself in a more artistic form. When he first tried the sequencer, he couldn't (and still can't) asking every question he can think of. and now he's working on his first EP. Now aint THAT a killer!?!?!?!

  • from May 15, 2015

    Necessary Hardware

    As all of you know, Ableton Live is one of the hottest DAWs on the market. Ableton Live 9 Suite is simply mind blowing. Ableton push brings you all of the wonderful ness of Ableton Live 9 to your fingertips. With the amazing drum sequencer and step sequencer for melodies to the amazing "keyboard". One thing that I must say I enjoy the most is the feel of the encoders and obviously they are automatically mapped that right there is one reason why I love Akai Proffesional. One thing I must say that I don't enjoy is the automatic scale. Now I love that it's there that is awesome... However since whenever you add it to your Push it doesn't add a "global key" to like a global midi setting or something that doesn't exist. This means that you have to reset the key of the song for every set because it doesn't have scale memory. However, completely necessary for Ableton Live 9 musicians. Get one!

  • from June 11, 2014

    very good

    Before I bought the Push, I watched all the tutorials for it on Ableton's site which enabled me able to plug it in and get right to work. What the Push is good at is it makes it so you can sketch and perform in Ableton without hardly looking at the screen, which can be a lot of fun.

    This is advertised a lot for beat sequencing which it is quite good at, but my favorite aspect is playing it in note mode for keys and synths. Guitar is my first instrument, and the note configuration on the pads is similar to the lower 4 strings on a guitar (if you set the scale mode on the Push to be chromatic). That feature is huge for me!

    Also got excellent service from Sweetwater as always.

  • from May 2, 2014Music Background:
    recording artist/producer

    an outstanding piece of gear

    get one now. you will thank me later.
    you can actually bypass looking at the screen while performing and that feature alone is a game changer imo.

    note mode is amazing also. it actually put my 1-year old maschine to rest.

  • from Toccoa, GA January 6, 2014Music Background:

    Ableton Push is Amazing, a Must Have for Live 9 Users

    I preordered the Ableton Push with Sweetwater right after it was announced by Ableton. I can't remember when I had ever been so excited about a device release.
    When Push arrived, it did not disappoint.
    Having been a drummer for almost 30 years, recently finding Ableton Live as the world's best host for Superior Drummer, Push has made so many musical ideas come to reality for me. Melodies are so easy to play on the fantastic pads. I never even thought about using the step sequencer for drums, but have become somewhat addicted to that aspect of it as well. This device is a dream come true. I wake up at 5 am almost every weekday to have a few hours with it before work.

    If you buy Push, you will need to schedule some serious time to spend with it. I can't ever think of a time when I said, "That's enough, I'm done".

    Great controller, fantastic software. If you are on the fence about a DAW, deliberate no longer. If you are wondering if you need Push along with Live 9, you don't necessarily, but it is 10 times more fun with Push. Go ahead and just buy it. When you look back at the money spent, it will be well worth it.

  • from Chicago, IL October 28, 2013

    Ableton Push works as advertised!

    I couldn't be happier with the Push. This is my first time working with Ableton and it has made the whole production process so simple and fun! I would definitely recommend it for people trying to get into Ableton.

  • from california September 4, 2013Music Background:
    song writer, producer, recording engineer

    Something special!

    Ableton's Push controller is the future of electronic music production. 64, velocity pads that have built in mod feature based on pressure. Amazing

    The in key function makes making music a breeze. Creativity just flows from your finger tips.

    Rarely do I have to look at my screen.

    This controller has taking my musical ideas to a whole new level. I have been in the music industry for over 10 years now and I have never seen anything like this!

    Great Job Ableton and special thanks to JR for helping with my order and setting me on the track. Sweetwater rocks!!!!

  • from Jamaica, NY June 5, 2013Music Background:
    Producer, Engineer, Musician

    Pushing New Ideas

    First 3 days with this unit I thought "nice, but nothing groundbreaking", but on the 4th day, it hit me! I've been using Ableton for 10 years now and I know a lot methods to induce creative production. Push takes my extensive experience to another level. There are so many features I can't mention them all here. But here's my most notable delights:

    -Scale mode The ability to instantly change scale type, key, and related parameters is priceless. No other controller does this!
    -Note repeat...note longer is this something for drums and sample chops...I can play full chords/scales and change the timing instantly, allowing spontaneous creativity. You can also change scales and root keys without switch interface modes.
    -Step sequencer for drum racks is better than you think...you can zoom the pad grid using the timing buttons...try it!! If you're an advanced user like me, you can setup 3rd party plugins in a drumrack's chain (Battery, Geist, etc) so that it works perfectly with the sequencer options that only SEEM to be exclusive to drumracks.
    -I also notice how in session view, the pads pulse to the tempo, even when the track is stopped. Great way to always know what your tempo is when not watching the screen.

    Overal, I'm in love with this device, and glad I made my preorder with Sweetwater!

  • from Portland, OR April 6, 2013Music Background:
    DJ, Producer, professional enthusiast

    Inspirational, hype-fulfilling, and flawed

    First of all - if you're a Live user, buy Push as soon as you can. My expectations were sky high in the months leading up to it's release, and I have not been disappointed. The build quality is space station grade, the pads feel amazing, the lights are so bright that your fingers leave little trails (the way they do when you wave in front of a computer monitor, say), the touch strip is responsive and fun, and you really can get away from your computer for whole chunks of time and just jam. I find myself just playing around in Note Mode while my mind wanders, the way you can do on a piano or a guitar, but not just a controller. So, in that sense, it is an instrument, as promised.

    Now, the reality check. There are many surprising omissions from the workflow which, when you discover them, will annoy you. I bet you thought you could load up drum sounds from the controller and "audition" them the way you can in Live 9s newly redesigned browser, didn't you? Well, you can't. The browser in Push does not mirror the Live browser. Push is butter smooth with Live's native instruments, but using VSTs requires certain workarounds, and these workarounds are never perfect. (Example- you can use the drum step sequencer to send MIDI to NI Battery or another drum sampler, but won't be able to see note names or mix from within Live. You must take the time to map the VST parameters in advance in order to control them from Push. Though the Push is a lot more fun than an APC40 or Launchpad for launching clips, you may miss some of of the dedicated Solo, Mute, Arrangement Record buttons on those controllers. Fingers crossed that Ableton will listen to the user community and update the functionality over time. (Faster than NI did with Maschine, one hopes.)

    Compared to Maschine, the next closest thing: Push has so many different ways that you can interface with your sounds (easily changing musical scales, adding and tweaking new effects, playing unconventional progressions) that it can really get you playing differently than you normally do. Maschine never had that for me, with it's 16 pad layout, barely 2 octaves compared to Push's 8. That said, you won't find Maschine's super smooth sample chopping workflow, nor it's automatic mapping of NI Komplete plugins.

    Conclusion: at least as of this early stage (Push firmware 1.0, Live 9.0), Push works best if you spend the time with your good old fashioned mouse and keyboard to prepare your instruments in advance, and build yourself a pallette of sounds to work with, then sit back in a cozy chair, monitor and mouse in the background, and just jam. I did just that this afternoon, and once I found my flow, hours passes in the flick of an eye.

    In short, it's far more intuitive at playing/sequencing drums and playing chords and scales than it is on controlling some other functions, but once you (and I) have time to learn it, it well bring treasure troves of fun and rewards.

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