Ableton Push 2 with Live 9.7 Suite

Dedicated Pad Controller and Control Surface for Ableton Live with 64 Pads and Color LCD Display - Includes Ableton Live 9.7 Suite (Mac/PC)
Ableton Push 2 with Live 9.7 Suite image 1
Ableton Push 2 with Live 9.7 Suite image 1

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Ableton Push 2 with Live 9.7 Suite
In Stock!

Total Live Control Plus Limitless Creative Power

Don't hold back — grab this Ableton Push 2 and Live 9.7 Suite bundle and unleash your full creative potential. The Push 2 controller offers you a matrix of 64 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads surrounded by additional control tools that let you transition effortlessly between setting up your session, laying down individual grooves, and putting it all together into a final mix. A highly detailed display lets you browse comfortably and stay on top of parameters, beat slicing, and more, so you never need to look at your computer. Top it off with all of the instruments, processors, and onboard functions of the full Ableton Live 9.7 Suite, and you have an ideal music-creation workstation.

Hands-on control enhances your workflow

From the beginning, Ableton Live has been a musical playground that allows artists like you to create fully developed music from scratch, and Live 9.7 comes loaded with more instruments and production options than ever. Push 2 puts all of that potential right at your fingertips, allowing you to access the tools you need while keeping you locked into your creative workflow. A high-resolution color display surrounded by touch-sensitive encoders lets you move effortlessly from browsing devices and plug-ins to slicing up beats, tweaking virtual instrument parameters, and more. There's literally no need to look at your computer monitor when you're creating and performing with Push 2.

Playable pads make music production easy

For many of us here at Sweetwater who grew up with keyboards, Push 2 was the pad controller that finally won us over. When it comes to musical expression, this 64-pad matrix has most keyboards beat. You can create swells between individual notes just by applying pressure, and you can bend notes with the touch strip. Multicolor lighting even lets you keep track of key intervals and scales — a real bonus if you're used to a conventional keyboard. This same matrix makes triggering loops for improvised arrangements totally intuitive, and you can't beat these pads when it comes to laying down drum grooves. Best of all, you can switch between performing, developing new beats, and launching loops so fast that you'll never break your flow.

Sample and slice with total tactile control

Expanded sampling capabilities in Live 9.7 work seamlessly with Push 2 to make chopping loops and producing beats easier than ever. For starters, sampling in new beats is a totally streamlined process, and once you've captured your material, slicing loops across the pads and creating new beats is a piece of cake. The full-color display lets you zoom in on specific details, and the conveniently positioned encoders make tweaking slices and warping samples intuitive. This makes Push 2 the perfect companion to the overhauled Simpler sample engine in Ableton Live 9.7.

Comes complete with Ableton Live 9.7 Suite

Simply put, the Ableton Live 9.7 Suite is the best and most complete version of Live ever conceived. Whether you've been using Live for years or you're looking for a new way to create and perform music, Live 9.7 is the way to go. Its flexible loop or riff-based Session view lets you write music in pieces and freely arrange your songs on the fly. You can even create entirely new processors right inside Live 9.7 Suite with the included Max for Live. In addition to a redesigned Simpler sampling instrument, which makes beat slicing easy, Live 9.7 Suite comes loaded with enhanced metering and waveform displays, amazing new filters, and incredible new sounds and instruments. And you'll have access to everything, right from your Push 2 controller!

Ableton Push 2 with Live 9.7 Suite Features:

  • The ultimate controller for Ableton Live and a perfect companion to Live 9.7
  • High-res color screen provides detailed visual feedback and waveform display
  • Touch-sensitive encoders and additional controls provide complete access to Live
  • 64-pad matrix for playing instruments, slicing beats, improvising with loops, and more
  • Velocity-/pressure-sensitive pads play like a sophisticated musical instrument
  • Select scales and see important integers directly on the pad matrix
  • 2 footswitch inputs give you even more control options
  • Runs on USB power with optional external power for added illumination
  • Includes power supply, USB cable, and a full version of Live 9.7 Suite

Additional Media

Ableton Push 2 Controller for Ableton Live Overview by Sweetwater

Tech Specs

Pads 64 velocity/pressure sensitive pads
Other Controllers Touch strip - pitch bend, scrolling
Encoders/Pots 8 Touch-sensitive controls
Pedal Inputs 2 x 1/4" - sustain, loop control, record start
Hardware Requirements - Mac 4GB RAM minimum
Hardware Requirements - PC 4GB RAM minimum
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.7 or later
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7 or later
Power Supply 12V Power supply included, optional USB 2.0 power
Height 1.65"
Width 14.88"
Depth 11.96"
Weight 6.0 lbs.

Customer Reviews

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Should you? Yes you should.

I had the Push 1 with Live Suite and the integration was nice, but there were always a few things that just didn't seem fully satisfying. I kept having to go back to the laptop keyboard and even worse the track pad to click on things from time to time. I resisted the investment in the Push 2 for a while. I wasn't sure if it was so much better than the Push 1 to make it worth it. Well, it is totally worth it. All the little things that feel lacking in Push 1 are fixed in Push 2 and more. I'm now able to do everything I want to do in Live, and there are tons of features of both Push 2 and Live Suite that I just haven't had the time to dive into. The best thing is knowing that if you have a musical idea in your head, all you have to do is fire up the Push 2 and Live and in five to ten minutes you'll be hearing your idea and you can save it and export the MIDI or whatever you need to do. Push 2 really does bring everything to the control surface and you don't need a mouse or keyboard. The pads and encoders are excellent and responsive, and the backlights and display are wonderful, bright, and readable. I'm getting older and my eyes aren't so great anymore, but I don't need reading glasses for Push 2. With Push 2 and Live Suite, you can make any idea a reality in a very short time, and then you have the tools to refine it and complete it. You can also jam, make up quick backing tracks, and of course produce amazing electronic music. If you're thinking about it but aren't sure, then as someone who's been where you are, I can say you won't regret it.
Music background: semi-pro musician, teacher, writer, engineer


Push 2 is so much better than push 1 it's even surpassing the maschine studio in many ways. The new simpler integration is incredible with time stretched sampling functionality in real time. The screen is also a huge upgrade to v1.
Music background: Record label

Extraordinary Upgrade

The Push 2 is a major, major step up from Push 1 (which is still no slouch). The pads are a joy to play, and the pad led's are uniform - and I can finally now see the button led's. The trade-in is a no-brainer. I have been playing with mine for a week now, and everything is so much more intuitive. I did have an initial issue with Push 2 crashing Live 9.5 with Maschine/Komplete Kontrol 9.5 (Win10 x64), but that has been corrected with the new beta (Live 9.5.1b1), which I'm sure will be available soon (it is a public beta, available for download). The crash only applied to Maschine/KK vst's; all the individual instantiations of the instruments were fine.The only other piece of gear I ever purchased that immediately matched the sheer functionality of software of the Push 2 is the Maschine Studio; together they are just great, especially with the new NKS system from Native Instruments. (Live 9.5.1b1 has broken most third party remote scripts, with the upgrade to Python 2.7, but I know that those will be updated in due course as well.The combination of Push 2 and Maschine Studio is unbeatable, especially with Komplete 10 and the Arturia Collection... And the fact that both companies support less expensive and first generation controllers is fantastic; Push 1 AND Maschine Mk2/Mikro (and even Mk1) also are upgraded to new functionality by Ableton and Native Instruments respectively which is a real exhibition of corporate responsibility to their customers. These two companies (Ableton and Native Instruments) are real powerhouses, that complement each other wonderfully.IMO, YMMV as usual...Note: It is worth noting that Ableton, not Akai, now manufactures Push 2.
Music background: Retired International Playboy

Push 2 and Ableton Suite, A MUST!

I bought this thing almost a year ago, and I have not looked back. If you use Ableton, this thing is a great instrument to have along for the ride. The Push 2 can get many things done in a matter of seconds including setting tracks, uploading beats, creating midi and audio, and much more. However, as good as the hardware is the software is so much better. Going with the suite is great, as other reviews stated. It has sooooo many sounds, loops, and instruments. Ableton Max for Live is also a great place to pick up other presets and things to use. The combination has left me with a lot of different toys to play with and whole new way to find inspiration and write songs. Before Ableton, I used Studio One Pro for many years. I found Ableton's view and workflow with the Push 2 to be more user-friendly, and it gets me off the computer screen and into my music. The half star off is because you cannot use this device in anything other than Ableton. That limits its ability to impact the sounds in other DAWs. Otherwise, I think this product is certainly A MUST for any Ableton user. Pros: Great integration with Ableton, you get the whole Suite and a piece of hardware at one low price, really great workflow product Cons: Does not work within other DAWs. BIG shout out to my sales engineer, Brock Andrews. This guy is awesome and helped to identify this as a great go to. If you want the best experience in picking a product, choose Sweetwater!

Great! But necessary?

This thing is nice! But to me I feel like from a production standpoint I would rather not use this. A laptop and ableton for me is just easier and more direct and less to go through and figure out. To me for someone not so use to ableton , the push is pretty indirect and not so easy to learn without help. It seems pointless when u already have these features in the live 9 suite without the 800$ extra spent on the push. My push 2 sits in my closet and has most of the time I've owned it. It's limited and doesn't do all I feel it should be capable of. (Unless drums are all you live for) because it has advantages there. I prefer the pencil method. I was so excited about this and wanted a push for years but now that I have it I wish I could refund it tbh. The session view is probably the only thing I will ever use this for , along with a djm 900 mixer all ran through abletons amazing live 9 suite. The suite on the other hand is amazing. Ableton software is my absolute favorite for production and live. THE BEST! so you won't be disappointed there. The only thing I don't like about the suite is the sounds and samples. I watch videos of ableton trainers using the dumbest sounds that no one would ever want to make songs with. They should be more genre specific. I've skimmed the library in ableton allot and I can't grasp why most of the sounds and samples in there even exists. They are bad and I'm sure most would agree. If u want the push just so u have hardware, or you just don't want to touch your laptop so much or for live purposes and performing drums then I guess it is one of the best. I definitely recommend the suite. But I suggest thinking about the the four reasons I mentioned and figuring out if the push is truly going to benefit anything for you and your goals. Best of luck
Music background: Guitar , bass, edm, dubstep, dj. Producer

Sweetwater Advice

Enej Begovic

The Push 2 has been a huge benefit to my workflow in Ableton Live. Over the years, I've used many different MIDI controllers, but when it comes to Ableton Live, the Push 2 simply has no equal. This controller allows me to control every aspect of the DAW, from performance, to step sequencing, to programing synthesizers, and more. Essentially, it lets me turn my attention away from the computer screen and on to the music. This is also the most solidly built controller I've used, so when I decide to take my Push 2 out to perform, I know it will survive.
See also: Ableton, Ableton Sequencers, Ableton DJ Controllers