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Antelope Audio Pure 2 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Antelope Audio Pure 2?

Questions about the Antelope Audio Pure 2?

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  • from Florida May 18, 2017Music Background:
    Live sound, recording and mixing.

    Pure joy to my ears!

    I upgraded to the Antelope Pure 2 for monitoring and mixing. I WAS SKEPTICAL! Jason, my sales rep, with confidence, told me that I would hear a noticeable improvement over my current D/As. I am/was instantly impressed with the clarity, depth and dynamics of the sound that the Pure 2 delivered. No matter your task at hand, If you want and need amazing D/A performance and clocking, give the Pure 2 a test drive.

    An additional not, I have contacted both Sweetwater and Antelope's support staff for assistance and technical information, both have been superb!

  • from Ohio August 28, 2016Music Background:
    Audio Director

    Best converter for Hybrid Engineers (FOH/Live,Broadcast, Recording and Mixing) Using both PC and Mac

    I just acquired one of these for my self because of 1 reason it works on PC (Yes I game as well) and MAC (Work). When I first plugged it in I got straight work on a project I already had started on my UAD Apollo 16 that was clocked with a Big Ben, which honestly I thought was amazing at the time EXCEPT I couldn't use on my PC which lead me to looking into the pure2 and other units. My thoughts were this pure2 was going to be my "PC" only interface, But I was so WRONG its the most used interface/converter/masterclock/dac/adc I own! I pulled the trigger on this unit due to simply reading reviews and specs. Now for my first impressions! This unit took my mix environment from what seamed like about 90 Degree mix field (Apollo only), 120 degrees (Apollo Clocked to Bigben) To a whopping 180 Degrees off the bat (Apollo Clocked by Pure2 and listening back via aes to the Pure2). This Pure2 unit made me feel like I wasn't hearing the monitors or my room and I could get lost into what I'm working on or listening to with out second guessing any of my components. This unit replaced more than I thought it was going to for me thinking it would be my "PC" only interface to now my GoTo Master Clock (Replaced the Bigben for me), My 1st choice ADC (Not just for mastering,don't be afraid to track a vocal or single source through it) The ONLY DAC I use from now on. (I find my self unracking it often from home to use as a master clock on live console and running aes out the console for pure2 being my DAC to the FOH speakers.
    Now when I am in my home studio my main signal flow using the Pure2 is: 2 ways 1st on my Hackintosh or Macbook for large sessions its UAD Apollo16 connected via thunderbolt, I run 16 out to my Spl MixDream for summing. Main out of that to the Pure2 which connects aes back to the apollo (for Print) and aes out the apollo back to the Pure 2 as my main DAC to my speakers. 2nd way is when I need to master or just simply work on a project that doesn't require all my gear to be on. I just use the Pure2 via usb, work as needed on any platform mac or pc and just be comfortable and confident in what I'm producing back to a client. Next purchase now is a 10m. Its scary to think it can get better from what I'm already getting from this pure2 unit alone!

  • from Iran March 7, 2016Music Background:
    Singer, Piano Player, Sound Engineer

    The most transparent 2 Pure converters!

    This is the missing part in any mastering chain, it sound stunning in every way you use it
    In the recording?
    Just plug your preamp to the analog input and record as loud as you like without the fear of clipping because it handles the clips in the pleasing musical way.

    In the two channel mastering chain?
    Just send stereo channel to D/A converters that have two separate chip-sets for left & right signals, the stereo imaging you can get is surprising ... process the signal with hardware then return it with near 0db without the fear of clipping the audio.

    I use it mostly on the return channel of my analog summing chain (antelope Orion studio - Rupert neve analog summing 5059 sattelite - rupert neve master buss - antelope Pure 2) and the result is stunning
    it is also the clock master for my studio with 8 clock outputs..

    It can be used for general use as audio interface for people who prefer ITB mix , because of the low latency usb audio driver and very high quality monitor controller from sattori that gives the unique stereo imaging and dynamic range in this price range.

    I highly recommend this device to people who care about the quality either in the digital or analog basis.

  • from San Tan Valley, AZ December 23, 2015Music Background:
    Producer, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer

    Best purchase i have made

    I needed to get a review in here because i feel the current reviews are giving this unit a bad look. This thing is amazing top to bottom, in and out. I originally got it because i wanted to record off of my Dangerous 2-Bus at a higher quality than my UAD Apollo 16, and boy does it ever do that. You can hear the difference between the two convertors without even having great headphones / monitors. Now i use pure2 for mastering. I send the signal out of 1/2 from protools and back into 1/2 as an insert in protools. I cringe when i have to use my UAD Apollo 16 or Apollo Twin convertors to record anything analog now.

    I currently use it with a macbook pro and have never had any weird driver issues, locking up, etc.... Pure2 is my main monitor controller for my headphones and focal trio6 be monitors.

    So bottom line, If you are looking for something with excellent convertors, a monitor control and an extra insert set for external hardware, this is the unit for you.

  • from kansas November 12, 2015Music Background:
    musician , Producer ,mixer , and mastering

    pure clarity

    I have had the pure 2 now for about 1 week. I have tried to use it in a variety of ways . I tried it as a stand alone interface and it works great , I tried a real fast master session and relized the power this thing had , I could get my music supper loud with out doing a whole lot , It has a analog feel that alows you to push it past cliping in your daw alot before it realy starts distorting and sounding bad. I tried recording in threw the analog conversion using just my kemper amp and it sounded realy steller , It was way different from recording in to my old interface wich was a roland studio capture . If I wanted to record the kemper right into the studio capure I had to eq it alot to get it where I wanted It . But not with the pure 2 . Also I have been listning to music thru it and I notice alot more details in cds than I used to , I belive this sounds more clear and detailed . I can tell you so far the only isues i have had was geting it instaled and seting up a acount with antelope . It was a little time consumeing but outher than that I am real happy with the purchase!

Questions about the Antelope Audio Pure 2?

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