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Kemper Profiler Head - White Reviews

5.0 stars based on 33 customer reviews
Questions about the Kemper Profiler Head - White?

Questions about the Kemper Profiler Head - White?

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  • from May 2, 2017

    Love the Kemper!!

    I got this a few days ago and I have been tracking guitars since it came. One thing that nobody mentions is that it is set up to reamp with just a couple cables....it will send a clean DI signal to your daw and accept that signal back...easy. Just set up an input and output and arm a track. That's cool because I could try out other amp profiles to really get the sound that worked.

    The rigs are great, the effects are great. It gets a little complicated working everything through the little lcd display but I am getting the hang of it.

  • from March 7, 2017


    I have owned a Kemper for three years now and I have to give credit where credit is due. I have been on the solid state and digital modeling journey for decades. I'm not here to bash TUBE AMPS. I have owned many tube amps. Bought and sold more tube,solid state, and modeling amps than I care to remember. I still own a few. I settled.............. and played and gigged and practiced with Rocktron gear. In the past few years it seems that Kemper and AXFX were really leading the future. After reviewing and demoing both, I happily chose the Kemper and so glad that I did. I have NEVER regretted it. The AXFX reminded me too much of my Rocktron gear but better. I simply chose the Kemper because of the REAL AMP TONES. The MID gain rock tones that punch ya in the chest. There is SO MANY good profiles available that its simply dizzying. I have a Kemper....... My next amp will be another Kemper.

  • from Pensacola, FL September 25, 2016Music Background:
    songwriter, guitarist, semi-pro musician, home studio owner

    Simply A-MAZ-ING

    This is by far one of the best guitar processors made. Yes it is pricey, but the tones capability of this box is impressive. Third party profiles open the door to get access to top of the line amp sounds. This processor does not disappoint.

  • from Tulsa, OK July 28, 2016

    The Kemper Profiling Amplifier

    Add my name to the list of satisfied users. This unit can't be beat. I use it mainly for creating song demos in my home studio. No more borrowing, renting, or buying amps for this producer. With my Kemper I have the whole guitar world at my finger tips. And boy howdy, do they ever sound good! Best purchase I've made in music.

  • from Upper Peninsula of Michigan December 15, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar Player Forever

    Best Amp Purchase Ever!!

    Sell all your amps and buy one or two of these little babies. In all the years and all the overblown hype that is endemic to the music gear business, this is the unequivocal exception. To say i was skeptical is an understatement. yeah right this toaster looking aberration is going to sound like 6,000 amps ?? well it does..i am blown away, got it a week ago, barley scratched the surface, and i am in tone heaven. don't take my word for it. try it yourself. this is probably the biggest advance in guitar technology in the last 50 years. ( considering tube amp technology has been around since early 1900's) 5 years ago, if you told this tube amp junkie he would be playing a digital amp, i would have laughed you off the stage, or thrown you off of it. haven't slept in a week(well maybe a little)..love this purchase...thanks Dan from Sweetwater..love the coffee mug tooooo.

  • from Murfreesboro, Tn February 7, 2015Music Background:

    100% Honest Review

    I have a/b'd the Kemper against the Eleven Rack, Pod X3 PRO, Pod XT, GR-55, high dollar amp sims, etc, and nothing, and I repeat nothing, even comes close.

    The depth of sound, especially the clarity of the sound that this unit produces has to be heard to be believed. For instance, dial up a JCM in this unit, and then dial up a JCM in any other amp modeler.
    After hearing it in the Kemper?, you will smash your amp modeler with a sledge hammer just because the sound is insulting to even be in the same room with the Kemper. The difference? You are actually hearing a REAL JCM that was recorded with a top shelf mic directly into the Kemper. Every single frequency of it. That's the difference.
    You are hearing the ACTUAL Amp and Actual Cabinet!!!!...not a modeled or computer simulated version of it.
    The multitude of effects are top notch, the amp controls go as deep as you want to go with it. There is a reason why these units fetch what they do. This is not some half baked amp simulator or modeler.
    I plugged into this unit without even opening the manual, dialed through a few sounds, and it made every amp modeler in my studio obsolete from that moment. This thing is ear blistering magnificent.
    I updated the unit last night to the newest firmware 2.7.4, and low and behold, there were another 200 new factory amp rigs that downloaded in with the firmware update after I hit the update factory rig button on the display. That put my unit ...at 659 different rigs.
    As in six hundred, and fifty nine, different amp rig set ups!!!!!
    Try stuffing that into your Pod 500 HD PRO X.

    Do you currently have 659 full blown 3000 dollar rigs sitting in a 10,000 sq ft warehouse ready to mic up and record in your studio?
    Its over the edge what Kemper has created with their technology.
    Down to such detail as a little effect called "SPACE", that you can add to any rig sound. What it does is take a normal centered mono sound, and instantly makes it into a full left/right stereo sound image.
    They left no stone unturned when they built this unit.
    Review after review talks about selling all their gear after buying this unit. I thought that was all just excitement over getting a new toy.
    I am here to tell you its not, and it's not a toy.
    I just joined the sell it all club.
    Every amp sound that you are hearing in this unit, is a real live amp and cabinet that was mic'd up and profiled into the unit.
    And you can tweak the sound just like the real one with the exact same results.
    Ponder that thought for about 5 minutes. That's what you are getting.
    End of story, case closed.

  • from Palo Alto, CA March 31, 2014Music Background:
    Audio Engineer, Pro Musician. Sound Healer

    Kemper is a Studio Must-Have

    In short, the sheer diversity of convincing guitar rig profiles available is STAGGERING. Saves time, Pristine clarity. Complex and fascinating effects. I've been a vacuum tube-head forever. Things change. T not having as a resource in studio settings would be not good.

  • from FL Keys December 10, 2013Music Background:
    Full time musician 17 years

    Wow! I'm in love

    I'm in my third week and no end to the honeymoon in sight. I've had some great results with a MXL R144 ribbon mic copying my amps. The Amp Factory has some great amp profiles to use too. Fantastic response to using the guitar's volume knob, as good, if not better than a real amp. Nicely laid out, very little learning curve. I'm tickled. My wall of tube amps are in serious danger of being sold~ ! Needs a FRFR speaker to fully reap all the benefits.

  • from October 29, 2013

    An apartment player's dream

    This thing is perfect for anyone who wants to record in an apartment setting. S/PDIF will let you bypass mediocre a/d conversion.

    There are some ridiculously cool amp profiles floating around the web, free for the taking.

  • from Harrison, Maine June 17, 2013Music Background:
    Pro player and studio engineer

    Can this be real?

    I cannot imagine how many amps have gone through my possession in the last 4 decades of playing...now I have them all back! This thing really does capture tube guitar amps. Goodbye to my Avid Eleven. Yes, even goodbye to my Suhr Badger (gulp). I am a believer. It is addictive...I want to play 'til my fingers hurt like when I was a kid. And, the effects are superb. Goodbye stomp boxes. Reverb is studio quality.

  • from Greensboro, NC June 17, 2013Music Background:
    Musician Hobbyist

    Kemper is Awesome!!!

    Can't say enough. I'm a tube snob, even to the point of searching out rare tubes to replace in my Fender and Marshall amps to change the tone and get different sounds. I was very hesitant as a friend of mine that plays metal kept saying how great the Kemper was that he got. My first thought was: Yeah great for Metal, but what about Progressive Rock, Blues and Jazz? (which is what I'm into). So I played around with his for a few hours and thought wow this thing does sound pretty good. I made the leap, picked up a Yamaha DXR10 for FRFR speaker and I'm selling all my amps. I can't believe how great it sounds. I play in a modern worship band and out and about for various gigs. Can't even say how much I love this little puppy. It's also great to hear other professional players on the forum talk about giving up their boutique and classic amps for gigging because of the control amazing tone coming out of the Kemper.

  • from New Jersey June 2, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musican, Music Teacher

    The last amp I'll ever need

    Bought the Kemper from Sweetwater in February. Best purchase I ever made for guitar. I've owned many modeling devices over the years, including the best alternative to date, the Pod HD500. I liked the Pod, but this thing is miles beyond it, no comparison. I've always needed the ability to get good amp tone at low volumes, as I'm primarily a church musician these days. Prior to this advice, every digital modeler I used always left something to be desired. Not with the Kemper. I've never had tone this good before, even compared to having owned many tube amps and boutique pedal. The thing is, this machine totally captures EVERY nuance of the profiled amp, so you can have the tone that someone spent tweaking for hours with the best mics, preamps, ect. forever, except now useable at any volume. Better yet, once captured you can do things to it with the innovative controls that are impossible with a real amp. For example, a good amp cleans up as you pick softer and back your guitar's volume off. If you back your guitar's volume too much, you'll lose too much volume to make it practical. However, with the built in compressor WITHIN the amp section, you can make it so that as you back off your guitar's volume, the amp still cleans up, but you don't lose as much volume. Since it's a knob, you can compensate just a little bit or a lot. This allows even a single profile to be more versatile than any real amp could be. There are so many other musical ways that your basic tone can be tweaked, they aren't gimmicks they are real professional tools. The built in effects are also very musical and hold there own against the best. (I previously owned a TC electronic G system prior to this and the Kemper's effects are in that quality range- and I loved my G system)

    It's not the staggering number of sounds available, with thousands of free shared profiles on the Kemper web or the parameters that you can adjust. It's the musical, dimensional vibe that you can only get through a tube amp. Digital technology has finally caught up with the tube amp. Pair this with a quality powered PA speaker like the Yamaha dxr10 or QSCk10 and you'll never miss playing through a real amp again. Best yet, capture your best sound and have the ability to use it at more reasonable volumes.

    If that's not enough, you can actually turn off the Cab modeling and run this thing through a real guitar cab. All you need is something to power your guitar cab with, any regular guitar amp with an effects loop will do this just fine, just plug the Kemper into the effects return jack. Actually it works the best through a solid state amp! If that's not enough, with several outputs, you can send a signal to the house with the cab modeling on, while sending a signal with the cab turned off in another output for your traditional guitar cab.

    Best yet, this thing continues to get firmware upgrades. Recently, they added all sorts of pitch effects, and there are other things in the works, such as an integrated looper within the upcoming dedicated foot controller. For now, any standard midi board works fine. You can even use your old Pod or other multieffects device to control this thing, as they can send midi.

    The ONLY negative. If you plug it in to garbage it might not sound that good. This isn't a flaw, as if you record something with your real amp amp play it back through $5 earbuds purchased at 711, it's not going to sound pretty. So plan on investing in a quality powered PA speaker (the best option) or use your favorite guitar cab powered by something. (or buy the powered version of the Kemper. Using a PA speaker is the most authentic option, as a Twin Reverb profile will sound different with the original open back 2x12 cab turned off and played through your Marshall 1960, for example.

    Other likes: Amazing noise gate, no noise cutting in and out. I've forgotten what noise is. Amazing support community and documentation. Light and portable. No sacrifice recording direct. Best sound you could possibly get for your recordings, better than anything you're going to mic up yourself. But if you do, you can capture every nuance of that sound and dial it up the next day of tracking (after you've moved your mics and tore down for the day) or years later. Except now you have that sound direct!

  • from San Diego, CA April 17, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Engineer

    Yes Please

    I need about 4 basic sounds to gig: clean, voxish, crunch, and mesa modern. Even without downloading any rigs, I pretty much found exactly what I needed. I've been looking for something that I could use in my current project (weird hybrid of techno and rock) without having to drag a heavy amp to the show. My usual pedal board is pretty basic (whammy, compressor, dist+, chorus/flange), with this amp, all I need is a ground control and an expression pedal, I can even emulate my mesa lead boost with an X EQ or a Pure Boost (I like the X eq a bit better). I updated the firmware to 1.8 so I could get the whammy and now You Make Me Feel has all the crunch it needs without the Digitech sucking tone while it's in the loop... wow! I just got the silly thing yesterday and I'm pretty much ready for rehearsal tomorrow, it's really easy to set up and the amps are just amazing. I plan on profiling my favorite Vox, Marshall's and Mesa's this weekend. Instead of lugging my 100 lb Roadster to the gig, I can put this sucker in a gig bag and carry my whole setup in one load with the added benefit of no too loud amps on stage to p*** off the club owner. YAY Beer!

  • from Holly Springs, NC March 2, 2013Music Background:


    The Kemper can profile amps and any lagging in the quality has to do with an imperfect profiling process by the profiler.

    There are free and commercially available (Amp Factory) "rigs" which are profiled amps and their effects chain tweaked in the Kemper that make for such a huge variety, you have more amps than professional studios at your fingertips.

    Setup is a breeze. Takes minutes. Profiling is a breeze. Takes minutes. This EQUALS more PLAY time as a Musician, and the Engineer in you can take a break.

    Kemper has finally achieved the level of Amp parity that the digital world has been seeking for decades.

    In Summary, few pieces of gear have made me truly happy and smiling for weeks and months on end. The Kemper continually makes me go "WOW" since my brain expects a large head and stack, or expensive Boutique Amp, and it all comes in a device no larger than a Lunch Box.

  • from Palmyra, VA February 28, 2013Music Background:
    Gigging guitarist

    The One To Beat

    I've owned every serious modeler out there: POD HD Pro, Eleven Rack, Axe-Fx Ultra and Axe-Fx II, and while all of them do some things very well, none of them can do what this unit can. When they say it captures the soul of an amp, they're not kidding. But the secret of all of it is to have great profiles to start with. This unit is Garbage In, Garbage Out. You capture a profile poorly or use someone else's poorly captured profile, and you're going to have a bad time.

    But with some amazing free and commercially available profiles out there for the having, this unit will out perform the competition on the amp tone front. My first adventure was to download a profile for free (which I eventually gave a donation for) of a Friedman Marshall. Instant Van Halen Unchained tone. Stunningly close. Never got that close before even with the big boy competition. Just awesome. Took literally 15 minutes from turning the unit on until I had that tone, including the time it took to learn how to use the box.

    I even made some profiles of one of my Mesa amps that floored me. Sounds identical to the real deal, and it's not difficult to do so long as you know how to properly mic an amp.

    The effects, while somewhat limited in quantity, are of awesome quality. I was afraid that I would be left wanting, but it honestly has more than I really need. So easy to tweak in with the front panel knobs. I initially balked at the layout, but once I got to using it, it all made perfect sense. It is an exercise in great UI design.

    This is the first modeler (profiler) that I've used that actually feels like a real amp. Even the Axe-Fx II was missing that last little something. This has it.

  • from Columbus, Ohio February 26, 2013Music Background:
    Collector, Player, occasional performer

    WOW Worth a try

    I own over 50 guitar amplifiers, most are vintage from the 50's and 60's and a few are higher end boutique amps. I recently purchased my Kemper from Sweetwater. The amp comes with hundreds of profiles and several websites including the free user group offer downloadable profiles.

    The unit performs as advertised... profiling versus modeling is BETTER! I've owned a Line 6 X3 Live pedal, a Line 6 HD 100, and other software based modelers... (Liquid, and Garage Band)... they are all good, but profiling is more authentic and simpler/more intuitive for the guitar player.

    Running it through a PA with cabinet emulation on, or through a 4x12 HiWatt High output cabinet with a 1600 watt solid state power amp... both approached create tone and dynamics like the original amps... INCREDIBLE.

    Read the web site to learn more about the features and tweak-ability. I'm unloading all my modeling gear, and looking forward to profiling my vintage amps to share with other Kemper users.

    Brilliant engineering!

  • from munster in. February 4, 2013Music Background:

    kemper feedback

    cool piece of equipment except mine had a problem right off the bat! and had to send it back a little leary of it at the moment,would of like to of seen a foot controller for this that would of made it more easier to use.

  • from Chicago, IL February 2, 2013Music Background:
    Mixing and Mastering Engineer, Songwriter.


    This Unit is Amazing. I love that I can have basically any amp that I want at the flick of a switch. I take this thing over to friends houses and profile their amps! Being a songwriter for various styles I need a lot of different tones. Its nice to be able to play a nice country tone on a Dr Z and then start playing some punk rock with a JCM 900 and Dual Rectifier. Its super easy to add on more tones from the community on kempers website. super hard to delete them. What i mean by that is that you dont want to delete them! However, the more amps you have on it, the longer it takes for it to start up. I use this amp alot for songwriting as well as Reamping in my studio. It has brought new life to many mixes. The reason that I gave this 4.5 stars is that there is no software to manage your amps yet. Naming amps and filling in all the information takes forever! If they could make a software that can hook up to the kemper via usb and let you edit with a keyboard, this would save so much time! Also they previewed the new power amp for the kemper at Namm and to be honest i think its super steep price wise (700$) Ill just stick with a regular 1U power amp. Sounds great in the studio or live.

  • from Gulf Coast MS January 29, 2013Music Background:
    Worship Leader

    The Best

    I have owned the AxeFx Ultra and AxeFx 2. *For me* the Kemper is better. I'm not a tweaker. Not interested in scrolling thru menus, downloading the latest firmware every 2 weeks etc.

    If I want to adjust the treble, I reach down and adjust the treble. No scrolling thru 3-5 menus to get there.

    To my ears, the Kemper sounds better. Much more amp like. The Kemper makes me want to play.

    Why not 5 stars? It's not 100% done yet. No foot controller on the market from Kemper. The "perform" feature isn't active yet. The effects are not quite as good as the AxeFx, but they're good enough for me. [all I need].

    Highly recommended.

  • from Detroit, Michigan November 13, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Had for 6 months - Still same opinion

    It is as others have said, THE BEST PIECE OF GEAR TO COME AROUND EVER. I often say that the "clean" sound must work for you. Try every other modeler out there and you'll compromise there. The Tech 21 Blonde pedal was good as a "clean" starting point, but with the KPA, it's internal effects and controllability, you really don't need anything else. Better than Axe FX, Line 6, Tech 21, Boss/Roland . . . all of these pale in comparison. I'm an "off the street user" of these products and it is really THAT good. Downloading profiles is like buying a new amp. Pair it with a Bose Model II with the new larger bass module and you have a "gigging" machine for small venues. Need to play a larger venue? The I/O options are endless. Best point of all: They keep improving it with software updates . . . why buy a looper when most likely we'll see one soon as a software update. Amazing! 5 Full Stars!

  • from South St. Paul, Mn October 21, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar aficionado

    Kemper profiling amp

    If you are looking for a portable powerhouse of real amp sounds look no further than the kemper. It is really cool when you hook it up to a couple of speakers (even computer speakers because it sounds great. Very clean with no hum or other background noise. This eliminates the need for a big amp combo. I have also ran it through my line 6 spider amp and you can combine the sounds for tons of cool tones. Thumbs up whether you play clean or heavy. You will spend a lot of time jamming!

  • from October 8, 2012

    IT REALLY IS THAT GOOD (but make sure you get more profiles)

    I have had almost every famous amp out there and am a tone freak. I have hated every other attempt to model amps up until this little guy. I will say it is not 100% but probably 96% there. I run a commercial studio and have major label credits to my name and in the 4 months I have had this I have mic'd up an amp twice, and both times still ended up using the Kemper tracks over the mic'd tracks. I have sold a few amps now and still have a few for those times where I may want to do some crazy micing with multiple mics and what not, but honestly this thing can do whatever you need it to do.

    I will say however that the built in profiles are pretty good but I was not blown away until I started profiling my own amps and really seeing how close it is. I have found my favorite profiles are the ones I have purchased from the amp faktory. I do have a few I use from the user base but the amp faktory stuff has everything you really need.

    They need to develop a midi based on screen editor for your computer however because trying to manage a 1000 profiled amps on the little built in screen is a waste of time. That will come in time though.

    Buy it if you can afford it and you will not be disappointed.

  • from Montgomery, AL October 4, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Tone Connoisseur

    Lives up to hype and exceeds expectations!

    If you're looking at this, you are probably skeptical like I was about whether or not the unit can actually do what so many claim it can do... whether it can legitimately sound just like the amp it is profiling.

    Let me ease your doubt and tell you emphatically YES!! This has been one of the truly FEW products I've bought that not only lived up to the insane amount of hype but shattered my expectations of "close but not quite".

    I am a HUGE tone freak and obsess over even the smallest nuances but this unit has 100% impressed me. Not only does it faithfully capture the tone and FEEL of a cranked tube amp, its controls allow you to manipulate and tweak the sound in ways that the actual amp would not. This lets you, dare I say, improve upon the existing amp's abilities in a recording environment.

    With a full featured effects selection, built in re-amping capability and plenty of professional quality profiles available for either free or for a small cost online, the possibilities are near limitless.

  • from Ohio, USA August 12, 2012Music Background:
    Over 25 years

    The good, the bad, the ugly.

    Well from what I have heard, this is the best sound wise. The sound of this unit is fantastic. Nothing I have heard is even close. Very in depth sounds. Very clear, clean and well defined. If you can't find your tone in this jewel, it does not exist. The unit is well laid out and I love the amp head size. It gives plenty of room for all the controls and a nice big display.

    Now the bad; Unfortunately it's not a complete product. It does not do a lot of things that are listed. Basically your buying a brand new car with no wheels on it. The units software is very incomplete. There is no undo or redo. Buttons are there and it's advertised but does not work. There also is no preference mode. This was the one that floored me. The kemper website has a big long description of all the things the unit can do in preference mode, but when you flip the switch to preference mode it says " coming soon check for updates". That's a rip off. The units been out for well over 8 months and no update to fix the issues. The amp out jack also does not work on the back of the unit, so if you want to hook it up to an amp you will need to use a stereo output. This will cause you to rewrite presets and pan everything to one side.

    There is no foot controller for the unit either.

    If you've got an extra 1850 to blow then get this unit. It has a great sound. If you need something that actuly has all of its functions and want to use it in the real world stay away from this unit. It is strictly a studio toy.

  • from Kuwait August 1, 2012

    The Best Product Ever

    I can't say something about this is the best Amp
    I love it when he stole the souls from the authors Amps and guitar effects

  • from Tampa, FL May 31, 2012Music Background:

    The Future is Here!

    This Kemper Profiling Amp is one of the most useful pieces of technology I have ever come across. Kemper continues to refine the product based on experience and customer suggestions and real-time downloads are provided to users. Add to that the user database where you can upload your own profiles and download everyone else's, you have a very unique/ever evolving piece of technological genius. With users uploading new profiles daily it is like buying a new amp or two every day without having to trade in what you already have. The onboard effects are also excellent and the stereo chorus/flanger/delay effects are out of this world. Whether recording, playing live or just messing around this is the most versatile and user friendly unit on the planet. Simply Brilliant!!

  • from Houston May 29, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Songwriter, Recording Engineer

    Blown away is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!!

    I have the axe fx ultra and have been pleased with my studio guitar tones for quite some time now... that is... until I got the Kemper. From the minute I started playing on it, it made the axe fx sound like a toy. There were only a few usable profiles that shipped with the Kemper, but the amount of insane profiles you can find through the Kemper-Exchange site will give you enough amazing rig setups to last you a lifetime!! Plus, you can always make your own! :) I highly recommend this for any home studio looking to incorporate the perfect guitar tone(s) every time! Sweetwater shipped quickly and their staff is always a joy to talk to. :)

  • from Phoenix, Arizona April 15, 2012Music Background:
    Producer, Engineer, Studio Owner, Guitar and other instruments

    The NEW way amp modeling (sorry...PROFILING) should be!

    Wow, wow, wow and wow again. This is the single most amazing piece of gear I have ever had the pleasure to put my fingers (guitar) on. Right out of the box the profiled amps are excellent. Christoph's rig setups are very useful and the type and selection of stomps and effects are nothing short of stellar. Today I connected this via s/pdif to my Apogee Ensemble and directly into Logic Pro 9. I layed down some 'test" tracks just to hear how rich the tones where; and to see if they sound good when stacked up i.e. when multilayered (this is one place where I feel other modelers tend to loose definition). I dialed up and layered an EVH-5150 Amp Profile down to 2 tracks stereo, then dialed up a '69 Marshall & 4x12 GB's profile and tracked that, next was a Soldano and then I dialed up the most expensive and hardest to find amp - an Engl Profile; 8 tracks of guitar tone.

    The tone just cuts thru like you would expect from a well recorded tube amp. Playing around with my guitar volume knobs and tweaking a few of the Kemper Controls (you really do not need to touch the controls - sounds great as profiled) - helped to dial in the exact amount and type of crunch. I tell you this, Kemper will change the guitar world forever!!! I also downloaded a few dozen new profiles from the ever growing community of profiles and found some really nice Orange, Vox, even an old Fender Bassman - heck just name it (I need an SVT). So if any of my guitar or bass playing friends out there have an awesome amp + tone please, please let me profile it. Takes less than 10 minutes and will add to my library - think of it as trading MP3's - except they haven't outlawed this - yet :-) Don't think they ever will or can

  • from Atlanta, GA April 12, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician/Composer/Producer

    Stylin' AND Profilin' !

    Between saving a few bucks on a demo model Sweetwater was selling (immaculate condition, BTW!) and the payment plan, I couldn't resist. I have been a professional guitarist for 25+ years and have also been working in a Boutique Guitar Store for about 7 years. With the exceptions of an actual Dumble or a Trainwreck, I have tried just about every cool high end Boutique Amp that has been made in the last 10 years. This thing is the real deal! I literally have only been scrolling through the presets for about a half an hour after opening the box-I've barely scratched the surface. However, there are some sounds on here that are pretty ridiculous. You can hear the "thunk" of the cabinet and the note "bloom" on certain sounds. I am just running it through my studio NS-10s. I Haven't played it live, or even in a track yet, but I'll write more after the honeymoon state fades a bit. A lot of people say it looks like a piece of medical equipment. It certainly is, 'cause it's gonna rip you a new one!

  • from Viera, FL April 4, 2012Music Background:
    Retired Marine Hobbyist

    WoW! Incredible Device That Will Change the World for Guitarists

    The search for tone is over. The need for a room of amps is done. The money saved by no longer buying new amps will easily pay for the Kemper.

    Not only are the presets pretty good, but there are so many profiles available online now that you hardly need to look far to find what you need.

    The device is simple to use as well.

  • from Southeast, MI April 3, 2012Music Background:
    Weekend gigging musician.

    Really dig my KPA.

    This thing is very satisfying to play through. It does a great job of capturing the dimension and punch of the profiled amps and it responds naturally to playing dynamics and pickup volume. It just sounds very alive. I use it both with a THD 2-12 cab plus a Carvin SS power amp and through a PA system. I defeat the cab profile with the THD.

    I have an 11-R, an HD500, and a Vox TL. I like this much better than any of them. I profiled several of my own amps and my wife marveled at the accuracy of the profiles. The Kemper website has a community page where I found some great amp profiles to download for free. Loving the Friedman HBE especially, as well as EVH5153, and Blackface Bassman. All great stuff. Highly recommend the KPA. I think it's a game changer.

  • from Las Vegas NV USA February 23, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Music Instructor

    The most amazing innovation since the electric guitar and amp.

    I've been a working/gigging/teaching guitar player in Las Vegas Nevada for many years. I play a wide variety of music including pop, rock (alternative, classic, metal), country, blues, funk, dance, oldies...you get the picture. Playing so many styles has always presented a challenge in regards to choosing the right gear for the job. Certain amps shine playing certain genres of music, but may not be appropriate for others. Finding a truly versatile amp that sounds good playing everything is pretty much impossible (believe me, I've spent decades trying). Modelers offer convenience and flexibility but have always felt "fake" to me and playing through them in a live or recording situation is always a drag. Even the most high end ($2300) modeler available to date didn't thrill me with it's feel or sound quality. I wasted more time tweaking settings to find the right sound than I did playing.

    Enter the Kemper Profiling Amplifier. This miraculous little box is different. It's organic tone, feel & vibe are what I've been searching for all these years. For the first time I can take all my amps with me to a gig and get the EXACT sound I would get if I were mic'ing my cabinets onstage. When you make your first profile and A/B it with the real amp your mind will be blown. You will think "Wow. This is the future."

    Now if you play through cheap equipment, have ears of stone or drench all your tones in a wash of distortion to cover up your technique...this product may not be for you.

    But if your pick speaks in languages ranging from a whisper to a scream...if you use your volume knob to make your instrument come alive...if you appreciate the mojo of high-end amps whether boutique or classic...then this product will put a huge smile on your face.

    And you will be inspired to tweak less and play more.

  • from New York February 12, 2012Music Background:

    Waiting for it

    I have seen several videos of this badboy. just the fact that you could profile so many different amps makes this product a must have! As soon
    as they get there next shipment mine will be on the way!

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