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2-channel Compressor Modeled After Jack Joseph Puig's Fairchild 670, with Dual-mono, Linked, and Lateral/Vertical Modes, and Analog and Digital I/O
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Waves PuigChild Hardware Compressor image 1

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Waves PuigChild Hardware Compressor
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The Compressor That Pumped Out Countless Hits

Put the sound and vibe of one of the most coveted hardware compressors in musical history, with the Waves PuigChild hardware compressor. The PuigChild was modeled after a rare vintage Fairchild 670 compressor from the collection of Jack Joseph Puig, Grammy award winning producer and engineer. Less than 100 Fairchild 670s were ever made, and fully-functional units sell for tens of thousands of dollars if they become available. The two-channel PuigChild leverages Waves' outstanding modeling technology to bring you the sound of the original hardware, with the dependability and reliability of modern electronics. So add a heavy dose of character to your tracks while controlling your dynamics, with the Waves PuigChild hardware compressor!

Waves PuigChild Hardware Compressor at a Glance:
  • Modeling a legendary compressor
  • From the personal collection of a legendary producer/engineer
  • Dual-mono, linked, and lateral/vertical operation modes
Modeling a legendary compressor

Whether you've ever gotten your hands on one or not, you've definitely heard the sound of the iconic Fairchild 670 compressor. It's been used on countless hits for its ability to add cohesion - and magic - to just about anything. The original Fairchild 670 used 20 vacuum tubes and four hand-wired transformers to create its sweet sound, making the six-space chassis weigh in around 65 lbs.! Fewer than 100 were made, and far fewer can be found in proper working order nowadays. Waves precisely modeled the behavior of Jack Joseph Puig's Fairchild 670 to create the PuigChild hardware compressor, to bring the sound and character of this fantastic dynamics processor to a whole new generation of engineers.

From the personal collection of a legendary producer/engineer

Jack Joseph Puig is one of the most sought-after producers and engineers around, so it's no surprise that he's gathered some very enviable gear over the years. JJP kindly offered his Fairchild 670 to Waves to model its behavior as precisely as possible. And because vintage analog gear ages with grace (usually), each remaining Fairchild has its own subtle but distinct character. So not only does the PuigChild give you the same vibe as the original hardware units - you get the sound of the exact same unit used by a world-famous engineer.

Dual-mono, linked stereo, and lateral/vertical operations modes

You get three operation modes in the PuigChild hardware compressor: dual-mono, linked stereo, and lateral/vertical. The first two are standard for most stereo compressors, but the lateral/vertical mode is what makes most people scratch their heads. It's a very cool operation mode: your stereo signal is run through a sum/difference matrix to separate the L/R summed signal (the "upper" channel) and the L/R difference signal (the "lower" channel). The summed signal corresponds to the mono material that's centered in your mix, while the difference signal corresponds to the stereo elements on the outside of your stereo field. Said another way, the PuigChild lets you compress the center and sides of your mix differently, or unparalleled dynamics control. Use it to add thump to a bass without distorting your stereo image, or to bring up the level of recorded ambience in the stereo field without crushing the life out of the rest of your mix.

Waves PuigChild Hardware Compressor Features:
  • Stereo hardware compressor, modeled after Jack Joseph Puig's personal Fairchild 670
  • Dual-mono, stereo linked, and lateral/vertical operation modes meet virtually any recording or mixing needs
  • Ideal for tracking and mixing applications, where dynamic control is required and a colorful sound preferred
  • 24-bit AD/DA converters
  • 125db dynamic range
  • Switchable sample rates, up to 96kHz
  • XLR/TRS combo inputs (balanced)
  • XLR and balanced TRS analog outputs
  • Digital I/O via AES/EBU, S/PDIF coaxial, and S/PDIF optical
  • 3U chassis
The Waves PuigChild hardware compressor nails the sound of one of the most coveted audio processors ever!

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